Strip Texas Hold’em is ready

We’ve prepared something special for you.


You feel constrained by the limitations of modern society, told what to do and how to act in public without the freedom to be who you truly are. To avoid being seen in a negative light, you keep these thoughts to yourself. But one night you let it slip to a neighboring housewife, who tells you that you aren’t alone in your thoughts.

She invites you to join a game of strip poker that she’s hosting on behalf of a group known as the Debauchery Liberation Society – gathering of self-admitted “depraved” individuals, who seek to indulge in pleasure over the constraints of society. There is a distinct difference of classes, from the wealthy seeking to exploit their riches without restraint, to others who seek to elevate themselves and enrich their boring lives.

You think you’ll fit in nicely…


FREE version is available here:

If you want to play PREMIUM version of the game, you can find all girls here: Strip Texas Hold’em at

If you’ll like this idea we’ll be adding new girls from time to time to keep this game interesting for a longer time.









IMPORTANT: It’s our first poker game ever and right now we’re testing our new server capabilities – so please be advised that there might be small turbulence’s during our take off – we kindly apologize for that.

202 thoughts on “Strip Texas Hold’em is ready”

  1. Not sure what part of the game needs to have this happen, but in my web console I keep getting a 404 error for /static/game/.

    That’s when I’m not get 502 errors for a lot of resources.

    It also looks like you don’t have all of your resources out on the CDN.

    For SSD based hosting I thought it would have been faster.

      1. They are at least hard to distinguish, some nice blonde could have been nice. But the poker part puts too much time and luck or poker knowledge, thats a game for poker enthusiasts, not the normal lopgold player.

  2. Far away most boring and stupid game, probably not a coincidence the release day ‘Children’s Day’, a game for children with an lower IQ. After 9 months this…..garbage

  3. I really respect your work. It is just.. I agree with lulyus but in a kind way. I’m sure a lot of people will love this. As for me, i do not even play poker game in my real life.. After taking a few errors ( Gateway 504 or something). I gave up.
    I’m eagerly waiting for your next project (roommates). It looks very promising. Good luck.

  4. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go except the only gambling card game I know is Black Jack. When I learn to play I shall give it a try but I do like the idea of updating it with more women, hopefully it’s a good game and successful for you.

  5. Having some of the same issues here. Having the “hot coffee of doom” when trying to play which leads to time out errors. Still, it is a new concept, I’m sure with time it will get fixed up!

  6. hm were did my first coment go?

    what about Living with Temptation 2
    last year in febuary you said
    “Release date
    Right now I’m not able to predict that. Probably (big probably) around summer / early autumn this year. This project is really massive – both in terms of quantity of text, characters, number of locations and scenes. So please arm yourself in patience.”
    (in 2015)
    now its 2016 summer
    why we dont here news about it?

    oh and pls make more of these games like Strip Texas Hold’em because we love shit games like this one..
    or do you want to become the EA of erotic games…

    or is it time to cancel the membership?

  7. First let me start by saying GREAT VISUALS as always guys keep up the good work in that department.

    Now let me say i’m highly disappointed in the fact that you decided to make a game that every two bit wannabe “Adult Game Website” has 50 different versions.

  8. Hi Leo, Great game!
    I was just wondering if The LOP team and Digital Seductions are going to do more games in the future.

    I hope you do, I enjoy both of your lots work!

  9. @michaelninethousand
    well i speak for more people because many asked in last posts about lwT2…
    and i never complain about the visuals they are great but i miss the “love” in the art and text and the hole thing.
    a story….

    that was clear
    but the real question is will we see it(Livingwithtemptation2) this year or will you say again in dez. “oh sry not happen this year”
    or was it full of rubish ;D

  10. oh i forgot the error is still there

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application

  11. I can get into the game but whenever I am about to start playing poker it get’s stuck at loading. When do you think this will be fixed? Love the visuals keep up the great work! 😀

  12. I feel like this game is basically in review limbo. It doesn’t look bad, even though it might not be to everyone’s tastes. The problem is that it doesn’t seem like anyone can play a full game to actually see how it is. Though that does say something about LoP’s popularity, to have their servers be so packed.

    1. I agree, I started playing earlier today, and it was slow, but it worked. Seemed like most other strip poker games out there, but with a few changes. Only nit pick thing is the way the extra content is implemented. If I’ve already logged into sexandglory, then why do I need to login again to activate the content? I was watching the web traffic and even though you’re in sexandglory, you’re requests are going back to the main poker site. Why not have the sexandglory based players separate? Not to mention then their traffic isn’t affected by free players.

  13. About Strip Texas Hold’em…

    Nice visuals, although game does a bit of a problem while playing (understandable since it’s still in experimental mode)


    Hi Leo I’ve been a great fan of your range of games that you provide us and I’m really loving it. I just have one little request to you. All the anticipation and love I’ve for your games had begun with the noteworthy LivingWithTemptation game that you presented us with. And it’s the same eager anticipation and patience that is urging me to request you to please continue with your development for LWT2. DON’T TRASH THAT GAME!! Instead you take your time with your fellow notable teammates, just be kind enough to release the most awaited game for the masses. I hope you’ll keep your word for your fellow fan. Chhers.

  14. Actually don’t mind this game type although as someone earlier mentioned some more diversity in the model skin colours would have been nice.

    Problems i’m having so far is the aforementioned 502 bad gateway error that is pretty consistent. Also if i try to log into the ‘VIP Section’ of the game is says bad email or password… i have a premium account and tried both my username and email in conjunction with the only password i have for this site… a bug i guess?

  15. Okay so I finally figured out what happened.. You guys got greedy.. Free Games Used to be a lot better than this the last good free game you released was hot wife tara but that’s just part of the problem the LOP Gold games and S&G used to have more a lot more content in them but you haven’t released 1 good game in months the last ok game was City of Love the expansion.. You promised Eleanor 2 would be an enormous game filled with content like no other game before what happened the game had less content than the first Eleanor game.. Instead of releasing stupid games every month focus all your work on one game and release them every 2 months at least they’ll be good I’ll stick around for this new S&G game and If it’s not good I’m never subscribing again. EVER.

