Living with temptation 2 is here

Yes! We got it! Tracy and Lisa are ready for you.
Finally the waiting is over – the most anticipated LOP game ever is finally here. The whole team put a lot of effort and heart into this project and we humble hope that you gonna love it.

Be advised: LWT2 is huge – around 300 MB of data so it may take a while to load all assets.


Life has been good. The winter has passed and it’s summer again. Charlie had his first birthday a couple of months ago, and is happy and healthy and growing fast. Lisa stayed in touch while she attended University over the winter and has come back to work for you and Tracy again this summer.

You are happy to take Charlie out of daycare now that Lisa is back. Your job has been going great, Tracy got a promotion at work, and the money is rolling in.

You get an invitation from your cousin to come and visit him in France at his summer home in the foothills of the Alps. It’s a nice invitation, but you are not completely thrilled because your cousin has always been a bit of a competitive asshole – Richard.

But Tracy would love a trip to the French countryside, and Lisa could come on the trip as well to help with Charlie. You decide to take the trip. And find yourself on a plane to France.

LWT2 isn’t a dating simulation any more.
What does this mean?

This time around, you won’t have to rise Justin’s stats: you already did it in the first game. Instead, we’ve focused the story on visiting key places at the right time and on the crucial decisions your character will make during your stay in Richard and Antoinette’s mansion.

Thanks to this design choice, you may fully focus yourself on the twisted story and the consequences of your actions. The gameplay is much faster, more engaging in the emotional dimension and it makes replaying the game a really enjoyable experience, giving you the chance to discover more and more scenes every time you play it.


lwt2_demo_0003   lwt2_demo_0007





You can visit France with Tracy and Lisa here: LWT2 at

358 thoughts on “Living with temptation 2 is here”

  1. Fucking awesome! Got ending 5 my first time playing through can’t wait to play some more. The visuals are outstanding! The new mechanics are great and the story (what I have experienced) has been great! Congratulations Leo , Iksanabot, Agrippa and anyone else who had a hand in creating this game. Take a well earned break and when you come back keep up with the amazing work!

  2. There is bug. Day 7 when you peek inside the changing room and catch Antoinette fucking her Olympic partner and when you choose to have sex with her instead the game goes back to Day 3 scene when Lisa gives you a blowjob.

  3. It’s been an hour and I still can’t log in. Funny how I’ve had a membership for well over a year and today is the day it decides to lock me out (and yes, it’s still an active account).

  4. Well.. i played fast one time and got ending 5.. will play more later.. so far well done 🙂

    Some bugs i have found with the first play:
    if Justing number goes over 99 you can’t see more than 2 digits (sometimes it will show 3 digits and then again 2 digits)
    day4. afternoon (dinner time) -> you can repeat living room event unlimited times
    day5. evening (bed time) -> you can repealt kitchen event unlimited times
    day6. evening -> you can repeat sauna event unlimited times also doing it sometimes is showing wrong picture (Lisa, Tracy, Justing and stewardess in plane)

    doing the repeating event will increase also justing number.

    Anyway, i will play later more and will see if i find anything else 🙂

    And again good job guys!

  5. Brilliant game. A bit short but plenty of activity. Choose your time/location well. Some bugs, mine in the changing room at ice rink and cannot join Annie and Gabriele even though asked to. But all in all a worthy successor to LWT1. Congrats to the team!

    1. Forgot to add that the dialogue is right on and makes plenty sense so no-one will get confused about where to click or go depending on choice and the ‘respect’ building works amazingly well. Renders are perfect.

  6. awesome game!

    will be even better when the bugs are worked out

    a couple I noticed in chrome:

    1. when in the sauna with richard and antoinette, you have three choices, but cannot select the top two options. You can only select the bottom option, and it doesn’t look like what happens afterwards reflects the option you clicked on

    2. going to bed on day 6 is problematic. I repeated day 6 evening like 4 times in a row

      1. Great, thanks!

        I encountered another bug- in the locker room, day 6, the audio seems to be correct, but the position changes aren’t triggering

        This bug didn’t happen on a previous playthrough

  7. verry good game.

    dind text yet if the bugs are gone,but it is stlll a verry good game.

    deserves too be bigger in my opinion.

    by the why guys dont forget your blind date exp…

  8. Hello Guys. Sorry for a double post (I just sent similar message to your support, but I don’t like the idea to wait for 48 hours). I just re-subscribed for Gold for a 3rd time and decided to play the game. Then I closed the desktop version and tried to play on a mobile device. When I logged in I got the message that my account is blocked for a password abuse. Do you really do it after 2-3 login attempts? I think it’s a little unfair. Maybe we can sort it out? I really want to play a game I paid for. The game seems amazing though, good job! I will post a nice post when I can finally play a full game and not the demo.
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  9. after few playthroughs i can say,man what a game,it totally matched my expectations,very well done!
    game looks absolutely stunning,special praise to yamyoda,lisa looks absurdly hot

    i really hope you are considering expansion,this game definitely deserves one (or atleast couple of them :D)
    now i don’t know how big is the game in terms of possible expansions and adding stuff (i do know it is huge already),but my only wish is that it’s longer than a week…
    …and more action with lisa 🙂

    all in all,fantastic work you’ve done regarding this game,shoutout to everyone on the team,well done

  10. Just listened few notes of the charming intro music and I already know that I’ll love the game.

    Just had a quick look (I’ll be playing it later) and competition point seems a very a cool idea.

    And hey wait a sec Tracy and Ele having a girls night out and few drinks together. You must be kidding, right? OMG!!!

    1. Wow, simply wow!

      This is by far better than my expectations and hope. What you released is a master piece. The visuals are amazing, background great, the characters are (with few details) well made. The story itself is another milestone.

      I just gave one playthrough and got busted – deserved first ending. I liked your storydriven/-decision gameplay immediatly and hope there will be another upcoming releases. Because of the different options during (almost) every scene/daytime, there is lots of replayability – well done, Sirs!
      But I´ve to admit, the daily saves are a bit abusive. I caught myself reloading once bcs I wasnt happy with my decision. Maybe you could implement and “Ironman” mode (compare it to strategic games) where the game saves immediatly atfter every decision, avoiding save/reload scumming.

      As far, I only have 2 cosmetical/aesthetical braggings.
      I dislike the eyes of Gabrielle, they often look too.. alienate. Sure, she should represent the stereotypical slim french gilr with high cheekbones but her eyes dont match – personal taste. Second, some character clothes leave the impression they wear body suits/trousers. Example Justin during day 1 or 2. He was in a discussion with Tracy and Richard.

      Mayn bugs had been mentioned and probably got rid of them. I just found one bug: during day 3, I chose to hike with Lisa, when the sex scene should come up, the game threw me to the main menu with the moaning sounds in the background.

      Oh, and a second one: I went to the sauna and met Antoinette alone. I had 2 dialogue option but the second option was empty w/o text.

      Okay, thats it!
      Visuals top, writing top, the character themselves great. Will see more of it during weekend

  11. Found a strange visual thing about the game.

    In ending 5 when you are fucking Lisa at different speeds, her hair becomes very strange, like you can really see that its not real (it looks like lines that gets broken, it litteraly bends at the higher paces)

    Otherwise great game. Absolutely amazing.

  12. i wanna thank leonizer and his team for the great effort that they made i wasnt able to play yet but as soon as i did i will tell you how i feel about the game
    Good Luck!

  13. Leo I’m going to say this even before starting:
    – Really well thought setting, it wasn’t easy after a whole story arc ended
    – The story-focused mode with no stats can be a win or a lose, it all depends on how meaningful you made the choices and how longevity was affected
    – I really like the idea of a second male (competitor?), opens up interesting possibilities and possibily helps descrease the boredom af having the same single male character doing all the stuff

    1. Ok I’ve tried it and now I can safely say this is your next level…you created some sort of Telltale-like game, and from what I can see you made it work pretty well.
      Good job, I really hope you’re going to take this path again (and even better it).
      Also this kind of gameplay let you expand the game in the right way (it can better integrate with the story)
      I also liked the new “sex star” system, no need to innovate more there.
      Only two things:
      – we really need some sort of save slots
      – with this type of gameplay the quality is really high, but you need to create a lot of content. Sometimes I felt like the days (in game) were a little rushed, I’d have liked more interaction/content.

      My vote is 9\10, for what is worth

  14. Can anyone post a walkthrough on how to get the different scenes and endings. Also are there any scenes where you catch tracy or lisa with richard, if so how can I get them

  15. Anyone figure out all the ending paths/what’s needed to get them/ideal days? Also, any find scenes with Richard and Lisa? Or are there none?

    From a few play throughs so far:


    Day1: choose whether or not you shared Tracy, and whether you did Lisa. If you touch Lisa, you’ll get a scene with her in bathroom. If you decline, you get scene with Tracy. Reach house, select second option and first option during Richard’s intro to gain points for Justin. In afternoon, going to Lisa’s room helps her fix laptop and gains you points, while going to your room with Tracy sets up a scene for evening. During dinner choose first option and first option for Justin points. Evening you can go back to your room for scene with Tracy.

    Day 2: Go to church, click on book on the bench to read it, take group photo, then invite who you want into the confessional (so far I got scenes with Lisa and Tracy, not sure if it’s possible with others). In afternoon, if you had confessional with Tracy, you can go to hot tub to get a scene with Tracy. Evening you can go to sauna to get scene with Richard and Antoinette.

    Day 3: Horse ride, choose swim to stay with Tracy or hike to get scene with Lisa. Afterwards can visit stables to get scene with Antoinette

    Day 4: Choose to have Richard help babysit. At first shop, click on bottle on shelf to get oil for Antoinette. At lunch, you can click waiter to pay bill and get points. If you had Richard babysit, you go shopping with Lisa. In afternoon you can go to Richard’s office and hack his computer (password is GOD), then choose either to bust him or use it. You’ll get a scene with lisa and gabrielle. In evening you can go to his office again to see Gabrielle sabotating Lisa’s Birth Control.

    Day 5: There’s a few options, Personally haven’t found best route for this

    Day 6: stay and watch, peak, if your score is high enough you get a scene. In afternoon if you go to office you see a scene with Tracy and Richard. Different results depending on your score (if it’s low you get a “bad” ending)

    1. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find oil in first shop. I clicked on every bottle on those two dresser looking things and the black bottle on the end table. What am I missing?

  16. I have an idea for a 3rd LwT game, you may ignore it if you done with this series or you may find this interesting.
    The best setting for the 3rd game would be the setting where Justin lives with Tracy and Lisa, here Lisa has a kid from Justine and they all live togather, but the thing is that Lisa thold to her parents that she’s living with her boyfriend and his sister(she will introduce Tracy as Justines divorced sister that is living with them with her child).
    So, Lisa’s parents will come to see their 1st born grandchild and to meet Justine, the situation will be like this, Lisa’s brother will also come to see Justine and the child, but knowing that Tracy is Justines sister, he will have a crush on her.
    The point of the game will be to hide the fact that you’re living with 2-hot chicks and that you have a 2 children by two of them, you should work harder to keep Lisa’s brother away from Tracy but at same time be nice and gentle with her family members.

      1. Nah, that would not work.
        Leo said that he and the team had the idea of that, but that was inposible from the begining, the technical differences and the different design materials would be harder to combine into 1 game.

  17. You done f***ed it up. I mean this was supposed to be the best LOP game ever the game of LOP games. This game barely makes it in the top five. I mean it was supposed to be a very large game The original was larger than this, and with the extension the original was better the only thing better in this game are the visuals nothing else. I mean you have these 2 plus Tracy and Lisa and all you get is a few scenes with with them. And you could’ve done a scene with Richard and Justin banging Tracy or Lisa or some of the other girls but nope. this game is disappointing too.. The story element sucks It’s shallow it has the potential to be a great game with the extension but I guess that’s what you wanted from the beginning get as much money as possible this month and release the extension next month to get even more..

    1. No idea if they f***ed up but they told from beginning it would be different. A complete other game than LWT 1.

      The only criticism from me is that the game is veeeery short… I mean 6 days… Co’mon guys. Hope the expansions will the game make a little bit longer (14 days or something) like the expansion from LWS did.

      We have to respect the work of the team LOP even if we are disappointed or not.

      The game was OK, no doubt but like I said before: I NEVER EXPECTED A BETTER GAME THAN LWT 1. And so it came… I try to enjoy the next 1-2 days with LWT 2 and after that the chapter LWT is closed.

      My last words gies to the developers Team:

      Thanks for your work and time. Even if not everyone is happy about every of your games we are still your fans.
      It’s like with music and movies. We all don’t have the same taste. For me example I like games like LWT 1, Eleanor 1, LWS or LWB. But I respect others who like other games. So I understand that is hard for you to satisfy every of your fans.

      Thanks. And now take a break and enjoy the rest of the year and next year start new with new ideas and games.

