Roommates are ready for your visit!

Today we’ve launched our highly anticipated game- ROOMMATES.

“Roommates” is a game where the player, in the role of Lina Carrasco, slowly tries to subdue her haughty roommate and turn her into a pliant girlfriend—and, mostly, to get some payback for a year-long enactment of Roommate-from-Hell. To do so, she has to help Vivian study for her courses; the more successful Lina is in teaching Vivian, the more reliant on her she becomes and the greater Lina’s authority grows.
You’re a young and sexy student, so don’t forget about parties—events Vivian goes off to and, once their goodwill improves, can bring Lina to (if her wardrobe is up to par). During these events you may perform crazy actions, and some of them can chain into combos that result in brand new alluring events. Going to a party will lower Vivian’s intelligence and will leave her unable to learn anything for a full day due to her hangover, but it will improve her mood and her affection—as long as they go together.
The girls are living together in their room and with time, as their bonds grow stronger, you may unlock erotic actions called “sexual favors”. At the beginning, these interactions are barely erotic, but with time you’ll unlock ever more daring events. Combine them with a variety of toys for sale and you’ll get some of the most erotic lesbian scenes you’ve ever seen in our games.













You can pay them a visit here: ROOMMATES at

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  1. Happy to see the game released. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a major bug with the game. If I reload a save game, the upper interface disappears (where it shows the day/time, and stats of the characters).
    Obviously, this makes the game unplayable. It doesn’t seem to matter when I save it (you can go out on the first day then save and reload the save you just made to see the issue). The rest of the interface seems unaffected. The issue occurs in firefox and chrome

  2. wow! the criticisms worked. great game with plenty of sex and action and twisted action. linear until the 25th or so day,depends how you play, but after that all sex let loose. Congrats S&G team.

    1. At the start of the game, buy speed typing lessons at school and then for the first week type like the wind. You should get enough for the second lesson next week, then tutor Viv for the first test while alternating to writing. You should get enough by the end of the week or so.

  3. Congratulations Guys, it’s better than i expected to be.

    The size of the game is just right, not too small, nor too long, which grants a very good e evolution of the story.

    The characters are very unique, very different from your older games. The game itself is kind of unique.

    I’m not a huge fan of lesbian scenes, but it still keeps me wanting to play the game till the end.

    So, overall, excellent game, one of the best games so far, to me. Thank you guys for the game.

  4. Honestly there are really guys who like playing women’s roles ?
    Wait that makes two games following you take out where the main character is a woman ! Worse still, the lesbian frenzy is really not great…That reminds me really too much in Outkast Academy which is not really your best game.

    1. Yeah, i would rather play as male character, it’s not my preference, but i must admit when a game is good, and this one is.

      It’s a matter of preference.

      1. So far, I’m enjoying this one, and I’m not bothered by the main character’s gender. If there’s one criticism–Lina doesn’t seem to have much on the line, except that she wants Vivian. Taking a single POV shift over to Vivian might have made this more interesting, if a little or a lot darker, depending. I see several missed opportunities here.

        She needs to graduate–does she really fall in love with Lina during all this study time?

        Porn and drugs certainly go together, often with life altering results.

        If Vivian allows herself to become Lina’s BDSM slave, would Lina essentially rent her out to the Dean from time to time as she finishes up grad school? We know that Lina has a ruthless streak in her.

        And what of the Club owner? Is she aware of the Dean’s extra businesses? She certainly has her own.

        Of course then, I like a touch of darkness.

        Eleanor Asking for More: Eleanor was in danger of losing her home. In Sensual Haunting: Sammie is trapped in the house with no idea of how he got there. Eleanor 2 lost the sense of stakes. In both Seducing the Throne and in Tori 500, the stakes are incredibly high, and deeply personal. Dignity One–the stakes were high in general, but Jack didn’t seem like he had much in the way of personal skin in the game, so for me it struck hollow. In This game–Roommates–the stakes are pretty low too, though there is enough action an puzzles to keep us interested.

        By the way, I’m not at all bothered by lots of lesbian action: in this game, and in this scenario it works.

  5. I can honestly say that this is one of your best games you have on the site and i have to congratulate everyone who worked on this game as it has so many things going on in the main plot and increases replay value as i’ve been playing now for 2 days and i’m still discovering more. There’s the side plot of the secret admirer which i haven’t found out who it is yet, the three way love triangle between the three main girls, the Dean side plot and more… Im still trying to find all the achievements which is driving me nuts but thats all the fun of the game, keep making some great games guys and hoping for update on LWT2 soon as im praying this is going to be the jewel in the crown of your games, BTW any chance on a Sensual Haunting follow up or expansion?