    1. they arent releasing every month . but i agree with you with this thing that trying to update every month aint gunna be good for LOP . cause other games like patreons doesnt have this big visual contents like LOP and some times even they have problem releasing every month . LOP has records of huge delays . With all the visuals , story writing , rendering etc. takes alot of time making the team release less contents . I know LOP aint a big team , leo said it himself . and for that i dont think others will be happy with releasing less contents . It would had been better if the team went back to uploading a full game , time may be taken but not delays .

  16. The game is currently unplayable for me. Attempting to play poker just results in a screen that keeps loading (currently been going for 20 minutes).

    On another note: I bought a membership to sex and glory, but when I enter my email and password, the game says it’s invalid and it appears I don’t have access to the premium content…

    I hope this gets fixed soon.

  17. with the page lagging so hard it keeps attempting to create additional scripts to the point where it no longer can, game is unplayable in this state and should not have been released without further testing. curious though how this game screws up, yet none of your other games do. new scripting tool that you are trying out that can only allow so much traffic possibly?

  18. I tried to play the game at different times.

    Right now it´s not enjoyable. Your servers respond way too long and results in time-outs.

    I can´t even judge how good or bad this game is. Right now it´s a messy release

  19. UPDATE: We’ve decided to turn off a FREE version of our game cause of our servers capability issues. All poker calculations (really difficult math) is done on a server side and our current solution isn’t able to provide smooth gameplay for thousands of free players.

    Right now we’re upgrading our servers and we should be back in a couple of days with FREE version.

  20. It’s running really slow, so I can’t give an opinion on it yet.

    But you guys sure seemed to have gone the extra mile here, damn. When I pitched this idea a while back, I was thinking more in the lines of a very simple game a la House Party with different well-known LOP models. Just a few images per model, and not Texas Hold’em but the 5 card poker variant. No crazy calculations, no crazy scenes.

    But well, I guess extra effort is mostly a good thing. If the game runs smooth it might be great, we’ll see.
    But I do tend to agree that it wouldn’t do if this game consumes so much extra time and server space needed for other games.
    If it doesn’t, great.

    1. Texas Hold’em is a slow game to begin with though. Stripping the girl takes a ton of time. I’m usually ok with that, but it’s not the quick fap I envisioned.

    2. I completely agree. If I remember correctly, this was requested to be a simple strip poker game with NO storyline. It was also in response to the larger games taking many months to complete. All they would have to do is simply get the poker engine working (which they already had from house party), choose a bunch of new and classic LOP girls and simply render the strip scenes. This way, they could release a couple more girls each month because they wouldn’t have to worry about writing and the coding would supposedly be pretty straight forward. I’m sorry, but the LOP team hinted at this game nearly A YEAR AGO and all we get is 4 girls to start with??? I feel like this is going to be a missed opportunity due to how complex they’re trying to make it. Seriously, drop the free game if it’s that much of an issue. I would hate to see this concept fail because of something that was pitched as a S&G game.

      1. I’m right there with you.
        BUT it didnt take more then a year for it.
        I was talking about LwT 2 that is since feb. 2015 in deplovment.
        and it was set to summer 2015, then atum 2015 and then new year 2015 and then ups sry not this year
        (you dont say..)
        the only thing thatThat really grinds my gears is that we dont get news. or that the game is canced then i could cancel my membership
        i dont want pic or a relase date just a simple text “hey guys we are working hard on it.

        and a voting system for members ,the insiders is a great idea but how about a voting about the next game?
        why not?

        oh and the game still not work…seems its just like EA…

        1. @fmh, I wasn’t even responding to your post at all, I was responding to @SeanCages’. I’m well aware of what is going on with LWT2, but it’s to the point now where I’m more excited for newer games after what I saw with Eleanor 2.

          At any rate, you’re right, it wasn’t mentioned a year ago, but I asked about it in the “Roommates” preview posted on December 8th which says that they’ve been considering a game for several months, so yeah it’s been a concept for about a year. I’m simply disappointed that a game which was proposed to be something very simple (in theory) that could be easily expanded turned into a 4 girl story based game. All that was proposed was something like having the game launched and you picked a girl from the menu and off you went to play the game.

    3. First I have to say that I have not been able to try the free version of the game, so no critic of the game itself.
      But as others have already said, it’s not the kind of game I expected. If I remind correctly, the poker game “requested” was meant to be very simple, very quick, just a few minutes of gameplay with a sexy girl to strip (Tracy, Lisa, Eleanor, Agent069, … there are dozens of them in LOP and S&G) and maybe a sex scene as a special reward, to fill the gap between the release of two Gold games. Not a huge game with a scenario about poker…
      It’s good to be ambitious, of course, but I fear the big missed opportunity here.

      1. Well, it looks great though.

        If it runs smooth and they included an easy way to add extra content, I am not complaining at all. I guess having all the calculations and the engine for the poker itself down, is a pretty big thing and only needs to be done once.

        Again, it’s not the easy no brainer between games I imagined, nor the hot LOP-chicks in different outfits kind of thing, like some kind of Super Smash bringing everyone together in 1 game, but if they wanted to flesh out an entire game, I’m not one to easily complain.

        And the comments about LWT2, just stop doing that. It seems every game nowadays gets shot down just because it isn’t LWT2. Honestly, after all this time, I don’t care when it comes out. I’m all for creative freedom and the team should do what they want. Games like Sensual Haunting etc were never requested and turnes out to be amazing.

  21. Can someone explain why I’m asked to enter my email address and password after I log into the S&G site? Not only does it seem completely unnecessary, but for some reason I loose the VIP access (despite me using the correct information). In short, I’m getting screwed out of stuff I’m supposed to be paying for.

    Is this one of the glitches?

  22. FFS, why cant you make an offline version of this game? Are you that desperate to avoid piracy that you;re willing to completely screw up user experience?

  23. the lag is still a massive problem for paying members, and I wouldn’t doubt that it does have something to do with this being run with connections to your servers (which yes, I know you are currently in the process of upgrading, but if they cant deal with the server load of just your paying members, exactly how much are you upgrading your servers so that the free game can run smoothly as well?) and after 6 hours, I have finally managed to pass the first stage (not because of my playing ability btw, but because of the disconnects and lag it has literally taken me that long to play 11 rounds…)

  24. This is getting ridiculous when you switched it to paid only I decided I will subscribe I was first going to see if I liked it with the free version but I was unable to do so. Then I paid my money and sadly it still is very laggy it takes forever to load turns take about 5 minutes at the least. I feel like you should have run tests before doing anything that requires servers to run the game.

    Please make an update soon on this and other projects we have been waiting a long time for.

  25. i found a little trick that might work for some. i hit refresh after every call or bet. it seems to be making it move along a lot faster than waiting it out; not sure if it negatively affects server though.

  26. I think I’d be happy with laggy at this point. Every time I try to “play poker”, I get a loading screen before (presumably) then back to the map.

    And yes I’m a paid member of S&G

  27. after taking forever to strip the first girl here are some of my thoughts. the server issue aside, the game moves waaaaay too slow. for instance almost every time you bet even 10 she forfeits a lot. she will never call you out on a bluff, just either forfeits or has a good hand. when you bid more money than what she has, you raise the pot for no reason because it doesn’t affect the next amount of money you have to deal with. only she is able to go all in, you can’t, making it very hard to bully someone when you get a chip lead. i spent over an hour and a half trying just to get to the naked stage.

  28. Guys, this is ridiculous…I bought membership over 24 hours ago to play the game, but it doesn’t work at all. Game loads fine, but VIP sign-in doesn’t accomplish anything, and I’ve tried over a dozen times but can’t even get the first poker game to load. Every single time it says there was an “Internal server error”…

    Just a thought, but is there a legitimate reason why you rolled out a game knowing full well that it wasn’t completed?

  29. My honest opinion, like somebody said above, the fact that you are willing to let your users experience be flawed, and are letting it get in the way simply because you are scared of pirating is ridiculous. The release for this game has been your worst yet, and it’s bringing back flashbacks of the trouble we had when waiting for LWS expansion. You are basically choosing money over letting your loyal subscribers have an enjoyable experience, if this was all client side, there wouldn’t be half as many problems as you’re getting, but because you are afraid of pirating, you’re doing it all server sided, and that means that your paying subscribers have to pay the price of your lackluster release.

  30. No offense but this must be the worst poker game I’ve ever played. First and foremost the code is heavy. Why is it necessary to display a message for every turn. All cards that are dealt are displayed on the screen. There is no need to have everything also written in a message.

    Once one of the players is all in and the other one calls, why do you still have to bet every turn? The game should just show the rest of the cards and say who won.

    There are also tons of other little bugs that just make the game barely playable.

    I don’t get it why would you release this game to the public without first testing it…

    1. Because unfortunately it seems like these guys are turning into the EA of sex games, they release unfinished games, and are now choosing money over their fanbases enjoyment of the games once again. It really is a shame, because there’s such a simple solution, but it won’t happen because they’re afraid of a few people pirating the game.

      1. Chill dude.
        This is the first time this happens.

        Don’t enjoy, don’t play. The bugs will be fixed in a few days, I suppose your patience can hold up until then?

  31. Putting aside all the server issues for the last few days I have a few thoughts I’d like to share. I was just able to get about 2 hours of uninterrupted gameplay to really check out the game for the first time, probably because everyone is waiting for an update announcement. First, love the art style, always have loved the S&G art style and same goes for here but that being said this is a pretty frustrating game because of how long it takes. The 2 hours that I mentioned was all devoted to stripping the first girl which is making her run out of money 4 or 5 times I believe. Now that could be because I’m really not skilled at poker or gambling and have never played poker before but it took me about 80 rounds to get her all the way stripped. But it was after I won that I got frustrated and stopped. When you finish she gives you about 5 options of things you can do with her and depending on which you pick it leads you into a different game of poker with a different starting amount for her depending on which option you chose and then once you win you don’t actually get to choose a different option, she does what she promises, then the whole thing resets and if you want to see the other options, you have to strip her again (which is making her run out of money about 4-5 more times all over again.) I don’t know if it’s like that for every girl but if it is that’s a little unforgiving Imo and makes the game way too drawn out and annoying. I really want to like this game but the tediousness of it makes it tough to enjoy.

  32. In addition to the length of the game, there is a glitch in the poker software. Twice while playing, the software failed to recognize when I had a Full House and only credited me with Three of Kind. The second time was quite frustrating as I had Lorelei stripped down and was on the last sequence and she won almost all of her money back on a pot that I should have rightfully bankrupted her on. Not sure what can be done to fix that glitch.

  33. Yes, the launch of our first poker game went not as smooth as we planned (saying very diplomatically). I want to assure you that we’re aware of all problems and we’re working very hard to find solutions for them.

    The main issue here is the server – it’s not powerful enough to cope with all players accessing the game in the same time. Of course we were internally testing it’s capabilities and for a first glance it was looking good.

    To avoid any major issues we decided to do a release in a small steps – first we presented this game on a facebook page, then on our blog and then we planned to use website.

    After facebook stage everything was looking great but when we posted it on our blog – it was to much for our servers and we’ve all started to experience problems with the game.

    First we cut off free players but it wasn’t enough. Then we’ve upgraded poker servers and even modified scripts to make them easier and faster to compute. But it looks like it’s still not enough.

    Right now our team is working really hard to solve this situation – we’re looking for a way to increase the calculation time or moving them from a server to a client side if possible. We’re also planning to make the gameplay faster by tweaking amount of money required for another strip sequence.

    We’re feeling really bad about this situation and we plan to give all players small gratification for their hard times with our girls, who aren’t so willing to strip as they should.

  34. I have to support the opinion about the slow pace. First it takes hours getting through and than: only one choice for the girl to win back the money./action scene. That is too little reward for the tedious effort of getting dozens and dozens of hands thrown in front of our feet without some gameplay at all. You mostly check through or reshuffle, rinse, repeat.
    I probably won`t play through five times per girl in the current state. It feels like work not like gaming.

    The pity is that I really like the graphics.

  35. Second problem… not being able to risk a significant amount of money or going all in sucks. Really! Especially when YOU are terrorized with it all the time by the girl.
    Please stop this cheating.

  36. While there are a lot of negative opinions about the game currently due to lag and the fact that the AI is almost TOO smart (most people would stop playing with someone like the AI in an actual casino, as they never seem to take any real risks unless they are within a 95% chance of winning) which I have contributed to, I do want to throw in one positive.

    Thank you Leonizer for being up front about things and keeping us updated while things are being worked on. That’s something that many companies don’t really do, and I’m not sure if I can speak for others, but I personally appreciate it.

    1. Have you seen the previews for the other games coming out? Why the hell is everyone so stuck on just one sequel? Yeah, I get it, the game is up there on anticipation, but the comments are so narrow minded that in basically every blog post that it’s kind of sad for the other game developers on the LOP team.