    2. So, yes, we were “warned” that this would not be a dating sim, but that doesn’t necessarily make the game any better.

      The visuals were great, the situations were cool, and the setting was a nice change.

      But this should have been a dating sim.

      That was a key part of my enjoyment of LwT. You could have reduced the number of stats, or extended the number of days (or offered a “sandbox”), etc. There are lots of things you can do to the basic dating sim structure to make it more interesting.

      But really, this wasn’t a sequel as much as it was a spin-off.

      I know you worked hard on it, and I know you’ve got a limited team, but I just had to be honest that I was more or less disappointed with the final product.

      Your best games are LwT, L4L, CoL, LwS, etc. They were good because of the aesthetics *and* gameplay.

  18. After playing the game I would say it’s a worthy sequel. The scenes are hot, the writing is great and the visuals are stunning. The gameplay is decent, it’s something new which is nice. I do prefer the first game still because I like how intimate the story is, three main characters in one setting (basically). The second’s got a ton of hot scenes but I don’t like how some of the characters act in them at times.

    Apart from that, thank you Leo, iksanabot, agrippa, YamYoda and whoever else worked on the game, I bet you are all glad it’s finally released and I hope we see more from you lot in the future, either with Lisa, Tracy, Justin or new characters. Thanks for your hard work guys. 🙂

    1. Played more and found other scenes. I’m pretty confident now that the problem that I have (not many other people will think this way) is the characters behavior to Justin. It makes sense that they do hurtful stuff to him if he cheats on Tracy, it just feels like all the characters secretly hate each other and have schemes to fuck with Justin, one way or another. Probably wasn’t the way the story was meant to be viewed but that’s how it came across to me, kind of a melancholy feel when I play.

      Still a great game but I probably would not replay it a ton like the first one. I like the more personal story in the first game and I found the interactions more fun. Everyone should play this one still since I have a feeling many people will disagree with my view. Long story short, great game but not my cup of tea compared to the first.

  19. Best scene so far in this game is the scene with Justin, Tracey and Derek from LWT1 congrats the scene was so well done, just blows your mind.

    Ive had a few scenes so far but trying to do a map out of all the possible paths and choices, looks like depending on what day you get to the CCTV in the office the scenes are different, I’ve had 3 so far Tracey And Lisa lesbian tease in the kitchen, Lisa and Gabrielle in the stables and Tracey slapping Richard in the face after he propositions her.

    Oh another scene to note is the kitchen with Justin, Tracey and Lisa during the cooking, nice tension and also with all the teasing Justin’s reactions are comedy gold.

  20. I’ve run a couple of playthroughs and can’t seem to get more than a few of the endings (got 4, 5, 7, 9, and I think 8). I did a quick check of the save file in SolEdit, and there’s a LOT that I haven’t discovered yet.


    Still haven’t found out how to make Tracy and Lisa pregnant. I saw the cctv footage of Lisa’s pills being sabotaged, but can’t figure out how to then initiate pregnancy.

    There’s a variable named “gloryhole”! Must try to find that.

    Variable names Henrique Respect. So I’m guessing some stable scene?

    Under the table variable. Guess something happens during a meal.

    finish video. Which video…

    Sex Slave. I suspect this one involves seeing Richard abusing Annie, not sure.

    Satan. ?????

    1. Satan is the evil horse, choose the cocky option on the day out trip (day 3)

      Henrique respect is probably the stable scene in the afternoon after the ride (day 3).

      Gloryhole is day 4, get your competitor to look after the kid, it’s only a 1 point hit.

      Lisa becomes pregnant if you have seen the surveillance scene on the evening of day 4 and then choose to cum inside her in the final threesome on day 6. No idea about Tracy, sadly. This is ending 6.

      I don’t know what endings 7 and 8 are though, care to enlighten me please?

      1. If i recall correctly, one of them is if you have a low score, and then check the hidden cameras on day 6 afternoon. You’ll catch Tracy cheating on you with Richard. You can choose to either confront them or watch, and that results in two endings. If you watch all the way through to the end, you’ll get that hurts so much achievement, and the ending where you find yourself alone in a hotel room. If you confront them and punch Richard, you’ll get an ending where you end up in jail.

    2. Spoilers. To get Lisa pregnant you need to suggest threesome to Lisa and Tracy at evening day 6 and cum in pussy 😛 (ofc you need to see sabotagr of pills). Video probably of gloryhole in hot-tub. To get gloryhole scene you need high respect and make Richard babysit Charlie in city. 😀

      1. you have to go to richards office on day 4 evening instead of the hut tub, you then see gabrielle messing with lisa’s pills and only after that if you sugest 3some on day 6 and cum in lisa’s pussy you get ending 6

    3. Ok Gloryhole discovered, during shopping day, have Richard watch the kid in afternoon when you’re shopping with Lisa and Gabrielle, depending on choices made (not sure exact requirements) they’ll then go into the gloryhole.

    4. Gloryhole is when Gabrielle and Lisa sucks you at the sex toy shop. I guess you have to choose “you did cheat on Tracy” after the prologue then comfort Gabrielle after Day 1 dinner. I believe this also relates to the video thing you found, since it’s a trigger to have sex with both of them in the hot tub. 😉

  21. So can anyone advise me how to sign up using a prepaid credit card? Both CCBill and Epoch say declined by the bank, the bank says it shouldn’t be declined. I am stuck with no access to this amazing site! aaarrgghhhh.

  22. Hey, if any of the LoP team are trawling the comments like the awesome people that you are, I have a suggestion.

    Why don’t you set up a user review system? Have a separate review box for each game released, maybe on the blog or somewhere else. It would allow you guys to gage fan reception to your games and it would allow potentual clients to see if the game is worth buying. Just some food for thought.

    P.s LW2 is fucking amazing mate.

  23. I was able to get all 9 endings. I didn’t get two achievements “That Hurts So Much” and “Tracey’s Pregnant”. Even after finding all the endings I still found a couple new things like the pen on the ground, so I guess there is still more I haven’t found. I feel like I’m missing a stable scene cause all I found for them was arm wrestling and watching Lisa and her friend tease them. Also in the intro it says Richard will try to seduce both Tracey and Lisa, but I never really saw him try anything with Lisa despite trying to make it happen.

    Overall great game, though kinda short. But I guess more scenes will probably arrive in the coming weeks like they did for Eleanor 2. The spy cams give so much opportunity for easily adding new scenes. Also the Derek scene was one of the best, if more scenes get added having Tracey “confess” to more it would be fun. Would like to see more interaction between Lisa and Richard in upcoming scenes. Really nice job on this Leo and Iksanabot! Thank you!

  24. So I’ve played it through about 4 times now, and I have to say I love it. Only have had 2 endings out of the possible 9+(?). I feel like it’s quite a short game but in saying that I do like how it’s been executed without the stat building element. There is a bug with me though in that whenever I go to bed and he sees Tracey in her pajamas it cuts off and goes straight to the next day. Other than that though I love this game and in my opinion was worth the wait. I’ll get back to you guys again when I find all the scenes and endings. Thanks for the hard work guys.

  25. I got all the achievements. To get the Tracy is pregnant achievement you need to get the gangbang scene with the stable guys and cum the first chance you get then 2 guys will hold Justin down while the others fuck the shit out of Tracy and that’s how she gets pregnant.

      1. At the start you have to choose that you shared Tracy in LWT1. Then when they are all hanged over (day 5 I think), then you visit the pool. Tracy should make a proposition to have some fun in the stables.

    1. You have to go to his office on another day, first, when he’s there and kicks you out. You might have to go twice.

      You should get something to the effect of, “now I know he leaves his door unlocked when he goes to the bathroom”

    1. To get “that hurt so much” you need to look at cameras at day6 afternoon, have low respect and watch all the way how Richard fucks Tracy. And to get Hot-Tub you have to go with Lisa and Gabriele to shop, make gloryhole scene and then same day at evening go to hot-tub.

    2. “That Hurts So Much” is quite tricky indeed. For that you have to have access to the surveillance, have worse score than Richard and must have cheated on Tracy. If those points are fulfilled then go to Richards office on 6th day afternoon and just keep watching. At the end ignore that anything happened.

      For “Super Hot Tub” you need to have a good score and ask Richard to babysit on day 4. While shopping Lisa will invite you to the gloryhole. After that, during the same day evening visit the hot tub and Lisa shows you pictures/video of the gloryhole experience. Just keep watching til the end.

    3. So I managed to get two different ways to get ending 1 where you fuck up.

      1. Have sex with Lisa and Gabrielle in the hot tub and get caught by Tracy.
      2. Get a blowjob from Antoineete in the Sauna and get caught by Tracy

    1. i got it when i choose at the start that i did not share her with other guys before,you must have good score and when you go in cathedral choose her for confessions,,it should trigger the scene then
      just make sure that you take the group photo,listening richard will cause him to score few points

      1. Actually listening to Richard scores you more points than taking the picture IF you read the book on the bench before doing so. If you read the book and then listen to Richard, you gain two points (Richard gets nothing), for the picture only 1 point is given.

  26. Thanks for your hard work LwT crew! This game has lot of potential. The new girls and sex scenes are top notch. However there are some major themes missing that made the first game so good (and one of the best rpg dating sims ever).

    In the first game, the thrill was fooling around with Lisa in hopes of not getting caught. In this game, not so much as all the characters seem cool with each other. Hence, the theme of “temptation” of doing very risky things.

    Perhaps add an expanded storyline for the other 2 main girls in the potential expansion? My favourite scenes were the hot tub with Lisa and Gaby scene as well as the sauna scene with Antoinette, because of the risk of getting caught with from Tracy. Maybe add some friction of getting caught from Lisa, because I really liked the scenes with Sandy in the first game.

    The buildup from the last game is also gone. Before you had around a few weeks of teasing from Lisa before you could get major action. After that you could fool around with her behind Tracy’s back for another week or so. I really missed this aspect as the storyline progresses too fast. The game feels kinda…short?

    Anyways I’m looking forward to what you have in the future! I’m sure it will innovating and good


    Ending 1 – Get caught by Tracy by watching all phone picture with Lisa+Gab (Need to let Richard babysit -> then visit day 4 evening hot tub)
    Ending 2 – Watch Tracy cheat all the way though and choose to divorce at the end
    Ending 3 -?
    Ending 4 – You don’t do anything
    Ending 5 – Threesome with Lisa and Tracy
    Ending 6 – Get Lisa pregnant – Need to gain access to surveillance camera
    Ending 7 – Watch Tracy cheat on you and choose to not do anything about it
    Ending 8 – Watch Tracy cheat and punch him in the face
    Ending 9 -?

    – If you go to stables and choose not to arm wrestle then when Tracy goes into stables she gets gang-banged. – I think this is how Tracy gets pregnant and is one of the endings

    1. Edit:

      Ending 9 – On day 6 have sex with Ann and then tell everyone at lunch about it

      Still missing ending 3 🙁

      Running wild – choose to swim instead of climbing
      Creamy Absolution – (choose to have cheated with Lisa) and then have to confess her sins
      Super Hot Tub – Have high respect and let Richard babysit Charlie. Visit Hot Tub in Day 4 evening
      That hurts so much – You need to have low respect score + cheated on Tracy + have access to camera
      Tracy is pregnant – Choose to have shared Tracy with other men. On Day 3 afternoon go to stables and decline to wrestle. On Day 5 afternoon, with high respect score, go to stables and choose Rub -> Come inside. (If you do threesome with Lisa, the achievement doesn’t work?)
      And Lisa too – You need to have access to camera and see Gab sabotage the birth control pills. Have threesome and come inside Lisa
      Evil Exposed – Visit Richards office multiple times until you get access to the cameras and then tell everyone
      Double Cumshot – Have high respect score and on day 6 have sex with Ann by staying in the Ice rink. Choose to finish on face
      3some worth waiting for – Have high respect score and on day 6 evening choose the threesome option.

      1. To get ending 3,

        You have to select that you have cheated with Lisa in previous game. Maintain the upper hand on Richard until day 4. Go to the sex shop with girls, do the glory hole and in the evening when Lisa shows you the video clip. Chose the first option. “Deny…” . Then game ends there with ending 3…

  28. So I managed to get two different ways to get ending 1 where you fuck up.

    1. Have sex with Lisa and Gabrielle in the hot tub and get caught by Tracy.
    2. Get a blowjob from Antoineete in the Sauna and get caught by Tracy

      1. Go to the sauna on day 2, choose to stay then say you’re comfortable, then choose to pull her on your lap. Go back the next day and she should be there. Argue with her terms then demand a blowjob. 😉

  29. This game is soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun, better than LWT in my opinion. Exceeded my expectations!!!

