Her name is Lilith…

…and in 2019 she would do everything do achieve a success as a popstart – our next sexandglory.com game.

This time you will play as Harry Zweinstein – wanna be music producer / young starlets promotor who decided to put his consience aside and use all Lilith’s assets (not only her vocal talent, if you know what we mean) to make them both rich and famous.

16 thoughts on “Her name is Lilith…”

  1. Not sure if it’s too smart to have a character whose name and role as producer is too similar to Harvey Weinstein. I get wanting to make a game on the relationship between producer and model/actress/pop star, heck Japan is full of those games. But naming the protagonist to be so similar to Harvey and in the same role completely turns me off since it feels like I would be playing as Harvey and promoting the same scummy acts he did.

    1. In the other producer & model/pop star/actress games, the producer is a blank slate at start for a reason. Let the player start with blank slate rather than all the baggage that Harvey’s name carries with it.

  2. I think this is an idea that never should have been had, and a project that should never see the light of day. It’s too close to a terrifying reality for a lot of people out there. I would personally find it repulsive to even consider fictionally putting myself in those shoes. Your suggestion that the fictional female lead in this game is eagerly consenting makes it look like you’re suggesting this is the case in the real world, which is a loathsome thought. I don’t think you really mean that, but that’s what it looks like.

  3. What Harvey Weinstein allegedly did (and I say “allegedly” because even though I fully believe that he did what he is being accused of, I still believe in “innocent until found guilty”) was beyond vile and he deserves to be castrated and spend the rest of his worthless life in a hole far away from the rest of us.

    That being said, this game is… exactly that: a game, not reality. Even if it closely mimics reality… and I can understand why that might offend certain people… and there’s definitely nothing wrong with being offended by it. But no people are being harmed in the making of this game and all characters featured in it are virtual beings that can not feel, think or act outside of what the writer and artist portray in whatever fictional setting the story and game occurs in. Nobody comes to harm in this product.

    I have no interest in this game. I have no interest in playing as a fat, hairy troll of a character (I assume that’s what the protagonist will be since mimicking Harvey Weinstein seems to be the shtick of this game) and have no interest in living out any scenario that sparked of the #metoo movement… I have no need for a powerfantasy in which I am a disgusting pig who prey on women by blacmailing them or assaulting them. But I accept that there are people that do… and that’s okay as long as it remains a fantasy that is in no way manifested in reality.

    BUT to say that this game should not exist is veering into the territory of censoring art… and I do not believe in the censorship of art (and these games are art… whether good art or bad art is up to the individual). Just like I believe it is all right to joke about everything (yes, EVERYTHING) and that comedians should not be forced to apologize for a joke (often taken out of context by the people demanding an apology), I believe that this game has a right to exist… and has merit as art (even if that merit is simply for people to voice their opinion on how tasteless they think it is) If you think that this game is in bad taste then I am right there with you and I fully believe that you have the right to not go near it (just as I will not go near it).

    If this game, supposedly about a fat, hairy troll with a great inferiority complex who needs to prey on women to feel powerful, should be erased from existence then LOP also needs to purge Eleanor 1 and 2 from their site. Because in those games the character of Kevin commits many of the acts that Harvey Weinstein stands accused of. If these acts are so vile that they should not be portrayed in a fictional medium then whether or not they are committed by a character who resembles a real life person or simply a character wholly fictional should be of no importance. Anyone who complains about this new game and stay silent (or even happily plays) Eleanor 1 and 2 need to make up their minds whether featuring these acts are okay or not. And what about the game Johnny Bullet? That game features murder… is that not also a vile act? Should that game not also be deleted? What about LWT2? That game features a character who records on video other people (sometimes in intimate situations) without their knowledge and consent… which is both immoral and illegal. Should we not also delete that game?

    If you think this game should be erased from existence, but think the others are okay then you’re a hypocrite. If your retort is “but, but this game comes TOO close to reality… the others do not!” Then I call bullshit. Eleanor 1 and 2 very closely mirror the events surrounding the Weinstein case… the fact that Kevin is not named after him should make no difference as it does not erase the disgusting nature of the acts themselves (and it’s the acts that matter, NOT who committed them) Johnny Bullet features murder… people are murdered everyday… LWT2 features illegal surveillance… that also happens every day.

