Arghh! No prey, no pay is here!

February 17, 2021 24 By leonizer

The final expansion to UNDER THE BLACK BANNER is complete and waits for you on the upper deck of Shawn’s pirate ship.


Shawn Grey wanted only one thing out of life: the chance to sail the ocean, make his fortune, and leave behind a legacy that he and the world could look back upon fondly… even if he had to do so under the black banner of privateers, following the notorious Captain Perry – the Ruthless Redhead of the Seas!

But after an unsuccessful raid, Shawn’s captain has been locked away, awaiting execution for crimes against the king. It will be up to Shawn, as the new acting captain, to come up with a plan and possibly start his own legend.

Hire new crew members, practice your swordsmanship, spin a tale or two to raise your reputation among the townsfolk, and assemble other captains and their crews of like-minded privateers to lend their aid in a mission to free Captain Perry (hopefully, she will be grateful for your loyalty). But with your newfound position at the helm of the ship, can you avoid having the power go to your head and stray from the mission at hand?

Return to the Royal Port with Shawn Grey and his sensual ladies of the sea with this Man-O-War sized update! Continue the story of being a pirate and hiding in plain sight in an enemy port while planning the breakout of your fellow Captain Perry but with far more saucy distractions along the way. Enjoy both solo and threesome action with your naughty lady-friends, finally “get to know” your captain while she is behind bars, and reap more rewards for helping your female companions with their missions!

This mind-blowing update will blow any man down, so best tie yourself to the mainmast in preparation for the great storm that is coming forth!

  • crazy amount of new content – events, sex scenes and endings
  • thanks to AI upgraded quality of all in-game visuals
  • updated game engine means smoother gameplay and increased compatibility

Sneak into the prison and meet with CAPTAIN PERRY – bring her food, share stories as well as updates about her rescue and see if she is willing to return the favor for your hard work while she is behind bars!

Seek an audience with both CAPTAIN PERRY and EMMA and see if they are willing to reward you for your efforts for a successful rescue and a sexy 2 new endings featuring the reuniting of the Captain and her first mate – with you in attendance!

Follow-up threesome scenes with your girls that include a lovely holiday by a natural spring, a visit to an island witch and a second, and more intense round, of drinking!

The girls are reaching out to you for more aide in their troubles, with two separate outcomes for each! Did you help Renee’s brother win his dream girl’s affection or shatter it right in front of him? Did you let Alma distract her former boss/slaver or did you toss your gold to help her instead? Did you pay off your first mates Emma’s debt or watch her pay the debt to the debt collector herself with her body? Each choice leads to a different story, which will you see first?

Paired with over 40 mouth-watering animations and over 350 sexy stills, this update will blow any landlubber clerk off the deck!