Farm stories are here

Today we’ve released our next free game – Farm Stories.
Thanks to our community support we were able to beta test it very well, find many bugs and get amazing feedback about this project.

I would like to thank you for your support – you’re really great. I wasn’t expecting so much e-mails and so deep analysis of the game. That was awesome!

We’re going to continue the Insider program with future projects – I would contact all insiders by e-mail next week.

So here we go – Trixie, Wendy and Sharon are awaiting you here: Farm Stories at PF1

29 thoughts on “Farm stories are here”

  1. I’m glad to see the volume control from Seduce the Throne is in. Hopefully it’s in all future games.

    The game is great. All the bugs I found in the earlier version are gone.

  2. Didn’t play the BETA since I was waiting for the release version. I have to say this is a pretty good free game, got a nice amount of freedom and the models were good. The Sharon story was my favourite and it seems that the “Insiders” will help a lot with bugs and spelling mistakes, good work guys.

  3. Hi Leo,
    there were a fiew good changes between the Beta and the official part 🙂

    One prob isn’t solved:
    If you first go to the farm, than to the gas-station to get the ice, afterwords to the buddy for the drugs and to the mother for getting the wine and make all possible stars with all girls, it is possible, to stuck in this game in that way, that nothing goes on and you need to start a new game with F5 …
    The way this works is near by the way I sent you in the Insiders-email:
    I went first to the farm again got the rope (now its possible over the button – very good change to keep the game alive) – than I went to the gas-station again, made my way with the girl, and made the achievement “it isn’t my thing” – than I went to the mom and made the achievement “It should never happen”, afterwords I went to the farm again and tried to find a new ending, but the girl threw me out without sex, because I made 2 or three mis-clicks, without sex or any other ending …
    In this combination (and I think it is the only one) you don’t have any other way to go, than to use the F5 option, because after that you cann’t go nowhere anymore 😉

    The “Menu-Button” (there I agree with Pennel) is a fine and useful tool and it would be great to find it in all future-games 😀
    It would be nice to have a possibility to change the Player to “full screen” in the menu, because I always need to zoom the site in to 150% or 175% with my high resolution, else the Player is too small to see any details …
    Sometimes (almost with restart of the games) this zoom in doesn’t work proper and I cann’t get with the mouse into the corners of the player …

    How I wrote in the Insiders-Email, a nice game with good ideas, fine to play 😉
    Keep up the good work

    Best regards

    1. Seems I updated them of this bug too, and was a little late in doing so as I was out of town. BTW I haven’t played this version yet but if this bug is still persistent then they haven’t seen into this bug yet, or either they didn’t read all of the emails. Just kidding. They will see into it now.

      1. No, Mr.Anderson, the first one they have fixed with the possibility to go to the barn and get the rope 😉

        Because it was impossible to test this new way in the beta, this “bug” wasn’t able to be found 😉
        So it’s not their fault, I think 😀

        Greatings OCB

  4. Thank you for the game. And congratulations : it’s a very good free game. Glad to see the return of the quality.
    It seems that the decisions to create the Insiders and to take more time to produce free games were wise ones.
    After 2015 being a difficult year, I have the feeling that 2016 will be a great one.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  5. Solid free game. Have played through it a couple of times and gotten 3 endings so far.

    The graphics and designs are good. All 3 available girls are intriguing. I really like the MILF and wouldn’t mind seeing a premium game with a story revolving around a main character being a college kid trying to seduce your best friends mom.

    The writing, story and dialogue is all solid. The surroundings are interesting as we’ve mostly seen games set in a sprawling city or the suburbs. A story set in the country-side is a nice change of pace.

    Considering that this is a free game, it has a good length, especially considering how short the last couple of free games have been.

    The music is good. While the choice in music doesn’t make or break a game, I feel that it is important. Fx I didn’t feel like the music in CoL or Johnny Bullet was on point while the music in fx Camera Business and, of course, LwT really helped the atmosphere.

    All in all, a solid free game with a story premise I’d personally like to see more of. Thank you LOPteam.

  6. Great game! It reminded me of other classics and great free games, like Prima Ballerina, Ryan Blender, Casino of Passion, Passion One, and The Agency.

    My favorite free game still is Lake Party. But Farm Stories is a great game, just like the others I mentioned.

    I enjoyed the cheating girlfriend, but my favorite one was the milf. She was really beautiful and hot.

    I don’t know if Eleanor is considered a milf, but I’d like to see other games in which a younger guy gets to fuck an older women. If the milf is married and is cheating her husband, even better!

          1. Both are not a milf because the woman to be a milf needs to have fully grown children , in this case she ( Tracy) has a baby.

        1. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term as “an attractive and stylish young mother” while the top entry in the Urban Dictionary adds that MILFs are over 30″.
          Tracy is not a milf in LWT but maybe she’ll be in LWT2. Eleanor is just mature.

          1. just wondering what you meant by ” Tracy is not a milf”, are you talking age or being a mother, you do know they hired Lisa as nanny right…

  7. I love LWT, hope the dev team would make LWT2, make more girls to have sex with, maybe this time, Sandy would be another option, but that might also include Derek cheated with Tracy, bad end with tracy and lisa cheated with derek and leave you OR you get all the girls in 1 ending. I counted many possibilities if LWT2 is in develop, though that is no problem for me cause I would mod the damn game anyways if it was playable.

  8. Good Game. Loved the part with Sharon. You guys really should consider to make a LopGold game based on this kind story (dating friends separated/widowed mom)


  9. Nice game and great characters.
    Graphics: cool and nice looking.
    Music: awesome as usual and really on point with that blues/country feeling.
    Sex scenes: great with different options
    Plot: great and funny.
    Sharon is my fav. Was challenging to get sharon ending. so it’s worth to play.

  10. Hey Master110 : i really liked the game and found out all the achievements except serving the princess.. can u give me any clue how to get that achievement

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