13 rooms – game is ready

Today we’ve launched awaited 13 rooms for sexandglory.com.

A twisted reality show with you as the main actor

Simon Rogers was a rather talented writer of a popular series, but lately he had been suffering from writer’s block. To alleviate this, he and his wife Maria decided to take a vacation where they could relax and relieve some stress from the pressures of his impending deadline.

It was when they landed that they found an ad about a villa located in the mountains, offering a free ride for those interested. It seemed like the perfect place to serve as his muse and stoke the flames of his marriage. So they made the call…

But… It was a trap! The moment they arrived they were held up at gunpoint and forced apart. Simon was separated from his wife and could only watch as she was dragged from his side.

Later Simon was given a letter stating that his life was on the line, and if he wanted to survive he had to… perform certain tasks. Trapped in a situation he didn’t fully understand, Simon decided to play along for now until he found his wife and could escape.









You’re locked inside a sealed compound in an unknown location with no way out. After a while you realize that you’re not alone there. You’ll meet other show participants who also want to escape this place. You need to co-operate with them when it’s necessary and… stab them in the back if the situation requires.

This is an adventure game so you can talk with other characters in order to learn their story and motivation, interact with objects and solve interesting puzzles. Your intelligence, as well as your survival instincts and flexibility when finding yourself in a stressful situation, will be tested. The host of the show gives you a choice:

You can struggle with all the riddles in order to free yourself and complete your main task which is… well, your wife won’t like it, that’s for sure. Or… you can choose the darker side and start to co-operate with the Masked Man and perform his evil tasks, which means messing with other show participants’ dignity and lives.

That’s right – if you want to survive in your new situation you need to be ruthless. Put your moral dilemmas aside and do whatever is necessary to free your wife and yourself.

Secret entrance to the mansion is located here: 13rooms at sexandglory.com


186 thoughts on “13 rooms – game is ready”

    1. the 42658 code isnt the code for the lock at the garage.
      First u need to get some liquors at the room where there anastasia,jessica and the other one are at it. There’s a fridge beside anastasia there. Click on it get the liquors give to anastasia then you can get the code for the garage lock.

  1. I’m stuck!!! I ve just saved Maria and the bad guy told me to find the video player what should I do now???? I’ve the CD, the usb, the note of maria, the knife and other two notes and I’ve unlocked the lock behind the painting in the car room.

          1. Behind the car in the garage is the tech room there you will find the film room but you first need to cut open some cushions

    1. Read your letter for the second part and first part is only 4 squares , So hit them in order until it opens.


      And so on. i don’t know the order i just hit them until it opened there is only so many orders you can do with only four squares

      1. First you really have to press the four squares relatively often, the order is not important, i asume….
        then you have to put the squares in the order your note tells you… you can ignore the red squares….

      2. In the pool room go to the panel. Hit the bottom left then bottom right, top right, top left. Then place the colored squares in the order that they appear on your letter. That should work.

        1. @sad panda
          I got back the key of Sasha then opened the lock next to the panel. There is a digital panel which appears.
          I turn back to the swimming pool on the panel having informed about my progress to Sasha then make the manipulation that you wrote. There is nothing of changed.
          I take myself there badly or there is a problem?

    2. Colors are changed by clicking on the ones you want to switch places. So just put the green and blue ones where there supposed to be(it’s on the letter) and that’s it. It’s no rocket science… the poolroom is the easiest “puzzle” you get in the game

  2. Finally got all four endings, fantastic job! This is probably my third favorite S&G game right behind House Party and Sensual Haunting being my favorite. I’m pretty bad at hidden object games and I didn’t get stuck once which is surprising, Great work on the game!

      1. I do not remember what number the endings are but they are Escape Successfully, Failed Escape, Leave Alone and Joining the Mask Man. Tell me which one you are after and I will help.

          1. Alright, the ending when you leave alone is done by sleeping with the five women, Maria, Sasha, Jessica, Anastasia, Amanda. After sleeping with them go back to the starting room where the metal door is and leave.

            The Successful Escape is similar to the failed one. Before you enter that pattern on the computer to leave you first need to get the hammer. Once you have the Knife go to the blue room and on the wall with the tally chart use the knife on it. Now that you have the hammer go to the balcony and use the hammer on the flower pot. Receive the disk from it and enter the room where the laptop is. Open the disk tray and place the disk in, close tray. now go back into the final room, enter the pattern and do what you normally do. This should give you the successful escape.

