January 6, 2023 17 By leonizer


Our expansion finally got a name – Luscious secrets. As we’ve mentioned before, it will be released in two parts. The first one will be available at the end of this month/beginning of the following for all lopgold.com members. The second part will be offered later this year. We’ll also publish it on STEAM, but only then, when we get two parts complete, a couple of weeks after the lopgold.com release.

The development is going well. I’ve already implemented all the scenes, created the sex scenes gallery, and I’am about to start the beta testing process. There is still some work ahead of us so please be patient.

Regarding the second part of the expansion – we’re waiting for a re-design of the KEIKO character, and YY will start rendering the scenes with her. IKSANABOT got some excellent ideas for more scenes, including cuckolding aspect of the game, so players expecting something more from that department will be satisfied.