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    1. I am thinking about it and have some details started for it, but seeing at it is a S&G game and not LOP, I’m thinking maybe it should be put elsewhere. But wait and see, maybe that will change! 😉

    1. Focus on Olivia until she is either 90% or higher. When it comes to the end, go have drinks and then get up and go to the bedroom and wake Olivia up. Go to the terrace and kiss her, this should unlock the scene.

  1. Can you make a tutorial about Seduce the Throne?
    And does anyone have an idea about Living with temptation 2?
    I really love that game, like REALLY love that game. It would be awesome if someone make another series about it.

    1. Leonizer said a while back that they are working on it. Thats all everyone knows. We have to wait for more updates :)

      I agree, LWT is my absolute fav and i replay it all the time :p

    1. That was an idea I had for a while, bu so for, meh! Plus I’m sure the rest of the LoP team are too busy to keep up with posts, polls and surveys. But who knows?

  2. To anyone who keeps up with this section (I like to call it the secret section as few know of it’s existence! hehe) I like to thank you for your inputs and questions tot he walkthroughs of the LoP universe!

    Seeing as few people are here, I have decided to share this great news: I have finished the Seducing the Throne walkthrough and have sent it off to LoP headquarters for finalization! It should be up within a week or so! I hope you all like it!

    Now for the news and updates as to the overused question “When is [INSERT GAME TITLE HERE] coming out?” *sigh* Sorry guys, I am trying to balance a lot of things and many game that I said I would do I sadly will not be able to deliver on.

    However, to the people here I will say the following; I have decided to list the games I WILL and WILL NOT be making walkthroughs for.

    To give you guys a better understanding of why I chose these games over the other was simply because I focus on the “heavy” games (multiple days, stat changes, etc) so many of the games (free of premium) don’t all fall under this category. If you notice all the games posted so far have the same themes like days and times and stats building. So sorry in advance if your game did not make the list:

    Games WITH Guides:
    Johnny Bullet (Gold)
    Jordon 500 Reloaded (Gold)
    College Romance (Free)
    Divided Heart (Free)
    Living with Sasha (Free)
    Looking for Love (Free)
    House Party (S&G)
    Girl with Tattoos (S&G)
    Sensual Haunting (S&G)

    Now for the reasons behind the games WITHOUT walkthroughs:

    Dignity One: I did say that I would do this but as I went through the game it was not long enough nor big enough to require any help.

    Living with Serena: Again too short of a game and can easily work itself.

    Looking for Love 3D: I considered this, but in the end it was still a short game with too few mechanics.

    Any other games you have questions about? Simply reply to me down below and I will answer ASAP!

    Happy gaming everybody!

  3. Can someone please tell me how to get the there is no hope achievement in Hank Moody or at least point me in the right direction? I have tried everything i can think of.

    1. To get this achievement, you need to get ending #4. to get this you need to mess up with all three girls. This is the quickest way:

      -With Rachel, give the dildo to her at work.
      -With Candy, first give Nina the wine and tell her she is drunk and then invite her out to lunch (clicking on her at the receptionist desk), then take Nina’s side when she argues with Candy.
      -Finally with Nina, after the argument, you will then be back in the office. Click the bottom most option and she will leave (if your stars are low enough).
      -Then go back to you bedroom and it will unlock, along with Ending #4.

      Hope this helps!

      1. I finished it, but it seemed too short so I sidelined it for now. To answer your questions: Ignore Vivian the entire party until Monica and Trina show up at the party. Go upstairs and you will catch them. Afterwards Bob will give you the pills. Go to Trina and have her give the pills out. Then when you do the wet t-shirt contest it will trigger the orgy scene.

        Hope this helps, enjoy!

        1. How’s the way to ignore Vivian? is it totally ignore her or we can talk but we can’t make out? Also do i have to ignore Bob too and not hook him up with Janet? Because i’ve already did that but the scene never happens when Monica and Trina arrive, then i immediately go upstairs to the room.

          I’ve already tried it 4 times and it never happens. Just an empty room when i go to the Nico’s room shortly after Trina and Monica shows up.

          Did the choice earlier on the game affect this scene to be happens or not?

          Anyway, thanks for the tips Daman. Your work is a dope!

          1. Okay, sorry if I was not clear. When Vivian arrives, don’t talk to her or help or anything! As for Bob, you can talk to him if you want, just focus on getting the party to the next level. If possible, get the fiance’s costume as wear it to get Janet out of the party (helps move things along and can help). Once you get to level 3, you can catch Bob and Vivian upstairs. Talk to Bob and he will make it up to you later. As the game progresses he will give you some ecstasy pills. Go to Tina and she will hand them out to the rest of the groups. Stay with Monica until she suggest the wet t-shirt contest. It does not matter who wins, the orgy will take place afterwards.