          1. You need the USB key to access the laptop which in turn allows you to open up the disk tray. The USB is inside the pillow in the room which separates the Red Room and the Blue Room. Go to the pillow and use the knife on it, that is where the USB is.

            You find condoms in the drawer below the laptop which is locked but if you open the disk tray you will see a key, that key opens up the drawer below and you will receive the condoms.

            Now with the condoms go to Jessica and sleep with her. She will then tell you how to open up the drawer in the Blue Room.

  3. Never seen a game where you just need to push buttons randomly until something happens, which is what these notes seem to call for in the entry room with the two locked doors and the two video panels. It is a major bummer to not have any info to get the game even started…

    1. The very first locked door at the start of the game, if you look on the control panel, in one of the images there’s a 4 digit code on a wall, that’s it. There’s clues around for all codes or puzzles you just need to look/talk to people.

    2. Its not random. you click bottom left/bottom right/top right/top left and it goes to the next set of tiles. follow the color code by sad panda above for the pattern there.

      I’ve gotten all the endings. Only thing I can’t figure out is if there is any significance to the 1275 switch behind the painting or if it matters if you cum inside or not for any of the girls. None of those variables seem to change anything. Also I don’t believe there is a way to stop the chick from falling off the side.

    1. If it’s the PC in the room full of monitors then you need two pieces of paper. I think you receive one off Maria after sleeping with her and the second is in the locked drawer in the blue room.

    1. After sleeping with Anastasia you can use the remote in the red room to talk with the mask man, just do what he says and it will eventually take you to the picture that you are on about.

  4. The game is very buggy when i play it

    Not only are there lags between the screen loads but on two occasions I have hit the same game ending bug. Basically the “zoom in” screen refuses to close but no longer portrays what it is meant to show. I therefore am just left with the box in the main adventure window. This means that non of the other interactions work properly.

    Very annoying as it has happened twice when i am quite close to the end.

    1. When I first tried the vault using the combo found from the van, it opened but i couldnt interact with anything. I only saw a exit button. i clicked the exit button and now this happens:

      imgur /a/jokOs

      I can’t interact with anything now. So I tried reloading the game and going through all my steps again, I got the same combo from the van, but when I entered the very same combo, the vault wouldn’t open.

        1. it does the same thing now after the laptop, the broken window.

          also when i enter new rooms it tends to just not load them visually. have to exit and re enter.

          just to broken to play

    1. First you talk to Jessica. She ask for condoms. With the remote you open red room. Condooms are in the drawer. Tell her you find the red room. Then it happens.

  5. Okay. Did a quick couple of playthroughs. Got all 4 endings.

    Graphics/design: Stellar as always. Good, smooth animation during the sex scenes. The game does seem to lag quite a bit though and loading time between scenes and locations can be very long, to the point where I pondered doing something else or outright quiting. The design of the characters wasn’t really that appealing to me and the only girls I found interesting were Maria and Jessica.

    Story and Dialogue: The premise for the story is quite interesting and something I haven’t seen before. The game also managed to have a creep-factor that was intriguing yet not so strong that it killed my boner (something that abyss managed to do, effectively failing as an erotic game). The dialogue was… eeeh, tolerable, but I have seen way better in both other LOP and SexandGlory games.

    Music: A factor I’ve not really considered when playing your games, but something that can actually make or break a game. Fx. LwT and Eleanor has good music, both during the main game and during sex scenes, while CoL has, in my opinion, terrible music. 13 Rooms has good, atmospheric music that fits the tone of the game very well.

    Gameplay: The puzzle elements in the games were good and interesting, without being overly difficult (can’t really understand why so many on here seem to be having trouble with it). But everything else falls short for me. The sex scenes are rather dull, few and far between, and not very interactive…. oh, and none of them are repeatable.

    All in all, it’s a decent game, but not something I see myself returning to. It took me 4 playthroughs to get all 4 endings and that’s pretty much it. So far, the only games I really enjoy playing on Sexandglory are House Party and Sensual Haunting.

  6. Wow ,I really love this game. Guys and ladies are all gorgeous. The most important is that it is not SIM date any more. You people are genius! And this game comes very quickly ,thanks for your hard work!

