Passion Hold’em for all!

It looks like we’ve finally solved our server issues and right now we’re ready to present you our Passion Hold’em game – available in the basic version for all players (SAG membership isn’t required).

Please let us know what do you think about it.

You can find this game here:

34 thoughts on “Passion Hold’em for all!”

  1. Nice! I noticed how the game became more and more playable on SAG and then worked smoothly all the way. I’m curious to see if it’ll stay that way with the free players joining the party.

    I was wondering though: Weren’t there supposed to be two additional girls in the SAG version? I thought that maybe Sammy and Mika would be exclusive to SAG but they’re obviously not. Are the two additional girls still to be added on SAG or am I just having trouble accessing them? Or did I get it wrong and the SAG version is exactly the same as the free one?

    1. Ah, just checked again. My bad. Sammy and Mika ARE exclusive to SAG!

      Are there any plans for additional girls yet though? Or does that depend on the reception of the game? It was kinda off to a bad start. Maybe now that it works people will make up their minds…

  2. I really don’t like poker at all but the quality of this game is amazing. I’d would to see more girls from old games agent 69, didi, etc. Looking forward for rooms,hopefully we can have it soon. Keep it up

  3. Sorry but I lost my interest rather quickly.
    This game is rigged in such a way that it’s just boring to play.
    Everytime I raise, the girl simply folds. This way, there is no thrill. When the girls raises, she always has a strong hand so it’s easy to see through that too. When you have no hand and neither has the girl, the girl always seem too win on high card. There is no bluffing, no competition. You simply play for the lowest pot and so it takes a very long time to progress in the game and as I said, it gets boring quickly…

    If the game could be tweaked a bit to add a little more “random” instead of this predictable script, it would add more excitement to play the game.

    Renders look amazing though….

  4. So after trying the game again, just gotta say this game is painful to play.

    I appreciate you trying something new and the visuals are great but the game is just boring as hell.

    The logic doesn’t work right (check then bet 5 and she will almost always fold, if she doesn’t then you fold, rinse repeat until you grind out a win)

    When I unlocked the 1st premium character only to find you need to beat the previous player again in order to play her I just couldn’t bear it anymore.

    Nice attempt but a swing and a miss for me

    1. I found that if you bet before the flop during the blinds you can get the girl to take it, once the flop is out though you bet and she has a bad hand, she folds. At least with the pre flop bet you can get some more money…, but yeah, the girls are predicatble, they go all in when they have have something good like trips or higher.

  5. I like the fact that after you beat the girls in the normal game you can dare them for all the bonus scenes. It saves a lot of time, mostly due to the fact that these girls get God hands when they get below $40, which make the game kind of painful after a while.

    I noticed that a fair number of strip and sex scenes have the girls covering their breasts and vaginas. Isn’t that the point of “strip” poker…. To see someone completely naked? If you don’t believe me, the picture for this forum post is a prime example. Not only that, once again, pictures are zoomed in WAAAYYYYY TOO MUCH! There are even scenes where models faces are cropped out. Seriously, LOP team, just use the distance you guys used in the strip poker mini game in house party. I.E. Like we would be standing a couple of meters away, not like your playing cards on top of them.

    More variety in models would be nice. This game makes it feel like only black women in that city would play cards for money or sexual favors.

    Couple of quick questions. What’s the point in loggin in when every time I do it I have to start from the beginning? Also, I noticed a “vip room” available when this game first came out. Haven’t seen it since. Is there something needed to unlock it? And yes, I’m a S&G subscriber.

    I’m glad to hear you guys have more plans for this game. I really think if you just stick to adding girls and scenes, it would be much easier to update it now that you have all the bugs pretty much squashed. Looking forward to more with this because the girls and animations look really well done!

    1. Forgot to add this about models covering up, or posed so that you don’t see everything. You do all that work to get the boat up and running for Mika and I don’t think there is a single scene where you see her pussy. Even the sex scene has her covering up. Why is that?

    2. if you can’t see “sign up for VIP” token on the map – it means you are already VIP.

      Login into poker game should restore your previous state. State is saved before and after each poker game.

      1. Nope. Tried it again last night. Logged in again and had to start the game all over despite unlocking all the girls the day before. Apparently I’m doing something wrong.

  6. It seems like a lot of the glitches have been worked out of this game. That being said, my perception of it hasn’t changed all that much. I still find it a complete bore and the short sex scenes aren’t worth the hassle of the poker games… couple that with a lack of storytelling and endings, and this is a mis-fire for me. I am sure people who enjoy poker can get a lot out of this game… I am just not one of them.

    On another note (and this isn’t really relevant to this thread and I am not saying this to stir shit up or rush anyone): I just realized that today, it’s exactly one year ago since “Do What I Say” and “Weekend with Bradley’s” were announced… Considering that they’re both free games, that timespan seems pretty crazy 🙂

  7. Coding of the game needs a lot of work. The most glaring issue is that if say the girl has 15 dollars left, and you bet 50, she can call you with only those 15 dollars, but all 50 of your dollars go in the pool. Therefore if you win you only get 15, but if she wins she gets your extra 50.

    Therefore it’s quite possible to go from something like 600-25 to like 400-225 in one hand, when in reality the game should automatically limit you to a max bet of 25.

    Also, the only viable strategy right now is to bet nothing on deal, then bet 5 on flop and hope she folds, and if not you fold. It’s a massive grind, but any other style, due to how the game is rigged (there’s no way RNG results in her having that many higher hands) results in loss. Makes this essentially a game of clicking the same button for half an hour for 2 sex scenes. Not worth it.

  8. i like your games, but this …brrrrrr
    Arts good… but the most dislike are the rules…. totaly ignored….. tow eights and two sevens…… i have a king and the girl has a lower card…. and the girl wins?? hello? all cards counts and the girl not wins only she has with her hand the same cards and i have with flop, draw and hand the same pairs…
    sorry, the other dislikes are already mentioned…. you can bet to hell, if you have chance to win she fold instantly

  9. This game is so bad..
    1. Cannot mute horribly repetitive music?
    2. The UI makes it hard to see what’s going on, i.e. how much to call and someone who even won
    3. girls get way to defensive way too often (where they fold the moment you raise)
    4. The betting often seems too much like the girl know your hand, does the AI cheat?

    And finally a minor point regarding poker, you don’t show your hand when you fold.

    1. No edit button?

      2. The UI makes it hard to see what’s going on, i.e. how much to call and sometimes who even won
      4. The betting often seems too much like the girl knows your hand, does the AI cheat?

    1. They said the game was almost ready some good 3 month+ back but they don’t want to release it just yet, and now they say begginning to work on it.. i’d like LWT2 to come to light rather than some minor updates and short games free or not and this texas hold’em which demanded time (A WEEK) to fix it’s errors which could have been invested on LWT2 instead if they hadn’t finish it yet

  10. Discovered an actual cheat, you can activate it with the chrome development tools.

    idk if leonizer will remove this from the game, but by opening up the inspection tool. you can replace this line :


    with this

    and will get pocket aces.

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