    Replay value is amazing compared to Eleanor 2 for example. But this is far vetter than Eleanor 2 anyway…

  30. Hi all,
    I’m really pleased that so many people love the game – thanks for all your kind feedback, and for those of you who posted thoughtful comments about what you didn’t like, or what more you’d like to see, thank you as well, and I hear you. It’s tough to please everyone but I try to adjust as best I can when someone who loved LWT1 does not like LWT2 so much. Keep in mind, though, that LWT1 was two full releases, and it actually has fewer images than LWT2. If we do the LWT2 expansion (we probably will, but Leo has not officially asked me yet), there will be even more content and hopefully that will make it as good as the expanded LWT1 in your eyes. But guys, be patient, it will be a long time before I finish an expansion script.

    It looks like players have been helping each other out finding scenes here, and I think you could probably see most of the content if you read through all these posts and used the advice people have posted to find all the endings and all the achievements. If you want to find more advice and conversation about the game, check out the dedicated thread on shark’s lagoon ( When I have time to post about the game, I will be posting there more than here, to save me from repeating myself in two places.

    Thanks for playing everyone!

    1. I think the game is too short, I hope you will start an expansion because waiting more than a year for such a short game it’s a bit disappointing. I think this is what the game needs to became the best you ever made.

  31. Hi Leo

    Great game, great visuals, great dynamics nd great storyline and characters….except one thing…WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG FOR SEX SCENES TO LOAD?? I can’t able to see the sex scenes, the screen shows black.

    Please check in to the issue please.



  32. Personal review: *sorry for bad grammar and spelling*

    Although Dev is heading toward new direction through changing the core gameplay of LWT, seem refreshing but LWT 2 fail to capture the essence that made LWT an awesome LOP game.

    LWT 2 turns into a fixed choice game without the fun element of RPG and time management which greatly reduce replay-ability.

    Furthermore, you can’t no longer feel the frustrating of pushing the boundary toward possible cheating partners like what we have experienced in LWT 1 with Lisa. No more teasing and fail attempt.

    When you guys say better and bigger, i was hoping for a better semi open worlds and RPG system.

    The only upside that i can mention are art style and writing.

    Score overall : 6/10

    For 10 is the score of LWT 1

  33. Ok my review about the game. The game has very little teasing, and I was hoping for the game for atleast 100 days with events and passion slowly building up. Though it has got great graphics, the game misses everyday activites like bathing, visiting a girl for normal chat/ sex. For that we have to replay the game, which is a big downside. If the LOP team can make it into a 100 days game, it would have been much better. The scenes have no control as in the past lop games, I feel this new play didnt work out well. I request the team to add more scenes and make this a 100 day game atleast. Overall score.

    Graphics : 10/10
    Story: 3/10.
    Writing : 9/10
    Scenes: 8/10

  34. Well game as a sequel was good . but yeah it not better than LWT 1 .

    I’m gunna agree with the others and that is the story is shorter . i think its cause of not including the ” STAT-BUILDING’ . and Also the cause of the new mechanism , by that i meant the Story according to the Dialogue . Cause games such types like this , you can easily figure it out the way you can to End your Story , cause its only dialogue choosing . But if you had something with “stat-building’ then according the the stat , You might have been given different options .
    aAnd also about the Hidden camera thing are more like hints , Well basically if you checked all or most of the scenes , then its obvious from next game play you know which scene will turn out at which time .

    6 day visit is Really Short . Took me 2.5 hours to find out 8 endings . Cause everything is same in the story except only the scenes choices had differences , So Skipping the morning and outdoor stuff and dinner , the game gets highly short after 1st time play . It was like I choose a dialogue , skip everything and unlock a scene after my first game play .

    And as what Mr.Sad Panda said i kinda can agree with him , that the other characters had more choices to do their stuff rather then Main character made others do . Like in LWT 1 Justin played the role on making others do something depending on his choices but LWT 2 had bit more people who had influence on Justin .

    The Story had many options to unlock many scenes with individual characters but it wasnt a long one .

    Since this was a experiment type , i mean its the fist time you guys released a game with this type of game play , so not gunna complain .

    Overall the game was not bad , comparatively better then the LOPGOLD games came out this year . But still the new sequels werent a match against their prequels .

    I think you guys should stick with the stat-building and Work on the story abit more for future games .

    1. Your post pretty much nails some of the shortcomings I feel about LWT2. LWT2 felt a lot shorter than its prequel because of the visual novel style and because of the limited time to interact in a day.

  35. Guys, I really love you 😉
    Received by e-mail:
    We have been waiting for long now for you guys to announce that Lisa\’s gangbang scene at the casino will be included in the game, it really is testing our patience. ( by us I mean the ex and current members ) we will not be fighting in your blog against your fake account like the memo( yes we have many others name as well) and some blind followers.

    Well if we are ripped off then I guess we have no choice but to sue you. So it will be better if you announce about the Lisa\’s gangbang scene otherwise send your office address to this mail so that we can send you guys the legal notice. We will wait for until 15th September 2016 mid night, if you do none of the above well then we will take the help of police then…..
    That’s how you show your true and insane devotion to Lisa 🙂

    1. the things you have to deal with…

      congratulations again,i really enjoy the game,your team did great job
      you have to make expansion,the game just calls for it
      obviously there are things that i would like to be changed,my main complaint after several playthroughs are: the game is too short regarding days and lack of interaction between characters like in first game (chat,flirt,repetative sex etc.)

      i realized how difficult the game was to create with it’s various variables,and i don’t know how much more you can add,but the game definitely deserves expansion atleast big as vanilla
      it’s easier to say than done,but that’s my wish

      also this is by far the best looking game you produced,fantastic work by artists,if you could only remake lwt1 with these upgraded visuals… 🙂


      1. I’m with you. There are so many shortcomings! The potential this game had and contains is much much higher. It needs to be delivered on a bigger scale. If an expansion can be accomplished, make it happen Leo.

        1. It has been made very clear that an expansion depends on how the game is initially received. Overall I’d say that it has been very positive, some critiques on areas that could be improved and some who just didn’t like it but for the most part people love it.

          Iksanabot has said he has a very clear idea on what an expansion would look like. I get the impression that some content was cut from initial release due to the fact the base game was already enourmous in terms of renders/script etc (remember each scene has several diff versions depending on your starting choices). In order to include everything they wanted to add it would of taken much more time and we’ve already seen how many people reacted to any delay.

    2. Just out of curiosity…

      Did you sent them your office address so they could sent the police for not getting a gangbang scene???

      I really must know!
      I can’t sleep any more not knowing if they actually called the police for not getting a certain scene in a game!!!

      Please share…. please?

  36. Hi, Firstly I want to thank Leo and the other team members on this project for bringing us the game so quickly (yeah, I know we have been waiting on it for a long time, but the actual development phase has been majorly in the past few months).

    That said, I enjoyed the game, but something seemed… off. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but after thinking for a while, I realized it just was… lackluster.

    Once you have played a few times (so… maybe an hour and a half, 2 hours tops), you kind of feel like you have done everything there is to do, and it just becomes repetative and mindless. In a way, the game in certain ways feels like its railroading you to the end, without letting you enjoy the game itself, and when you do get to the end… in a half hour or so, there is very little sense of accomplishment, as to really get a “bad ending” you have to actually try to go that route purposely. I understand that this is probably because of the lack of stat building in the game, but I also feel there just aren’t as many choices as to what you want to do, and what you want to accomplish in the game. In a way, the game as a whole more feels almost like a teaser, than a game in itself, partially because of how short the game itself is, but also because you are fairly railroaded without as much freedom to experiment on different choices and selections.

    Overall, I feel the game was decent for what it is, but find it hard to really think of it as much more than a teaser to hold us over, rather than a true LOP game.

  37. the story is really great. much did it. I enjoy it very much. It has a charge and everything it should be. This is a great second part. Thank you very much. It’s really a game of the year. Too bad it did not work that way with Eleanor.

  38. Simple and not so bad idea for an expansion or part 3:

    Similar story but this time Richard & the 2 French women visit Justin and Tracy in the USA.

    So you have more options and we can see old characters like Sandy or Derek and maybe it’s possible to integrate Lisas parents (nymph mom? Who knows…) You can build new storylines with the swinger club and threesomes and gangbangs for example.

    And there is space for more than 6 days 😉

  39. Hi LOP team.

    Great work… You have done an outstanding job with the game. I was able to get all achievements and all 9 endings . I think the additional ending is the extra scene in ending 4 where Tracy gets pregnant with some one else right? were there any more additional endings?

    Any way I agree with many of the above posts suggesting that game is short and once you play it couple of times it becomes so easy and Justin didn’t get the solo sex with the two new women(except that blowjob). I am sure those will be solved if you make an expansion in future.

    But the point I really want to get your attention is you have not included Justin and Tracy in a MFM threesome where Justin has the options to choose which hole he wants (This didn’t even happen in the first expansion) . Something like the threesome with Antointte and her skating partner. In that scene Justin had the option to call the shots. I am sure many others will agree with me on this point.
    * The Swing club scene in Expansion 1
    * Tracy’s confession scene in this game
    *The gangbang scene in stable

    Non of the above scene gave Justin the opportunity to put his dick while Tracy is fucking someone else or chose to enter her ass while some one is banging her or the other way around.

    So if you are making an expansion please consider this suggestion as well.
    And I think its really cool if Tracy ( the one who chosen the swinger life) can join the other LOP games as small cameos or a main character.

    Keep up your good work.

    you guys are the best ..
    Thank You !

  40. I think there’s a glitch in the sauna in day 6 when you meet Ann and Gabrielle.

    You go there looking for Tracy and the girls say you could stay there but nothing happens….

    Justin says Ok thanks and walks out LOL

    I want to stay there

    1. Iksanabot shed some light on that over on the sharks lagoon forums. Basically he said these pairings are current not available in the game.

      Richard with Lisa
      Justin with Antoinette and Tracy
      Justin with Antoinette and Gabrielle
      Lisa and Tracy full lesbian sex voyeur

      He has previously mentioned that he left several points where if an expansion is made content can be added. Antoinette and Garbrielle in the sauna is clearly one.

    2. I agree with Flash92. The same thing is happening when I go to the sauna in day 6 when I meet Ann and Gabrielle.

      U go there looking for Tracy and the girls say I could stay there but nothing happens….Leo please look into it. Or is it supposed to be as it is?

      Also, there’s a scene involving Richard and Antoinette coming to the sauna when Justin is alone in the sauna and Richard introducing his wife naked…does something happen after that?

      And also, how to get the threesome scene with Lisa and Tracy?
      Also, the scene with coming inside Lisa?

      Please, pretty please, anyone, I need a bit of help and guidance so that I can reach the endings…Help me..



  41. @ Difference1234

    Your “Tracy is pregnant” achievement doesn’t work.

    This part:

    > On Day 5 afternoon, with high respect score, go to stables and choose Rub -> Come inside

    You can’t go to stables on day 5

    Do you mean the gangbang?

    1. On day 6 when you Antoinette comes in the restaurant, tell everyone that you fucked her.

      You get ending 9 and you turn into a hobo, your future child then visits you lol

  42. Okay, after getting some other playthroughs, I have some critiques.

    LwT1 had that special relationship between Justin and Lisa: friction and tension. A hidden and forbidden non-intercoursing (pre addon)relationship. She was a seducing woman with own rules (just watch – dont touch). Even with the AddOn, the tension and frictino was still there and on top of that, I had to do my best, hiding this in front of Tracy. If I hadnt payed enough attention to the marriage, this whole thing will blow up.

    LwT2 is for itself a great game and all characters are well written even the story. But… but the whole game is a simple fuck fest. I doesntm atter if I spend time with Tracy or my child. Sure, many sexual encounters are plotted scenes where (almost) behind the back of others but in the end it is just “pimp your charisma and chose options to bang”.

    Sadly, this simple “pick your options to bang with lustful persons” is the same concept like in Eleanor2. Sure it´s “Living with Tempations 2” but it´s not “Living with Tempations”. The characters look the same (Tracy, Justin and Lisa) but they aren´t the same anymore. Lisa is a hungry woman which pick every oppurtunity to bang Justin. Time and place doesnt matter – very reckless behaviour. She was more carefully in LwT1. Tracy gives a “shit” bout what happens to her/with her. The only “decision” which matters is my charisma. With high charisma, ignoring Tracy and Lisa all the days, would even grant me a threesome.

    As said: LwT2 on its own is great, has replayability and I support the decision making visual novel style but all I did (with few expectations) doesnt have any impact when I just push one stat.

    Antoinette could be more implemented when I focus my attention in this arc: obviously she takes good care of her body and healthy food, she doesnt like to be reduced as an object, still is attracted to strong and selfish men.

    So why is there no option/arc to build up a relationship by showing that I myself take care of body, being a gentle but selfish/strong person, only to get my “reward” on the last day of this trip. In this game, I can blackmail her with high Charisma, without interacting during the whole game, to bang her in a threesome.

    I´m pretty sure, such “decision novels” (dont know a proper word) arent easy to make, espacially when you guys are small team. In the end my points are critiques to improve further games.

