Living with Temptation – Wife Gone Wilder

August 1, 2014 1 By leonizer
Finally we are ready with the long awaited expansion to the Living with Temptation game.

Tracy, after their wild trip to Las Vegas has become much more open to new, sexy adventures involving more than one partner, and she discovers that being watched really turns her on.

Can Justin rise with her to a whole new level of sexuality?

And now Lisa is hornier than ever before. Together with Sandy she is ready to play a super sexy game by the swimming pool, and she is much more eager to spread her legs for Justin after that first time at the club.

So Justin’s task is much more complicated than before – how can he keep up with Tracy with so many other temptations around?


– Amazing, extended and spicier scenes – relive the most alluring moments with additional choices and new animations.
– Explore brand new events that enrich the story, including an awesome pool party and an epic visit in a swingers club.
– New exciting daily activities.
– New bonus images for completing the game.
– Additional endings corresponding to the extended storyline.

You can play it here: