Luscious secrets soon!

August 25, 2023 18 By leonizer


It looks like we got most of the elements ready. At this moment, we’re testing scenes and connections between them.
Still, we need to add a gallery and music with sounds, but it looks like we’re about to complete development soon.

I’m very excited about this expansion – we added many intriguing scenes and a new location to the game. Tracy’s office is a hub for interactions with your wife and her assistant, Keiko, with whom you can start a beautiful romance.

Iksabanot did a fantastic job with Daniel’s scenes – both cuckold and swingers’ paths are well written. Good job! The tension between characters, attention to detail with image descriptions and the overall atmosphere are just great.


Meanwhile, I’ve assigned modeling and rendering new locations, which will be used for additional content for the LWT1 project, which we will continue to expand with new content when we switch to the RENPY engine.

Among many exciting places, I would like to mention:

  • Garage under their house with Tracy’s Tesla and Justin’s black C class.
  • Recently renovated basement, where Tracy and Justin could spend time by the mini bar, watch TV on a giant screen or play pinball.
  • Garden with a tropical bar, jacuzzi and pool just behind the fence – Tracy will have a new neighbor.
  • Justin’s publisher’s office – for the first time, he will meet her in person.
  • Finally, we’ll focus more on the gym and physical side of Justin’s persona – we’ll have a new gym instructor with a new apartment inspired by the Mexican culture.