    1. my god yes, played this game for 4 hour and only beat her once, ONCE. oh and was about to beat her a second time but guess what the game crash…. all in all this a terrible execution of a game. Waste of time. I would rather play a game of dice were I would have 1 die and they 2 so at least I would know my odds and I might even win more than once. /end rant.

      ps. still going to enjoy your other games though.

  37. I FINALLY got past the first girl.

    All beefs aside with the loading and the game concept…. WHY ON EARTH ARE YOUR GAMES SOOOOOO ZOOMED IN??????? Seriously, why can’t you guys understand the fact that it’s really OK to see a woman’s ENTIRE body, not just a super zoom on her chest or legs while totally disregarding the rest of her body. Seriously, whomever is in charge of editing should be fired immediately.

  38. also, for all your talk of math and how difficult the calculations are on your servers, can you at least make sure that your servers read hands correctly? should not be having a straight beaten by a pair because it cant read that a straight is in play.

  39. So…still can’t get past the dialog & map sections to actually play a hand of poker. I get loading screen…then another, then back to the map. Is there some plug-in or addon or browser I need to update or something? I don’t have any issues like this with any of the other S&G games or LOP.

  40. Just wanted to say that the latest update to the server did make a huge difference, and while the game isn’t running super fast, it is playable now.

    I’ve been a longtime fan (and subscriber) of LOP’s games, and I think there’s been a lot to like in even the games I didn’t find particularly fun.

    I like the idea of a poker-based game, but, to be honest, I think the emphasis on making a great poker engine detracted from the user experience overall. It took about two hours to get to the sex, and that was basically a single animation. One would have to start all over again to see the rest of the events for a single NPC.

    What makes Living With Temptation and Living With Serena so great is that seduction is necessary, which is then rewarded with an elaborate event. The perfunctory nature of the sex events per game of cards in Strip Texas Hold’em is a drawback, especially since most players are here for the sex events, not the poker. Two hours to get to a single animation? That kind of sucks.

    I’d like to suggest that after beating each NPC once, you get a new option beside “play poker”. That is “play sex poker”. That way we can skip-over that first, difficult round of cars, while still dealing with the game mechanic. This would also be a realistic addition to the game that wouldn’t substantially alter its current state.

    That said, I think it’s actually a well-written game, with very different characters and beautiful art. I think the game would be even better if it doubled down on being character-driven.

    To wit: What if each girl had a seduction meter? If you beat them and have sex with them enough, you can start triggering more events. For example, a date with Lorelei on the town? Or you’ve scored enough seduction points with two girls, so you can can get a threesome.

    I think that would make what is ostensibly a poker game with sex into a sex game with poker, which is a crucial distinction. I don’t like poker and don’t want to play it. But if it’s a sex game that deals with poker, I can get on board with that.

    That said, thank you for continuing to try out new ideas and new game mechanics. It keeps things fresh for players. Stay creative!

    1. I would add one thing for this. We really don’t need to face Cecilia three times just to make the bonus two girls unlockable. That’s just irritating.

  41. This was the first game I was very disappointed in from LOP. Usually the games are all well made, but this one was bad. Even with VIP account the game is laggy and it takes forever to get to the sex scene. Even then the scenes aren’t even that good. The option to fuck them you should be able to choose the sequences like you would in all the other games. This one you just see them fucking and you choose where to cum. Plus just to fuck them you have to play again.

  42. It’s not so easy to fix performance issues, but we have a solution and working on it. The game will be running fast, I promise.
    Yes, we have to restart server from time to time (1 per day) to apply updates, sorry for this.

  43. Like a lot of people here, I was extremely frustrated a few days ago by the server issues affecting this game, but since the move to a new server it has become playable and, in contrast to a number of commentators here, I’m starting to enjoy this a lot.

    The reason for that is I rather like poker games and strip poker games are even better. And while there are some glitches still (more on those below) I can see myself returning to this one a lot. I thought I’d offer my (absolutely non-pro, rather a keen amateur of strip games ^_^) observations on how to get the most out of the poker element.

    There have been some comments that it’s hard to get your opponent to commit a bet if you have a good hand, and I found this frustrating at first. I’ve tried a number of ways playing, including hitting the maximum bet no matter what my hand is (just to see what happens. Guess what – I lose a lot that way, but I can also let you know that when you’re stony broke, you too will have the chance to go all in, though a fat lot of good it will do you!)

    The game is *not* stacked against you. With any opponent, you always start with $500 and they start with $50 across six rounds (so $300). Also, at first I thought the AI was tweaked too high but actually, having played this rather a lot over the past couple of days I’ve seen a number of patterns emerging. There may be particular styles for each opponent, but I haven’t played it enough yet so these are some general comments.

    To get through the strip routines with maximum efficiency, I end up playing a much more defensive game than I would normally. Usually, I’d be trying to get as much money as possible (duh, this is poker) but most times now I don’t want the pot to get too big. Let me explain.

    In a number of strip poker games, you “buy” your opponent’s clothes, so obviously you want to make as much money as possible, pushing when you have a good hand. More generally, it’s useful to have a larger stash so that you can pull back if you have been on a losing streak. However, no matter how good your hand in LOP’s game you will never earn more than $50 from a round. At first I was pissed at this, but then I remembered that you start with nearly twice as much money as your opponent (most games will have you start with the same amount) and this is the route the game designers have gone with. It really isn’t stacked against you.

    As such, I think the assumption by most players is to be a bit more risk-taking and this is where you can get unstuck. If there is $100, $200 (I have had it up to $400 by being completely reckless) in the pot, you’ll only get $50 if you win the round – but your opponent will get the lot. Yeah, that seems unfair, but bear it in mind and you can avoid a lot of frustration. Trying to strip an opponent who has a couple of hundred bucks can be very tedious and, when I’ve got to that stage I’ve simply clicked out of the game. However, if I keep my opponent around the $50 range I find that I usually get through the strip section in 30-40 rounds. Not always (there are plenty of opportunities for me to have bad luck with hands, but I’ve played this enough now to feel that the AI doesn’t seem to be cheating on me, which I have encountered in a couple of games which try to get you to pay to play).