            If you get Monica to suggest a wet t-shirt contest BEFORE you get the pills, stay away from going outside as it will trigger the scene. Just stay inside and wait until Bob gives you the pills.

    1. It helps with getting ending 2 over ending 1 at the end. Also, it helps when having sex with Drake at times, mostly during the cutscenes or dates with him.

        1. I really don’t have an ETA for this as there might be more “bonus content” that could be released…

          But if you have a question, I would be more than happy to answer it here!

          1. I wrote a quite detailed Guide. Its about 85% percent complete. The three action heavy bit (mario sex activities, livingroom sex activites, sexy lingerie sex activites), incomplete due to its pain in the ass nature. You need to have exact morale, stamina, sexvibe to know how much you gain/loose and those in limited time frame, not to mention SXP also get to high before i get there. Last 3-5 days i played about 20-30hours, so im a bit burn out with a game right now. If you interested i could send/pass my notes. I could copy paste here, but its like 4 pages and uses italic-bold-underlined-4 different colour of types and all this “marks” would get lost….

          2. Bonus content is coming. 😉 If you look into the file’s picture galery there is another 3 scene was in the lates version. Drake-You-Redheaded stripper in stripbar. You-Amelia in stripbar, You-Samanta and a men (maybe Drake) in her (maybe your, its a bit hard to see) house. But psst, dont tell anyone. :)

  4. Hey Lebig,
    Saw your post. Yeah it takes a LONG time to make a walkthrough! I chose not to post it due to possible expansions some which you found out (though I can not confirm or deny your findings ;)). So thank you for your dedication and if you like, hold onto your work and when it comes time to upload the walkthrough, I would be more than happy to look over what you have and possibly combine our efforts if you like!

    1. I am actually waiting on the third expansion so I can have it completed in full (once posted it can not be edited). If you have questions, post them here and I can help out in anyway!

  5. May i ask that when LtW2 will be released? because my patient is running low, there’s no clear update that when LWT will be release, I kinda need something for the release day, like this June or July kinda like that no need to be a specific date, just month will do. Thank you :)

    1. Sorry to say that I am in much of the dark as you are. And second, this forum doesn’t post those kinds of updates, but the main blog page does, so keep an eye out!

  6. So you mentioned that there was a walkthrough to Girl With Tattoos, but I don’t see that among your walkthroughs. Would you tell me where to find that walkthrough please?

    1. I actually have a guide in the works (waiting for the last add on). To get Samantha you need to meet her on the streets during the day (Day 14 the earliest). After that scene, you should get another scene around Day 23 at about 20:00 or so and it triggers when you go into the bedroom (if it doesn’t trigger at that time, just keep checking every hour at night in the bedroom).

      Let me know if this helps!

      1. Thank You LOP_Daman For The Guide,It Helped Out And Can’t Wait For LWT2,You Guys Are Very Hardworking And I’m Very Appreciative Of That…… Thank You

    1. Almost finalized, but I’m waiting for two things: the right time (when the game has the opportunity to run it’s course. And second, if this is the last update for the game as once it is posted it can NEVER be taken down! (muahahaha!)

    1. Yep, here is my newest list of walkthroughs:

      Eleanor 2 (Gold)
      Jordon 500 Reloaded (Gold)

      Living with Sasha (Free)
      Looking for Love (Free)

      House Party (S&G)
      Girl with Tattoos (S&G)
      Roommates (S&G)
      Sensual Haunting (S&G)

      The list never stops!!!

  7. Hey there Daman, just wanted to say I love your work and am looking forward to LWT 2!! Just a question, if it’s not too much, could you tell me how to get the “Threesome with Marcie” in Roomates? Thx

    1. Well…I was working on a walkthrough for it, but… okay why not!

      What you have to do is the following:
      -When Marcie comes over asking for money, have sex with her instead.
      -Raise your goodwill with Vivian and tease her at the club and then go into the bathroom of the club to see a scene between Vivian and Marcie.
      -Once you give Vivian an orgasm (at any time during the game), go to the VIP and there you go!

      Let me know if this helps, I will be working on A LOT of walkthroughs soon including this one, so stay tuned!

      1. That’s great! The only problem I have is that when I tease Vivian, the subsequent bathroom scene does not include Marcie. Do you know around what day it is that Marcie comes asking for money?
        Thank you so much!!

    1. Well, seeing as it just came out and today is Thursday then the walkthrough should come out…next year to this date! LOL

      Just kidding, I just have other guides and walkthroughs to go through first and with the game just coming out (and possibly more add-ons and bug fixing to come) I am going to wait until the completed version is finished before starting my long, painful process of grinding, checking, and rechecking to make the guide.

      Thanks for your interest, but I never made a “day 1 walkthrough” before.

  8. Working out the final values and then send it off to Leo for posting. So…(do NOT quote me) I can try to get it out in about a week, two at most?

