Living with Serena is ready!

Today on we’ve just published our latest GOLD game – Living with Serena. As we mentioned before, it’s a smaller project but fully packed with love.

For the first time you’ll have a chance to witness itmakesmeblush renders mixed with Agrippa’s creative writing.

Background information
“Nothing like having a cute fiancee welcome you home after a night out drinking with your buddies.” That was what Julian had thought as he… with some difficulty… unlocked the door to their apartment.

As soon as he saw sad fianCEE, he tried to express that sentiment with a cheerful wave, but his sudden lack of verticality impaired him.

Strangely enough, as the mists of alcohol took him on a pleasant cruise through dreamland, Julian had the sneaking suspicion that, somehow, he had messed up. A screaming Serena seemed to agree with that feeling.

And now you steps in. Play as a Julian and try to earn Serena’s trust again. Prove her that your love, put to a test by this fidelity crisis, is even stronger than before and move your relationship into a brand new level. And yes…
…you got only 14 days for that.

lws_demo_001 lws_demo_002 lws_demo_003

lws_demo_004 lws_demo_005 lws_demo_006

lws_demo_007 lws_demo_008 lws_demo_009

lws_demo_010 lws_demo_011 lws_demo_012

lws_demo_013 lws_demo_014 lws_demo_015

Living with Serena is a relationship simulator. Every day will see you making choices which influence your stats and relationship level with your lovely fiancée: Serena.

Just like real life – she has a daily schedule and she follows it every day. If you want to cook dinner with her, you will need to meet her in the kitchen around 18:00, or, if you want to join her under the shower, you will need to step in when she is getting ready to sleep. But it isn’t as easy as you may think: more arousing interactions require a higher level of your relationship, and, as long as she is mad at you, sucking your cock won’t be a priority.

There are a lot of daily activities during which you can interact with her; a lot of them are gentle and sweet but some are very passionate… and kinky.

But that’s not everything: as we already mentioned, Serena has her sexual fantasies hidden somewhere beneath the mask of an innocent girl. In order to broaden her erotic horizons you will need to discover them and help her fulfill them – at the end of a long chain of investigation, interaction and action, lies your own passionate conclusion.

Give Julian a chance and guide his actions: depending on your game style you may achieve one of four game endings – is your own one the happily ever after? Try and find out by yourself.

You can visit Serena here: Living with Serena at

163 thoughts on “Living with Serena is ready!”

        1. Leo , When you tell ( i forget her name) *big tits* you’re photograph man it reloops back to same thing. AKA does nothing at all.

          Great game , Really enjoyed it. Big fan of long hair and brunette , this is one of your best games.

        2. Leo:
          A few days ago I’ve sent a message by the LOP contact form and I didn’t get any answer yet. It was about some ideas I had, did you get it? Or could you send me an email so I can tell you my ideas there. Thanks a lot for your work.

        1. Ending one is to end the 14th day with her hearts at 300 or less. I can’t get endings 2,3 or 4.

          I have only gotten ending 1 twice…but was always 1 star away from BDSM, Sex at a public place, and office sex. Sucky

  1. great game guys.really well done.

    congratulations for you all.

    but as some one already said take your time and dont rush the games.
    this last one is really good desserves more than 14 days,maybe na update in the futere.

    1. leonizer said that this game is shorter until the big games like lwt and eleanor are ready,so instead of waiting without any games we’ve got this one but bit shorter
      seems to me like a cool game,i’m gonna try it when i get back home,thank you for great work

      1. Then why wasn’t it a free game?
        And you do know that they are going to start using that as an excuse now 🙁

        They have a team who seem to work on their own individual games anyway…

        1. People complained that it took too long for the bigger, longer and more intricate games to come out. So Leo came up with the solution to implement smaller games to get more frequent releases. This was apparently the best way to satisfy both those who want frequent releases and those who want longer, more complex games.

          So don’t worry too much just yet: by all estimates games like LwT 2 and Romancing the Throne are still going to be big.

          As for why this wasn’t a free game: With all due respect, I think you’re expecting too much out of a free game.

          And while they do have numerous writers and animators working on different games, as far as I’m aware, the only one actually doing any programming, is Leonizer. So in the end it’s still up to just one man to finish a game… As far as I know.

