LOP Gold update

First of all, I’m glad that you like Roommates so much. Our team put a lot of work into this project and we’re happy that you enjoy playing with Lina and her friends.

Update consisting 3 new scenes for ELEANOR 2 is almost complete – I’ll publish it next week.


Then of course – Living with Temptation 2. The most anticipated LOP game ever. I’ve already started to develop this project and it’s going very smooth. Visuals are stunning and the gameplay is very unique – different from everything you’ve seen so far.





After LWT2 we’ll go with another project – dating sim with 4 girls ready to fall in love with you. Smaller game with interesting characters, enjoyable sim gameplay and stunning visuals.





38 thoughts on “LOP Gold update”

  1. Gutted there’s only three new scenes for ele2, I Hope there’s more in a future update? I still think this game could become a future classic with a huge expansion, there’s so much unmined potential still there.
    Super excited about LWT2, take your time, get it right.
    Overall, thanks for the news.

    1. The first batch of additional scenes came in a group of 3 to, so maybe more planned 3 new scenes at a time? This blog post doesn’t say if the 3 new scenes will be the last update or not.

  2. Damn. I am off on vacation next week, so I guess I’ll be late to the party with the new Eleanor scenes. LwT2 continues to look good and the new sim has some very interesting visuals. Good job.

  3. There can be no question that LWT2 is the ONE I am waiting for. But because I liked the few shown pictures very much, i s Living with Lana still a project or maybe coming soon?

    1. I’d be interested in hearing more about Living with Lana as well. And apparently, as picture of Kim from CoL has been posted to instagram… Does this mean a new game featuring her as a character?

  4. the roommates, splendid…..even more straight scenes, ganbang, parties, swingers, culd be even better. to be honest, I have no idea why are you wasting time for the short games? most of the people is paying and waiting for games like eleanor, LWT, mentioned roomates, COL, ….. LWT2 is couple of months annonced as nearly finished and still just waitig and waiting

  5. Thanks for the news, looking for Eleanor update !. It’s glad to see how lop has improve, now we received news every 1 or 2 weeks which is amazing. Leo have you guys ever consider using old lop characters?. I know I’m not the only one that would like to see agent 69 again maybe for a lop gold game.

    1. You have three options, and you have to have three stars on each of the option, so repeat each time 5-6 times, I am not sure how much. the second step you but the bdsm kit in shop – I think needed for total submission. BTW I think it is well explained in discussion on roomates

    1. Tracy is still Tracy and gets obviously involved in some nice Threesome action. Dont be so negative, the Lopgold Team delivers a lot over the years and LWT is not the only but one of the highlights.

  6. YES! this post made my day!
    I wish I could’ve seen renders where Lisa appeared but thanks for giving us new renders; I do believe it will be the best game yet this year so I am looking forward to playing it !

    And just to make emphasis on LWT; I love the Lisa character, I want a lot of her in LWT 2 🙂

  7. Please, don’t ignore this question.
    About LWT 2, is it possible to keep Tracy as a royal wife(I mean, can I skip the treesome scenes with other guys) and be a royal husband instead of turning her into a gang bang slut?
    The thing that I liked abot the 1st game was the ability and choice control, where you could choose to be a good royal merried couple or be a sex adicated machines.
    And another question, what’s the canon ending of the 1st game that you used to make a sequel?(I hope the orgy club is not the canon one)

    I liked the 1st Eleanor for a choice, where you could been a good royal wife and be away from other guys, but for the sequel you used the ending where she was cheating on her husband and having group sex with other guys, which I think wasn’t that good, ’cause there were also gamers that liked the royal wife ending.

    1. I think there is no 1 canon ending. At the start of the second game you can chose if you had an affair with Lisa, swingger club or the voyeour ending.
      You can check New Lagoon post for LWT un page 40 or so for more info.

  8. Great pics Leo ,by the way could you please make more scenes with girls in stockings or pantyhose cause it makes them sexier that way, for example making at least 2 scenes with Tracy and Lisa ,in one scene wearing stockings in another pantyhose .And also could you please make a scene for Eleanor 2 like Slimewave in the future updates ? I think a lot of people will be very grateful for this.And thank you and whole LOP team for their work .We really appreciate this.Good luck in your future work.

    1. you’d rather wait for what ? a complete game ? seems like your very very new here and missed the posts updated before . Lop isnt gunna update complete gold games . they’r only gunna update monthly or thats what they said , after the initial game release to make the subscribers continue their subscription . or you can wait for 1-2 more years till the game gets completely updated , then play . i dont think we can say anything about rushing cause the game isnt gunna comeout as a complete anyway . many said ELE 2 was a let down at first but after an update people changed their thoughts a little .