    While there is some bluffing that goes on from your opponents, it doesn’t seem to be a huge amount. As such, if your opponent starts upping the bids, there’s a *very* good chance they have something. I find myself folding in this game much more than I would usually. The typical response, in my opinion, is obviously to want to get your opponent to strip more quickly which encourages risk taking: but if the pot gets to $100 or more you won’t benefit from it and it takes a damn site longer to get one of your opponents down from $100+ than from $50. As such, my poker playing is much more defensive on this one.

    Likewise, I’ve started resisting the temptation to push too hard when I have a good hand. If I have, say, a straight, and my opponent has $20 in her kitty, then I will put in a bet for $25 (rather than trying to get the pot way up there). You want your opponent at $0 – there’s no “negative” numbers for the next round so there’s no point pushing it higher. I say this having gone for $50 with a straight, fully confident I would win. When my opponent matched and raised, I also matched and raised – only to have her win with an even higher straight. Now, in such circumstances, it’s easy to feel that I’ve been “cheated” as a player, but I genuinely feel that, once you know the style of these games (which is, after all, a kind of cheating in itself and a real advantage of a human player over the basic AI used for such games) it’s much easier to beat your opponent.

    That’s my two pennies worth. In my opinion, the game style favours a more defensive type of playing: rather than trying to get as much money as possible, in general your trying to stop the pot getting too high. As a *poker* game, that doesn’t make it the most exciting, but as a *strip poker* game I really enjoy this. The graphics are absolutely lush – yes, I would wish for longer sex scenes, but actually I’d wish for more opponents to play against if you have the chance to build some more. As for the need to play again to get different positions/outcomes, personally I see that as a bonus: it provides for a lot of replayability. Rather than being narrative driven, it assumes that you want to go toe-to-toe against your opponent’s cards. I’m writing this because there have been a lot of negative comments here and I really would like to see more go into this game – utterly selfishly, I like poker games and this could bring me back to S&G a lot (13 Rooms by contrast, was kind of fun a couple of times but I just can’t be bothered going through all the puzzles again to unlock the sex scenes).

    Regarding bugs:

    Occasionally cards don’t display on the opening deal or there is only one of the three cards on the flop. It’s fairly rare, but it has meant I’ve effectively been betting blind.

    A couple of times now, my opponent is completely stripped and the menu of options appears to do something more erotic with her. I move my mouse and… I’m knocked out of the game. That is frustrating. I’m pretty sure I haven’t clicked on something, but this is one of those things that would probably be very difficult to emulate. I mention it in case it is a known issue.

    There are others, but they’re pretty minor (usually a bit of glitching that causes the text from the server scripting to run a couple of times as it sorts itself out).

  44. I’m really confused, it says the game has been removed, and I can’t see it anywhere on the website, but people keep talking about playing it :S Can anyone tell me how I get to play?

  45. OK. The game seems to run a bit smoother now so I’ll give my two cents… not really a complete review since I haven’t gotten very far in the game, but whatever…

    I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a card-shark… I know the basic rules of poker, but cards have literally zero interest to me… and my review is coloured by that fact.

    This is, at best, a standard, run-of-the-mill poker game that happens to feature some sex. I’m one of those people who play an LOP game mainly for the story, game mechanics and graphics are secondary.

    -Renders/Animation: It looks like the artist for this game is the same as for Dignity One (or someone with a similar style). All the girls look like lifeless dolls with duck-lips. I find none of them attractive or intriguing. I like me some girls of color and think it’s good that you diversy the female cast (real estate agent is a really good example). But here, all the girls appear to be black… not really a problem, but I could do with some more diversity. I don’t know about the quality of the sex animations since I haven’t gotten any of them.
    -Music: OK, I guess. Just wish there was an off-switch, because it gets tedious when playing FOR HOURS without getting anywhere.
    Writing/dialogue/characters: Not much of a story (but I suppose that was the point and as such it’s not really a negative… objectively seen). Characters are flat and uninteresting. The dialogue is all right, considering the non-existence of an actual story.
    Gameplay: Oh boy…. now that the game is running a bit smoother, it’s easier to talk about the gameplay… it’s atrocious. As I said, I am not a man who play cards often… or at all… But the progression in this game is unbelievably slow… the AI doesn’t bet more than 10 or 15 unless it has an amazing hand (in which case, it bets all it has) which makes winning a game take hours! I don’t have that kind of time on my hands.

    Glitches: I log in using my email and password, but it seems I am still barred from premium content…. oh, and ever so often, the game doesn’t recognize when I have a winning hand…

    I think it’s fair to say that the launch of this game wasn’t the smoothest and I am really regretting paying money for it. I am sure there are customers who will get a lot of fun out of this game, but unfortunately I am not one of them. To me, this is one of the worst games you’ve ever put out, completely in line with Dignity One. I hope Room Mates is released before my subscription runs out, because I think I am done with sexandglory… the only game that has ever held my interest on this site is House Party (Sensual Haunting was not a bad game, just not my cup of tea) and one game is not worth the subscription money.

    1. Still not past Lorelei… Whenever I get a hand higher than 2 pair, she automatically folds… oh, and one game she won, when I had one pair and all she had was highest card… these glitches are killing the game…

    2. Okay, I might be a shitty poker player… But when I, for 7 rounds in a row get nothing but highest card and my opponent sits pretty on full house or three-of-a-kind EVERY TIME… and calls it every time I try to bluff… something is wrong.

      I gave this game a fair shot even though it’s not my thing… but I am done…

      1. I’m sorry but it sounds like you don’t know much about poker…7 rounds is really not a big enough sample size, I’ve had real life runs worse than that

        1. You are correct, I don’t know much about poker… But when a single game takes more than a hundred rounds and last for over an hour, it becomes a chore rather than an enjoyment.

          And sure, I am sure I fall into the category of “less-than-average-poker-player”, but that doesn’t make my criticism any less valid. Whatever hand I get, my opponent is able to best, doesn’t matter if I play high or low and my bluff is called every single time whether I play carelessly or defensively.

          It takes hours upon hours for me to get anywhere in this game and the reward is simply too poor for me to invest any time into it. I’m sure people who enjoy poker will find some fun with this game…

  46. Just wanna throw in my strategy for playing the game: play like an absolute idiot. The girls start with only 50 so on my first opportunity I just bet 50, and she either all ins or folds. I’m not sure if they coded the game this way or if I just got insanely lucky but I found that when I played without caring, I got much luckier with hands and was winning pretty consistently. I seriously only lost to Samantha twice and it took me about ten rounds to unlock the sex scene. I played for a few hours yesterday and the first 3 or so I’d say it took me 150+ rounds just to get the first girl naked and then I got annoyed and started betting with reckless abandon and in the next 2 hours I had unlocked all 4 girls and was only playing about 20-30 rounds. The difference was night and day. Don’t play defensively just be reckless and if it goes horribly wrong who cares just keep betting and you’ll win it back.