          Hate that LwS came out today as I’ve just started my two weeks vacation… But I’ll play it when I get back and give feedback 🙂

  2. The game is short, but not because it lasts 15 days, but because before the first 5 days past we can not do much. So in the end, we actually have 10, see 9 days where we can interact for sex.

    This is unfortunate because the graphics are very good, the characters are engaging and the story is very well developed. One of the best games of lopgold.

  3. Kinda sucks that it’s only 15 days, other then that it was good graphics and story. But I would have liked 20 days or something. Feels like I had to spend every hour perfectly to get certain endings.

  4. I kind of like the fact that we only have 14 days. If it was any longer and I would have gotten most of the achievements in one sitting. This gives it more replay value.

    Big fan of the ability to control the zoom, speed and to a certain degree, movement on a few of the scenes. Add the ability to switch positions like in other games and that would be the best setup going.

    Graphics are amazing and the writing was great, even had a couple chuckles from the quotes. Nice little game guys!!!

    1. To get the last star, after you give her the $400, she will come back with a pair of new pants. Say that you could have bought a lot of video games with that money and you will then get it!

      I am working on a walkthrough for this as we speak, so keep posted to the site!

    1. This is the worst lop gold game ever and serena has the legs of a man she sure looks beautiful but her body isn’t attractive.Graphics isn’t everything you guys are working on too many projects at a time would love for you guys to get the back the classic lop touch

        1. To get ending 4, you need to first get Serena to go to the club with you. Get Nicole’s number, agree to meet her, kiss her and you will get caught by Serena.

          Hope this helps.

          1. everytime I agree to meet with Nicole, the next scene is eating with serena and her being suspicious. I never see Nicole again 🙁

  5. really liked the game, much better then dignity one that felt like it had alot of potential, but was sadly rused to be released.

    only bad thing is the 15 days you should really change it to 30 days, when it 15 days there is alot you dont have time for like earning money

    and earning more in the car shop is an idea, when your done with the big jobs

    1. There was a big fuss a while ago about the length of time between releases, a lot of people weren’t happy, The solution leo came up with was, they’ll still make huge games like Seducing the Throne and Eleanor/LWT 2 but they’d also make shorter games such as LWS which will be released more frequently so we don’t go months between releases.

    1. If past indication is anything to go by they absolutely will be paying attention to fans. I forget which games but at least once before they’ve postponed a new release in order to make an expansion for a game due to fan demand.

  6. Game is nice with great visuals.
    Definitely there’s space for additional expansion to 30 days,
    more events and threesome. Then it can be a great game.
    But good little game for passing time while waiting for LWT2 and ELE2. Only hope that by then we will see Erotic date with Tracy and Lisa.

  7. This may be a long-winded response, but I wanted to convey my thoughts on LWS in as thoughtful manner as I can. Firstly, I found this title (storyline and sex scenes) far more engaging than some of your recent LOPGold releases (specifically Dignity One and Didi). The sex scenes were well executed and the idea of controlling the zoom and speed was great. What was also well thought out were the build-up to each of the special sex scenes, which I’ve not seen in any of the previous releases, so great work there! My favorite scene was the BDSM, which really hasn’t been explored much in previous releases. The artwork is impeccable!

    My only problem is that it’s too short! I really hope that the LOP Team will seriously consider an expansion for this game in the not-so-distant future. There are a few things I would like to see, such as an expansion on the BDSM route (where a dominance/submissiveness rating could be introduced into Julian and Serena’s relationship, or the couple visiting a BDSM dungeon), and a weekend getaway at the beach (would love to see Serena in a bikini)!

    Anyway, that’s my two cents worth. Thanks for the fantastic game! Cheers!!

  8. Great game, itmakesmeblush is an awesome artist. My new favorite . I do wish the game was longer, not necessarily more content, just more time, this game has enough content as is to support at least one more week.

  9. Congrats on a great game. The artwork for this game is really outstanding. Serena is rendered beautifully.
    I very much like the though process of these short, but well written/rendered games in between the larger ones. I will remain a member for a long time if this becomes the routine. Like LWT – this does have the potential for expansion into a great series.