    1. Wow, I didn’t think anyone would have one of the same critiques I found about the sequel as me and you couldn’t have said it better.

      LWT2 is lacking the magic that made LWT1 so engaging and thrilling. I do agree that Lisa not being careful is out of character, she is hot for Justin and wants him bad, but mainly screws the shit out of Justin when Tracy won’t be able to catch them, and when there is a chance of them being caught, Lisa is a little more cautious and tries to take the sexy situation of being caught a little further each time but does nothing overly risky because although she desires Justin, she doesn’t want to destroy Justin’s family. Of course, should the MC decide to take it too far and get caught, that’s on him.

      I do agree that there should be more teasing/buildup of a girl should we choose to pursue that branch/arc. For example, just reading some dialogue and lines of Antoinette, she seems to have two sides: a “I want to be treated nicer” and a much darker side that is already in the game. Scenes and choices should vary depending on the how Justin treats her. If going the nicer route, maybe she falls in love with Justin and experience love and a whole new dimension of romance that Richard hasn’t shown yet to Antionette. If choosing the darker side, the game has that scene in the locker room but the idea can be explored so much more, Antionette could show off much more and attempt to make Richard as jealous as possible and Justin can be more and more dominating with each increasing interaction.

      Another example, there are two instances where Justin encounters Antoinette in the living room, perhaps once you visit her an x amount of time in the living room, she maybe do something for Justin that she shouldn’t be doing if you have been engaging with her throughout the game. Also, maybe after the first initial jog, and maybe another one, going for a third jog with Antoinette ends up not being a jog, and you both end up sweating either way doing a ‘different’ activity.

      A personal con/dislike that I saw with the game is that there is a lack of 1 on 1 sex scenes with the girls. Tracy, there are a few scenes, Lisa only one, Antionette only at most a bj in the sauna, and none with Gabriele, although the pool scene with her hints to me there could be one in an expansion. I believe that’s some of the ‘magic’ that is missing from the first LWT. The act of cheating behind Tracy’s back with another woman. Yeah, the threesomes and upcoming potential threesomes are nice and the complaints would have went the other way had 1 on 1 sex scenes been in the game and there was no threesome but just the thrill having another woman to yourself and the hot feeling that both participants know they’re committing adultery is what I believe made LWT1 and LWB so special.

      I know some of these ideas may be a little far-fetched and possibly isn’t something that Iksanabot has considered or can even be programmed to work correctly. However, I feel that there was so much potential in this game and it fell short. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the hard work the LOP team have done on the game but this game still has the potential to be even greater and possibly please those in the minority who felt different about the game. It’s ceiling is so high and I know that this game can reach that ceiling.

      1. i agree with you,very well written and explained
        the conclusion i could give is:the game is too short,there really should be more than 6 days
        i really appreciate the work that team put in this game,i understand it is incredibly complex and i know it is bigger in terms of content than lwt1,that part is for every praise
        but the game has so much more to offer that i think 6 days just won’t be enough for possible expansion to offer all the content it can

        i like the game more and more,i would love that it could be properly expanded,not just few scenes,but pretty much everything you said
        i know it’s not realistic to ask for all that,but i will again take the example of lwt1,that game still has so much to offer,i don’t want the same to happen with lwt2

        1. As I wirtten my critiques above, you are right: there is lots of potential. I´m pretty sure, the LOP team had tons of ideas but probably had to scrap it. Maybe bcs of time or capacity. Considering how small (my guess) the team is, LwT2 could end in an neverending prcess cycle.

          Lot´s of signs that Antoinette´s arc is already there.
          Watching cooking broadcast in living room, making myself some healthy food during day 5 in the evening, go jogging with her. First, I wanted to sedcue her but was dissapointed that it simply end in a blackmailing bang.

          Gabrielle herself is very shallow. My impression, she´s just a hot sidekick for Lisa to buddy up with erotical adventures. Right now, her existence is just to get me heated and scene up with a threesome. I dont have to do anything to get her nailed on day 5. Ofc, hacking the surveillance, reveals she´s an intriguing person,has a bad taste of pranking someone or just a bored spoiled girl, never learned to socialize.

          Dammit, I have tons of ideas in my head right now to fill up LwT2 for another week and build up tension with all characters but I´m also sure, that all of you have great ideas about “how it could be better”.

          Still, disapointed about character changes from LwT, I´m suprised how great LWT2 is on its own.

          1. i’m with you
            in my opinion a lot of your and i’m sure lopteam ideas could be added if the game isn’t this difficult to code and also if the game was longer than one week

            this way i’m concerned that there won’t be much maneuvering space for adding new content and possibly changing some things

            and one more thing regarding the game size
            we know that this is lop’s biggest game they’ve created,i think iksanabot also said that the script for this game was huge and that some stuff was left out
            what i would like to know is,is there a limit for the size of the games?is there a possibility to create the game double or triple the size of this one?

    2. I agree that the characters do not act the way I imagined they would/ should. The scenes are hot and the game is good but I just don’t think it should be those characters in them. Lisa, Tracy and Justin had an interesting, caring relationship in the first game whilst now they don’t seem to care. Tracy doesn’t seem to care that much about Justin unlike the first game and can be mean to him, even though they have a kid together she doesn’t seem to care. Lisa comes across mean too and also doesn’t care about Justin and Tracy, she just wants to fuck, doesn’t matter whom it is. In the first game she might of fucked Justin but she didn’t plan it to happen, she and Justin got along and it happened but it came across more than just fuck buddies, they seemed to care about each other and Lisa didn’t like the idea of hurting Tracy so she was careful and upset about it.

      Like I said I think this is a good game but this is more of a fuckfest of characters from the first game doing stuff that a fan would like to see but doing so they aren’t the characters that I remember. They look like them but they aren’t them. That is the reason I will replay the first one more, those are the characters I like and the story/ setting works with those characters. The “Living with Temptation” isn’t in this game, it’s more of a “Living with Punishment”. However most people really like it so it’s just going to be a select few that think this way.

  43. Living With Temptation 2 – Rather similar to the Japanese novel, rather than a full game. However, this product turned out amazing!

    LWT – is one of the best series games which you have ever created. Tracy and Lisa are the most amazing girls. The game almost has no flaws and bugs. From insignificant minuses can select only a limited number of scenes in the game. It seems to me that the actions occurring in the game look a little crumpled. But I think that the next expansion will fix this problem.

    Overall I was satisfied and got what I expected. I’m happy to wait for further updates, and of course the continuation of the series.

    My rating this game 9/10.

  44. Good games, but many bugs:
    – the scene Gullaume , Justin and Antoineete doestnt work. Only orgasm possible.
    – the scene with hands Gabrielle and Antoineete under the table doest work 1 choice – stand up and out the room

    and Where is scene with Gabrielle and Antoineete in the sauna last night?

    About pregnant Tracy – what i need to do besides scene on stable ?

    1. The sauna scene with Gabrielle and Antoinette hasn’t been included into the game. They just forgot to change the dialogue. Should they make an expansion
      , this scene will probably be implemented.

    2. To get Tracy pregnant there are 4 steps:

      1. Share Tracy
      2. Decline arm wrestle on Day 3 afternoon in Stable
      3. Do the gangbang scene on Day 5 afternoon with Tracy BUT choose to cum inside her
      4. At the end of day 6, don’t suggest a threesome with Lisa and Tracy, choose “keep quiet”

      Question for you:

      What’s this under the table options?

  45. very good game , i am the same with alot of people with that it is short but at least it leaves room for some expansions …

    Only one thing confuses me a is two of the endings or achievements and i wonder if anyone else has noticed it ….

    Tracy pregnant = you know its not yours as you had a Vasectomy
    Lisa pregnant = its your’s but how can it as you had the Vasectomy

  46. how to get scenes with Gabrielle confession in church?

    First time i played, i have that option but rejected.
    But when i played again multiple time, that option didn’t show up. Where do i miss/forgot?


  47. I’ve fantasy that gonna be great if the team create spin-off about “Lisa & Gabrielle”. Especially after they got banged in stable (Justin shaw them on Richard computer)

  48. Does anyone know how to get the scene from Tracy and Lisa in the kitchen whre Tracy sucks Lisas fingers… The picture exists on Instagram, but i dont know how to get it…..

  49. First of all, congratulations and thanks to everybody involved in this piece of art.

    Standing ovation to you all.

    Man, what an amazing game! So much better than the first one without the boring grinding and definetely my new favorite in LOP Gold.

    Hats off to iksanabot. Deciding on dropping the boring grinding and the boring stats building was a really good thing to do in this one. I would be really pissed off if I had to do grinding and build my stats AGAIN after all the trouble I had on doing it on the first game (this is one of my main complaints about Eleanor 2, which looked like I had never done anything on the first game that influenced the second).

    Thanks Leo for letting iksanabot go into this route, different from your last games.

    I don’t think the game is short at all. LwT 1 became a huge game after all of its expansions. The original game didn’t have a lot of scenes and was more of a boring status grinding thing. Only after the expansions that I really came to enjoy the game and became a fan of it.

    Also, they’re on vacation. They aren’t a rich couple as Richard and his wife. How many days would you guys be able to spend in Paris? I guess most of us would afford one week, perhaps two tops. So, it’s realistically to see them spending a week in Richard’s house.

    Comparing the sequel as it’s now and how was the original LwT 1 (without the expansions), I believe the sequel has more scenes and paths than the first one had.

    Tracy and Lisa were both in character in this game, I believe. Lisa was really reluctant to sleep with Justin, but after she did it, she let herself loose. She didn’t have a problem on cheating her boyfriend in the first game, the only problem she had was to sleep with Tracy’s husband. So, I don’t think anything is wrong with her character to see her more open to sex in this one. She’s single now.

    The new girls were interesting and beautiful. It shouldn’t be just Richard that wants to steal Justin’s wife from him. I believe Justin should be able to steal his cousin’s wife to himself.

    That’s one of my criticism in this game. It sounds like the story was written already thinking about an expansion. So much things that’s dropped in the air, only to not see it implemented on the game. It’s like it was done on purpose, to leave it open for expansion. I believe it shouldn’t be done this way. It should feel like a “complete” game. And then in the future you guys open more paths for us to explore with the future expansion, but don’t do things that feels like there’s a plot hole.

    Also, the encounters with the characters are random most of the times. I guess it would be better to give us players some hints through dialogues about when and where certain characters will be. This way, we wouldn’t lose a time slot with a character we didn’t want to see.

    Oh, and before I forget, I have to complain about Tracy’s cheating. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it. I LOVE cheating wives. But this game had the same proble LwS expansion had. After you find Tracy cheating, it’s over. I really believe the cheating wife route should be better explored. I mean, if Justin was loyal to Tracy and find her cheating, it’s totally acceptable to see an ending. But, if you take into consideration that Tracy only cheats if Justin cheated with Lisa (I believe this is the case), than it shouldn’t be a game over.

    If Justin cheats Tracy, she should also be able to cheat him. So, after we got the scene with her cheating, a new route could be explored in the way of “Justin is cheating on her, so, he doesn’t feel so bad about Tracy cheating”. This way, the game wouldn’t reach an ending and it could open the path for other Tracy cheating scenes.

    Since LwT 2 will have an expansion, it would be nice to see more about the other girls. Single endings with each of the new girls would be a nice plus.

  50. Some other question: 1-2 years ago there should be come out a SEX DATE game with Tracy after a vote with some other female characters. Is this cancelled?
    MY SEX DATE Eleanor came out but never the date game with Tracy.

  51. More lesbian scenes in the expansion, please! 🙂 We’re definitely getting the Lisa-Tracy full lesbian scene in the expansion, but it’d be nice to see a full Lisa-Gabby scene and Tracy-Gabby scene as well.

    1. you have to have good score with antoinette and gabriele
      i got it when i asked for money instead of threesome with antoinette on day 6,decline the first offer,she will agree on 20thousand
      later in the pool scene where you hold all the girls drop gabriele (i don’t know if that is required)
      go to dinner and scene should start then

  52. I dont normally comment here but I’ve a suggestion,first of all , a very good game, visuals were excellent, awesome work by Iksanabot in having put in some gems in terms of set pieces, like the surveillance ending with tracy cheating and showing you the finger, and this is where I feel the game needs to have more shades, Tracys an excellent character and shes mostly domineering Justin and the divorce ending was one of the rare events where it was the other way around, but it was a feeble attempt. To have it more inclusive and interesting, it’d be better if there was a shift in the power dynamic in at least one playthrough, where Justin for a change becomes proactive and has Tracy dominated, Tracy we all know can be a super slut and Justin would be fed up with her cheating ways and gets her a surprise gangbang and/or makes her his whore

  53. A good expansion will be where Justin (he is a bit techie we’re led to believe, hacks the cctv in the office and then re-routes the feed to his phone so we can watch all the CCTV of the whole day anytime we want, now that would be cool.