    TL;DR: I have no interest in this game and think it is in bad taste… but as art, it has a right to exist and I do not believe in censorship because aforementioned art might hurt someone’s feelings.

    1. As usual, I agree with most of what Nemo has to say, but would add that at least in Eleanor 2 it was possible to completely avoid the scene with Kevin (and also the scene on the yacht, which was arguably worse). In Eleanor 1 you could also choose a path that avoided Eleanor doing nasty things with Kevin.

      With this game it isn’t clear from the brief synopsis given just what options the player will have, and maybe that is still to be decided. It seems to me that everyone commenting (Nemo included) may be making too many assumptions about what the game will involve – maybe there could be a path in which Mr Zweinstein becomes a better person, or another in which he gets exactly what he deserves and Lilith takes charge of her own life? Or maybe he could be shown as a ridiculous and pathetic character who we all get to laugh at? There are many possibilities and I think it is only fair to wait and see what the final product looks like before rushing to judge.

      That said, playing as a “fat hairy troll” (nice choice of words there) doesn’t have much appeal for me. Just guessing that maybe I am in the majority there? If so, it may be wise for the character to be at least more physically attractive than a certain overweight movie producer. Maybe he could be more like Timothy Olyphant’s character in “The Girl Next Door” , who although a sleazeball, is at least a charming and not entirely evil sleazeball.

      But that’s just my thoughts and in the end I agree that the game creator should be free to offer what he likes and it is up to us whether we choose to accept the offer. My only caveat is that it should be clear what we are in for and we should have the option to not involve ourselves in actions (fictional as they may be) that we find repugnant.

  4. No disrespect to any of the previous comments, however in the end it simply a fictional game. Not liking a game is one thing but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be released. Nobody is being harmed in a fictional game.

    1. I agree. I would loathe 95% of the people in these games but the same applies to almost every TV show or movie these days. I am eagerly awaiting the game with the sam level of enthusiasm I have for all the games.

  5. Please guys keep the me to movement off the board. It’s a game, and a sexual game. There has been plenty of games that have had shady moments where the women have had to do things on this site that in the real world would be messed up. Eleanor1 which is arguably best game was all sorts of messed up. I wont go on my soap box about how the world has gotten to soft but please dont bring that stuff to this blog. I wanna hear about games and the sex acts and dialogue on the games PERIOD. Dont give a crap about someone’s name.

  6. This isn’t about metoo or political correctness. This is not an art censorship issue either. It is critiquing a game design choice that leads to real business outcomes of people not wanting to take the role of a real life scumbag rather. We have had no problems with fictional amoral protagonists because they are clearly fictional but the protagonist of this game is obviously based off a real person. I don’t want to be that person so I won’t play this game. But a simple name change can preserve the direction of this game without sacrificing anything.

  7. Damn, looking forward to it because she looks hot as hell.

    That being said, definitely change the name of the dude. Innocent mistake or tongue in cheek humor, Harvey is the first thing people are going to think of when they see it. I wouldn’t worry too much about the in-game stuff because A) no one has seen it, and B) it’s a porn game… you’re supposed to be having the characters have sex… that’s the point lol.

  8. Choice of the characters name is unfortunate I can agree with that,but I honestly dobt LOP team would ever agree to create such a serious game that would mimic and be closely based on Weinsteins case IRL,name of the character is probably parody since it is stated that the guy is wannabe producer…
    The way I see this game it could be similair to CDG or even Camgirl Confessions,where girls went out of their comfort zone by their will to deal with the things they had to deal. Of course,seriousness and the tone of the game will depend whether the girl is going to be used against her will,which I doubt,or will she agree to do everything in order to achieve her goals like it is stated above after all.
    There are way worse games out there and I think this one won’t be among those,I believe it will come out well. Looking forward for more info about this project to answer the doubts we have.

    Happ new year guys!

  9. Bye Bye LOP – it’s really disappointing – since Sep’17 we are aware abt Eleanor comeback but till 2019, we r nowhere. Don’t need any update anymore. RIP Eleanor

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