    1. Not saying that that method isn’t working… it’s just not working for me…

      Whether I play recklessly or defensively, my opponent always has a better hand than me and always calls my bluff… My opponent routinely gets two pairs, three of a kind or flush, while I’m stuck with nothing… roughly 80 % of the time…

        1. I’m really amazed that people are coming up with cheat strategies like this, why not just play the game? It’s REALLY not as hard as people keep saying it is…As long as you know how to basically play poker

  47. Almost a week an it still only shows an error when I try to play the first round of poker…the only reason I bought the membership to S&G was for this release (done so for each game on both sites so far), but I think it’s time we started talking about a refund…Guess I’ll give it a full week though since so many people seem to be having a good time playing, but it’s not worth wasting money on something I can’t even use.

  48. News games are been release faster now, I really like that. About this game I do not likee poker at all , honestly i would like to see information about rooms, really looking forward, I’m expecting it to be release soon, also instagrams is almost dead, it’s been awhile since the last picture. Looking forward to rooms, hopefully we can have some news about it. Keep it up

  49. During this weekend IL implemented following improvements:

    – updated the server
    – decreased girls “prices” (from $100 to $50)
    – fixed issues with proper recognition of cards on hand and table
    – added an option to skip animated log

    and the most important – 50% of server code is rewritten to client side – we plan to complete this process next week.

  50. I’m sure the game is… fine. But the mechanics are broken. It’s slow to begin with, and for whatever reason allows you to lose money over your opponents largest “all in” – which makes NO sense. I know I played one game where I had no possible winning hand for 10 rounds in a row. The chance factor alone is frustrating, but when the basic functionality is passable at best when combined with some seriously flawed game mechanics the result is less than pleasing.

  51. And – good god, cannot believe that by the time you get to the actual goods – you have to keep playing rounds after you’ve chose. Who made these decisions?

  52. Oh dear. I really don’t think you guys thought this through enough. The graphics are nice quality, but that’s where the good news stops. I am still finding the game very laggy, server upgrade notwithstanding, and aside from that it just takes too many poker rounds to get anywhere.

    I suppose I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to spend a long time practising Texas holdem while looking at some eye candy, but that’s about it.

    And as someone else said, it would be good if there was a mute button, especially considering the game takes so long.

  53. Can literally anyone explain how the person you’re playing can gain more money than they’re capable on going all in for?

    Do the creators just not know how Poker works? Or is it a bug? Anyone?

  54. The game doesn’t lag anymore for me. But I do have 100mb internet.

    I do think a lot of you here don’t know how to play poker.

    Few things that need changing.

    1> why does my game keep restarting and I have to start over?
    2> $50 pre strip is too low. Above someone said the max you can win is 50 and that is correct. Add a easy normal and hard where the girls start with more money on hard

    3> rave ticket doing the same girl again to get a ticket.

    4> You need to add a tutorial as hardly anyone seems to know how to play poker

    5> Once you beat a girl , I don’t want to strip her again just to see the other options it already takes a long time.

    6> It needs a save option.

  55. OK…S&G guys, let’s talk seriously for a second…Look at some of the comments above me, I’m pretty sure you could randomly scroll up, land on a random comment, read it, and it’s negative. This game obviously has a LOT of issues that need to be resolved, so instead of updating it while people play it, withdraw the game. Sure, people will be annoyed that you withdrew it, but it’s better than letting them play trash and then complain about it. Withdraw the game, fix the bugs, work on your servers, and just generally make it work, then re-release it in a fully working form

  56. there should be a way to see pictures you’ve earned, or let people keep betting during the options part of the game. it’s very tedious to do all this for one image. i don’t understand what the point of the phone is either, a shortcut to the girls? it’s still the same amount of clicks to get to them if you click on their location.

  57. I’m sorry to say that, but this is the worst game you’ve ever created. At least so far. I didn’t want to comment on the issues at first, but i just can’t help it now after another set of rounds. Not mentioning the initial performance problems, the game is still slow, cheatty, with some bugs and very annoying. One of the major problems is the girls betting money they don’t have and eventually winning more than they’re capable. It was also pretty frustrating when i went to Lorelai for the yacht engine bet. I played like 250 rounds with her, already had her naked, but i just couldn’t finish the final round, she always got the right cards; tried different tactics on her including bluffing, but in the end i always ended up defeated. She also had an ace in her hand like 8 times out of 10 rounds and always higher cards. The attempt of a story means you have to beat the girls more than once to get the chance to challenge Mika, which is time consuming and more annoying. But the biggest disappointment are the sex scenes. After all the efforts and all the time spent you get 2-clicks scene (i went for the f**k scenes), without any options, where the first part is covered by text and the second one is already the finish. I understand it took time and effort to create this game, this is just my point of view. Maybe when the game is fixed, it will be a hit.

  58. The most annoying thing about this game is how blatantly fucking scripted it is, you can never win a hand when one of the girls is about to go out and lose all of her money. The last card that pops up will always win her the hand 10/10 times. Fix this fucking broken game please, we shouldn’t have to work for hours on end just to try and win a game of poker in a video game.

  59. 75 games taken to being thrown out… played 54 games to straight losses, 10 no-raise wins for me (high-card mostly), 5 hands got thrown in front of me despite her having at least a high pair on the hand (only reason seemed to be I had playing options, too, mostly weaker, but remote chances), 3 later quits and one (!)real win. Last 20 hands, NO (!) win… great job guys. Not cheating, right?
    Didn´t play one single hand in 75 with more than two pairs.
    In the West I´d just shot her.

  60. Love the way you guys post here crying because you’re garbage at poker.

    Poker tips

    1> if your hands not good fold ( or check)
    2> Don’t go all in with high card or pair.
    3> Don’t keep betting when the girl has $0
    4> Take your time poker isn’t a race.

