Seducing the Throne in progress

We’re working very hard to complete STT this month.Β  Almost all scenes are already implemented into the game – right now we need to re-render some new images to satisfy iksanabot’s expectations πŸ™‚ and add some extra text lines. And after that – very intensive beta testing.

Some new images from the game below:











213 thoughts on “Seducing the Throne in progress”

  1. Sensual Haunting:
    great game (hope an expansion is coming)
    Blind Date 3d=:
    hm ok something new but way too short and the dialog option ….
    (but its something new and dfferent so i wont judge it)
    13 Rooms: It was ok but nothing spercial and too less option for the game.and only one tme events.
    Living with Serena:
    Game alone way too short (the days) hope in the exp we get more days to try different things or delet those day and let the player decide when it over..)
    City of Love exp:
    Wow one/two new charakters, some more scene=boring
    Sylvia and Nick:
    Nice wasting of your time.
    Driving with Londong:
    Worst game ever!(nice wasting of time)
    Story of Didi:
    My personal Second worst Goldgame ever made!
    Dignity One:
    Worst Goldgame ever!
    Yeha nice Pictures but over and over the same.
    Story?what story? uhh space…..
    Only is a “long” game because you need to get alot of Rescourses.without that it would be finish in 10min.
    One time events.
    Oh i forgot Call me Desperate:
    Beginin of a pornstar?(not good)

    Well im personal looking forward for STT, Elenor 2 and Living with temp 2 .
    But if they are games like this year i will 100% unsubscribe you.

    1. Sensual Haunting:
      One of the better of sex and glory
      Blind Date 3d=:
      new, didn’t buy heard it was short so not judging
      13 Rooms: I already gave my personal opinion about that
      Living with Serena:
      Short but heard a expansion is coming, for the rest it was good imo just was missign something. hope its like with CoL that the expansion solves that
      City of Love exp:
      Don’t really call it much of a expansion but it solved imo what CoL was missing. The threesome scene, and a fabulous new char
      Sylvia and Nick:
      A nice bonus game with a introduction of a lovely lady, wich i do not call a waste of time
      Driving with London:
      Agree its a bad game, but i wouldn’t call it a waste of time. Its all about learning. What do people like, what don’t they like. Where can we improve.
      Story of Didi:
      Didi is a fun persona, the original camer business lacked, but the story of Didi improved a bit there.
      Dignity One: The only thing what was terrible was the really long grind of resources, the only thing i can think of to improve there is. Ge a chance on random events happening while you grind. Aliens, space pirates, people in trouble to help or screw over.
      Oh i forgot Call me Desperate:
      Short, free, decent story

      And your not the only one looking forward to these top titles, still saying the last ones suck is a bit bad as the latest ones are not that bad.

      Have faith in Leo and his team.

  2. So why are you saying that our latest games suck? Taking into account what you’ve just said I see that our latest PREMIUM games were marked as the one you like the most from all games released this year (SH, BD3d, 13R, LWS).

    1. Its called trolling leo. I don’t agree with 98% of his list.

      Short games don’t makes them = bad and most of the game he listed as worst games was fun to play.

  3. Nice pictures and i think it’s best quality game we see of LOPteam but it’s just for now :D….with this nice work, We expect to raise the engine or quality of game for the next time and it’s bad habit for us πŸ˜€ .keep going and we are waiting for news about Eleanor2 and LWT2 and especially for Bouns LWS….we expect do better job just for these three works… πŸ™‚ it’s your fault ,you show us gold and we can’t play with silver for next time πŸ˜‰ and it’s what exactly happend for Finn…he like last engine of games like me(Eleanor especially)….thanks for all your works and i think it’s take time to combine new engine with last engine.(point and click(last engine) with dialog click(new engine))

  4. The game looks stellar. And with iksanabot writing it, I’m sure the story, dialogue and characters will be well developed. Just to throw some positive energy out: while I absolutely hated Dignity One and was disappointed by most of your free games this year, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Story of Didi, CoL expansion and, especially, LwS. Keep up the good work.

  5. Looks nice, since it’s the same author as the best ever game on the site to me (LWT) I only expect greatness, I look on this page daily to see updates so really happy to see this today ^^ and I just can’t wait for LWT2 and any game including eleanor really xD

  6. Suggestion: Make the volume controls for the MUSIC and EFFECT’s separate. I want to hear the Effects, but I would prefer either to be able to lower the music volume, or turn it off completely.