    Any advice for the achievements “winter is coming” and “true love swallows”? Couldn’t find those 2. Other than that, seems like the few minor bugs have been worked out already.

    Again, great game – thank you.

        1. Yes, Thank You, I can’t design game like this, i can’t make it too,

          but i just saying, this lws, just dissapointing, for me.
          or i should make a game first, to say to lopgold, this game is dissapointed? thats may take a thounsand years 😀

          Thanks for backin me up

          1. You are most certainly entitled to your opinion. But maybe you could elaborate a bit more on why the game disappointed. The LOPteam listens to their fanbase and if you say what you like and didn’t like (graphics, story mechanics, etc.), there’s a better chance that it’ll be taken into account for future reference.

            Saying it sucks is fine, but it isn’t very helpful. Personally, I’d actually like to hear your opinion… mostly because I really like this game and can’t understand what there is to dislike… new insight is always good

      1. If a fan criticizes a player he doesn’t tell the fan to go on the field and play by himself I know I can’t design games way near to these guys even to the worst ones but if the game has a lop tag the expectations are pretty high and it does not take our right to criticize

  10. Is there a way to see Lisa’s tits? I have gotten all 4 endings and tried several ways to try and see them. I have gotten the blowjob but no tits. Those things are big!!!

    1. The threesome ending is a bit tricky, but here it is:
      Invite Serena to the club, while at the club get the Nicole’s number, call her from the kitchen, on day 13/14 Nicole will come over, after congratulating her loosing her job choose to tell her the truth (DO NOT KISS HER!!!). Then ending 3 is yours!

      FYI, if you do kiss her you will get ending 4.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Amazing game. This is in consideration for the best game you guys ever made with LWT.

    Some bugs I think i may have found is that you cannot say that you are a photographer to Nicole at the club and when you have played some and goes to Back to menu then proccedes to continue, the choices that you have made before is used but the time etc is reseted.

    Btw, continue the great work 🙂

  12. Thanks to Leonizer, Is a good game, graphics, animations are outstanding, a shame is a bit short, but more games are coming!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!!! (Y)

    1. Perfect lovers – buy digital camera and dildo. When affection (red heart) is high enough (forgot how much!) at 23:00 time go to bedroom and take erotic images of Serena with dildo. This needs to be done more than one time, think it’s 2 or 3.
      True love swallows – obvious is that Serena needs to swallow cum as much as possible. Don’t know the exact number most probably more than 3 times – check it at my stats.

        1. How DO you make her swallow? so far i got
          – BDSM ( cum in her mouth and make her swallow.
          – sex in public ( she swallows it on her own)

          the image for the achievement seems to be from the bedroom? i think.

  13. Short but great game! Serena is perfect! I wouldn’t mind if she shows up in LWT2 or ELE2 😉

    I play your games, since you made Zoe and Vince.. and since then, every next game is better and better, but LWT and ELE are the best games ever! You should replace Hugh Hefner :)))

  14. OK. Got around to do a single, quick playthrough of LwS. Have nothing but praise for this game, it is absolutely amazing.

    Graphics/Visual: The best out of any LOP game. The visual artist deserves a lot of credit for this project. Great character design, awesome surroundings and vibrant animation. Serena almost takes the number one spot as my favorite LOP girl.

    Story, Writing and Dialogue: well-written and immersive storyline with solid dialogue and interesting characters. Kudos goes to the author for this one. The characterization of both the main character and Serena were very well done, and the characters and their motivation, feelings, etc. felt real and believable. Sure, we’ve seen this kind of story before (LwB, LwT, Divided Heart, etc.), but the writing is so good that I don’t mind. Admitted, I have a personal preference for these kinds of storylines, so my opinion is very biased.

    Gameplay: I’ve seen a lot of comments (both on the old blog and on the-new-lagoon) about people getting tired of the 40/50-day formula and stat-building. Personally, I really like this formula, if it is done right. I feel like LwT, Eleanor, and now, LwS makes the best of this gameplay-formula. I can see the appeal of games like Trip to Paradise and Hank Moody. But the formula for these projects, by its very nature, seems to limit the game to a single event or day. It very quickly becomes a visual novel with limited freedom and possibilities. Whereas the “more-days-formula” gives us longer games with for more intricate possibilities in terms of events and scenes. The “free-roaming style” and map in games like LwS gives greater immersion and more options for the player to design his/her own path. Sure there is a lot to do in LwS with little time to do it, but that simply adds to the replay value for me.