    1. Watch out, Lads! We’ve got a badass over here!

      Thanks for descending from Pro-Poker Heaven and handing out some wisdom to us scrubs who cry because we are garbage at poker. Much edgy, so wow. Your tips are really a godsend, the cream-of-the-crop, hidden secrets of the World of Poker and certainly not common knowledge baby-logic that even people like me, who is garbage at poker, is familiar with.

      On a more serious note, though… It’s cool you’re enjoying the game. But your enjoyment and mad poker skillzzzzzzz, doesn’t automatically negate or render invalid the, admittedly, large number of people who have qualms about the game… me included.

      Am I garbage at poker? Most certainly! I have no problem owning that fact. But when I go for 27 rounds and my highest hand being a pair of 5’s, while my opponent routinely gets flushes and straights, something seems off to me. Yeah, I can fold a bad hand… with the result that my money slowly trickles away and with no chance of winning it back because I am never given a hand that can match my opponent… Bluffing doesn’t seem to work as it is called every time.

      I am not saying you’re wrong in your assessment of the game and I am not saying your enjoyment of it isn’t valid… But chugging complaints down to a matter of “git gud, scrub!” or “boohooo, you be whiny crybaby!” is beneficial to no one. At best it’s useless and at worst it’s blatant trolling. I am sure a pro poker-ace like you can understand that 🙂

        1. IL

          All right, this is getting ridiculous.

          I am currently playing against Cecilia. Fifth phase of the match (I had her naked) I am dealt a hand with a jack and a queen. In the flop is one jack, one queen, one king, a nine and a six. So I have two really high pairs (a rare occurrence I might add… I rarely get more than 2 pairs and even then it’s never more than 8’s or 9’s… my opponent gets flushes and straights regularly though) In the pot is some 300 $ because I’ve been betting big and she has called. When we show cards she holds an ace and a 7. The AI then gives her the pot and claims she has a pair while I has highest card…

          This is NOT a minor issue.

          And why are the sum of each phase now at a 100 $ instead of 50 $? I know you said we only have to strip a girl only once… but I am currently on my second match with Cecilia, trying to get the rave tickets from her. So… I DO have to strip a girl more than once to progress in the game.

          I know that you added Sylvia and Nick and Margaret and Walter as a compensation to the players for the issues with the poker game…. and while I am certain that it is nothing but good intentions on your part.. I am pretty certain that the majority of players subscribing SexandGlory are also subscribing to Lesson of Passion (the fact that S&G uses this blog rather than having it’s own, attests to my estimate) and the fact that Sylvia and Nick is a game that has been out for several months… well, then that gesture clings kind of hollow to me…

          I know that I am coming off as a real asshole by saying all of this… But the launch of this game hasn’t strengthened my faith in S&G… is there any way you’d consider giving a refund?

          1. OK, I can understand your feelings. Everything that can go wrong went wrong this this release.

            However, the game should be fast and stable at this moment. (We plan to restart server tomorrow morning, but just for a couple of minutes)

            We also plan to expand it with new girls, stories and features anyway.

            And Roomates will be released really soon, that game is the biggest we made, the script is more than 150 pages and has over 800 images.

            -best regards,

    1. The game crashed 2 times within like 20 minutes, the last time when I just got Lorelei down to her underwear. She folded and the game just stuck. I wouldn’t call this a minor issue, especially since it NEVER crashed on me before but was just slow. Now it runs smoother but crashes randomly… And the “prices” back up at 100$ are also an annoyance.

      I really like the idea of a poker game that not only lets you strip the girls but allows you to play for more. I really do. So please make it run properly.

      I bought a membership just for this too and I’m also a member of LOP Gold so the mini games from there added to S&G didn’t excite me much… :-/

        1. Sorry for being unspecific. It just hangs and won’t deal new cards. It says that she folded and I won and tells me to click to continue but won’t react to my clicks or do anything.

          I use Firefox.

          1. Ok, It should be fixed now (please clear cache of your browser).
            For better performance (smoother animations) – I recommend to use Chrome or Safari for any SAG game.

  61. The Click to Continue still stops working after a while on Chrome. It is kind of annoying to have to start all over again and again. Please fix.

          1. Damn. I just updated the script to fix some flop issues, but I can’t reproduce the freeze so far.

          2. Yes – this is still happening. Clear my cache to one month back and I still get the hanging where you can’t do anything. Seems to be happening when you click to progress past the round summary because you’re impatient and already know the result due to the cards being visible.

          3. Seems I was wrong in playing slowly fixing the issue.

            Played slow and only clicking when prompted, but still hung/froze around round 20-25.

            Two times it has frozen when the opponent throws her hand before making any bet at all (other than the 5 $ small blinds). May have been the case every time, but not sure.

          4. My game froze in the exact same situation! She folds right at the beginning of the round and boom, game over…

  62. 1. She hanged at the decision to accept my raise or not… for 15 minutes.
    2. After restart she crashed after folding (no new cards dealt) after around 10 rounds.
    3. The only thing working “better” seems throwing me back to the start after reconnecting instead of counting it as an outright loss.
    So whatever was improved since yesterday, undo it please. It`s now worse than ever.

    1. Hi! What browser do you use? Do you play on mobile device or desktop? Could you try to re-start your browser and clear cache? Do you play via SAG or passionholdem?

        1. Okay, I did this.
          It threw me out of the running game and log-in. Logging in again revealed it counted the two hangers and two reconnects as 4 full losses against, costing me 2.000 $, so basically you can say it destroyed my savegame in the process (leaving me at 599$). Which means one more crash –> back to start.
          I don´t know if I have the nerve to go this snail-trail again.

          1. Sorry, but what do you mean “It threw me out of the running game”? – were you playing poker then suddenly the page was redirected to some another page (which one) or what?

          2. Meaning after cache cleaning I wasn`t returned to the running game but after login I was on the main screen again. I was in a game before.

    1. When you remove all clothes from a particular girl – next time you see her you can choose “Play poker” or “Dare her” just to try to win dares.

      1. Oh right, I thought you just meant we had to win one time only to get her to take one item of clothing off. Is there anything you can say about the length it takes to get to that stage, like can we expect any changes to make it easier for us as players? Thanks! 🙂

      2. Just made a dare with Lorelei. Next bug:
        I won all the chips off her but after the message “she is out of chips…” the “click-to-continue” doesn`t work, clicking does nothing.
        So I am locked in the poker screen.

