Coming next: Lily in Hawaii

February 15, 2017 92 By leonizer

The five year anniversary is also known as the “Wood Anniversary” which symbolized the the strength of the relationship between couples. But it also represents the tendency they have to catch fire and die. Case and point the five year anniversary of Geoff and Lily Powers.

Geoff and Lily decided to take a break from their work and take a “romantic” holiday to the island of Hawaii in the hopes that they could reignite the spark that they once had for each other.

Lily is a well known chief and Geoff works as a software engineer so the rarely see each other as much as they used to as they both agreed that “careers should come first”. But Lily has been dying for some excitement and hopes that Geoff can provide some this week.

Our next LOPGOLD game will be adventure / choice based story about adorable Lily visiting Hawaii with her husband. Daman is responsible for both game concept and writing. As you may notice, visuals are provided by ItMakesMeBlush.








Then we’ll go with Living with Lana style game – Olivia, Ellie and Paul.


And after that we’ll come with something really big – our first WESTERN themed game called “Snake Valley“. Gameplay is based on Almost Noble Hero – so we got smoking guns and sexy wild ladies in a one game. A lot of them. Really.

For this title we’re developing new combat system – the most advanced and enjoyable we ever delivered in our RPG games.

Some demo screens below.