    Still, there are people who seem to like the formula used in Trip to Paradise and Hank Moody, maybe use those for shorter games and then the day-formula for longer games? I liked that you tried to do something different with Dignity One and though the game was disappointing, it wasn’t because you deviated from the day-formula.

    And in terms of people being sick of stat-building. You seem to have toned it down for LwS and made it more simple, I like that. Stat-building can be done good and LwS and LwT are good examples of this, where every stat is built towards the goal of making yourself look better for the girls. It’s actually fairly easy to max out all stats, get all trophies, and have enough money to do all events, in a single playthrough in LwT. In my opinion it went wrong in Johnny Bullet and CoL, where stats suddenly had more importance than actually dating the girls (coupled with too few events made these titles lackluster). And for people really sick of grinding stats: download SOL-editor and just use the sol.files to change whatever stats, money, etc. you feel tired of grinding… it’s pretty easy.

    Oh, I also liked the new mechanic of obtaining stars in order to trigger events, very good addition.

    In short, I really, really, really like this game, even if it is a short one (But we knew that), and I would like to see an expansion with maybe another 10 days, a few more sex scenes, and maybe a few more moments with Nicole 😉

    Sorry for the very long rant, but I needed to get that of my chest. I would also like to hear what others in the blog think of this. Agree, disagree?

    1. I agree!!
      Especially about the expansions idea. A sequel idea I have is being able to continue depending on your ending. If you guys broke up, you can try to win her back. If you get married and she’s pregnant, you have to show her she is still sexy, give her different ice cream for her cravings, and work through her mood swings and hormone changes (pregnant women like IT alot). Or if you ended up having a “one time” threesome with Nicole, you get to explore a new dynamic relationship between the three of you. Just my crazy idea lol. Not actually expecting it, as that would be a big project i’m assuming.
      But yes! Expanding days and special moments please!!

  15. I hope this type of game is first and last in the premium section, the only good thing is the graphics, the mechanics and the storyline disappoints, if we exclude the graphics living with sasha is better, comparison with games like Lake Party, One Passion, Looking 4 Love is useless. I play your games from the beginning but your last free games look like demo or sample games , i hope the premium games will not going down like the free ones.

  16. Texts by: Agrippa

    Really, a text-writer for a passion erotic game is nicknamed to be one of the tortured characters in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs? That is what should be explaining the word “awkward” in a dictionary 😀

    Ayway, nice game and very, very good rendering/

      1. Also, the author of a Renaissance treatise on fencing (allegedly) illustrated by Michelangelo and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, one of the most famous occultists in history.

        What can I say, I like to leave my options open 😉

  17. First, great work guys. Serena is hot, and personally for me the outfits she wears are my favorite! I love the leather leggings look.
    I have thoughts like everyone else but I can cover it by basically saying this game is perfect for expansion! So everyone who thinks it’s too short, just let them know you want more of it and you’ve seen what can happen! Remember this was the forst game with a new artist. They weren’t going to start with a 40 day epic! “Blush” great work on the art!

  18. alright….

    this were really, i think, the best graphics i have seen on your site. Great.

    BUT the Game is very short and there is not much to do.
    Its a very good game, but if its longer with more to do. more secrets like LWT it would really rock.

    The graphics are awesome, but the rest is too shor 🙁

    1. disagree here.
      erotic games are all about surprises and interactiveness. star system isn’t the worst option but it is not the best one either.

      let’s get this straight – in real life you don’t get to see stars depicting your progress when sitting at the bar and chatting with a chick. you have to judge by her attitude and other human-kind stuff which has been successfully implemented in LOP games (LWB, Eleanor etc.).

        1. Yeah, going for absolute realism would mean there would be no “love-counter”, no 1-100 stats, etc., because real life doesn’t work that way. I like the new stars-mechanic. But I can understand how implementing it detracts from immersion and surprise, and I wouldn’t want to see it in every game.