    1. You get one from choosing the “Popping bottles” option at the bar. One for choosing “Mingle” on the dance floor. The final one comes from choosing “Private dance” from the private room.

  6. Great game, really well made. to complaining ppl about playing female character, there are like only 3 lop / S&G games which you can play as female and its somehow refresing after tons of dating / living with x amount of girls games.

  7. Lachis 17 depends on which favour, the favour system i have discovered is below…

    Tease favours – you need to buy the feather from the store and once you get maximum level on that you can progress further with the others in that category.

    You have to complete each one in order once tease and modelling has been done you need to keep watching porn on laptop, this will then unlock the

    Sex Favours and the BDSM favours once BDSM favour is unlocked you get the addicted to porn achievement.

    As i said each favour in each category has to be at level 3 in order before you progress further with them.

  8. Yes, no sure what day it is on but you get a scene where Marcie comes to borrow money so you lend her $100 and you get a choice of give money or demand sex, im not sure which option you choose to trigger it though.
    Then further on you get another scene in the flat where Marcie and Vivian invite you out, this is when you go to the second club and you go to the private room and they are waiting for you there i think and you get a threesome scene which triggers best friends achievement.

    As i said im not 100% on this as i have only got the acene once but i think its demand sex, then go to the private room in the second bar and that triggers the scene for you.

  9. Great game! Thanks for your work, hope your team keep going. I’m still discovering the game cause it has so many possibolities lol. It will be great if someone can tell us where all the combinations may lead us to. By the way, can someone tell how to get the “have sex with stranger” ?

  10. Rodimus, have Vivian fail one of her tests then that opens up the path to talk to the Dean, after that scenario go to the store talk to him there, rhen you can go to his office

    1. After you’ve talked to him, go to regular class in the morning. Tip: before you go talk to him after that, either ensure that you’ve had a threesome with Marci or have 150$ at hand…

  11. Thank God this one was released before my subscription ran out. This is absolutely the best game on SexandGlory! It’s not quite up there with LwT or LwS, but it’s damn close.

    -Visuals/Animation: Superb. All the models look amazing. The three main girls are especially gorgeously rendered (though the black-haired girl seen at the club is my favourite). They are absolute babes and I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if they were featured in future releases. Animations don’t run as smooth as some of the more recent LOP games… But honestly, when the rest of the game is this fucking stellar, it doesn’t matter.

    – Writing/story: I’m a bit sad that I can’t find any credits for the author of this one… I feel he/she deserves props for the writing. The premise is interesting (if a bit cliche) and the intro sets the stage nicely. There’s some strong characterization in the writing, especially the two main characters, and everybody seems well-written and clearly defined. The dialogue in this game was also surprisingly good. I am not really a fan of girl-on-girl action or games were you play as a female. But in this one it didn’t really matter… partially because it was so well-written and had awesome visuals.. but also because there was a decent amount of straight sex.

    -Music/Sound: Nice music and something that hasn’t been featured in any of your games before, which is nice considering that LOP has reused music for several games (though mostly free games). Other effects such as moaning are good too and not too monotonous.

    Gameplay: I’m a big fan of stat builders and x-number-of-days-gameplay, so that’s a plus. Many of the events and elements in the game are very challenging and require the player to think very strategically and plan well to maximize stats and profit, while also events in time. The first three weeks or so is pure grind, but the fun that engages later on makes up for that in spades. There are so many elements in the gameplay and the game is f*cking huge. So many things to do and it adds a lot to the replayability and longevity of the game.

    So congratulations on a game well done. You’ve certainly earned back my trust with this one and if future releases are just half as good as this one, then I’ll throw my money at you.


    I’ve found the following endings:

    Ending 1: Vivian fails her test a couple of times (or once if you don’t talk to the dean) and gets kicked out of school. Lina gets a new room mates who’s even worse. Basically just have Vivian fail her tests.

    Ending 2: Vivian passes all of her tests and her and Lina remain study buddies/fuck buddies. Not sure if you just have to get Vivian pass all of her tests to get this ending or if you also have to have sex with her… in some shape or form. This seems like the standard success ending though. It’s a good idea to spend the 50 bucks you start out with to get the first course of speed writing and then just work the first week, getting enough money to take the tudor course. Second week start tudoring Vivian, while working and you’re off to a good start.