    So ideas for expansion are

    Justin dropping off hangover cure to Gabrielle and having sex with her in her room.

    Tracey And Lisa lesbian in the kitchen

    After the holidays (mentioned above) with Tracey Lisa and Sandy and Derek

    CCTV Hack – i mentioned this above, expand on all scenes, expand with Lisa Gabby full scene and Tracey and Lisa full scene.

    Annie and Gabby threesome with Justin in the sauna day 6

    Lisa Richard scene, if Richard has higher than Justin, allow Richard to sleep with Lisa

    After exposing Richard with the CCTV fiasco, allow Justin to steal the key from Annie’s room for the office.

    Please add a voyeur thing through a locked bedroom door for all rooms with the risk of being caught.

    Justin and Tracey take advantage of Annie by the pool during the mad drinking night.

    Expanded lotion scene with Tracey and Annie where it gets a lot more intimate, love to see her smother more lotion all over Tracey.

    Before Dinner every night have a choice of who to sit by, then allow more under the table shenanigans.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add the iconic bathroom scenario like the first game where Justin can just walk in on one of the girls.

    Also give an option to go on the trips or decline and stay with one of the girls to have a whole morning to work Justin’s magic.

    Allow a sex scene with Annie on the jog.

    Sorry for the long list but i do love this game, and i think this will make it better.

  54. Great game, but it feels a little too short. Don’t know if I like it this way or with the stats, as in the first game. Also, I don’t like it that you can’t repeat the sex-scenes in one playthrough like in the first game.

    Anyway, for the expansion, please consider adding scenes with the maid from the beginning of the game. Also, a fivesome with Justin and all the girls (Lisa, Tracy, Antoneitte, Gabriele) would be nice.

    Just out of curiosity, when should we expect the expansion ? How many months of work will take for the expansion to be released ? No pressure 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, the game is really great, but there is room for improvmenet. Your next project should definitely be an expansion for LwT2.

  55. Please i need help, i can’t log in to my membership account at ! i have subscribed for a new month…so if you could find a solution at this problem, please do something !

  56. What a fine piece of art. It’s a wonderful and intelligent game. Congratulations guys, you’re did a excellent game!

    Maybe it’s time to start to think launch. in a not so remote future, a big project, like LWT3, launching the project on kickstart.

    Again, thank you for the great job!

  57. Great game, I would rate is 8 or 9 out of 10. Personally, LWT1 was much better than any similar games I had played before. But LWT2 has some serious competition from LWT1 and all the other great LOP games. So I still consider LWT1 as my all-time favorite game.
    I do agree that the game feels short as a player. But I feel this is because a lot of the repetitive stat-building items are removed. In terms of story, dialog, characters, scenes I think this game is way longer than LWT1.
    Different things are a turn-on for different people. I know some love the 3sum, or the cheating wife angle, but for me the infidelity and sneaking around has always been the biggest turn-on for me. That is what I loved about LWT1 and I loved all the Justin+Lisa scenes. Would have loved to see some scenes with only Justin and Antoinette/Gabrielle.
    Hopefully Leo sees a big bump in subscriptions this month and allocates resources for an expansion. There are so many more great opportunities to explore 🙂

  58. Most love it, some don’t as much. I do and I’ve played WGW over 50 times in the past year. I think the gameplay is excellent even without the stats building. There are many little subtleties in playing which the player can find out. E.g. If you input the pw at the first try, you don’t get the finger from Tracy if she fucks Richard. And if you choose Tracy first at the confessional, you don’t get the hot tub bj. There are many little things like that so the ‘decision’ gameplay works well. I think people will realise the numerous variables of this game when someone posts a full and complete walkthrough. LWT1 remains THE lop game but with the expansion I think LWT2 will equal it. If I have a wish t’s please upgrade it quicker than last time.

  59. The one scene made me sick honestly, I discliked the Glory hole scene….. I mean I know that Lisa is a bit of a slut, but why’s that kind of a slut?
    Anyway, I was thinking for a while and got some new ideas about new expansion.
    I think the game is great, but add a one more female character, for example the hot housemaid look’s hot, add her as another girl that Justine can seduce. Add an option where Justine can get Tracy pragnent without choosing that you have shared her at the beginning, or even better, a chance to get another 2 girls pregnant as well, that might make the game more fun.
    And I really liked the pool scene with all girls, make a scene where you can fuck all of them at same time (a 5some option).

    If there ever will be a time to do anything else, remake the first LwT game, upgrade the visuals and add Tracy+Lisa lesbian scenes with scissoring pose…. and a 3some with Justine of caurse.
    And combine this with the first game and make them both as a 1 huge game, so you can keep Charlie as a newborn kid, instead of a blonde kid that don’t even look like his parents, I mean come on, Justine is a dude with a white skin and dark-red hair, and Tracy is a woman with a half-dark skin and a black hair.

  60. By the way, I feel like expansion on this game would be amazing, though Graphics and story are good, I felt like it was a little short.

    And I do wish you could do more things during the day, and more Lisa.

    But good job everyone.

  61. And…yes!

    2016 masterpiece is delivered and goes straight at the top of best Lop game ever realised. Right after LWT1 and equal to STT.

    Visuals are absolutely amazing and Iksanabot genius mind never fails. Pure talent. I’m enjoing every single image and dialogue. Locations are beautiful as well. I also like the new star system mechanics.

    I am yet to get all endigs but some quick thoughts:

    – not developing an EXP would be a crime. At least six more days (or even more lol) are needed.

    – adding more days/content maybe will allow to skip the one per day time action format.

    – More competition points should be needed to get the hottest scenes in the EXP.

    Btw this competition system would perfectly fit that two couple game concept we dicussed here on the forum.

    I am confident that Daman is already at work writing the walkthrough, isn’t he?

    1. Not at the present moment , am I working on the guide for this yet. I have other guides I ant to work on first BEFORE tackle this one!

      Plus, if I know the LoP team, there will be add-ons and even expansions down the line so I don’t need to start it anytime soon!

  62. As you can see from my above posts, game is great, many thanks to all the team.

    Just one piece of feedback i would like to suggest when using this type of game mechanic again, or even for a future LWT2 update.

    I would say that i would like to suggest if you are only doing the 6 days thats fine but instead of just doing morning, afternoon, dinner time and evening each day i would suggest doing it in hours much like the first game, so say the morning trips take 3-4 hours each day and dinner time takes 2 hours then that would leave approximately 12+ hours to have fun with the girls each day, so you could make 12+ actions per day instead of only 2 free roaming scenes that it has right now (afternoon and evening) that would make repeatable scenes possible for this sequel.

    Also i like the idea of the rival engine, i know its only a trial but you could have in future if you are going to use this engine for future premium games having a little picture of all the girls (much like the first game) and have 2 sets of respect stats under each girl, one for you and one for your rival so the player then knows which girl he has to work on the most to win all the girls over his rival.

    Not a criticism just some positive feedback to think about in the future, only thing i do miss from part 2 compared to part 1 is the repeatable scenes which you would get if you updated the days to hours instead of afternoon, evening etc. You could even use a 24 hour clock for it (much like sensual haunting) but when you do sleep it eats up 7-8 hours of your following day so if you choose to do the late/early hours scenes you then miss the morning scenes so it adds a time management concept to the game also snd replay ability will then go through the roof.

    I know you guys cant please everyone and thats fine but what if you decided to do a LWT2.5 or LWT3 I would like to throw in a few ideas for the game mechanics incorporating the engines of more than one game to make it the crowning jewel of the game collection on your site.

    I would say these options
    1) Do the days in 24 hour clock period bearing in mind the main character needs at least 7-8 hours sleep. This will allow more free roaming to the game.
    2) Use the star system for the sex scenes and progress with each girl, much like roommates.
    3) Keep the new “rival engine” but implement it like I suggested above to make it a true competition.
    4) Set events are great but give an option whether to go or not (this would have been great in LWT1 if you chose to go with Tracey to the cabin and had lots more sexual adventures with her over the weekend).
    5) Keep stat building to a minimum (a mix of LWT1 and LWT2 would be great for this as i find Eleanor games too much of a headache meeting all the stats (probably just me lol).
    6) With any cheating couple it would make sense to add in a Suspicion Gauge as it would then add in a more of a danger element for the player not wanting the main character to get caught but if you do give dialogue options to limit the damage to the gauge.

    Please add in 2 new mansion locations for LWT2 update.

    Bathroom – Justin can walk in on any of the girls having a shower or a bath like in LWT1

    Gym – This is the only location I think the ball was dropped on the game as every Olympian married to a multi millionaire would have their own gym, multiple possibilities here.

    Also an evening excursion would be great you could add in a Nightclub where Lisa and Gabby go to most nights where you can only go if you cheated with Lisa and maybe a swingers club where you can take Tracey if you shared her in the first game.

    Plus with the confessionals if Annie catches you and Tracey having sex if you choose Annie first then you could add in a scene where Justin catches Annie touching up Tracey with the lotion back at the house, or maybe even catch Annie masturbating to it later.

    Sorry for the long post but SO MANY possibilities with this game i could list them all day (yes i do have a life lol but seriously if anyone from LOP Team need any ideas drop me a line lmfao).

    1. I agree with you, very good update suggestions. A 24 hour clock system would work great and give repeatable sex scenes, and the stars idea like in roommates would be a very good update too, i hope they decide to put them in. Great ideas man.

  63. I was expecting this game to be bigger. Its like 2-3 hours gameplay. 6days total.It mite have more images but its no where near the default release of the first game.

    Room mates was very basic also.

    1. Dude, you’ve been reading my mind xD.
      I like your ideas, here’s another one from me. How about fucking maid in the kitchen?
      While fucking the maid, the dirty old pig from the beginning will hide and watch that how Justin is fucking the maid, this will make the game funny and more interesting.
      And a bet option, where you can bet with Richard on something, if you win you will fuck his wife but if you loose, Richard will fuck your wife.
      And I would also like to see a friendly option, where Richard and Justin can be a good friends instead of being a dick to each other all the time, I mean Richard suggest Justin to hang out and remember the good and old days when they both were single, so the both of them deciding to go to club and have some fun, in the club the both of them deciding to flirt with a student girls and then having problems with their boyfriends, this will make the game a little funny in a better way.

      1. And another funny option, where Justin scares the shit out of all guys at sex shope, and only puts his dick in the glory hole(so that he will be relaxed that Lisa and Gab will only suck his dick) xD.

  64. Leonizer;
    I wanted to ask when will CLUB VELVET ROSE be released I was looking the games you were going to post this year has the project been post poned/cancelled or will be released this year?

    From A Huge fan;

  65. To be honest for me it is obvious that it is an unfinished game.
    You can tell me what you want but expansions were planned from the beginning. To much unfinished scenes and intimations (Justin with Antionette & Gabriele in sauna or Justin & Antoinette are jogging …). I could imagine that we get more than one expansion with the same size like the main game but who knows. But I have to say for the shortness of this game it was not bad. I like the new system.
    My conclusion: Good but much room for improvement.

    1. Or when you decide to sunbath with the topless Lisa and Gabrielle.
      Then it just says: “You spend a nice time at the pool.” (Or something like that) and the scene ends.

  66. Hi,

    Putting here a little Walkthrough to help some players to see more clear what happen in this game.


    Do whatever you want, if you refuse Lisa you’ll a sex scene with Tracy, if you accept to touch Lisa’s pussy you get the sex scene with Lisa.

    Then take the sentences 2 and 1.

    Day 1

    Afternoon, Get check Lisa’s room to fix her computer +3Points
    Living Room -> Click on the Pen / 1->+1 Point/2-> Nothing
    Justin and Tracy’s room -> Nothing special
    Pool -> +1Point for Richard

    Dinner Time, get the sentences 1 and 1.

    In the evening you can go in Gabriele’s room to get 1 point, but the better choice is to go in your room to get 2 points and the sex scene with Tracy.
    If you go in Ann’s room, you get -1Points

    Day 2

    In the morning take a look at the book to read the history.
    Then take the group in picture +1 Point or listen to Richard +2 Points.
    If you listen to Richard without taking the book, you let Richard get 2 Points !!!!!!
    There you can leave or click on the confessional.
    Antoinette and Gabriele doesn’t lead to anything.
    If you get Tracy you can take a look to a sex scene.
    If you get Lisa you can get an Achievement and a sex scene.

    Afternoon, your choice at here is meaningless, but you can go in the swimming pool and take the sentence 2 to get 1 Point or go the living room, The hot tub but there’s nothing special.

    Dinner Time, 1

    In the evening, you can go to the pool to get 2 points.
    If you go to your room you get +1Point and spend so time with Tracy.
    You can also check the living room where you see Gabriele and Lisa but it doesn’t spend your time so you can make another choice behind this !
    Or go to the sauna to get the scene with Richard and Antoinette.