          1. This time it worked, so the bug doesn`t seem to be persistent.
            I didn´t lost or gain money. That´s as intended?

  63. You can’t get money from dares – it’s your money you just rent it to the girl to play. And so far the only way to loose money to the girl in “dares mode” – is to let her win.
    Still, it’s strange you were locked on poker screen, but I will check this part again.

    1. There are two types:
      – the lock-after-win happened very infrequently
      – the lock during poker seems only to happen if strange/uneven money values from ties are in play (like 2,5 credits) and you were raising. Maybe he`s running into a loop calculating that.

  64. All discovered issues should be fixed at this moment. Please clear your cache (you don’t need to clear cookies just “Cached images and files”. Sorry for this brutal experience, we will try to avoid such dramatic releases in the future.

    Roommates will be completed this week, and we will need at lest week for testing I presume.

    1. Ok. At this stage, I know I sound like a broken record and people are probably sick of it… BUT:

      Tried playing against Cecilia for the rave tickets (for the nth time):

      The game lasted 134 rounds before she took all my money… in all of those 134 rounds my highest hand was a pair of jacks… I shit you not… Seriously… a pair of fucking jacks…

      She got 24 flushes, 13 straights, 19 three-of-a-kind (yeah, I kept count)

      For three consecutive rounds my hand was a 2 and a 3, while she, in those same three rounds had a pair of kings, a pair of aces, and another pair of kings… and in the next round… she got another pair of aces while my highest card was an 8….

      At this stage I’ve sunken more than 23 hours into this game and it’s pretty clear I’ll never get past this stage.. Assume that I am a tool at poker, if that’s what you want… is there anyway that I can get to see the sex scenes in this game without having to go through hundreds of hours of poker?

      1. Sounds like you are extremely unlucky … Don’t try play poker for money 🙂
        OK, we will try to add some items (e.g. luck charms) to influence the luck in the future updates.

        1. There’s more to it than bad luck in such a track record.

          Cool gesture, but don’t do it for my sake. I am done with this game and I won’t be renewing my subscription.

    1. If it’s me then no… there is no such button… I play on chrome and I’ve cleared my cache several times since I started playing this game…

      And do I have to play Cecilia 3 times in order to dare her AND progress the plot (once for the option to dare her, another time for the rave tickets and yet ANOTHER time for the yacht)? That’s a very weird design choice in regards to gameplay.

      1. You should win her only once – after that “Dare her” button will appear. So it’s very strange you don’t have this button. Do you play as “Quick game” or use login?

  65. Brutal is hardly an accurate way of describing this release IL…

    Game loads in Chrome but poker doesn’t work. Played enough hands this morning to have the first girl go all in 3 times in 20 minutes on straight flushes (wish I could get her luck in real life). Now Chrome still won’t play rounds, but does at least load the game, and IE is stuck at 50% loading the game. Forget deleting cache/cookies/all that, I tried on separate computers and it’s still the same deal for me. Is my account just set up to not let me play?

    1. “Game loads in Chrome but poker doesn’t work.”
      “Chrome still won’t play rounds and IE is stuck at 50%”
      “Played enough hands this morning to have the first girl”

      Sorry, it’s a bit confusing. Does poker work in some particular browser for you?

  66. Yesterday morning the game worked fine in IE. Couldn’t play more than a few hands, but when I got home tried again and game itself only shows loading to 50%. Tried on Chrome and the game loads, but says Server Error every time I try to play poker. I’ve tried both browsers both normally and in private browsing/incognito. Tried refreshing computer, dumping cache/images/cookies. Also tried on a different computer.

    1. Looks like a cookies problem. Please make sure cookies are permitted as well cross-site cookies.
      Menu → Settings → Show Advanced Settings… → Privacy: Content Settings
      Make sure “Block third party cookies and site data” is unchecked.

      I will try to implement a kind of walkaround for this problem.

    1. You don’t need to strip her again and again now to win all her dares, you can just “Dare Her” after the first win. So this first win should be a bit challenging.

  67. Great visuals but the AI needs a rework.

    The AI has (felt) only two behaviours: All/raise the pot in or pass.

    There was never ever a chance for me as a player to bluff her.

    The first few rounds I wage small bets and tried to raise them but the AI instantly throws his deck when he doesnt have any good cards. If the AI has good cards and a pair at the beginning, it immediatly raises thee pot and it´s an indicator that he will probably win.

    So, judging from that experience, I just go in with the highest bet from the beginning. The AI had to follow in the first round. IF the AI has a bad deck, he will give up and I got 50/55 creds for nothing.
    Should the AI raise or hold the call in the second round, it´s probably a pair for him. So I just “checked” to keep my loss low.

    I general to beat AI pretty fast:

    1. always highest bet in the first round.
    2. If AI raises his bet to almost All In just fold.
    3. if AI fold in the 2nd round you got half of her cresdits for nothing
    4.if AI is betting his last creds in the first round, just check till the end.
    5. minimum effort – maximum profit/fastest way to get the ladies.

    I know some basic stuff about poker but I dont have any clue about Texeas holdem. I just beat the AI with the limited options. The AI never bluffs or takes any risk, it just play safe (win or loss).

  68. is the free version ever coming back? In the post it said a few days but its been 2 weeks. Just asking cuz i’d like to try but based on the reviews, i can’t see myself spending money especially when there isn’t another planned S&G release coming any time soon

  69. This game is complete garbage. It’s ridiculous how many times the computer player gets to buy back in. Each round loads at a snail’s pace and absolutely nothing happens when you force the computer to buy back in except for a change of background.

  70. OK guys. Please, please, don’t do this again. I came back to try the premium version just to see what it was like with the glitches sorted out and it took me like two centuries to complete, even after I’d figured out the weird way the AI works (not at all like a real player).

    The art is nice, but the gameplay is just boring, boring , boring and the rather disappointing sex scenes simply aren’t sufficient reward for all the time and hard work.

    Worst ever game on either of your sites.

  71. Please, keep updating this game!!! I think this is the best models so far. I’m not talking they’re the most beautiful models from LOP/S&G, but the graphics are the best so far! Honestly I don’t think even LwT 2 graphics will be this good. Keep bringing more girls and new delicious sex scenes! 😀 thanks!

  72. To me it is one of the best games on your sites! Graphics ale definitely the best i have seen in your game. Are you going to update this game/add more girls? Or maybe create such graphics for game with other gameplay? I hope you will!

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