June 25, 2020 19 By leonizer


Living with Serena got many endings. Some of them were typical happy endings, where you spend the rest of your life with beloved Serena, some of them were bad endings, for instance when you were caught on cheating.

We’ve decided to focus on one ending in particular – when you fall in love with Nicole and Serena, with broken heart, left you. She not only left your apartment but also your country and you’ve completely lost the trace of her. After many months she is going to come back to your life and this is the moment when everything starts to complicate.


Our next Serena game is going to be something absolutely new. Seriously! This game will be so different from everything we’ve developed so far – we’re taking a big step into unknown with confidence you gonna fall in love with it from the first sight.



For the first time you’ll experience our game from various perspectives. What does it mean? That you’ll control not only Julian’s but also… almost every other character in game. Yes, you’ll have direct control over Serena, Jade and other persons. Thanks to that, you’ll have a chance to understand the motivation of every single character, make choices the way you like and witness their personal life – see how they are living, what is they daily routine, who are they meeting with and what are their dreams.


This game is not going to be dating sim any more. So we put grinding, repetitive actions and stats to take care aside. Expect only the essence of building relationships with other characters. This game will be constructed from bricks – every brick is the narrative scene with choices to make. You could feel the consequence of your decision during this scene or even 5-8 scenes later. Between those bricks we’ll have adventure game based elements – as a Nicole you’ll have a chance to interact with your kitchen, enter the living room and for instance try your sexy clothes from your closet. Just for fun. Then you can pick up the phone and initiate the narrative scene by performing predefined action.


Next to the characters known from the previous Serena game, we’ll introduce a lot of new characters with unique personalities, desirable appearance and goals. Because you have a chance to control those characters you’ll get close to them. You’ll love to control some of them and hate when we’ll give you a possibility of guiding others. It’s going to be a lot of fun.


We plan to update this game with new scenes and events for many months after the original release. There are so many events and characters I want to add to the base version of the game. With this game structure, adding new elements is very simple and nothing limits us here. So as long as you want to get updates, we’ll be ready to provide them.


The most important part of this venture – element that binds everything together. We promise a lot of emotions – getting back to old characters you know and flirting with the new ones. Is the past going to catch Serena? What happened when she wasn’t part of Julian’s life? What is her secret? Is Julian willing to come back to her or is he going to close that chapter in his life? What kind of new kinks lure behind the next corner?

I’m so thrilled to let you know more but it’s to early for that.


One more thing – today we’re introducing a new feature to our on-line games – preloading images in the background. Thanks to that solution when you start the game, all single images and animations start to download from our server in the background, and when this process is done, game will take them from your local cache which mean no more waiting for our servers to deliver required pictures. Process of downloading all images will take a while but during that process you can play the game as before – with needed images downloaded from our servers on demand.

What does it mean?

  • much seamless experience, without the need of waiting for new images and animations to download from our servers which could affect the immersion,
  • opportunity to use much better quality images cause the images size and related to that loading time won’t matter that much as before.

All our LOP GOLD MEMBERS could test this solution here:
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