    Ending 3: Vivian, Lina and Marcia graduate from school by holding a massive party which ends in an orgy. They become well-known party girls and nurture a hangover almost every weekend. This one was definitely challenging to get as so many pieces had to fit together and the timeframe is pretty slim. Grind hard with work and tudoring for the first couple of weeks. Get as much money as you can as early as possible and buy all the courses. Then get the party dress and start going to parties. You have to let Vivian fail one course, buy the 500$ outfit, go out with the dean, get 3 stars in all three options of modelling in sexual favours, do the deans photoshoot, have a threesome with Marci, help the DJ, talk with Marci about graduation, buy the party kit, blackmail the dean, have an encounter with the teacher, … just so much stuff going on… a really difficult ending to get.

    Ending 4: Lina becomes a dominatrix mistress and Vivian her slave. Just have Vivian pass all her tests, get enough money to buy the BDSM kit, watch enough porn to unlock the BDSM option in sexual favours and get 3 stars in all three options. Pretty simple.

    Ending 5: No f*cking clue… I feel like I’ve tried a bit of everything but… I must be missing something… Anybody got this one yet?

    1. Ending 5 (forgot what’s its name was) Lina decides to give love with Vivian a shot and they officially become a couple. To get that ending you have to max out the sex option of the favors and once you do that Lina realizes that she might be in love with Vivian(Vivian confesses her love for Lina during the 69 part of the sex option and from that point Lina can’t focus and once you complete the final part she realizes that she is in love with Vivian) and from that point you just have to finish the game but you cannot touch the BDSM part because you won’t get the 5th ending. And that about sums up the 5th although if you want this ending you’re gonna have to let Vivian fail during one of her tests so that you can get the sex option unlocked and you get the gangbang scene as well but when you let Vivian fail be sure to have 500 $ and buy the sexy dress or else Vivian will be expelled and you get Ending 1 the worst ending.

      By the way this is the best game to date could’ve used more male characters though but still, if LwT doesn’t live up to the Hype its getting like Eleanor 2 I will never buy a subscription ever again because Eleanor 2 was a disappointment unless they add 15 new events it’ll still be a disappointment..

    2. wasnt Sensual Hunting the most awesome game in S&G ? anyway i agree with so many elements and a well thought story in this game , but this thoughts and features is whats missing in the recent LOP games .

      1. Sensual Haunting didn’t click with me. While it’s not a bad game (not by a long shot), it just didn’t hook me in.

        I didn’t really like the design of any of the characters and while visuals aren’t everything, it’s hard to get invested when the girls just aren’t hot… and to me, they weren’t…

        The premise was interesting and new… but I prefer games with a contemporary and realistic setting. The whole ghost-thing didn’t tickle my fancy and I became bored with it pretty quickly. The characters felt a little flat and cliche… I want to reward creativity and new directions and ideas… but the game fell flat for me.

        But from what I understand it’s one of the most popular of S&G’s games, so I’m probably in the minority with this opinion 🙂

    1. Let Vivian fail one test.
      Then go to the Dean and he gives you one weeks to buy the Sexy Dress. After you bought it, he takes you to an event where you get gangbanged.

  12. I’ll say it again, great game and well worth the sub we pay. Ranks as my number 3 favorite after LwT and Eleanor1. Keep it up. To the LoP S&G admin, only games of this caliber will keep the loyal subscribers monthly payments recurring. To the freeloaders, you’re killing good game development like this by not paying for your gaming. To the gamers like me, keep up the pressure so they don’t slacken off and give a repeat of Eleanor2. Enjoy.

  13. Its not really a gangbang scene its more of an public orgy scene, which then unlocks the graduation achievement, it’s quite difficult to get and takes a lot of work to get it, i’ll only post spoilers on this though if you all want me to

  14. There is a gangbang scene with the dean and his friends. Although a orgy at the party at the end if you take the right choices.
    By the way, great game, good gameplay, superb graphics.
    Best S&G game so far.
    Now it’s time for LWT2 next please 🙂

  15. Yeah i thought you meant the final scene of the graduation party, forgot about the scene with the dean.
    Sex with stranger scene is gotten by toying with Vivian in the private room i think you can do that twice and the other is to either mingle or buy her one of the cheaper drink options

  16. Can anyone tell me how to get the orgy ending. I had the “secret admire scene” (sex in the club toilets). Can now talk to the dean, but only get the “can’t devulge secret information” how can i convice the guy?