  19. Wow…finally LwS is out!! was waiting for this one for a long time..
    I must tell you Serena looks amazing..Great artwork
    Truly appreciate the hard work put in by your team…cheers!

  20. Thank you guys, great game. I like to have one game per month. I personally like to pay for quality and happy to have these as premium. 14 days is better than 30. In LwT and ELE things get repetirive after a while. You cannot fulfill all your fantazies in one play in LwS and this is more realistic. I really hope the LOP GOLD team to suceed and remain in the business for a long time.

  21. Speaking of length of the games (how many days are there to be played within a game). Personally I get carried away by the lengthy ones cause it’s much more atmospheric and intriguing to actually LIVE the game.
    I see those life-sim games (30 days and more) as a flagship of the LOP games. It’s the ultimate experience not only in terms of great non-linear story filled with numerous possibilities but also in terms of overall atmo which can’t be erased from ones memory for many months to come. The great example here is LWT.
    Anyway LWS is a step-up regarding shorter games mainly thanks to graphics and a decent story.

  22. Achievements.
    Winter is coming – Serena must eat ice cream 10 time. In kitchen and shop on weekends.
    Perfect lover – make Seran climax (cum inside her at the same time) 3 times during shower sex.
    True love swallows – tricky one. Looks you can have this achievement and 69 shades of Serena together. After making all condition for BDSM fantasy anf giving her BDSM outfit on day 11 it will happen. Make her suck your cock and then swallow cum (1st swallow). Then make outdoor sex by the car and you will have $400 achievement and she will swallow 2nd time. Think she needs to swallow 3 times for this true love swallows. Where is the third time. It’s not in shower – she always refuses to swallow. It’s not at sex after club – when you do it after bdsm event and outdoor sex. Then it must be in bedroom. Think it’s not during blowjob? Must be during sex. When given 3 options to start sex Serena always refuses to give blowjob you only have options for two sex positions.
    Maybe i’t program error the same way you can’t tell Nicole you’re a photograph during conversation in club.

    1. For Perfect Lover, Serena just needs to climax three times anywhere. In the shower is one option, but you can also have her climax through both sex choices in the bedroom.

        1. no you give her the 500, repair all the cars exept for the last one and keep telling her about it in her office.

          At some point she will then come over while you are at the garage and ask for another 400 Bucks.

          Tell her you aren’t giving her anymore money.
          Bang her at the Garage.

  23. This game is gr8, maybe shorter and without any other characters (except Nicole), but gr8. Congrats @itmakesmeblush for the renders, Serena is such a cutie, i guess Lisa and Tracy have a competition. Hoping for a future expansion too, the game and storyline have a big potential. Thanks for this LOPTeam 😉

  24. ok,i try this game, i only play for 10 days,

    hm, i guess i don’t like it
    it’s to short, no big deal
    it’s to simple, really to simple, i mean, so minimum
    not to much option, interact, the place too.
    it’s like i don’t hv a choice
    maybe it’s look like a red head babysitter game, but i addicted to that, not this one

    i know lop gold game, i like them too, but this game make me, dissapointed,

    maybe, my point is, this game, it’s just to simple,

    don’t judge me, or mad at me.

    sorry for my bad english.

    1. I am found the “winning combination” for this (kind of). If you give her the BDSM outfit too early it will negate the whole thing (you will know as on the stat page it will have a red line through it) So far if, if your desire is below 150, she will turn it down. If she accepts the gift, randomly she will approach you when you try to go to the bedroom at anytime.

      Again, I am working on the finer details along with other guides at the moment so once I know for sure, I’ll share all that I found!

  25. Anyone got the “True Love Swallows”, tried most things and found no combinations that will trigger this.

    I had 1300+ points with Serena but she still don’t want give blowjob in sex option in bedroom.

  26. It seems very hard to get “True Love Swallows”.
    Either you need to have affection of several thousands which is not possible because there’s no time.
    Maybe at the start game was planed to have 30 days so there should be time.
    Or maybe it’s program error which doesn’t allow third time swallow. The same as with conversation with Nicole at the club where you can’t say you’re a photograph but returns you to start.

  27. “True love swallows” implies that she is supposed to swallow by her own free will.

