Roommates this July

Couple of days ago we’ve started tests of our latest game – Roommates.

Lina had grown tired of having to put up with her roommate, Vivian, for an entire year. Vivian is a party girl who brings her lovers over and keeps her up at night with their constant sex, or goes out partying only to come back and vomit on the floor for Lina to clean up. So when Vivian said that if she didn’t pass her major exams this year she would get expelled, Lina was honestly happy.

But then Vivian, in a poor attempt to appeal to Lina, started telling her how boring she was and was willing to trade making her life interesting for her help studying. Lina decided that, as Vivian had been something of a bitch to her, rather than having her kicked out of the campus for failing, she would help her so that she could slowly take dominance over her by slowly breaking her.

We expect to launch this game next month.





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    1. I really don’t understand. Games worked fine when I had a Mac. I tried to find an answer without success.
      If anyone encountered the same problem and know how to resolve this issue I’d be gratfull!

    2. I tried every browser there is. Edge IE Firefox Safari Slimjet and on every one of them it is the same as described above.
      I am slowly losing hope of ever finding a solution to this problem.

  1. good to see you guys try anything different after a long time. it was kinda boring to see same kind of dating games with cloned girls.

    girl with tattoo from S&G was one of my favorite and seems like this one will be fun to play too.

  2. Hi everyone

    Good news,but can you tell us some thing about blind date 3d exp?

    thats the one iam waiting for the most.

    keep up the good work and no more poker games,geting tired off playing poker with does

      1. i doubt it would be a long game when it comes out . cause Lop did mention they’ll update it monthly to keep the loyal members subscribed . and though this monthly means 2-3 months each update to us XD .

  3. I honestly can’t wait until LWT2 comes out either, but only because I can stop reading comments from people bitching about not having it out. I also hope Lisa goes on a jealous rampage at the end of 2 and kills everyone then gets taken down by the police in a blaze of glory so people won’t be bitching for LWT3 in Every. Single. Blog. Post. for another couple of years.

    1. Now, I’m looking forward to LwT2 as much as the next guy and I hope the game can go above and beyond all the expectations and the hype…

      But this comment is f*cking gold!

      On another note: Sad to see Roommates taking this long. I seem to remember IL posting a comment roughly two weeks after the release of the Poker game, that Roommates was about 2 weeks away (which would mean, right about now). Seems my subscription to S&G will run out before then… and since I won’t be renewing, I’ll have to pass on the game…

      But it looks good. Those renders are awesome (I’ve sort of come to expect nothing less from Itmakesmeblush).

    1. Actually it was a good while before that… While the first post mentioning LwT2 on this blog is from February, the old blog had posts talking about the game some time before that (last couple of months of 2014 if I remember correctly).

      Doesn’t matter though. The game will probably be out after the summer is over (but before Christmas) and I’m fine with that.

  4. Dear Mr. Leonizer,

    Sir, I thought you had promise us that you would add in a few more additional scenes in Eleanor 2 game for version 2.0 before launching Roommates & LWT 2 game this July.

    Would there be any updates on Eleanor 2 game this month in June 2016 or the Eleanor 2 game add-ons were the last, since the 2nd additional images being rendered in that game.

    Well, I just hope that your team would update Eleanor 2 game with another few more great scenes, especially the sex scenes were not adequate enough. Please have more sex scenes, such as more humiliating sex scenes with Kevin, Mr. Kensington, Samantha’s son, the new employee in Drake’s office.

    More sex scenes with the photographer, Don Mario, and also with Don Mario’s bodyguards. I wish also that you could add in more sex scenes with Mr. Kensington too, Drake’s rich client who owns that superb yacht.

    Eleanor would have more sex scenes with all of the male characters in Eleanor 2 game, either more 2 person sex scenes or more threesome sex scenes, Samantha and Amelia also must have more sex scenes either 2 person sex or threesome sex scenes.

    Please Mr. Sir Leonizer, have Mr. Kensington to introduce his hot wife as an asian character woman in this Eleanor 2 game too in version 2.0. Well i cannot wait for Eleanor 2 game to have the third or maybe the final updates. I am eager and curious for this 3rd add ons for eleanor 2 game. I have been waiting day and night for these add-ons in Eleanor 2. My penis and cock had been erected every time I dream and play Eleanor 2 game. Can’t wait for the next additional upgrades for Eleanor 2 game.

    Thank you sir Leonizer.

    Good job in Eleanor 2 game creation.

    Eleanor character is very hot and stunning, I love her 2 pair of tits and boobs, she makes my cock have a full erection.