  7. COL expansion and LWS were good but they were short and easy . I hope STT will match up to expectations and will be difficult to figure out like other LOP gold legendary games.
    Thanx a lot buddy πŸ™‚

  8. Hey leonizer

    Maybe I don’t know where it is, but is there a way to get a blog/forum on this site for past and current game bugs and issues in one location?

    I have been wanting to play jordan 500 reloaded on my Mac but when I run the downloaded file it says it is damaged. Hence I think it would be great if there was an area on this site to report and find game issues and bugs instead of trying to find it randomly on the internet.

    Thanks for all your work!

    1. Try redownloading the game and if it still doesn’t work then go to the support page:

      (Since you can’t have links)
      Go to the lessonofpassion site
      Scroll down to the bottom and it will have a link called, “Contact form”

      Click on that and fill it in with information on the problem you are having.

  9. @leonizer:
    How about putt a 0-10 Stars rating so you could get a feedback.
    In the PREMIUM games…
    or a 0-100 Points
    and to my accout yeha why should i play old games?
    and having all ends…. but hey…

    that was a freedback not trolling.
    and im say that i like one game much and the rest not but ok reading is hard…

    1. or i make it simple for you games i like are listet and those witch i dont like are not listet
      Working for evil
      lake party
      living with temp
      trip to paradise
      sensual haunting

  10. A rating system ? Yeah, why not…
    But when Leo wants a feedback about the games, he just has to read the blog, there are a lot of discussions about them here.
    And maybe if more of us could say “I don’t like this game because…” instead of “This game is SHIT”, it could be easier for Leo to identify the issues and fix them. My two cents.

    1. totaly agree with you but im subscribe since two years and this is the first post i make since then.
      and to be honest i dont like what lesson of passion is making in the last time.
      and i dont post to every game and i think a rating system would be a great way to get some extra freedback.
      and if you can see here if you do a honest feedback instandly you get calles a troller ect. and then people will scroll over your post.

      To mee it seesm, give me your money, here is a game , uh ist wasnt good? pff lests make another short game wasnt good again? hm yeha maby in one year there will come a big game.

      1. The problem is that some people want long games, with excellent graphics, good gameplay and replayability and they want them today. It’s not possible.
        The team has made a lot of efforts. Last year at the same period (October to December) we had 1 premium game (COL). This year for the same period there are 90% chances that we have 3 premium games : a little (Sylvia and Nick) and 2 big (STT and Ele2)! I don’t think Leo can do more to satisfy us.

  11. about game ,i think if anyone can better job than Lopteam then start and render one small game and we will see that…you just pay some money and think all most do what you say? they work hard and we most just give our suggestion not say them what to do.they know what most do.i know ,we all waiting for some special character some special stories and…but i think we most give them time for that.i know they fix them and create some games like Eleanor.Leo we are all like simulation games like ELE or LWT.

    1. Totally agree with you…The LOP team is putting in a lot of efforts into these games and its high time that we appreciate their efforts..
      They are open to suggestions and not outright bashing by the fans..I dont see any other teams making such graphically wonderful porn games and also interacting with the fans and inviting suggestions…Truly appreciate your efforts Leo and team…Cheers!!

  12. My only complaint with this one is the total lack of nylons and stiletto shoes. If you ask me, the art and story in Hot Wife Tara were some of the best I’ve seen from you. I would love to see more of the same in your future games.
    PS: don’t rush out this game, no matter if it bypasses the deadline.

  13. Leo? After we’ve all waited so long for this premium game, the expectation is huge. Mostly you will be disappointed of games which are not published at the expected time. I hope this game is worth the invested work time. I expect the best game with many opportunities to get to the same goal. That especially not only the nice guy way leads to success, but also the bad ass way. (forced sex)It would fit well with the era the game is based.(Medieval?)
    I play mainly those games, to let my imagination run wild. Of course I’d never experienced in the virtual world of games or scenes from films, do in reality. But series like “Spartacus” were very popular mainly because of sex scenes(rough, forced, young old) for me.

    1. I have high hopes for the story myself considering it’s written by iskanabot, the very same guy who wrote Living with Temptation which most people seem to consider to be the best LOP Gold game ever tied only with Eleanor.