  7. can somebody help, i stocked on scene with Amanda in Garage. I think its before sex scene

    The scene is frozen you can see text” Whatever you tell is fine.Just put your cock in me and get me off”

    i can click verywhere but nothing works.

    What is the probelm… the same thing by the other girls…

    1. You rescue her from the see. Then she flys to the garage. You got there. Ask her about the car. Be nice to her. “What ever your husband etc.” She make a deal. the car keys for sex. But don’t do it to early in the game, because she desappaer.

  8. I have a persistent gamebreaker with Anastasia:
    After “Another step to freedom then. I´ll take a sip to that” nothing happens. You cannot leave the dialog anymore, the next scene doesn`t start. Only option: F5
    Happened three consecutive times now… very annoying as you need 10-15 Min. until there due to the lousy performance.
    So I will put the game away until fixed.

  9. Nice game. My 2nd favorite from S&G, after Girl with Tattoos.

    This game suffers what all the other games from S&G also suffer: the focus is more on the “game”, instead of the sex scenes. I know that you and some players prefer the mechanics over the sex scenes, but the sex scenes are a few (I’m not talking about the number of them, but in lenght, since they are short) if you compare with the size and ammount of time this kind of games demand.

    I believe that in cheating scenes you could explore this fetish in a better way. The player knows he’s fucking a married woman (Amanda) or another dude’s girlfriend (Jessica), but there’s almost no mention to it during the sexual encounters, which makes it seem just like any regular sex scene. Dialogues could be used to explore this things.

    Also, a negative personal thought: what I find arousing in sex scenes are the dialogues of the partners, not the guy describing what he’s doing or his thoughts. I hope you focus more on dialogues during the sex scenes in future games.

    A positive personal thought: the puzzles were interesting, not boring. They were not so easy, but also not very hard (like House Party, for example). I’d say they were done very well. I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t bored after playing it for the first time (like I get bored as hell in stats builder games), which made me play 3 more times to go after all the endings.

    I played it in Mozilla and didn’t come across any bugs.

  10. Hey i’ve a bug. i play with firefox.
    When i’m on the balcony where amada fell. i look at the flower pot and first is saw things/pieces lying there but then they disapear before i can click them. anybody else have this problem

  11. I think I found an error in one of the masked man’s tasks, he asks you to give the pills to Sasha but I think it’s meant to be Amanda.

    I only worked it out by the “insane” bit in the guy’s reply.

  12. Only played it once so far, but I really enjoyed the game. I like actually having to figure things out rather than just clicking on things in a linear story line. The models are all hot and the writing is solid.

    I just wish there can be a game where the sex positions were able to be rotated on command instead of predetermined screenshots. Also, I’m really confused as to why sex scenes are so badly cropped. Is there no one seeing his in the final edit? This happens in practically game you guys make and it doesn’t make any sense. For instance, one sex scene in particular (a reverse cowgirl twosome in the pool room) is cropped so bad that you can’t see from the breasts on up. Great shot of the floor and legs where there is nothing going on, though. An no, screen size isn’t the issue. It’s sad because that’s one of my favorite shots in the game. Please keep in mind that action scenes need to be centered.

  13. i was able to open the secret door on the floor in the back computer room which needs a password from both amria and the blue room to exit and when i click it , it says i have to warn the others but then i talk to all of them there is no dialougue option why is that? need the 2 escape endings , or endings 2 and 3.

  14. How do I get to the video room? I have rescued maria out of the cell and I have the USB but no way for me to find a video room…
    do I have to trigger something else to be able to find the room?!

    1. Read above, you’ll find every answer you need.
      By the way, you’ll need the key Sasha is giving you in order to open the panel behind the boat picture in the garage.
      It should be easy from now on.

  15. Great game!

    Enjoyed the riddle aspect of the game aswell as the overall graphics. But the game had it’s flaws like at times I had image overlays and delays.

    A minor complaint regarding the graphics part, is that the girls have yellowish teeth.

  16. Im stuck. On my first play i somehow managed to get the knife. But now i cant seem to do it. And all i can think of is that im stuck.

    I need the gun to trade it for the knife. But the gun is in the safe. I need the key for the safe drawer, but the key is in the laptop for which i need the usb. And i need the knife for the usb. So i’m stuck in the loop where i need the knife to get the knife. Right?

