After SDC release

June 18, 2021 34 By leonizer


Last Thursday we’ve released the SDC and to honest – I was a little stressful moment for me.

I’m aware that our most rated games are RELATIONSHIP SIMULATORS and switching gameplay mechanics sometimes isn’t welcomed by players. For instance LWT2 initially has a very controversial reception, mainly because of that. But in that case it looks like the risk was worth it – vast majority is very satisfied with that experiment. I’m basing this opinion on the comments on our blog and the poll we got for LOP GOLD MEMBERS.

In this moment I want to say, that next to RELATIONSHIP SIMULATORS (incoming LWT1: REDUX), we’ll be also developing visual novels as well – step that many of you was awaiting for a very long time.

To convince those, who aren’t enjoying visual novels that much, I promise that we’ll improve our gameplay, making it as interactive as possible, crafting every game an unique experience, not only in terms of the story and visuals but also interesting types of interactions you should do to achieve your goals.

Together with MISTRESS RUBY we’re very satisfied with a such warm reception of the presented story and emotions that our characters cause in your hearts. So right now we’re discussing future expansions and we already got some ideas for new events – some of them are even rendered, so you can take a look below.


On which character we should focus the most in expansions?

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    I’m constantly progressing with the development – all visuals and texts are almost complete for the base version of the game. So far I’m transforming texts and images into a game file and when I complete this process, I’ll focus my efforts on game mechanics. I plan to implement some changes that will decrease the amount of grind and make the whole gameplay smoother, because the story and interactions are to good to be spoiled with to much repetitive actions.

    YamYoda is already rendering WIFE GONE WILD expansion – how do you like the renders in the new quality?