  14. And Leo, please not reveal too much of the games, so there’s no surprises. Give us better an overview of other projects.
    A bar indicating percentage, how far a project (next 4 games) is, would be nice too.
    I hate it is constantly to open a page to see new information but mostly to find only old posts. Fixed date for new posts would be nice. Maybe every 10 Days.
    Whoever finds spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, is allowed to keep them. K8-D

  15. You should see everyone moaning about lwt2 has a compliment. The reason people are moaning is because the first game was so good that they just want the second one as soon as possible

  16. @ND
    yeha thanks, but we where talking about a rating system about/for the PREMIUM games (cant find them there only the free ones)
    and to the money:
    A company needs money without money they cant work so i think that we can give freedback and can say that game wasnt so good because of this this and this ect./or the game was great because of this this this…..

    But thats why i said a rating system would be great to see what the people feel/like/want for the next time.
    In my opinion, i dont know how many premium user lop has, but they cant have 20 members like those who postet here i think there a lot more.
    And some of them as you see up liked that what i sayed or disliked it.
    And a lot didnt use this blog anytime
    (like me didnt used it 1,5years)
    And only use this blog as a feedback is way too less.

    [For me personal the grafics are fine/great (since last year), story yeha sometimes a littel bit to superficial but ok everybody has another taste ;D, but the most importain thing is the replayability for me.]
    (renember just my opinion)

  17. @Finn
    i totally agree with you.but you must know that ,it’s hard to make games like this and we must thankful for lop team because i don’t see better works of this like games in all sites.we must give them moral for continue their works…and give good idea like yours and don’t insult them like your first post….

    1. Agreed, what so many people seem to forget is its all a matter of tone. Tone is the difference between an angry yelling and constructive criticism.

      The former is likely to be ignored and may even (and has on many occasions) lead to arguments as someone takes offence at it and the original point is lost. The latter is actually helpful and can lead to reasoned discussion which can actually result in change.

      @Finn The idea of a rating system incorporated into the LOP Gold site is a good one. As you pointed out not everyone uses the blog, and even then, constructive criticism is so often drowned out by angry yelling or repeated questions about the same thing. A feedback system of some kind (even if its a simple “how many stars out of 5 for this game”) as part of the main site would probably produce more helpful feedback for the LOP team.

  18. Hey Leo, These visuals are amazing, looks like a spectacular (and immersive) game. Take your time, there’s no rush because we know how amazing you guys are. Just wondering, will you be uploading images of the new Eleanor game, as I’m sure most of us are eagerly awaiting to see?

  19. There are certainly games that are far more enjoyable than others for me personally. A couple things that make me not want to play at all or at least not pay for a subscription are space games and playing as a female lead role. Playing as a female trying to have sex with dudes just doesn’t work for me and I actually won’t play these games ( I think others agree with me on that) . As far as people’s complaints about stat building I don’t find they are too boring because some games end up more like a visual novel with linear stories and little to no replay value.

    1. I’m sure some do agree with you about female lead games but at the same time there’s some people who like those kind of games. Based on the reception for Eleanor for example I’d say that the latter outnumber the former in LOP’s audience.

      If it’s not to your liking fair enough, but its in LOP’s interest to make games the majority like.

  20. @Jc
    i’m not agree about your opinion about female character.i really like that kind of games.
    Eleanor was great game
    Jordan 500
    Tori 500
    Girl with tatoos
    Outcast academy
    Story of didi
    Nicole meets Roxy
    Spy Agent 069
    Alice erectionrace
    Kitsumi The cheating wife
    Lesbian Fashion
    was great female lead’s not just my opinion.all like them.just because you don’t like them that doesn’t mean was not a good game. i enjoy them.i play all games with all stories but i specially like female role play.

  21. “right now we need to re-render some new images to satisfy iksanabot’s expectations”
    Nice, an ambitious and responsible person can create a great difference, and I always though his writing was brilliant. My expectations are at the peak now even though I can’t care less about high fantasy setting, because you know Japanese have billions of those.

  22. Would love to see a new game similar to Jordan/Tori 500. They still rock!

    Also, Spy Agent 069 deserves a follow-up, not an expansion but perhaps a new mini-mission similar to the first one. Scarlett is hot!

  23. I have to say that this new piece looks incredible, I just hope that their are some repeatable sex scenes and not just one right at the end.

  24. I have a suggestion and some feedback. When you guys mention something that happened in the past like for example in erotic date Sylvia and nick when she explains how she messed around with her friends boyfriend with the friend right there passed out or in Eleanor when the dude in the laundromat reminds her how she did his dad the whole summer how bout a flashback scene sometimes in the games? Let us just play out the scene I think it would definitely help. I thought most games this year were solid and only two that i didn’t catch my interest were dignity one and call me desperate. Good job anyways guys and the scenes that are hottest imo probably where the main girl does someone she’s not supposed to like a stranger, main male characters’s friend, brother, rival or something like that.

