Are you ready for a show?

For a PREMIUM site we’re developing something special. Both in terms of gameplay as well as the story.

For the first time we gonna mix HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) with vivid erotic elements and non-linear gameplay.

Imagine, that you, together with your wife, are kidnapped and locked in a huge villa (location unknown) with other… participants of a mysterious and depraved show. The whole place is sealed so you can’t leave this luxurious prison until you complete all tasks assigned to you by an evil game director.

So… How much are you ready to sacrifice to win your family freedom? Are you gonna be loyal to your allies? Or maybe…

More information about this awesome project soon.

18 thoughts on “Are you ready for a show?”

  1. loving the increased communication lately- even if the games are taking a while to get out. i still check the blog daily so it’s nice to have something new to read.

    new stuff looks great, looking forward to it.

  2. After how amazing the last SexAndGlory game was. This sounds very very exciting.

    The ideas of the game in SexAndGlory where always great, the execution not always. But Sensual Haunting damn, amazing, so yeah, this sounds like a great project.

    1. The concept is really intriguing ! I want to know more about this.
      But like SeanCages said, except Sensual Haunting (great game), S&G games are usually not very good…

  3. I have a question about the free games;
    Are you still going to release “hot wife tara” or is that project cancelled?
    It was supposed to come out before “date with gina”, and that game has already been released a while ago.

    1. Leonizer said in a previous post that Hot Wife: Tara would come out this week.

      But then again, it was originally slated for release in march, so don’t hold your breath 🙂

  4. “sounds amazing- can’t wait” ??

    Did you even understand anything?

    “How much are you ready to sacrifice to win your family freedom? Are you gonna be loyal to your allies? Or maybe…”

    What is my family? My wife?
    What are my allies? My wife?
    “Maybe” what? What is the temptation? That I like the “evil game”?

    That’s just nonsense sentences to me.

    1. Hello Peter – with this teaser post we’re not giving any answers and we’re not expecting that this message will be fully understood by everyone – because that’s not the point.

      We just want to ignite your imagination and give you the taste of the game atmosphere – difficult choices that need to be made.

      If you want to analyze it word by word… That’s just nonsense to me.

  5. Very interesting idea. But why not make the character you play as a girl instead of a man, like The Girl with Tattoos, Jordan 500, Spy Agent 069, and so on.

  6. Sounds good, I definitely like the undertones of being encouraged to compromise some of your principles in order to get ahead, wondering if your spouse is doing the same, and wondering whether she’ll get to find out how far you decided to go.

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