    1. You need to meet him at the store and take him up on his offer to take pictures of you (you need to max out all three options of the modelling part in the sexual favours).

    1. In the words of River Song… SPOILERS

      When you are asked for the 100$ loan. Demand sex. When at the club go to the privat room. Enjoy scene.

        1. I think that you have to max out the sex favor with Vivian to get the threesome or just the first part of it not really sure, but it’s pretty easy to get almost everything in the game only if you can find a way around the Working and Tutoring parts.

  17. Lots to do for the orgy scene i did this

    Go to the Club with Vivian
    Send photo to secret admirer
    Go to class send another photo
    Check email on laptop send another photo
    Meet secret admirer in the Club
    Fail test with Vivian
    Go to Deans Office
    Buy Sexy Outfit
    Lend $100 to Marcie (any option)
    Meet with Dean for Gangbang scene
    Go to store, sexual items, meet Dean
    Complete Modelling Sex Favours
    Go to Deans office, give him photo
    Check laptop for posing tips
    Go to club and make sure you select Popping Bottles to access the club during the day
    Threesome scene should trigger when first two sex favours bern maxed out
    Go to club during the day
    Go to class convince Marcie to meet DJ with you
    Get Marcie to give DJ a BJ
    Speak to owner to get Vivian a dancing gig
    Pay for a private dance and take posing tips from stripper there
    Go to store and meet with Dean do the modelling
    Go to class to talk to the girls about graduation
    Buy party supplies from store
    Blackmail Dean to allow stripper on campus
    Meet secret admirer to drop restraining order
    Then Enjoy

    Hope i havent missed anything out

    1. >>Threesome scene should trigger when first two sex favours bern maxed out

      Not true. You don’t even need a single star in the sex category. I haven’t had any stars in the sex category in any of my playthroughs yet. There’s 3 prereqs.

      1. A particular Vivian Goodwill score (maybe 50-ish, i don’t know the exact number) – then Tease Vivian at the club, enter the bathroom, and view the scene with Marcie and Vivian getting it on.
      2. Loan $100 to Marcie (I only ever demand sex from her, both others are saying he loan option works as well)
      3. Again, you need a particular Vivian Goodwill score (maybe 100+ to 150), and go to the Private Room in the club.

    2. does it have to be in order? also how do i give the dean the photos? Do I have to max all the modelling favors? which two sex favors should be max out?

  18. I unlocked at party: Kiss a stanger, Wet Tshirt, Strip dance, Caught mastubating, alcohol poisoning.
    -Why i cant see a list like achivments how much is done, how much is in progress?

    -After alcohol poisoning i could return to party and start again because its still saturday noon. 🙂 And vivien was there. :O and i could start alcohol poisoning from 0 star. :O

  19. For Extra Service – Popping Bottles, Mingle, Private Dance
    Some of the party activities need to be done in order, some just need any combination of the 3. I don’t remember off top of my head which Extra Service Falls under, but doing the 3 things in this order will guarantee you Extra Service.

  20. Here’s all the party activities that can be done at the club. Some of these can be done out of order, some need a specific order, but doing things in this order will guarantee you the activity.

    Alcohol Poisoning – Drink x3
    Kiss A Stranger – Drink, Gossip, Mingle
    Strip Dance – Drink x2, Dance
    Caught Masturbating – Tease, Leave Bathroom, Mingle
    Wet Tshirt – Drink, Mingle, Drink

    Flash the Crowd – Toy/Vivian, Private Dance, Mingle
    Sex with Stranger – Toy/Vivian x2, Mingle
    Ruined Dress – House Special x3
    Skinny Dip – House Special x2, Dive In
    Pool Party – Popping Bottles, Mingle, Dive In
    Extra Service – Popping Bottles, Mingle, Private Dance

    Note that sometimes doing an action that is listed under different activities can conflict, and not count for one activity if it gives you the 3rd star in an activity higher in the list than it. If this occurs, simply do the action again.

  21. I may be wrong, but it seems like there may be a bug where loading seems to stop scenes that trigger off of stats/events (i.e. the Marcie threesome, the class visit to trigger the end of year party). I can’t get either event to trigger after loading and the latter is normally a pretty regular/easy trigger.