      1. @Blackchip
        Only different opinion.. nothing harsh. You’ll get your Throne in next few days, but I’ll have to wait next 3..4 months for LWT – game perfection πŸ˜‰

    1. Hmm, again I see that someone is requesting a continuation of Jordan 500 and Tori 500 format. Do you really would like to see another game in that style? If many of you would be interested we can think about it.

      1. Sure,most of us like them because we need some game to spend more time on that.i think T500 and J500 are two most played game and two of top10 games.personally when i play them ,i like your site and your team more than before and continue watching your works.i think your can create a vote page for genre of game and you can see what we like.i like this style of game: simulation and a good story like them can be one of your best friends are agree with me…(Thanks for answer) πŸ™‚

      2. The gameplay is very grindy. That is why I like the “Living with” system. It’s got stats and such to increase but unlike J500 and T500 it is not a grind so it is still fun. I like those two games but the gameplay of them needs to be updated in someway so it is actually fun. Just my opinion.

          1. It is more of a visual novel so I will. I said I don’t like grindy stuff. LWT 2 will not have the grindy element but it will have diffrent paths to take. I like other systems than just the “Living with” one, that is just a good system that works whilst the 500 system might be alright if it was simplified in someway or keep it the same and just have a new game plus mode so you don’t need to work on the stats has much.

      3. Absolutely, as some people mentioned. The great thing with them that there is a lot of these recurring sex scenes and interactions + the more special sex scenes that depends on the person choices and preferences.

        The replay value of these type of games are huge, compared to some game like. The last space game you guys launched. Your grinding but nothing is happening, those are more like… I dont know. You play them once or twice to get the endings and that’s it.

        Also, you guys have been doing games for a long time now. Perhaps bring back some of the old characters a few years done the line. What happened to the girls from Sisters? Laura, The agency, Detective Dick, Zoe & Vince etc.

        Would be quite cool to have the old ones come back in new games. Not expansions but rather new stories.

        But yeah the 500 games + Scarlett Johanson. Bring it πŸ™‚

  25. No! Not another reheated story(jordan500,Tori500). I want to see new games.
    In addition, the games are completely outdated.
    Please do not misunderstand, so it was at that time well but you have now significantly better games.
    If you constantly clings to old, you will not evolve. Such revise games only cost time to develop. I hate remastered editions. These games can only be considered if you offering it as a candy for free.

    1. @TheGreatOne
      my friend ,what do you mean about “outdated”? i don’t say create with last visual and old engine.yes i agree with you about engine of game and we talk about whole of game about story and simulation games like what we see in LWT or ELE or LWS.
      most people like them and you can not say i don’t like them because they are best and some people play LOP team works for years and that some people like a flashback to old memory.but i have respect for your can don’t like them ! but personally if i don’t like a story i don’t say don’t like that just i play them and wait for next game.this place are for all of us not just personal games .like what Leonizer say,if we are interested….and i am interested….

      1. @ND It is just my personal opinion. I imagine that at LOP two or three teams work. One for Premium the other for Free Games and the third maybe for both(or they don’t exist). If so, the “Free Game” Team can work on a remastered editon because they would not stop the work process on Premium Games. If it were otherwise, it would only better premium games delay. I have these two games also liked and it was a nice chapter in the past. But for me the chapter is closed and I’m waiting for future chapters. And ND thank you for the respectful treatment here in the thread.

      1. While I would like to see a continuation of certain free games (Divided Heart, College Romance and Stripper Pick-up springs to mind) I don’t care for a new Jordan500 style game.

        While I prefer stats-driven games and the “x number of days” style of gameplay, Jordan500 and Tori500 took these concepts to the extreme. The games are VERY grindy. As for the story: there wasn’t really one story… more like several small tales that were either random and unconnected, or forced and awkward. The dialogue was ok, but the characters were flat and uninspiring, lacking personality and drive. I wasn’t really impressed with the sex scenes either. And the prostitute angle has been done a lot, Jordan500, Tori500, Camera Business, Eleanor.

        If those issues could be modified to a smoother, more connected design, and the story premise changed, then I would give the game a shot.

  26. How it looks with Seducing the Throne? I have high hopes. I like Game of Thrones and his violence and awkward sex scenes. So hopefully Iksanabot and Leo has captured that. Then it might be my new favorite game.