    Only way to get her to swallow during BDSM is by ordering her to do it and that is not working.

    I had 1500+ love and she still refuse to swallow at blowjob in bedroom or do blowjob after choosing sex.

    So maybe it is a bug but I can’t seem to get this one.

  28. So, knowing that it was another “X days and grind yours status” kind of game, I wasn’t really convinced to buy a new membership just to play this game, but Serena was too beautiful for me to pass it.

    Although I enjoyed it, I don’t feel like it was worth the 20 bucks I paid.

    Pros: Serena was beautiful; the animation in sex scenes were better than previous game; the fetish stuff were well thought (the cheating with “boss” and BDSM were my favorites).

    Cons: another boring “X days and grind yours status” kind of game (if you’re going to continue with this kind of game, at least give an in-game explanation about how to increase the stats and for what they’re needed); the game was too short; endings were boring (although it is a problem with almost all the games. I still believe you should put an interactive sex scene in the “good” endings).

    1. After much discussion/argument on the old blog, Leo adopted a new schedule. In between the really big releases, LOP will release shorter games, the idea being we wont have to go several months between major releases with nothing new. The games short because its supposed to be.

    2. I get that some people are bored of the “x number of days and grind”-formula. But I feel that it works great on bigger, longer games. Shorter games like Hank Moody and trip to paradise may benefit from a different approach, but those are short games covering a couple of hours or a single day in in-game time. Considering that LwT and Eleanor, LOPs two most popular games, feature the x number of days approach, it’s hard to blame LOP for favoring this approach. When they had a customer vote to determine 2014’s best free game, camera business was nr. 1, divided heart was nr. 2, and college romance was nr. 3. Can you guess which formula all 3 games used?

      1. @Das: I’m aware of that, but it doesn’t change my opinion. The blame is on the impatient people that are always complaining here. It was an enjoyable short game, but not worth the money (blame on me for paying for it even knowing about that). But I agree with Nemo. I believe they should usea different approach the short games.

        @Nemo: I believe LwT and Eleanor were the most popular because of its characters, but they both used the same boring mechanics, so you’re right. LwT2 will have a different approach, from what its writer said on sharkslagoon, so I’m hopeful that they will finally change the mechanics of future games.

        One more thing: for people that say that who doesn’t have the patience to build stats should cheat with sol editor, know that it could only be done in a hacked version, not the online on the site, so you probaly illegaly downloaded the game. I don’t support piracy, I pay for the game, so the sol editor isn’t an option.

        1. It’s all good, man. Different strokes for different folks and I respect your tastes and opinions. My main concern with trying different approaches is that a product may end up being more of a visual novel than a game, which I think robs the player of freedom and immersion. Trip to paradise (easily my least favourite lop game) is a good example of this. It feels more like I’m just “along for the ride” rather than actually playing… and I fear LwT 2 may end up that way. I’m still very much anticipating the game though, mainly due to iksanabot’s writing.

          1. Funny thing is Trip to Paradise is my favorite game. But you’re right, it’s all about opinion and personal taste.

          2. Oh, and it is very much possible to use sol. editor on the games here on the site. Can’t comment on pirated versions as I’ve never seen some around. Plenty of guides on YouTube can tell you how to apply sol. editor on online games 🙂

  29. Love Swallows in not possible as far as my attempts have been. Tried to meet every weekend at mall and do all 3 things with her and eat with her on weekends, take photos, force her to swallow during bsmd or go through complete scene. I have run out of options in this good but short (as you stated) game. Suggestions anyone?

    1. I agree, after multiple attempts and scenarios there may be a glitch in the game. Funny how admin has not commented yet on the reported bugs. Besides that the game has outstanding visuals, the team has done it again with great accessories, clothing and story line. Leaves plenty of room for expansion, especially if they want to add additional characters.

      1. True love swallows is bugged It’s supposed to trigger when your love is 600+ and you decide to cum on her face. It has nothing to do with the sex in the garage or the BDSM scene. A broken link in the code is preventing it from triggering properly.

  30. I unlock all but the “True Love Swallows”. I returned Serena in all directions without success.

    My favorite is the one with Nichole end, and I hope, if there is an extension, his character and his former relationship with Serena and the possible relationship with Julian will be developed.