    1. Finally did get the threesome, but think I had to have at least 1 star in both 69 and sex to trigger the private room scene. This playthrough I had 3 in 69 and 1 in sex and it triggered. On a dev note, maybe it would’ve been good to hint more at what should happen to trigger that in-game? Finally got the party ending as well… Only one I haven’t gotten yet is the BDSM one.

      I have to say, the complexity of the game (balancing chores, items, studying), the gorgeous replayable sex scenes, and the focus on girl-on-girl (which I loooove), has made this one of my favorite LOP games. LWT and this are probably tied for me at this point. Well done!

      1. Just did a playthrough where I only did the BDSM part of the sexual favours and I still got the threesome. It could be that you simply have to have sex with Vivian in some shape or form (either vanilla sex or BDSM) to trigger it… But I think the trigger of the threesome has more to do with how many socialize points you have.. and how much goodwill you have with Vivian… During my playthrough I went to the saturday parties and only did things that increased my socialize skill (mingle is probably the best one) and I got the threesome earlier than I ever had before… it was around day 58 or 59 I think…

  22. Please can someone post how to get the threesome in the private room, I got it first ever play and no matter what I do now I cannot get it again.
    So damn frustrating!

    1. Okay, to get the threesome you do this;

      -When Marcie asks for $100, demand sex (should be the Friday before you get invited to the rooftop party thing)
      -Go to party with both of them and do the “Tease” thing to Vivian and she goes to the bathroom
      -Go to the bathroom and Vivian and Marcie should be getting it on
      -After that seen go to the private room and it triggers

      I had not done anything in the sex category with Vivian, but did max out “play with feather” and “tease with kisses”. I honestly doubt that has anything to do with it, though, but may have something to do with stats. Here are my stats in order;

      DAY 61 144/130 HAPPY 136 31 49

  23. When I thought of this game “roommates” , I thought it was going to be a house full of “roommates” but really its one girl.

    Don’t like playing as a girl. Okay game 7/10

  24. Potential bug, after I turned down the Dean for the modelling job (didn’t have naked pic of Vivian yet) whenever I went back after getting it, it always said he was busy and to go away. Is this a bug, intentional or am I missing something?

  25. Thanks for the game, I really enjoy it, girls/graphics were Damn good.
    PD: did u guys see the picture of Kim on instagram? What does that mean ? Is she going to have a new game ? New update ? Or just a random picture?. I’m just curious.

  26. After playing this for a couple of days, all I can say is WOW! In my opinion, this is the best game on S&G (passing my former favorites Sensual Haunting and House Party), and I think it’s every bit as good of a game as Eleanor or LwT. Like some of the other posters here, I prefer a male point-of-view in sex games, but there is just no denying the awesome job that you guys did with this game.

    The girls look amazing, the sex scenes are hot, and there is a pretty good story to go with it all. Combine that with one of the best time-management and stat-building systems I’ve seen in a LoP game to date, and you have a truly great game. Until you get the hang of the system, the game is very challenging, and even after you know what you’e doing, a fair amount of planning is needed to get some of the endings/achievements (I haven’t found everything yet).

    I do have a couple of things about the game that I’d like to point out.

    1. There seems to be a bug with making saves early in the game and loading them. I made a save one Day 1 after the introduction to use as a foundation starting point, and every time I loaded it, the difficulty of Vivian’s first test changed from 3 to 30.

    2. There are some good tips to be found in the comments on this thread, but here’s one I haven’t seen. Watching porn 10 times (or close to that number), unlocks Sex favors. Watching porn 15 times unlocks the BDSM favors and the “Porn Addicted” achievement. You DO NOT have to fail a test and get gang-banged by the Dean and his buddies to unlock the Sex favors, that is just an alternate way of doing it.

    Should you decide to do a sequel or expansion for this game, I have a suggestion. How about picking up at the same town/university the next semester or year of school, but with a male protagonist who is pursuing one (or more) of the girls from this game.

    Once again, thank you for a great game!

  27. I have a question about getting the photo to the Dean. I’ve met the Dean at the shop and completed the Modeling favors, which I understand is supposed to result in a photo to show to the Dean. Yet, when I go to the Dean’s office, I only get the message that he doesn’t have time. What am I missing?

    1. I had the same issue, think it might be a bug, only solution I can think of is to start over and make sure you have the naked photo before meeting the Dean.