  27. LOL…..ok it’s your best game story forever but for my friend is here,, not the best game and she don’t like this game but she don’t say i don’t like this game,she just give her opinion for next game .she likes T500 and J500 like me and write it here. we are two person here….

      1. @Das

        my favorite game in game play and story is ELE and if you like know other favorite game about story areT500 and games are LWT,LWS,and my other games favorite are:(i like story of them if have update ,i’m very glad)
        Girl with tatoos
        Outcast academy
        Nicole meets Roxy
        Spy Agent 069
        Alice erectionrace
        Kitsumi The cheating wife
        Lesbian Fashion
        after these list i like most of Lopteam works.personally i don’t like Sci-fi games but i play them too and have respect for others to like them.Hot wife story is my best story,Hot Wife Tara have good story too.i think if i continue ,,,i tell all game. πŸ˜€

    1. The game isn’t even out yet. All that TheGreatOne said was it could be his new favorite game because he’s got high hopes for it. How is it not the best game when no one played it yet and different people have different opinions?

      1. @Sad Panda

        No you don’t get my words Sad Panda.
        TheGreatOne say he don’t like T500 and J500 ,i tell him, my friend like these two games.and if she don’t like for example this game,she don’t say that to you.(this she is my couple)
        i say for example.
        i think you get it πŸ™‚
        go back and read again please.

    2. @ND my post was too late because I’m at work. I understand your attitude, I hope for your sake that you get what you want. It’s just my opinion about Leo’s question whether we want something like this. My answer is no. I have just explained why I do not want that. But if the majority wants it, I am therefore in agreement.

  28. I’ve got good news and bad news.

    The good news is that we’ve decided to add some extra scenes to Seducing the Throne in order to make the game as great as everyone is expecting it to be. We’re aware that your expectations are very high and we’re doing everything to forge the best romance fantasy game we ever made.

    The bad news is that cause of that extra work that need to be done we could get a couple days of delay with the game release.

    I hope you we’ll understand our decision.

      1. Tad irksome for me as it means I may not get to play it before going away on holiday for 3 weeks, but I totally understand the reasoning and just means a better game for me to play when I return.

  29. Off topic :
    @ Leonizer : I have frequently problems to post comments on the blog. For example I was able to reply to your last comment, but I tried to reply to another poster for 15 minutes before and never succeded. Are there technical issues with the blog recently ?

    1. I had the same problem.

      I typed a big comment, but it didn’t appear here. I don’t if it’s a problem in my end or on LOP end. I tried with both Chrome and Mozilla and both had this problem.

  30. This delay always happens, no surprise. Take your time
    I want game play system similar to LWT. I really hate the 13 rooms (sexnglory) gameplay. it was so boring to play that game second time, wish you added a skip conversation button or something. Love all the graphics and characters in all LOP and Sexnglory games. Good job on this.

  31. I subscribing your lopgold and S&G websites for about 2 years.. and thats it for me. Waited so long for a new game which is really exciting and not for coverups from already existing game. I never wrote into this blog. Always just read the “news” i was waiting till today to get the game started. And as i expected there will be no new game this month.. i know a game takes a long time to created and programming rendering and so on .. but I will not subsribe any more.
    Really dissapointed

      1. As far as I know, doing 3DCG work without hiring a render farm service is a long process, and these services are expensive as fuck and inconvenient. They either use less quality images, demand more money or postpone the release date.

  32. @Mr.D
    well i totaly understand you.
    hoping the next day 31.10 we will see a new game..lets hope..
    (i think they work hard at the moment maybe next week we get a answer)

    1. With all my respect guys, I must say that I don’t understand you.
      The time of the delay according to Leo : 2 days ! Only 2 days to have a better game, with no bug (I hope…), with more scenes. 2 days for a more polished game, it’s not a bad deal.
      When a game is too short, people are complaining. When a game is buggy people are complaining (normal in that case). And when the team takes time to make a long, polished game, people are complaining again. What would you do if you were Leo ? There is no simple solution. And I honestly think that the team has made a lot of efforts recently to try to satisfy us.
      Let’s play the game first, and if there is a matter to complain, let’s complain.

      1. I think you need to reread the announcement, it said a couple of days… not two. The term “couple of days” is very flexible. Editing content, rewriting script and extensive beta testing CANNOT be done within two days.

        Not to rain on anyone’s parade here, but… judging by their normal handling speed, my uneducated guess is, that we can expect the game mid November at the earliest, early December at the latest.

        I hope the game won’t tank… 2015 really hasn’t been their best year.