  31. Like this game a lot, short and sweet ties us over for a short while until ELE2 and LWT2. Definitely think the game deserves an expansion with more involvement with Serena, nichola needs more involvement to.

    1. I for one would, and looking through the blog comments seems like quite a few people would love an expansion. Credit to itmakesmeblush as Serena is HOT.

      1. Bug if it where was fixed, I got the true love swolloved today.

        Just ask for a blow job in the bed and after some come on faces you will get the archievment.

    2. The short game was enjoyable. A bigger one would be better.

      But I’d prefer a continuation, not an expansion. With more characters.

      If the sequel isn’t possible, than an expansion with new scenes and new characters would do. New characters imply cheating, but I’d expect cheating from Serena and the MC. It wouldn’t be fare to her only be cheated.

    3. YES!!!! Expansion please!!!! More days. scenarios, places, etc. I love the beach idea.
      A sequel idea I have is being able to continue depending on your ending. If you guys broke up, you can try to win her back. If you get married and she’s pregnant, you have to show her she is still sexy, give her different ice cream for her cravings, and work through her mood swings and hormone changes (pregnant women like IT alot). Or if you ended up having a “one time” threesome with Nicole, you get to explore a new dynamic relationship between the three of you. Just my crazy idea lol. Not actually expecting it, as that would be a big project i’m assuming.
      But yes! Expanding days and special moments please!!

      1. Personally, I’m not really big on the whole pregnancy, not my kind of kink. In fact, I think it’s been a little to prevalent in recent games, both free and premium (LwS, CoL, Dignity One, Camera Business, Peyton and Avery, Divided Heart, Die 4 Glory, all feature at least one ending with pregnancy).

        As for a sequel with the option of choosing which ending you got in the last game: I like the concept, but it would be very complicated and is unlikely to happen. Iksanabot ideally wanted LwT to be a game where you could choose to play as several different characters and Rahvin tried to make the Eleanor sequel contain all the endings of the original games. Both concepts were ultimately deemed to complicated to do.

        I’m leaning more towards an expansion than a sequel. Give the game another 10 or 15 days with another 3 or 4 events and 1 or 2 repeatable sex scenes, and I’d be satisfied.

  32. I got the “true love swallow”, it is on the regular blowjob in the bedroom.
    I got the BDSM scene and made she swallow, after that every night I try the regular blowjob using the option to come in her face, and it work.

  33. New Game Mode is Really cool.. But need something more..Try to add a Hand when i touch then or strip them.Try to add different Poses.. Adding P.O.V mode in some scenes will make it interesting. My sex date: Eleanor was Great & seductive…

  34. Basically, no one knows how to get her to suck your cock in the bedroom at 11pm after choosing ‘sex’ and then ‘I want you to blow me, to suck my whole cock’. Many people have asked and no one has given an answer.

    1. I don’t think it is possible to get a blowjob after choosing the sex option… not a glitch, it just wasn’t designed to amount to anything more than a comment about how she won’t blow you.

      1. I liked the animations too. The menu is too big and blocks the view . Instead of words i think letters is enough. Slow , Medium and Fast cover to much space S M F is Enough to understand .
        And Zoom in and Zoom out should be some symbols like spyglass on those reader programs. On LVT There are some
        sceenes with cut hands when you caress the girls and that doesnt look hot at all. Full Bodies or a close view with hand
        going out of the screen will be great but not cut hands.
        The players should be left with feeling that they are watching a move with no cut hands and menu over half of the animation. I enjoyed playing LWT and LWS and LVLing System. In Sity of Love also liked LVLing System but you cant
        get them to bed more than once and have to forget about them after. They all love me but nothing is going to happen if you sleep whit them once.

  35. Hi everyone can anyone please tell me how can I register everything i’ve done because it always starts from the beginning the bottom continue doesn’t work what should i do?

  36. I am obviously way late to the party as far as leaving comments here. Just recently became a member. Don’t know if anyone will see this, but just wanted to say I’m a big fan of this game. Particularly for a “short” game, there is a lot to do, and a lot of variety. I find the stat system to work really well, and the writing to be well done. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel, maybe even an expanded one down the road. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

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