    Pull your towel ->Next
    Leave it-> Next +1Point

    1 -> Next
    2 -> End +1 Point
    If next
    1-> End +1 Point
    2-> Next
    If next
    Stay Silent -> Next
    Try to touch her -> Next +1Point FOR RICHARD
    Leave -> Next
    Obviously Next
    Leave -> End
    2-> Next
    If Next
    1-> +2 Points for Richard
    2-> You force Antoinette to get on your lap, nothing special happen but the scene for next day is locked.

    In the end of this scene, if you go to the end and choose 1 for the last choice, you’ll get the scene for the 3rd day.

    Day 3

    Be Cocky-> -1 Points but you’ll get able to get a scene where you ride perfectly the horse and It will give you 3 Points [You get +2Point so]
    Be cautious-> Next

    Go for a swim -> Achievement -1Point
    Go for a climb -> Sex scene with Lisa

    If swim

    1-> Next +2Points for Richard
    2-> Next +1 Point

    1-> Let her play +2Points
    2-> +1Point for Richard

    If clim

    Show anger -2Points
    Be cool +2Points


    You can check Gabriele’s room but it’s uselss.
    If you go to the kitchen you can join Lisa and Tracy.


    Arm -> +2 Points if you have been cocky with the horse. If not nothing special.
    Leave -> Scene unlocked

    Dinner Time



    You can go to the stables and ride the horse if you were cocky +3Points
    You can go to the swimming pool with Tracy but it’s useless.
    If you go to Lisa’s room you can leave and don’t loose time, or dance with them, if you dance with them Tracy comes in the room, you can invite her or apologize.

    If you invite her -1 Point
    If you Apologize -2 Points


    Tell her to stay naked -> Next +1Point
    Turn back -> End

    1-> -1Point and end.
    2-> Next

    Reject Her -> End
    Accept -> Achievement and sex Scene
    Argue ->Next

    If Argue

    Agree-> Sex scene and achievement
    Demand a blow job -> +1Point sex scene.

    At the end Tracy get in and you can stay or go to the pool, nothing special.

    Day 4

    Sentence 2

    Let’s Have Sex ! -> avoid end 5
    Yeah do it -> nothing special.

    1-> Nothing special.
    2-> +1 Point FOR RICHARD and next

    If next
    1-> +2Points
    2->+1 Point for RICHARD

    Then right here this is one of the most important choice of the game. You can get your son with you or let him to Richard.

    1-> Keep your son. +2 Points
    2-> Let your son to Richard (AND MANY SCENES GET UNLOCKED) +1 Point for RICHARD

    ~ Whatever you choice you go with Tracy and Ann.

    Take the sentence 1 and click on the bottles behind Tracy.
    Then click on the waiter.

    If you have keep your son with you -> End.
    If you let him to Richard -> Next !!!!!!!!

    Fuck it -> Scene Unlocked negge !!
    **Leave -> End


    You can check Ann’s room or your room but it’s useless.
    If you go to the stable you get your son back.
    You can listen some music in the living room and get 2 Points.


    You can go to the pool but nothing special

    Hot tub

    Deny -> END 3 !!!!
    Let her show your more -> Next
    Tell her to put down the phone -> Sex Scene

    You can select let her show you more several times.
    Then you’ll get two ways:

    Keep Watching-> Achievement.
    Take Off -> Sex Scene.

    If you Keep Watching you get an achievement if you get naked. Or you can go away.

    Day 5


    You can check Gabriele’s room or the pool but nothing special.
    If you go to Ann’s room you can get a run with her +1Point
    Or you can go to the kitchen and make something for everyone +2 Points


    You can go to your room and get a sex scene with Tracy.
    If you go to the living room, you join Ann, Gab and Lisa but nothing special.
    If you check the kitchen you can eat something and get +2 Points.

    Day 6

    Take the sentence you want first

    Go with them -> End
    Stay -> Next

    If Next
    Peek Inside -> Next
    Wait outside -> End.
    If Next
    1-> You say nothing
    2-> Deal
    3-> Sex scene

    2/ With the deal you can accept or not, if you accept you join the others, If you don’t accept she gives you more money and you join the others.
    3/With the sex scene you can make a double cumshot with Gui and get an achievement.

    Then you join back the others

    1-> Next
    2-> End 9 (The most funny and and awesome end of all LOP Games hahahahaha !!!)

    If you haven’t join Ann, you can compliment her.

    1-> -1 Point
    2-> Nothing special.


    You can go to the swimming pool, and with couple other choices you made before you have many ways.

    The way nothing happen.
    The way Tracy isn’t here and you can leave or stay.
    The way you carry all the girls.

    Actually On this part, I don’t know what are exactly the conditions to get on a way or another.


    Sauna, you check Gab and Ann but nothing special.
    Your room or Lisa’s room, end of day 6.

    End of day 6

    You can keep quiet or suggest a threesome.

    You get the threesome if you made some couple choices with Tracy.
    If you don’t, you get nothing :p

    With the threesome you get Ending 5.

    To get evil exposed achievement, you must have less points than Richard, so make bad choices and check everytime Richard’s office, on the day 3 you’ll get the occasion to go on his computer. Get the password GOD. Then you have two choice.

    Expose him or Use it.

    If you expose him you have the achievement.
    If you take advantage you see Tracy and Lisa in the kitchen doing some stuff…

    If some people wan tot help to complete this, I have thoses questions that are still for me undiscovered.

    Stable with Ann?

    What is the point to leave or to get down this guy? Is the there an achievement or a scene with this? And so how we get it?

    Pool day 6?

    I’ve been able to see that you can seek Tracy but I used to leave and not to stay, but how to manage this path?
    I’ve been able to see also that you can carry all the girls, but what’s the path to get this scene?

    Use at your advantage the camera?

    Well, you see Tracy and Lisa with this Tequila and lime… Ok, but how is this usefull next?

    Lisa and Tracy pregnant, That hurt so much Achievement?

    Those are the 3 achievements I don’t get already, so how we get them?

    Finally how do we get the ends 2/4/6/7/8?

    With those informations this walkthrough will be complete.

    Enjoy the game.

    1. Just a few correction,
      On day 2: if you have sex with Tracy in the confession room, then you will get a scene in Hot tub with tracy on day 2.

      On day 3: if you don’t climb the hill, you can win the wrestle in stable.

      On day 6 afternoon in pool:
      1. you chose the “You can do the same, but you are not guy” in day 6 first choise. And you hold higher respect than Richard, you will hold all girls. Then” drop ” Gabby, a new scene, but nothing special after that.
      2. You hold less respect than Richard, tracy not come( She is in Richard’s romm, but you need to unluck office camera before to know that.) The choice doesn’t matter.(hope new expanssion can link this with Richard’s room)

      Ending 1 – Get caught by Tracy by watching all phone picture with Lisa+Gab (Need to let Richard babysit -> then visit day 4 evening hot tub)
      Ending 2 – Watch Tracy cheat all the way though and choose to divorce at the end
      Ending 3 – Similar to ending 1, but choose “Deny” in the hot tub.
      Ending 4 – You don’t do anything
      Ending 5 – Threesome with Lisa and Tracy
      Ending 6 – Get Lisa pregnant – Need to gain access to surveillance camera(To be explained in the achivement)
      Ending 7 – Watch Tracy cheat on you and choose to not do anything about it
      Ending 8 – Watch Tracy cheat and punch him in the face
      Ending 9 – In day 6 restaurant, chose “have threesome with Antoi” (You don’t really need to, just find she cheats will give this option)

      Running wild – choose to swim instead of climbing
      Creamy Absolution – (choose to have cheated with Lisa) and then have to confess her sins
      Super Hot Tub – Have high respect and let Richard babysit Charlie. Visit Hot Tub in Day 4 evening, watch the phone through the end.
      That hurts so much – You need to have low respect score + cheated on Tracy + have access to camera+ watch through the end and do nothing.
      Tracy is pregnant – Choose to have shared Tracy with other men. On Day 3 afternoon just don’t win the wrestle(don’t go stable or don’t win, otherwish there is no rape on day 5). On Day 5 afternoon, with high respect score, go to pool(find tracy with lisa, tracy suggest to go stable) bangang -> Come inside. (If you do threesome with Lisa, the achievement doesn’t work.) (One interesting thing is that, if you make your respect lower than Richard in later game, that makes Tracy cheat with Richard, and you found that with camera. Then Tracy want to keep the baby, so the baby might be Richard’s!!!!)
      And Lisa too – You need to have access to camera and see Gab sabotage the birth control pills(This is on day 4 evening). Have threesome and come inside Lisa
      Evil Exposed – Visit Richards office multiple times until you get access to the cameras and then tell everyone. Day 1 afternoon to office, lose point(Don’t go). After that, the first time to office, nothing happened(but you should go). The second time to office, you found you could go office when Richard go to bathroom. The 3rd time will successfully hack the computer: password: GOD.
      Double Cumshot – Have high respect score and on day 6 have sex with Ann by staying in the Ice rink. Choose to finish on face
      3some worth waiting for – Have high respect score and on day 6 evening choose the threesome option.

      1. Oh, the earliest day to get the camera access is on day 3 afternoon. Then can see all the following with camera.
        Day 3 afternoon: Tracy/Lisa in kitchen scene
        Day 3 evening: lisa/gabby dancing, rich/an fighting
        Day 4 afternoon: Lisa/Gabby in stable scene
        Day 4 evening: Gabby change Lisa’s pill
        Day 5 not working.
        Day 6 afternoon: High respect: Tracy slam Richard; Low respect, Tracy cheats with Richard.

        1. actually its not high respect , in the beginning if you choose ” cheated with lisa” then at 6th day you’ll see tracy cheats on 6th day and if you choose ‘ didnt cheat on tracy ” then tracy slaps richard on 6th day

          1. Nah, that’s wrong. I tried both just to experiment with what Tracy would do. It all has to do with the respect level.

            I tried it with high and low respect when cheated on Tracy with Lisa, and got either the cheating scene or Trach slaps Richard. The only difference will be she doesn’t stick her middle finger up at the camera, because then she would give that sign that she knew you were cheating “Achievement: That hurts so bad” She just lies there on the bed with Richard’s dick near her mouth.

            I tried the same thing with being completely faithful and got the same results. It’s part of the reason I didn’t like this game so much. Payback is payback, but Tracy doesn’t strike me as the type to just cheat behind Justin’s back if he was faithful, especially after LWT. That’s why the only LWT for me is the prequel.

          2. wow didnt check that . if what you said is true , then the story ending really seems kinda messed up and also the character personalities .

      2. actually, day 2 in the confessional, if you ask Annie first, then Tracy, you’ll get the hot tub scene. If you ask Tracy first, then the confessional scene completes and the hot tub scene isn’t much of anything.

  67. I’ve seen Sandy from LWT1 on the last page of endings (in the swinger’s club). I hope she will be added in extended LWT2! For example, she could meet us at the store or in the church… It’s a good idea, I think.
    And what about that servant girl in black & white dress in LWT2? Dialogues and scenes with her are also must to be in the game!
    I like the game, nice job:)

  68. Antoniette is a great and interesting charachter.
    Hope it will be more explored in the EXP.

    And yes lets have that 3some with Tracy and Antoniette behind the back Richard or having him watching it since he likes to exhib his wife.

    I’m all for it.

    1. To be honest, Antoinette is the hottest woman in LOP games since Lisa & Tracy… I really like her character and how she looks…
      Hope it will be more coming in the future from her maybe also a free game with her and Richard… who knows…


  69. I really love this game. Thanks for your time and efforts in the development!

    I played if overnight. There are so many scenes could be expanded without changing any game structure, Day 5/6 has so few options.
    Some scene I am eager to see:
    After Justin found the camera, treaten Richard, and they have some agreement, then they two have sex with all other girls.
    Day 6, Antoi and Gabby in sunna and maybe more!
    Richard with Lisa and Gabby. Extend the scene in camera on day 3 evening.
    A very hard path to make Richard have to leave the house to give Justin the chance to have sex with all 4 girls on Day 6 afternoon pool.
    Day 5 evening in living room with Lisa/Gabby/Antoi.
    Day 4 evening hot tub with Lisa/Gabby/Tracy.
    Day 4 evening in pool with Tracy/Antoi.
    Day 4 shopping with Tracy/Antoi not just massage, sex!.

    A suggestion:
    The game is already 300MB?! I think the 6 level of motion strength is the main reason of such large data size. Furthermore, it is the imagination based on the scene that make me most excited instead of the motion. I seldom adjust the motion because it’s not interesting. And the level 1,2,6 are really bad actually.

    I played your game since the very early version of lesson of passion and lesson of passion 2 (which are not available now?). And I think in this kind of twisted story mode, the motion of sex scene is not as important as the story itself. Maybe concentre on the story instead of sex scene motion.