        Good luck and take all the time you need a rushed game isn’t in anyone’s interest.

        Would it be presumptuous to ask what the progress on your other two big projects (LWT2 and ELE2) are?

        1. Firstly a “couple” consists of two things (items, days, people etc…)
          Secondly they will NOT need to totally “rewrite scripts”.

          In my personal opinion I would say that it is the beta testing which is taking the most time, they’ve probably encountered a bug or something.

          1. While the phrase “a couple of…” traditionally refers to a set of two, in this case, I think we may be looking at more than just two days. Leo said they would add extra scenes. If that includes rendering, writing code, and then beta testing afterwards, we a probably looking at more than just two days. Mine is an uneducated guess, of course, I know nothing about making games.

            I must say that this announcement disappoints me. I paid for a subscription at the beginning of this month due to the “promise” that we would get both a short game (Sylvia and Nick) and a long game (STT) in one month. Now, it looks like the game will be released once my subscription has ended.

            I still have a lot of faith in the game, due to the released previews and considering Iksanabot is writing it. But due to budget restraints, I’ll have to wait till Eleanor 2 is released, in order to make it worth my while.

          2. Yeah…no!
            Firstly: get a better English Dictionary
            Secondly: I never said, that they had to completely rewrite the game, but it needs be changed in order to accommodate to the new scenes.

            So between altering the code, rendering and beta testing two days are simply…Let’s say impossible.

            Especially if you consie the fact, that he wrote it like the days ago.

            So let’s wait and enjoy the game when it’s finished.

  33. in my opinion it’s a big mistake from Leo to announce when and what game will be released next…but is his choice (for STT “The bad news is that cause of that extra work that need to be done we could get a couple days of delay with the game release”.) so i don’t understand where people see 2 days delay.
    I hope and i have huge expectations from this game.. If it is like those launched this year i will not subscribe any more

  34. Couple of days means different things in different cultures. There are people from around the globe on this site. For some it’s a very specific two days others more to varying degrees.

    1. As a non native speaker I was taught, that the phrase “A couple of days” can be used like “A few days”.

      In my experience (AE & BE) the phrase is used to narrow down an undetermined period of time.

      And when adding scenes you need to change and edit script. There’s no way around it.

      So my guess still remains with, mid November early December.

      Let’s hope for a positive surprise, but I won’t hold my breath.

      As I said before, a half baked game is in no ones interest!

      1. If it was mid November at the earliest, I think Leo would’ve said weeks, not days. I’d guess it’ll be 3-4 days, and since he said that 2 days ago it should be 1-2 days from now.

        1. I’m from France, and here a “couple” means “2”… I didn’t know that the expression “a couple of…” could mean several days in English.
          I hope that in Leo’s mind a couple means 2. If not he could have said “some days” for a better understanding.
          So I have to say that if the game is not released before the end of next week, I’ll be very disappointed too.

          1. Grant them a week for the changes to the game and another for the Beta Testing. Longer if they find any bugs.

            Programming is complex work.

          2. I don’t agree with your complain about languages. My mother tongue is french too but you are on an english blog, so either you learn the english expressions or you find a french blog with the same kind of topic… Leo already has to spend a lot of time on the games, we won’t ask him to spend more time by looking how he is using a proper english that everyone could may be understand… waste of time for a minority of people.

  35. Leo and ikansanbot, i know how difficult it is to create an aplication/game this big. Don’t listen to this fools coments, just keep going with your work and you will be rewarded.

    Keep it original and strong. We can wait πŸ™‚

  36. So the definition of a “couple” of days you can multiply interpret. My hopes dwindling that this game holds its expectations. Whether a few days can change so much? I don’t think so. But I understand the situation of Leo. Are you bringing the game out now at once and there are mistakes, the community rips you for it. But the longer he waits the more impatient the community and they will never forget. It was just unfortunate.

  37. The mathematical formula is this if leonizer says x days or months , multiply x by 5 or 6, and this will be the correct date, leonizer a little bad with numbers, sorry for my english

    1. Actually I’m very good with numbers.

      The problem here are your speculations – when I say a couple of days I mean “a couple of days” – not 2 as some of you suggested, not a month as another one did.

      To cut those pointless discussions – right now we’re aiming with the game launch in the first week of November.