    And sorry to the rest of you (including idubbbz) who have asked for ELE 2 for the longest time, but there were factors I had to accommodate. Such as:

    -Waiting for the complete game to make a complete guide.
    -Double Checking and adjusting values that might have changed between updates and bug fixes.
    -Retesting limits (meaning, restarting the game) and seeing if they are correct in triggering certain events on certain days.

    All this and, not to go into too much detail, I was dealing with a side project with LoP and a death in my family that I requested time off. But I am back and the side projects are finished and I can go back to guiding like no one’s business!

    So thanks you to all who visit this little “hidden page” and checking for updates. It makes me feel happy to know that what once began as a small hobby, has some value to others!

    Stay tuned for more!


  9. Hey Daman, great guide with SH. Just a couple of corrections:

    In Elizabeth Seduction says:
    5: Raise Natasha’s Lust to 25. Go to Elizabeth’s bedroom before she goes to bed and Seduce her (Energy 40, Poltergeist 50, Mental 70). +3 Eli’s Lust

    It’s actually Elizabeth you need to raise her lust to 25.

    An in Ending 6:

    Ending 6: Raise your level with Lynda, Natasha and Marin to 5.

    It’s actually Lynda, Elizabeth and Marin.

  10. Greeting again fellow “Secret Pagers”,

    I wanted to update everyone on my progress in the walkthroughs and for the slow uploads.

    First, the slow uploads. I have been busy working alongside Leonizer, Itmakesmeblush and others on several games in the works, two of which were my own personal creations. So I have been busy but having a fun time doing it. Thus while I am writing future games, my attention to making guides have slowed to a standstill. For that, I apologize. But promise, I am not shirking from my duties writing guides for the games that WE ALL love and promise that once I have finished these projects, I will be back and finishing several more walkthroughs.

    Now speaking of walkthroughs, what can you expect from me when that time comes? I have some that are almost done, just need to go over the numbers and make sure that the values and limits are correct. Here is a list of all the games I have lined up and how far along I am:

    Jordan 500 Reloaded: 85%
    Roommates: 60%
    Girl with Tattoos: 20%
    Living with Sasha: 0%
    Looking for Love: 0%

    Also, people have asked for several guides so here is my response to them:

    Living with Temptation 2:
    I hear you and understand you. Buuuuuut…the game still have several pieces missing from the final version. Once all the parts have been presented, I will start/finish/post the guide afterwards.

    House Party:
    Sadly guys, I am shelving this one, possibly for good. The problem with S&G games is that they don’t have a lot of room for testing theories and ideas and for me to reset and start over is a real pain. Plus, the game is not too complex that it needs a guide, but maybe in the future, once all my other projects are done, I’ll try again.

    If anyone has a request for a walkthrough or a question about a game not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back to ya!


  11. I’d say Looking 4 Love.
    It’s a LOP classic and deserves a part in the walktrough section here on the blog.
    Daman you a are a walkthrough beast, a machine. You can’t be stopped!

    1. Daman smash!
      Daman wreck!
      Daman sit through countless hours of gaming and write down findings and double check for corrections and post for fans!….


  12. Sup guys? A little update on my progress thus far:

    “Jordan 500: Reloaded” and “Roommates” has been finalized and sent in and should be posted around the start of December time. Hope you guys like it!

    Here is an updated list of my walkthrough list:
    “Girl with Tattoos” 30%
    “Living with Sasha” 40% (Should be next one done)
    “Looking for Love” 20%
    “Tori 500: Dirty Business” 10%
    “Living with Lana” 0%

    I know I added “Living with Lana” to the list which is not too long or complex. But let me know what you guys think. Should I make it or simply shelve it for now?

    I also wanted to ask about “City of Love”. The guide up does not include “Ghosts of the Past” expansion and I’m thinking of updating it. What do you guys think, is it worth it?

    I started to play “Living with Temptation 2”, to make a general outline. And after writing it down, it looks like it’s going to be a bit difficult to write out. And I might do something fun with it that might involve the community, who knows! Time will tell!

    As always, if anyone has a request for a walkthrough or a question about a game not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back to ya!


  13. Hey guys (and girls!)

    So big update today! “Roomates”, “Looking 4 Love”, and “Jordan 500: Reloaded” have been added to the list.

    Also, “City of Love” has been updated to include “Ghosts of the Past” expansion (the one that features Kim).

    I am thinking of going through the older walkthroughs and updating them to the newer format so they are easier to navigate. So be prepared for some updates to older games, plus I have a few newer ones to add.

    As always, if anyone has a request for a walkthrough or a question about a game not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will get back to ya!


      1. Hi Pasha,

        Sorry, but I won’t just yet. I don’t want to release an incomplete guide with missing parts. Once the game is fully released with all the add-ons, expansions and goodies, I will.


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