    Thank you so much to introduce such an exciting game.

    Your sincerely,

  70. I honestly did not like this sequel much at all. I managed to get Ending 5 on the first go, and it’s the best ending, since I like fuzzy romance and intimacy, but I experimented a bit to see the different scenarios and didn’t like what I saw. Probably it’s due to my own expectations since I thought LWT was one of, if not, the best game you guys created, but a lot of things felt off. The game felt very rushed and it’s mostly in part due to the week long vacation. I’ll break it down piece by piece so this comment will definitely be TL;DR. I do hope you give it some thought though.

    First: Tracy. In LWT, we spent a full month rekindling our relationship with Tracy. Our bond should be as deep as ever, yet all it takes is a slightly higher respect total favoring Richard for her to lean more towards him. I believe it’s day 2 or 3 that you can go for a swim, and Richard blatantly gropes Tracy. Depending on your respect level, she will either warn Richard, or completely disregard it. She will either keep Justin calm and shows a hint of jealousy when Annie does the same, or completely ignore the fact that it even happened when Justin asks the question. I didn’t like this. We’re just 2 or 3 days into that trip and I imagined Tracy to be more faithful than that, regardless of “respect points”. And the fact that not even a week into the trip, and if Richard’s respect points are slightly higher than yours, she even goes so far as to cheat on you with Richard, even if you had not cheated with Lisa nor anyone else, not in LWT, nor in this one. I know that she has fantasies, but these fantasies are shared with Justin. This was just blatant disrespect that I wouldn’t expect from Tracy in less than a week. A month of bonding and rekindling in LWT is thrown out the window because of slightly higher respect points for someone like Richard. Who we’re staying with for a week….and this happens on day 6, mind you. Tracy is Eleanor’s friend, but watching that made me feel like I was watching Eleanor. Not Tracy. Tracy doesn’t strike me as someone who would just fuck Richard on the 6th day and allow him to do all these things to her that Justin only gets to do on occasion after we’ve been growing together and Justin had been cleaning and doing all these things for her. Truthfully, her relationship with Eleanor just felt like an excuse to turn this into a fuckfest of hormones rather than actual intimacy, something that had been a big part with Tracy’s growth toward Justin in the prequel. Had it been a month long vacation with Justin doing all the wrong things, then I can somewhat imagine her cheating. But not a week long vacation with someone whom she knows Justin isn’t fond of. Especially if the points are like 18 – 21 in Richard’s favor. And don’t get me started on wanting to keep the child of a random stable guy that she probably didn’t even see as he was ramming her hard. On a side note, some of those endings were just crazy out there. The bad ones at least. I still need to get one or 2.

    Second: Lisa. Lisa in LWT was someone who was very curious and sexually driven, that’s true, so I fully expected her and Gabrielle to tease the stable guys a bit. But while interacting with Justin, there was still plenty of passion in whatever they did sexually, had you cheated on Tracy with Lisa. In this one, again, it’s all based on how you compare point wise with Richard. It’s been a year or just about, and Tracy had said that Lisa is almost like family at this point (referring to ending 5). So the bond between Justin and Lisa is deep as well, whether it be sexually or not, she is the nanny of his child. When you join her and Gabrielle at the pool with a lower score than Richard’s, she seems uninterested in your company and asks you if you know where Richard was, then they leave you to find him, and you could guess what they were going to do when they found him. Her being uninterested in your company, especially if you fooled around with her, is kinda b.s. in my eyes. They’ve known each other for about a year now or a little over. And if you cheated, then she would’ve missed him even more so. Either way, I tolerate her behavior more than Tracy’s because she’s young and spontaneous, but this whole competition with Richard screwed with the characters I loved.
    Which brings me to the third issue I had.

    Third: Richard. What can be said about this asshole that hasn’t been thought by Justin at least once? I hated his character. The whole competition with this egomaniac really broke my love for the sequel. In LWT, the only negative atmosphere that would be around you is if you had done something to piss off Tracy, such as telling her last minute you won’t join her for your weekend getaway, not helping with the baby or cleaning, spending too much money too soon, or caught cheating. All of those things you could easily avoid if you were responsible enough, so keeping a great atmosphere in the house was not difficult at all. But Richard just brought a whole negative atmosphere every damn time he came into the picture or every time his name popped up. It got old, irritating, and stupid really really quick. His character was way too overbearing. His password is “God” for pete’s sake. I don’t know who’s idea it was to make him like that, but I felt that they went overboard. Every time he flaunted his money or work, his points went up and that’s basically all he did, was feed his own vanity. So if he’s a bit higher than you in points, Tracy just flocks to him like a gold digger by day 6, but I talked about that already. If not, then she will set him straight, but the question now is why even go in that direction to his room that exposed if the pool was the opposite direction and my points are higher than his?
    Richard brought a negativity that was very unnecessary to the game to me. Forced negativity is the term I’d give it. It was just a way to make Justin’s time harder for him. I didn’t like that. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m fighting for my family’s (Lisa included) love and respect over a week’s time when we’ve been through a lot in a year when you count the events that took place in the space between LWT and LWT2. I love Tracy and Lisa, but Richard’s presence was quickly turning me off from their company because I felt like I was being wrongly put down and challenged by him at every turn. I get that somewhere in there, that was the point, but that’s not my taste. I loved LWT because of the intimacy and passion. Even in the cheating route and sharing Tracy, you could still feel both of those things with some spontaneous and explosive feelings when Lisa and Tracy got hot and ready. It resulted in great sex experiences for all 3 of them. LWT2 just felt like a fuckfest of sluts and assholes with no sense of morals. Annie was a slut, but don’t really care cause she was cheating on Richard, which I found lovely. Even got her to jack me off which was also lovely. Still experimenting if you can do more. Gabrielle was a bitch who sabotaged Lisa, and Richard is Richard. It just felt like “Living in Richard’s World” more than anything else. I literally found myself clicking fast every time Richard came into the picture just to move to the next scene.

    ALLLL of that said, the story concept was good, but the execution felt sloppy, rushed and the characters were crazy and undesirable for me in the cases where I was testing other things, such as Tracy cheating and everything else that was at Justin’s expense. I also didn’t like the competition. Justin busted his ass for his love and/or lust. A week long vacation shouldn’t be a fight for said love who bears his child against a guy who only knows of himself and his accolades.

    It felt like Eleanor 3. Where morals and faithfulness don’t apply. But hey, I’m just a sucker for the old fashioned intimacy while loving a woman. Cheating gets to me, but LWT was the one game that didn’t make me feel like that. Can’t say the same for the sequel though.

    All that said AGAIN xD, ending 5 was best because it was everything I was looking for, but everything leading up to it was unbearable because of Richard and the sheer thought of being cuckolded in a week’s time. It’s like my biggest insecurity and fear, which is one reason it doesn’t appeal to me that much. I’m a man, and I can be a man, but by nature I’m soft and loving and the exact opposite in someone like Richard is a turn off, especially when seeing that Tracy doesn’t seem to mind. One thing I WILL say is that you guys do an excellent job and making me feel like I’m part of the story, because the emotions I feel when playing this is crazy. LWT made me feel like I was really one with the family in the eyes of Justin and it carried over to this, which is why I get so heated playing it. I don’t think an expansion could really fix the game for me, because even then, Richard would still be a big part of it. Not to mention the other assholes and bitches. But if you guys were to make an LWT3, I would love for the feeling I had in the prequel to return, along with some more freedom, like Eleanor 2.

    Graphics: 10/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Gameplay(?): 8/10 I like the quick and simple approach to the sex scenes. When it’s too interactive and involves a whole lot of mouse movement, it turns me off sometimes. Much like the earlier LOP games that required all this dragging of the mouse in multiple positions of sex.
    Story: 6/10: As I said, I liked the concept, but it felt sloppy in more ways than one.
    Characters: 4/10 Annie was good and Gabrielle was just a quick slut friend like that one friend Lisa had in the prequel I fail to remember her name. But yeah, Gabrielle was fine too, just a two faced bitch, but hey, if you aren’t careful EVERYONE is a two faced slut in this sequel. That’s the turn off. At the snap of a finger, people you grew with turn on you for wealth if you aren’t careful with your choices. And all in the span of a week as opposed to a year. I’d respect it more if it were a month, but this is me just ranting on Tracy’s willingness to cheat so easily, since I really loved her character in the prequel. My ideal girl is honestly someone like her. Ambitious, freaky, spontaneous but can be intimate and is open to new things. She’ll have her fantasies, and I could fulfill them for her, but in the end, she loves only me and doesn’t fall in love with lust. Honestly Lisa and Tracy were as close to my ideal women as anyone can get.

    Final Verdict: 5/10. Half for the visuals, the missing half for the story and characters/development. Either way, I’m looking forward to your next work guys. Best of luck!

  71. REVIEW: Graphics are good as always, story good (still place to extend some scenes), charcters are well made. Game mechanics i dont like it at all. Compared to the stat builder games the choices are here very limited unless you find the right path. And we been fastforwarded and railroaded trough a series of events with limited choices (aka less freedom). Its more of an interactive visual novel than a game. But unless the good old “Fightning Fantasy” books here the bad/dead ends not very detailed only the correct path. So if you miss to unlock some key events rest of the game geting very short, simple and plain. That would me still ok. HOWEVER you pretty much have to play trough a full game to try change something you realy should have put some proper save-load game for experimenting with choices esepecially, because you most of time can chose from like 8 location, 2 have events but
    only one of them is good and you dont have any clue at location selection (and several events dont have “back” option). So one missclick or wrong place by trying to explore the mansion and you can restart the game.
    Generaly still a great game but wont be my favourite.

    Something else: The ending where Tracy got pregnant I dont like. If we get there with like high self esteem, and respect (so its the workers not Richards), should have some b type ending where in return that you not filing a divorce (dna would show she cheated) and raising some strangers kid after all you did for her (like vasectomy) you corner her that is her time to do sacrifices for family… example she looks after family you chase your dream become novelist on your experince writing softporn novels getting rich (hello LWT3..) and/or she realy have to make you up getting abused disrispected like she has to lick clean your dick after you bang the ass of a hooker in front of her, or suck out your sperm from the hookers asshole, get bondaged/lent for friends, whatever… (two can be combined like “just inpiration for next novel”). I think it would be great to have a degradatory ending where Justin wins after the ending in LWT1.

    1. There is a save load function. You can play any day over and over again to find all the options before moving on. Go to menu, main menu, and click “continue”. You start the morning of whatever day you were on when you went to the main menu.

      I’ve been meaning to tell people that for a while – this functionality is built into almost all LOP GOLD games for at least a couple of years now, I think.

      1. They have auto save and only one slot, so if I realised I wanna go back 2-3 days and change my path thats wont be possible. This game is only couple of days so it might work, but i just not get used to it to using because of its flaw. Not to mention when i tried to use it in room mates i find out if you play loaded game certain event cant/wont trigger so i not realy trust it.

  72. Maybe a silly Question but after scrolling and reading a lot of comments I did not find my answer, although I might have missed it. My question is when you see a “sparkle” on the screen does that indicate an action can be done, as a few comments allude to reading a book and something on the shelf, as I never have an option to click anything but the choices at the bottom? Thank you for your time.

  73. Still looking for a means to get a membership.
    I used the support form and still received no reply.
    I want to use a prepaid cc but both processors are telling me denied, and the bank says no…any thoughts?

  74. story sucks
    game mechanic sucks
    it was expected not be at the level of Lwt 1 but is very far, huge disappointment for me.
    i hope this will be the end of Lwt
    i hope lopteam lack of imagination and creativity will pass, and see new games, new stories, new characters, not eleanor 7, lwt 8.
    iksanabot after get me pregnant you did another stupid game i did not expect this from you.

    1. I disagree. I think the LOP team should focus especially on expansions/sequels to LwT. A LwT 3, done right, doesn’t sound bad 🙂

      But I agree the game mechanic could have some changes. For example, some stats for each girl, maybe ? Flirting with Gabrielle shouldn’t get you laid with Tracy. And reapetable scenes, like in the first game. Maybe a combination between the stats from the first game and the new mechanics from the second one ?

      It would be nice for the LOP team to post an update about what’s next. When the work for the expansion begins, when should we expect it (I’m not referring to a release date, but rather something like ,,hey guys, don’t expect the expansion before november/christmas/2020 etc”.

      1. lol 2020 XD .
        anyway , actually i dont think there is anyway to change the game mechanic . If they have to change the mechanic then they’ll have to change the whole structure of the game . Stat building takes time meaning they’ll have to introduce more time , meaning there will be change in the story .
        The game had this story like you had the possibility find out many new stuffs in a short time but not a very solid ending and the characters werent given much time to shine either in their own way .
        If the mechanic is changed they’ll have to change the story in a way that each character will have to have a solid background , unique character maybe , coping up with that character or 2 or 3 characters and having a solid ending or an ending to finish 1 arc .