      1. Nice, haven’s checked the blog for a while, and now i see that this title is coming maybe the first week of November, awesome. πŸ™‚

        What site may i ask? LOPgold or S&G (just because i will have to renew my membership) πŸ™‚

      2. For those who now gonna gun Leo down when SST is NOT released in the 1st week of November. He SAID, they wil aim for. He didn’t say, that its going to be released in the 1st week of November

  38. waited for a long time lop guys letz see nxt week if your game ia really mind-blowing or not and still 2 more months to go for LWT n Eleanor expansions hoping it should be the best games u ever made….

    Thank you leonizer for set time for STT…can you please give us news about ELE or LWT or LWS ? we understand that if you can’t send post about them but recently many of us ask this question….

  40. could you post something like bonus pictures or wallpapers with lop girls sometime in between updates of your work,that way the whole site would be even better and the gaps between news updates would seem shorter?

  41. @ND:
    Hope that he will say something about ELE and LWT after the release date.
    But 1,5 Month for 2 Big game hmmmm.
    I think they will be only able to make one.
    And i would also know what does your team say Leo about the ratingsystem for LOP GOLD/Premium games?
    But this can wait till the game is launched ;D.

  42. So, Leonizer, can you provide a few informations about the characters, story and gameplay?

    The girls look beautiful and hot in the images, but I’m still not sure about this game, since we don’t have a lot of information about it.

  43. @vkalvkal

    The game looks like Die For game bro…but i think this game don’t have giant like D4G.just humans with diffrent story…
    i think you must seduce queen…

    1. Hello,
      About Game; Upgraded version of ‘Looking for Love’ game. Theme is medieval. 3 girls to seduce not just queen. And there are some side characters. No need to know more information about game because it will release in a couple of days. You will see the whole game.
      Have a nice day.

  44. @Matermatuta
    the name of game is seducing the throne.throne means someone is royal person not just some girls for seducing…if you say right about some girls for seducing… that name most be seducing the girls in medieval ! πŸ˜€ lol

    you are hero in game like before and most show your ability to queen like D4G.we see this type games before and it will not change just some new perfect visuals and a little change story about seducing…i’m sure about that….same place…in woods,in tavern.and most show your zeal to other knights and make challenge with them and then girls like you and you can fuck them….and text click like before πŸ˜€

    1. Hello,
      ”If I was asked to compare it to some of other previous games, I’d say that it’s a mix of Looking for Love (TOP 15 best game on PF1) with elements from our fantasy games but without fighting system cause we don’t wanted to mix romance with a blood of ugly orcs.” — Leonizer.

      Check title ”New erotic date for and more” for more info.
      Have a nice day my friend.

      1. Please Read again my words and send messgae….i think your just read title of games and title of message πŸ˜€ i say no giant(that orc you know the word)… looking for love is just a guy who work and get job and can talk to girls…this game is a medieval game not a modern game.and about throne ,i say a royal person.we have medieval like D4G before.i think you don’t play all games of LOP…;) and you repeat my words about giant.just read again my message πŸ˜€

        1. Hello again,
          I said the theme is medieval at my very first post. but the gameplay similar with L4L. You can think ‘Medieval version of L4L’. I think you are the one who do not read:)

          There will be no fighting system like D4G. By the way this is not what i say or my opinion man. . This is what Leonizer said. I just copied and pasted his comment. ( Orc thing was in that comment).

          Did you see the picture at the top of site? Those are the girls that i wrote here before. (I said 3 girls). Queen, Thief and Redhead one. I think we were suppose to seduce those three girls like L4L. (Ofc at L4L there were 2 girls). Anyway man.Btw I read your post. You misunderstood my post. It was a quotation from Leo.
          Have a nice day πŸ™‚

          1. OK strict man ! you say right if you happy with that,but after release game ,we talk together again about game.let’s see who judge better… πŸ˜€ it’s better…

  45. @Leo

    Is there a way to join as a member in this blog? typing in name and email every time seems annoying. could you make a forum for members? or a discussion board. it will be helpful

  46. I have a regular full-time job (not LOP Gold) and I’ve been up to 1:00 in the morning every night for two weeks play testing and editing this game. Leo works his ass off as CEO of the company and has been spending all his time refining the code and polishing the mechanics of this game, as well as helping me come up with new scenes to keep it interesting and re-playable. There is no one being lazy on this end, and more competition could not change a thing. It’s taking a little longer to get it out because we saw ways to make it better, and decided it was worth the small delay. That’s the only reason: We’re just trying to make it better for you.

    To be completely honest, if you don’t like it, it’s going to break my fucking heart.

    1. Unhappy impatient people are generally more vocal than those who are patient and happy.
      I for one hope that you continue your hard work and use the negative comments as motivation and not get discouraged.