    I really dont remember why or how did the guy give me the knife in the first place…

  17. Oh wow… This wasn’t an erotic game. At all. Almost all sex scenes were inexcusably random and dull, also the story was so linear. The best thing S&G do is gameplay and connecting it to story and sex, well in this while puzzles are not bad(albeit easy), it doesn’t add anything to story and sex, opposite of other S&G games. It’s an average escape from the room game. The story is just too linear for a good time, and the plot was too forced. Also the S&G I know gives special attention to character development, but it’s not the case with 13 Rooms.

    You have 3 routes to make these games good, to write a good story, design good gameplay, or just make good porn. While LoP games generally have good writing and sex scenes, most of S&G games are simply has perfect gameplay with so-so story and sex. In this game, gameplay is uninspired, story is mediocre, and sex is just dull.

    About technical things, I didn’t experience any bugs except one about being able to get multiple hammers, but it’s nothing game breaking. I didn’t care about art and design. The thing is, the game works soo slow, with all those loadings and reaction time of the game, I mean it’s laggy.

    Uhh… At least it was enjoyable, for the first playthough.

    1. Yeah, I agree.

      I like the game for the concept, or for what it is trying to be.

      It’s a great idea.

      The way it’s been worked out is also half decent, but just too short, not in depth enough. Like the russian pornstar literally says that on her card it states she has to have sex with 2 guys.
      And you don’t even know what’s on the cards of most other people. The conversations are really short, and so is the game in itself.

      I realize it was completed “pretty fast”, and the puzzles were pretty good. I didn’t need outside help, but I also had to search or think about some stuff, so that’s well done. But yeah, even the Masked Man seemed a huge douchebag in the end with no real purpose. The endings were also pretty lame (just 1 screen?) and it’s easy to steer yourself in 1 ending or the other.

      So yeah, the game was good. But just way too short, especially in the interactions part. Every character just sits around in their room waiting. You can hardly talk to them. Not every game can be of the quality of Sensual Haunting, but this game also has a great idea and it’s done well, just not thorough enough.

      1. And I guess it’s hard to make a longer game without stat grinding 😛 I suppose that if you just fill it with extra scenes to create the same length as a stat grinding game, you’d have wayyy to much work on your hands. Great games like LwT or Eleanor also start off with an hour of stat grinding, and people forget that hour fast when the next hour is great. But during the stat grinding, the story also builds up.

        But repeatable sex scenes, little more dialogue and a puzzle or 2 extra could’ve gone a long way.

        1. You know what would make this a perfect game? Just letting the plot go with the premise. I mean, it shouldn’t be a escape-the-room. Instead of planning an escape plan, or carrying out Masked Man’s orders, Simon should’ve just try to have sex all women, and other guys should’ve try to do what their letters said. It’s like, the developers forgot about all letters after the intro, lol. A gameplay sorta like House Party would be perfect, with less stats and more puzzles. With this way, the game could give us more dialog choices, character development, and more interesting story moments. IMO.

        2. Don’t know why so many people are opposed to stat-grinding. I mean, it’s not like that’s ALL you’re doing. Look at LwT and Eleanor: sure, you have to raise your stats in the beginning to get access to certain things. But you do things that progress the plot along the way and as long as you do it balanced, you can couple the stat-grinding with events.

          If the sex and events were all accessible at the very beginning of the game it would make the sex and events less special… at least to my eyes. In LwT you have to raise your physical stats, your style and your sex skills, but along the way of doing so you interact with the girls and the progression feels natural.

          I think you’re on to something when you say that making long games without involving stat-grinding is difficult. It means that everything is ready to begin with, there’s no work-and-reward factor, and only blind luck and experience when it comes to making, say dialogue choices, rather than having to heighten stats in order to trigger events or gain access to certain actions. It also makes the game less immersive for me.

          But those are just my two cents. As long as the games don’t devolve into simple visual novels, I won’t complain… too much

          1. There is a place for everything. Grinding in a “dating sim”(that’s the name of the genre) like a LwT, Eleanor and City of Love is no problem, especially it makes the character development better(not the case with City of Love). In a RPG game like Dignity One it’s a must. In games with unique game mechanics like House Party and Sensual Haunting, it may be a nice addition or can break the game.
            But in an adventure game like this, and with a story which has a short time span, it would be very hard to add it. Because adventure games are about puzzles, dialogs and fiding solutions to various problems. They should make the game longer with adding more of these, not putting grinding(which they didn’t, nice) and making game laggy as hell(which they always do, unfortunately).
            All in all, adventure is a very hard genre to create something good already, and doing one with sex just raises the difficulty. So, to think that this is the first time they made an adventure game, it’s not that bad you know, just it doesn’t have enough content, and handling of characters/sex is poor.