    David Ong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  5. PLEASE, I beg, for future games consider using all three holes on the females. Give us some nice close perspective shots, none of that side body stuff where you can’t see any of the penetration.

    It sucks, because your games have a lot of potential, but then you run across these small things that lower the quality of the game.

  6. Hi Leo
    First of all, it doesn’t require me to admit, even if I dont express explicitly that as always you and your wonderful talented team never cease to surprise us fans with your spectacular games filled with wonderful realistic sizzling characters that provide a single bachelor like me with a great escape from a long strenuous day to delve into my deepest fantasies to treat myself to the delight of your enicing games. So hats off to that!!

    Now coming back to your latest creations, Roommates, which is as always amazing, kudos to itmakesmeblush and the rest of the team. I’m actually looking forward to playing it in July as you promised, if you rease the game.

    I do however have a small personal grievance which I hope you’ll empathize to. My relationship with LOP started the moment I fell in love with LWT, & that’s the only attraction that keeps me a fan of you guys. So it’d be rather grateful to us if you could do us fans of LwT a favor of informing us the potential updates & release of LWT2 periodically – that’s the only motivation that keeps me glued to your creative world of games. Now I know you don’t like posting dates, I don’t like that too. Take your time, make LWT2 great in every aspect incorporating various ideas & shortcomings from your previous games & make LWT2 a legend. Just do keep us informed about the updates & potential release of LWT2. Coz you told us to have patience, and we have had for the past 2 years & frankly we’re getting restless!!

    So I hopr you guys will keep your word in good faith & let us know about the status of LwT2. Looking forward to my dream game with hopeless enthusiasm.


  7. So I just played Eleanor 2 after not having playing it in a while. It is not that bad of a game. I just think we were expecting something more like the first one. Anyway I noticed something I never noticed before. After you fuck Tony Lee in the shop I later was sunbathing and he came over to me. I don’t know if this was always there or is it something new and part of the upcoming update. Thanks again Leonizer for the great games can’t wait for the upcoming ones.

    1. Hey Richman3, I don’t think it’s new, in fact I ran into him while sunbathing even before the sex scene when I played. It might be a hint at what’s to come in the expansion though. Cant wait!

  8. For some reason I thought rooms were going to be release today Lol, but I guess ain’t happening, maybe it will be release within the day but honestly I don’t think so XD, anyhow I’m looking forward this game.

  9. In the past 7 or 8 months every single game and add on has been delayed for at least (!!!) 2 months! You are (lop team) listening to those who unjustifiably praise you instead those who tell you the truth that you do not approach (at least that is the case in the last 8 months) your work and customers the right way! All you really need to do is to keep us informed via this blog and to meet the deadlines you (!) set! There are less and less comments in the blog and we can sense that you as well are not happy how the things are going on!

    1. those ‘unjustifiably prases’ , some of those were used to be done by their own accounts .
      The LOP did mention about monthly updates inorder not to lose loyal subscribers but the ‘Gile’ dude is right you guys are losing attentions .SPECIALLY with the ELE 2 and LWT 2 fusses you guys made from 2 years back and all the delays and delays . And the very small update with ‘ LWS expansion’ . Anyways good luck with games your doing

  10. How much time does it take for testing? Because it’s been around 2 weeks for rooms, I sub for sex and glory just for this game, my subscription is going to expire the next Thursday, so I was wondering if rooms is coming in the next days ? :/

    1. Honestly, I´d like to say your arguemtn is pretty nonsense.
      A closer release date of Roommates had been announced just 2 weeks ago. Taking your expiration of your subscription, you subscribed shortly after the release of Texas Hold´em. At this point, a release of roommates hadnt been announced yet.

      So how can you subscribe “fo that one game” when a release hadnt been announced?

      Either you are very optimitic person or you just rant with inproper demandings.

      1. WOW!
        OK Naemy you must not know how to read… So I don’t really know if this is going to be helpful.

        Heylop was not complaining or ranting he was just curious about the release of the game and the testing period.

        Stop trying to instigate an argument.

  11. I care because I think Eleanor 2 still hasn’t reached its full potential yet. It could have been a far better game if they’d explored Eleanor’s nymphomania more rather than just labelling her a slut riddled by guilt every time she cheated on her husband. The update might help, but I think expectation for E2 was a little too unrealistic anyway-mine included. That’s why I’m trying to keep a lid on my excitement for LWT2, we’ll get it when its ready.
    As for Roommates, I agree with Lonely4Evil.

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