        1. Relax peter this most of them have full time jobs its a small amount of money they get for the hard work.

          If you want better games you will have to wait.

          Also over summer very little work would of been done. So stop crying and wait or stop paying and leave.

  47. Why is every fine game in “still progress”?
    Maybe because if someone wasn’t creating crap free games, only to stall the time, as in more money stalling people in recurring monthly subscription. I have waited for around this while year to play LWT2 which hasn’t been released yet.
    Can somebody tell me why I wasted around $100 for nothing?

    1. And what happened to the beta testing quest, we never got an update on that and people got rally quite after the Sylvia game. Is there any update on beta testers, or was that just to get some attraction, and to stall more time and keep people busy so they do not ask about the update of the games.

  48. Please don’t take the angry comments people post here in a bad way, its actually a huge compliment, your games are so good that people can’t wait for the next one to come up and they go batshit crazy hahaha.

    keep up the amazing work guys!

  49. Exactly my point of view. Better spend some more days to make the game great, with more spicy scenes and bug-free.
    I also think that the silent majority is waiting patiently and although I am absolutely excited myself, I can wait to get my expectations fulfilled.

  50. I’m too waiting for the release of this game. I’m a web developer and I can tell you than updating a game by adding more scenes and/or new texts is like updatig a software. No need to rework all the code, it’s a matter of classes (dont know the english word), you just add new or rework already done.

    So dont worry all of you, and thanks the lop team who did the choice of quality instead of quantity. I sincerely thank them and tell them : do your best, you are the best.

  51. I’m really surprised by all the negative comments. This website/blog is probably the most consistent of any 3D style gaming website out there. They produce quality games, are always pushing the envelope, and keep their fans updated pretty regularly. Not sure how many have every worked with 3D software but it is very expensive, takes a while to render, and constantly needs attention to details. Just be patient. When it comes out it will be the best. No need to be negative.

    1. Some of us are unhappy because we have been following the team for years years and years…

      In our opinion this year they have been very disappointing simply because their games are they have been releasing are step down from previous years…

  52. So… Wow. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but come on, some tact wouldn’t hurt the discourse.

    I came to LOP through chance and am so happy I did. Yes, not every game is a 10/10 but in my eyes they stand out far above the rest. Maybe it’s my experience with building things in 3D and scripting that gives me more patience than some others are showing here.
    Either way, @Lopteam You guys work hard AND you seem to have jobs on the side. While listening to some critics is a good idea, you surely came up with the first ideas on your own. It’s clear to me that you know what you’re doing. Sure, I want to play all your upcoming games next week but I understand that is not going to happen. Very much like Hellsing Ultimate OVA, you wait for quality and are thankful that anybody even makes these games at all.

    I love you guys and what you are doing. Out of every 10 games you put out I find myself replaying at least 7 of them. Some gameplay schemes don’t allow for much replaying, much like some TV shows can’t really be rewatched (crime mysteries can only surprise you once after all) Some games are a once off experience. Keep doing what you’re doing, I will be sitting here patiently.

    I don’t know if the loud people in the comment section are the minority but please know: The effort is appreciated and noticed (I sometimes replay some of your games just for the amazing rendering job)

    1. I agree.

      The game will be done when its done.

      They have done so many great things thus far and have so many great things on the go, waiting a couple extra days for some more polish is the least we can do.

  53. In another thread, Leo was said..

    “And about expected time of launching LWS expansion – it looks like it will be released at the beginning of next year, before LWT2 game.”

    Did you know that? That’s mean we will not to see LWS exp & LWT2 in this year.. So be patience guys..

  54. This is my first post here…

    I’ve been visiting LoP Gold and S&G websites since the start. Stopping and starting my subscriptions whenever games became old or a new one was released.

    Instead of ranting on here about the delays in game releases, simply cancel your subscription and renew it once a new game is released.

    On a side note, I’m not a fan of every game they release. There’s only 2 game I enjoyed playing on S&G for a start and they are Sensual Haunting and House Party. When it comes to games like these, I prefer quantity over quality and the more scenes or girls to impress, the better.

    Likewise, the games I enjoyed playing on LoP Gold are Eleanor, Living with Temptation, Living with Serena and City of Love. The other games didn’t impress me as much. Again, it’s all about the number of scenes and interactions and less about how pretty the game looks.

    1. That’s a debate for gaming as a whole, some prefer shiny graphic’s, others prefer more focus on story, still others prefer good game mechanics. All down to personnel preference.

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