          2. Responding to delargante, not Nemo.

            I’m pretty sure they already have some free games without stat grinding but still a longer story than this one.

            Not to bash this one, it’s alot better than those free games in almost every way, except length. This one is just short. Again, I like the puzzlething, but Freddy Fish offers more diverse puzzles. Alas, Freddy Fish doesn’t offer sex scenes and isn’t high on the graphics part, but yeah, the only word to describe what this game is lacking is just ‘more’, more of the same please.

  18. Need help here, I’m stuck:

    I got the knife and, with it, the usb drive.

    I’ve opened the secret door and got into the video room. I’ve gotten the gun, condoms and all the keys laying in the secret drawer, in the safe and the CD player.

    I’ve used all the keys, can’t remember what I did with them. One of them I used for opening a trapdoor at the pool, but the stuff inside it says it’s “too heavy” and need to ask for help. I don’t see any possible dialogs with anybody about that.

    In the video room, the only thing clickable in the video room is the PC and I don’t understand the “visual password” thing.

    About the girls, I only have access to talking to Jessica, Anastasia, Sasha. And I don’t see any possible dialogs other than “See you later”. Except with Sasha, to whom I could say “I need to fuck all the girls” … but that would break the rules.

    I haven’t been able to enter the red or blue doors.

    I’ve given vodka to Anastasia, but didn’t lead me anywhere. I’ve given condoms to Jessica, but same thing, she took me to the red door and asked me to let her know when I can open it.


    1. Once you put the CD in the laptop just keep it inside the laptop. Nothing will indicate that something changed. So when it is in the laptop just carry on with the escape and it will tell you that the CD is being used after you enter the pattern on the computer in the final room.

      1. I think your character actually says that the security cameras are put on a loop once you enter the CD and leave that room. So yeah, just leave it in the laptop, but he does mention it.

  19. How do you take the equipment from the spa vault ??
    It says you need help from 2 second person, but there’s no relating dialugue option when you talk to the others.

  20. I feel there is neither glory or passion in a game which is technically about rape. The characters are forced to do stuff in this game or else they or their loved ones will die.

    I let sensual haunting slide along, cause that was about a groping ghost. But this is to much.

  21. In all sex and glory games you should add a button to reload the images, because some times the images will not show up, and this is a problem in all sex and glory games 🙂

  22. man i give up ive read the comments and idk if its my browser or what but clicking the panels in the pool room dont do nothing. im talking about the 4 squares. ive done like very combo i know i looked and tried the one in te comments and nothing happened.

    1. @Tanagashima: If you click on a square, and the color stays on… you’re already doing the right thing. If you click on another square, and both color stays on… you’re halfway there. Just keep going until all four squares are lit up. There is a sequence to it.

      1. You need saving because it’s fucking buggy. I had to start over from scratch 4 times due to errors and glitches related to the windows that pop up when you open the fridge etc.

        Also, it’s a paysite, I expect all the features other games have for my money. It’s especially ridiculous in longer games like sensual haunting. You should be free to take a break and pick it back up.

        1. I agree that long games like sensual haunting and tattoo girl should have save functions. They actually implemented it in Mysterious Island, don’t know why they went away from that. Expecting the same features as you do in other games might not be wise, this isn’t exactly World of Warcraft.

          What browser are you using? I didn’t have any problems in Chrome, except for some delays when loading certain images (particularly the sex scenes were pretty slow). I do hope the team is working on a fix for the people who’d had more extensive trouble though.

  23. hey guys.
    this has probs already been said but i still cant figure out how to get past the dot puzzle in the tech room cause i only have half the paper puzzle. (the one from the blue room). u guys said i have to screw a girl. Ive screwed all expect the wife and pornstar. i cant screw the pornstar without breaking a rule…

    But my main problem is how to get past the circuit puzzle where the wife is kept.
    Ive opened all other doors, screwed everyone else and found and used all the secret devices
    need help thanks

  24. Great game and concept! Some of the transitions were very slow and left something to be desired, but overall it was nice. I REALLY wish save points would be added to all of your games at this point though, so it sucks having to reply the entire game to get another ending that has a very similar path.