  9. Wow happy to see news about incoming games. As i remember your team did make a character presentation for ELE2, What i want to say is that how about a presentation for LWT2 . The pics looks amaing, however we are not familiar with them lol .Any way great works !

  10. Amazing renders, thanks Lop Team. But please remember that Lisa is one of your best creations and one of the best things of LWT. We expect a lot of Lisa in LWT2. I hope this renders doesnt mean it will be fewer scenes with Lisa than the rest ir the girls.

    Keep the good work guys!

  11. Disappointed see Tracy turned into this. Not sure why there’s need to turn every single female character into a slut. Tracy had her unique quality that made her attractive. Same goes with Elanor. There are route to stay in loyal even in elanor but what made Eleanor spaceial is her slutiness.Now i can’t see the difference between these two. I know there are option to choose different route, but still. Plus so much effort have been made to turn tracy into a slut there won’t be much left to play for us who wanted to see tracy as a loyal wife ( For example if you choose to remain loyal in elanor there nothing much left to play compared to when you choose the slut route. Plus even in the lwt expansion there was only one single small new scene for tracy and his husband. Most of the secene or ending was related for those who choose the club route).

    Sorry for the long post. Just my two cent.

  12. Wow. People need to chill out a bit. There’s been half a dozen posts about LwT2 updates and none of them show Tracy engaging in sexual activity with anyone other than Justin. Now there’s 2 pictures of her in mmf threesomes (which, for all we know are optional) and people keep screaming about her not being loyal and being a slut.. chillax whiners… I’m sure those scenes are optional and the game is just trying to include something for everyone… hpw about you wait till the game is out before actually judging it… and the same to the people complaining about the lack of Lisa.. she’s been featured in several pictures before… there’ll be plenty of scenes featuring Lisa. ..

    1. That’s the problem. Trying to please evryone. In the process game becomes messy ( aka elanor 2), losses it’s authenticity. Eeach game should have it’s own speciality. But in process of trying to please everyone, they move away from the very core idea what made a game so popular in first place.

      The one of main reason why roomates was so successful (apart of its excellent gameplay,making,story) is that it’s a totally different game from what we are getting from them in the last 2-3 years. The concept,place where story took place everything is quite new.

      Anyway, i will shut up now. Will not make any omment before its release.

  13. Hi Guys,

    first of all: Its a very good job you’ve done. I like to play
    the game and had some fun with it.

    Here is my feedback to improve to game / some comments

    0. First of all
    It would be nice to have a “final” game or the upgrades have to
    be major (for example 12 more scenes). It is boring to me to
    play the game every 2 month in variations to get 3 more scenes.

    1. Endings
    First of all it would be nice to have an URL to view the ending
    whenever I want again.
    The pregnancy endings appealing, but I got 2 suggestions:
    – If Elenor just fucks with Mario a view times, she will become
    pregnant but now she KNEW the father. So there should be at
    least a 3rd ending for this case.
    – I suggest a 4th pregnancy ending with a “black” baby.

    2. Graphics
    I would love to see more hardcore in the scenes.

    3. Options
    – More interactivity in Dialogues within the game

    4. Scenes
    – what about Samuel later, why he is not in the office?
    – beach/bar/strip club: set up strangers to meet and have
    fun !
    – Dominating and explicit Cuckolding on Drake
    – after Mario blowjob kissing (feeding) Drake
    – after Mario cum inside have lick Drake


  14. A must read idea!!!!

    Let hope we will get to see some double anal scene in those upcoming games or at least on its updates.

    Eleanor 2 would have been far more tempting if forced sex scene was add other than the kevin’s one. Perhaps a proper bbc gangbang would have been better where eleanor was a little hesitant to participate and neither she thought about doing anal with such huge cocks in her wildest dreams. But that night it was not upto her to decide and those huge dicked guys decided that they will do anal sex with her but three dicks in her ass at once. This scene can be added in eleanor 2 taking place at alley in pub and the scene should start as when eleanor enters the pub one night she sees a group of boys present at the pub. Eleanor noticed after a moment that she and those boys are the only customer there that night and also those guys looked to be friends with the bartender. Sometimes later eleanor realised that group was not drinking. They started staring at eleanor and talked something among themselves. Eleanor feeling a bit uncomfortable finished her drink and when she was about to pay she found out her money and mobile was not there. Then the bartender, later on joined by those guys, persuaded eleanor that she must pay one way or other before she leaves the place. Eleanor did’t had any choice but to obey, though thinking only about blowjob but those guys(realised eleanor was a pro from the way she gave them blowjob) pushed her greatly out of her comfort zone, they did triple anal penetration with her. There were 10 men including the bartender and the all kept eleanor busy for 6 hours when they let her go finally. Now during the gangbang those guys went back inside the pub at turn to take rest and also to take viagra or sex pills so that they can give their maximum performance over pounding eleanor’s ass, but not the same thing was offered to eleanor as her as was triple plugged by three huge cocks for more than 6 hours. The intensity of the moment was so high that all of those guys cummed more than thrice but not in her ass(obviously not all at once). They all cummed inside Eleanor’s mouth(when some reached his climax and went back into the pub to take rest, as mentioned briefly) and made her swallow all of it. Finally at the when all of them were done the last three showed up they were resting for a while and they said they will have a go again. Eleanor realised those three as the first, second and third in cock size and she has no option but to obey again. But to eleanor’s surprise they took her vagina this time and all of them started triple vaginal penetration vigorously. Also this time they all cummed at once inside her vagina….