  28. Quite outstanding. I’ve never really been interested in girl on girl before, but I’d watch these girls have sex with large rodents. That said, I do think it is crying out for an expansion with a few more guy on girl scenes – it would be nice to walk into the bathroom and find Vivian and/or Marcie getting it on with the bartender for example. And I think Lina should really get to know the Dean a bit better.

    Compliments to the team.

  29. Anyone figure out the exact requirements to get Ending 5 yet?
    As was suggested by someone above, getting 3 stars in each of the 3 sex options (as well as both doing or not doing the orgy with the principle), has still given me just ending 2. I’d even ended the game with Vivian being in the happy state and had over 400 goodwill with her.

  30. I love the “SAVE” feature, finally we don’t have to replay the game from start a million times to get all the scenes. I hope you guys keep that feature around in future titles.

    For the game itself, I wasn’t really that impressed. Maybe it was the subject matter, but I couldn’t find any scenes that stood out. It was all very VANILLA. The dean gives the girls a large thick “double D” but what they end up using on eachother is a small thin piece, it was pretty disappointing. Thinking back the only scene that was somewhat captivating was “extra service” in the private room, but I feel like Lina should’ve been up in there as well, doubling Vivian. I also did like “complete submission” scene but the other BDSM scenes didn’t really feel like bdsm at all, only complete submission with the ball in Vivians mouth.

    Graphically, Roommates has some decent looking models. What I don’t like is that some of the poses seem very artificial or doll like. Which I think had something to do with there being no shadows cast off by the figures, sometimes looking like they are floating. Something I found very difficult to fap to. Especially most of the scenes with Lina and Vivian in the room.

  31. Mike,

    I have gotten ending 5. I thought that the only requirement was maxing out the three “Sex” favour line (and not letting her flunk out). Scrolling back through the posts and thinking about my own playthroughs, I have see two possible issues.

    1. It is possible that in order to get ending 5, you cannot touch any of the BDSM activities at all. If you go down that path (and don’t complete it for ending 4), it might revert you to ending 2.

    2. I can’t remember if I did this or not during my “Ending 5” playthrough, but it’s possible that one or more of the club activities might affect it. I do not know if this is the case or not, but I can think of two in particular that might come into play. Doing the “caught masturbating” event (where you embarrass her) could lock out this ending. The other one is the “Pool Party” event. When you do that event (after you get the message for completing it), you have a choice to invite everyone into the pool or not. If you do, the event ends normally. If you say “no,” you stay there alone with Vivian and have an intimate make-out session with her. It is possible that you have to complete this event and pick “no.”

    These two ideas have not been confirmed by me, they are just what I could think of.

    Also… does anyone know how to get the “Breaking Bad” achievement? I’ve gotten all 5 endings and found every other achievement, but this one is still eluding me.

    1. Looking at the picture for Breaking Bad since I have it unlocked, it looks like you get it when you get the amphetamine from the one guy at the bar (not certain if paying the $200, or exchanging a nude pic of Vivian, or either is what triggers it.

      For your ending 5 suggestions, since I’ve been trying to get ending 5, I don’t even have BDSM unlocked since I’ve been trying for the ending, so it’s impossible for that to be preventing me from getting that ending. And I haven’t gotten the ‘Caught Masturbating’ since I worked out the conditions for it (like back on 2nd playthrough)

      And I’ve done both of the options in the Pool Party event, and even just singly the ‘no’ option in it.

      Out of curiosity, do you have max stars in any of the Teasing or Modeling sexual favors categories? The only one I’d had maxed out was the feather one, if this may be what matters.

      1. May have found my problem. I think what was preventing me from getting ending 5 was meeting the one guy in the bathroom at the club for blind sex for $200. That’s the only thing I can recall doing differently this playthrough, and I finally got the 5th ending.

  32. Almost forgot this.

    There seems to be a bug (?) with test difficulty increases. The normal test difficulty progression seems to be 3, 15, 30, 60, 90, 130, 200, 300. However, I have noticed on some of my plays that the difficulty will sometimes skip a difficulty level. I am not 100% sure of this, but I think that it’s caused by exceeding a test difficulty threshold a week early. For example, if you are studying for the 30 difficulty test, and you get Vivian up to 60+ intelligence, the next difficulty will jump directly to 90. If you skip a level like this, you will hit 300 difficulty before the final two-weeks, and the difficulty will read “undefined.”

    The way to avoid this (if I am right) is to just make sure that you never jump more than one threshold with her Int. If you are studying for the 30 Int test, don’t let her be above 59 Int when she takes it.

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