    1. Laptop is in the techroom. First you need the key from Sasha. Click on the picture in the garage, use the key on the pattern. the are three strips. click on the strips left and middel. You just need the right strip. When the car is in front of the door you need to remove it.

  25. 13 Rooms

    70952 (to get past the first room)

    For the puzzle, its…

    Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Right, Top Left
    Match the colors in your letter for the second round
    Sasha will give you a key for a picture in the Garage
    Wine and Vodka are in the Fridge
    Once you give Anastasia the Vodka, she will give you the password to the picture in the Garage – 758*13#

    The picture to the garage gives you two things: access to the secret room, or a 4 digit button that opens up the picture (in the room with the fridge). This gives you the REMOTE CONTROL.

    You get the CAR KEY from Tom
    In the car, there is a note, the pass word for the safe in the secret room. 42658. GUN is inside safe of SECRET ROOM. Switch the gear of the car and you’ll have access to it.
    Inside the room is a vault, a laptop and a drawer. You can only access the drawer initially.

    Inside is the SPA safe key. The trapdoor by Sasha (near the pool) contains supplies that you cant carry yourself though, so just leave it first.

    Use the REMOTE CONTROL to reach Tom’s wife, Amanda. She’s crazy. Take all the ‘nice as possible’ options and she won’t jump, going back inside later. Alternatively, you can just slap her and she’ll hop right on in.

    In the lounge, you can use the REMOTE CONTROL again to unlock the rooms. Get the knife from Simon (Persist by showing him your information) and use it to cut open the pillows in the lounge. This provides a USB that helps you access the computer in the SECRET ROOM.

    Heading back to the garage (on the way to the Secret Room) Amanda has hidden the keys. No matter what you select she gives them back after sex and tells you about chaulk on the vase of the balcony (where she wanted to jump). You need a hammer for it.

    Now that thats settled, unlock the car again, move it and enter the secret room. Use the USB to access the laptop and press everything. The key that is ejected and your safe password will open the safe, giving you the GUN and CONDOMS.

    Giving a CONDOM to Jessica will let her do it with you.
    Telling Anastasia you can open the Red Room leads to a confrontation with the masked man, but you will do it with her too.
    Giving a condom and wine to Sasha lets you do it with her.

    That’s 4 women.

    Doing it with Jessica gives you a hairpin that helps you open the locked drawer in the room you just had sex in. Inside it is half the combination for the video room. Also, use the knife on the wall in the Blue Room. It provides the VIDEO LOOP CD.

    Having sex with Anastacia lets you access the lounge balcony. Plug the wall socket in and just trial and error – once two numbers are identical on both sides, it will remain. This enables you to open the secret hatch, where your wife Maria is held. The safe is a very simple puzzle – just complete the circuit, then use the remote control and Maria will be free.

    …and she has sex with you. What? Anyway she gives you the second half of the combination for the video room. This combination opens a trap door in the same room that allows you all to escape.


    If you try to leave on your own (the vault, since you had sex with all the women, you’ll get the 1st ending:…it’s bad.

    If you escape after placing the CD and talking to everyone, you’ll get the good ending, where everyone escapes and you rekindled your romance with your wife.

    If you try to escape without placing the CD in the laptop, it will not loop. You’ll get the 3rd Ending: Blundered Escape.

    If you follow the masked man to the letter, you unlock more sex scenes and end up with the Betrayal Ending.

    Overall, there were very few sex scenes and I was so engrossed in getting everyone free and the passwords that it wasn’t much of a turn on. Good game though. So many mixed feelings. Sex wise, Sensual Haunting was definitely a better game with more options.

  26. this game could have been much better . there is no orgy , no gangbang , no forcing , no double penetration , etc .. please make an extension of this game or remake of this game ..

  27. Guys, I can’t find that secret room. The one which is supposed to be in the garage. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I unlocked the sejf in this room but I can’t see it. I don’t know if I am blind or just looking wrong.

    1. you need the key from Sasha. Use the key top open shelf. You see three strips. Click on them until the right strip remains. Then the techroom opens. When the car is on the front of the door you need to remove it

  28. From the looks of the pictures on the website, you can see a threesome between Amanda and Sasha. Also there might be a sex scene with Tom and the girl who is a big fan of you. Does anyone know how to get these? I’ve beat the game a couple of times but I’m having trouble figuring out how to get these specific scenes.

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