    This was so far the rough overall story and I would like to add just a few more points which are…… eleanor was always being deep throated i.e. throughout her gangbang. When she was about to get dressed up the bartender handed her purse and phone(there was many missed calls from drake as she was late) and asked her to leave at once as it was way past the pub closing time. Eleanor had to dress up at the street in the middle of the night. Eleanor reached her home at 3 a.m. to find her husband having a deep sleep and not slightest trace of being worried was seen in his face. I hope this covers all or at least mostly of the idea that i have developed for eleanor charecter.

    Now i think it would be better if this scene which i just described is well defined meaning not just a picture or animation. There should be many animations, pictures, dialogues, actions, etc. The more the better. But to be realistic this can not be made as an update to eleanor 2(due to shortage of time and it won’t be that much defined… and it will be a total waste of the idea) so I suggest to the creators that you guys should make a complete new game on eleanor on this idea. This will also give an option to those who do not like to play forced sex game not to play.


    Now this idea or the whole scene is not actually a forced one but anyone will be piqued by this. I completely agree that forced sex is wrong but only in real world. Anyone can simply enjoy it in virtual one. Moreover, which I think the most important, eleanor is full of ADULTERY and if you are so righteous then why play this game at the first place. You should also be not playing the other games as well. Please thinks about it guys and please use reasoning here. No one will be harmed from any of this game neither will our dearest eleanor(everyone’s imaginary crush (and also tracey i guess)). So please do not be obstacle creator for one another rather let one enjoy what he wants. I also don’t like lesbian scenes and their are many like me, none of us protested on that, because other than us there might be some guys who likes that and even if no one does let the game makers be free to do what they want as telling them that they should always have to be within a limit affects their ideas and imagination(sorry for writing such a big sentence, i hate re writing).

    So i appeal to the makers that they should go on making this game and i think it will be a huge hit. It will the best game. You can clearly see that there is no abduction or forced sex at all. The main idea of this game is that a pro like eleanor being made felt like on an beginner in her own subject which she thought she did mastered a long time ago. The game is exciting on the parts where eleanor can not hide uncomfortable body language and helpless as she has no other option but to obey. Shoving the three dicks in eleanor’s ass should be shown in a very detailed manner i.e. her ass being stretched, her expression(especially eyes), Eleanor telling them to stop the triple anal sex and also she told them that she wants no anal or double penetration several times before they started to deep throat(eleanor’s focus then shifting to catch her breath the other three took the opportunity and vigorously started to fuck her asshole).

    After saying so much about my idea, making suggestion, telling the whole storyline as well as the title you can use i expect this comes to reality. Trust me I wrote this for 4 hours at a stretch taking break once or twice(but did not take six hours or viagra.. if u know what i meant) so i beg your pardon if there is any misspellings or anything. Also I am not so good in English as you may know(had to google a lot) by now and i am sorry for those things to. All I want from you guys is your support and if I have to help or define anymore i will be glad to aid.

    All of you who have read this(which i know is very hard as it is a fucking novel size) please comment. You like the idea, hate the idea whatever, just put your reasons, thoughts whatever in the reply brothers (just don’t use abusive words).

    MY EMAIL ID IS debtoshsarkar@gmail.com

    1. Mr. DEBTOSH SARKER …. i think your story wont be liked by many cause this “forced stuff’ too much isnt something that anyone would want in a game. i dont think even you’ll want to visit this site anymore , cause yeah kat.cr is off and only subscribers will be able to enjoy this game and sanely . you know what i mean XD .

  15. I hope you can get Lisa pregnant in LwT2, it would be the ultimate ending, having to explain to Tracy how Lisa is going to have your child! Or even getting Tracy herself or even the new girl pregnant would be interesting. It would add a sense of realism to the game that there would be consequences to your actions!

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