        Example like the lisa character in LWT 1 , you had to build your own stats , you had to build stat with her , you had to go out with her , you had to buy her few stuffs , in other words you started to know her , then understood her and then did your thing .
        and in LWT 2 you had like lets do this cheating sex thing or we dont . Actually thats what i found about her in this game . If its bout expansion then I cant expect much , the team can only add some new scenes or maybe extend a few more days (maybe in france vacation or maybe at their home) , they cant change the initial story.
        But i hope the team comes up with abit more better story in 2020 or in far future for another LWT sequel .

        1. Yeah, I believe that for LwT 3 they should return to the stats mechanic from the first game. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 😀 The new game had an interesting new concept, but it tends to make the game feel a little short. And perhaps a little to different. Maybe add the non-stats mechanic to a new game and make LwT 3 like the first one, with new settings, characters (keep the old ones), interactions. Or, again, for LwT 3, try doing a combination of the LwT 1 and LwT 2.

          But enough talk about LwT 3, good luck to the LOP team working on the expansion for LwT2. Take as much time as you want, even a full year, as long as we get a big expansion.

    2. Hello sir im totally agree with you.
      Lwt 1 and Eleanor 1 were epic.
      We were free at first games
      Players more interesting with role play.

      game is force us to play with on 1 line only. we want to be free.
      Story really sucks !
      i just like secret camera things.
      Omg still i cant believe it how bad this can be !
      İm really so sorry to write this one. You were reallly epic at first game Lwt and Eleanor. İ dont know why but you are failed for second games.
      For a next game we would like to see much more character and places for a discover.

  75. there are few scenes that i would like to see expanded

    -on day 1 when you go and fix lisa’s laptop she gives you a nice kiss,setting is pretty hot and it could be expanded to nice little tease if we didn’t cheat and to something more hotter if we did cheat

    -day 2 when you go for a swim in the evening lisa is blown away when she sees justin,there could be an option for justin to invite her in and carry her on shoulders to build up relationship

    -going for a climb with lisa,that one is my favourite scene in game,if you didn’t cheated with her before she is really excited for what is about to happen,dialogue is really great,there could be more options during sex

    -day 3 pool with tracy,there could be more than a swim

    -day 4 dinner,everyone is dressed up and looking great,maybe add some flirting or teasing for building up relationship and tension

    -justin and tracy shower scenes,one of them must include something more

    -threesome with tracy and lisa,don’t get the wrong idea,that scene is hottest thing ever but threesome with antoinette had 6 options (and it’s easily one of the best executed scenes in lop games),please apply this to the one we’ve waited the most

    1. Also i chose cheated with Lisa, but not any of the evenings i could sneak into her room after tracy fall asleep. 🙁 I think thats so obviuos choice im realy sad its missing. Especialy they were realy into each other not seeing for a year…
      Imagine than following day Richard comes with a video of it. So you have to put some pills in Tracy’s drink at dinner and watch him having a go with her when she sleeps. Thats a much better thats realy hurts achievment (if you never shared her).

  76. Some reflections after playing a few times:

    1 I can see why some are disappointed, as the game works quite differently from LWT1 – if you really loved the original game mechanic then this won’t feel as good. There was a similar issue with Eleanor 2. It’s a pity that you can’t wipe people’s memories temporarily before they play the sequel, so that they can consider the game on its own merits.

    2 If the team had stuck closer to the original formula there would have been critics saying that it wasn’t a real sequel, just another expansion, which would have been true.

    3 The real proof of how good it is will be how many fans want to replay the game.

    4 I will probably keep coming back because of the great graphics, good script, and the ability to make the story take different directions, all reasonably consistent with what we already know about Tracey and Lisa.

    5 My main criticism is the same as for most other people – the game feels too short. Sure, there is a lot of content, but you can’t access it all on one play through unless you do what Iksanabot suggests and replay each day. This feels like cheating and you lose the sense of a coherent story.

    6 I also feel that although the story works well enough for the main characters and the scenes with Antoinette are great, there isn’t enough opportunity for relationships to develop, especially with new characters. I am optimistic for the expansion but sad that this will be some way off.

    7 Making it possible to do more things in one day would be great, if possible, although I am not against adding more days either. Nobody who takes the trouble to travel to France for a holiday only stays a week, especially if the accommodation is free! Another option might be to place more hidden objects or actions in scenes (e.g. the pen, the massage oil).

    8 A few repeatable scenes would help too. One of my favourite features in LWT1 was the fact that you could repeat favourite sex scenes with Lisa on a daily basis, just like you would in real life.

    9 Overall, a great effort and I look forward to more from this team.

  77. I went back to do a playthrough of LWT before bounding into LWT2 and I can honestly say I was disappointed. I don’t mind the change from stat building to convo choices but it takes away the feeling of accomplishment when the only stat I have to worry about is not being as much of a dick as the other guy. Is it really that hard? Apparently hard enough that Justin’s wife is ready to fuck the asshole within a week. These can’t be the same girls from LWT.

    I would’ve expected more situations where Lisa would tempt Justin than the paltry few that appeared in LWT2. I see her interacting more with strangers than with Justin either alone or somewhere within sight. But what if Justin and Lisa never happened? Are there scenes for Lisa and Richard? Nope. The possibility is implied in the beginning of the game but nothing.

    Then there’s Tracy. She’s more than willing to bare it all and allow someone other than her husband to touch her and not even say a word but deny it even happened. It also appears that her love life has gotten so bad that it only takes a week of someone known to be a arrogant asshole to play it cool and she lets him fuck her.

    The last thing I’m disappointed in is the implication of content that is implied in the beginning but never appears. Did Richard attempt to have sex with Lisa or Gabrielle? Can I steal Richard’s wife and make her my sex slave? Can Tracy be stolen and made to be Richard’s new sex slave? What about Lisa or Gabrielle?

    I’m hoping the expansion content adds the much needed scenes and interactions that could have made this game so much better than what was initially put out. This is only my opinion. Agree or not, I hope to see what other content will be added to this game.

    1. The story was kinda too odd . in LWT 1 the story seemed kinda like real , LWT 2 doesnt seem like that .
      example like if you had spended too much time on lisa and triggered a scene at the evening time in the house , there is a high chance of getting caught at any day . Also Tracy tried avoided any kinda of sexual activity in the house except bedrrom , when lisa was in , you were only able to do the kissing stuff only , and if kinky stuff , you were likely to get caught , which then becomes an awkward moment .
      In LWT 2 it was tracy licking lisa’s finger , though you didnt ever found them talking or staying with each other after coming to Richards house . and 3 some was totally free without anything happening .
      Also you can find tracy in LWT 1 that shes having second thoughts after the swining , wether how far they are gunna take and not to hamper their relation too much .
      In LWT 2 , its like shes’ the one making justin do what ever she wants and sex with tracy in stable , and half the time she was drunk .
      Character didnt seem to be matching at all. I mean characters do change with sequels , this change was kinda too much . Its like in prequel its a good wife with abit kinkyness to swining and in its a direct whore .

    1. – On the Plane: chose you didn’t share Tracy
      You can also have fun with Lisa. it doesn’t mind

      -Just be sure your competition points are higher ther Richar

      – Church: read history from the book and listen to Richard

      – Invite Trace in the confession booth. Enjoy.

  78. I think the game is pretty solid.

    First few playthroughs were the absolute worst. A huge disappointment. But after a while you get to understand how to get some of the branches in the story going and the story will be satisfying. Once you get there, you can try to combine the branch you know with figuring out another branch to the story and this is where the game shines.

    6 days is so short, but in a game without repeatable sex scenes, it is good that 1 playthrough doesn’t last long. Just replay for the scenes again.

    The only bummer is that it again is obvious that an expansion is needed. It’s obvious the game lacks stuff.

    You only get 2 actions per day. Most of them not useful. And why do we need to click dinner room at dinner time, it is the only room where stuff is happening, so might as well automatically go into dinner time.

    The scenes are hot though. I don’t really care for the different speeds, but I like how some scenes have a ton of different poses. The girls all look really great. The writing is solid (but only makes sense in the sharing Tracy point of view imho) apart from Richard and Justin. That relationship just blows.

    There is alot underneath the surface. And iksanabot seems passionate about adding even more. So yeah. First glance it seems crap, you can’t get anything going, but after awhile the game really shines in its own right.

    I’m very sure I’ll be picking up this game alot more than LWT1. I liked LWT1 more, but the faster pace in this one makes it way more “useful” if you catch my drift.

    1. Gabrielle needs to be fleshed out alot more. Agreed. She has got this mysterious background and seems the perfect naughty French slut. The biker gang etc.. I like what you guys did with the Derek fantasy. (That scene could use some different poses as well) and wouldn’t mind seeing more stuff happen in flashbacks or fantasies. You guys pulled some fantasies in Ele2 as well and it’s a cool way to give stuff that doesn’t have to fit in character nor story.

    1. If you use spy camera on Day four evening (after dinner I think) you should see Gabriele sneaking into Lisa’s room and sabotaging her birth control. After this, if you go to Lisa’s room DON’T fix it, then on day 6 end do threesome with Lisa and Tracy and come in Lisa.

  79. Every gameplay you find out something new.

    Day 5: Tracy will come up with the idea of having some fun in the stables only if she still under the influence of alcohol. If upu prefer the hangover remedy, she won’t propose the idea.

    Gabriele is a great charachter too. Perfect parter in crime for Lisa.

  80. I cannot have the treesome with Gabrielle et Antoinette.
    Each time i arrived to the diner where they are touching my leg but it’s stoping there. What do i missing?

    1. It is not in the game yet.

      What would also be nice is a group sex fantasy a la House Party in a sequel, maybe in a dream scene. The pool scene is a perfect step up towards that.

  81. its a pitty you do all the work with antoinette just to read, maybe in expansion more will happen( sauna scene with antoinette and gabrielle,) . after 5 or 6 replays you know all the arcs to follow, but i found the build-up in lwt 1 more challenging, not saying this is a bad sequil (far from) . maybe in expansion you could go and pay the girls a visit in their bedrooms , not just go to sleep .quickies in the pool, bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, stable etc.
    But i also want to thank the whole team for not only this game but all the games you bring out, some people seem to forget that without your effords we wouldn’t have the pleasure of playing these games. so remember for the 20-30 people who constantly talk negative you guys have a whole army of people who stay silent , never talk or say anyrhing but support you guys

  82. LWT2 is awesome but 6 days stroy is not good enough. An update would be great and im expecting it. I believe that lop will do it;)
    Btw i want to say -as an developer- congrats to all designers and developers good job 😉

  83. I may have found a bug ( forgive me if anyone already told you) but in day 6, locker room when you find Antoinette cheatin with her partner, I can’t click on any other option other than orgams.

  84. Just played the game with all the achievements and got all the endings, really liked the game although a bit short but lwt2 was everything worth the wait
    Btw i have a idea for lwt3 it is similar to Antoshka that Justin lives with Tracy and Lisa, here Lisa has a kid from Justine and they all live together, but the thing is that Lisa told to her parents that she’s living with her boyfriend and his sister(she will introduce Tracy as Justin’s divorced sister that is living with them with her child).
    So, Lisa’s parents will come to see their 1st born grandchild and to meet Justine. Lisa’s brother will also come to see Justin and the child, but knowing that Tracy is Justin’s sister, he will have a crush on her. Here Justin asks Tracy to persuade Lisa’s father cause he is snooping around a bit too much (I know why the old man but a dirty character should be in the game like Kevin in Eleanor :P) But Lisa’s father also want to get into Tracy’s pants, now Justin should work harder to keep Lisa’s brother and Lisa’s father away from Tracy with all the convincing.

  85. So if there is any expansion will there be more cuckolding added? And in the future will there be a lwt3 elenore3 crossover since they are “friends” or will they always remain a standalone?

  86. Ok the first time I played through this game I thought ” ok this is pretty good graphics are great and all” now after playing a bunch I just have to say is is ok.

    Tracy cheating after less than a week just because Richard’s points are higher, come on leo. This game felt like you realized that a year ago you anounced the game and then got involved with other things. Then a couple of months ago you were like

    “Oh fuck I gotta do LWT2” and it is not bad but it seems like the edge of all your earlier games has gone.

    The things that we liked from you before are missing in your last several games. Get back to your roots man and take your time and design a game that has good graphics AND a good story.

    Thanks I will still be a fan and occasional subscriber when you release a good game.

  87. Hi all

    I’m working in the games market (actually boardgames and rpg games) both as developer, expert and reviewer. I’m usually playing this games looking with high interest at the game mechanics. Here my 2 cents about LWT2

    Starting with a vote and than detailing. If LWT was 8.5/10 this one is 6/10

    I like the idea (as game designer) to work on a simple scale of two ranks compared. I don’t know how much you have explored this (I still have to play the game in all his possibilities) but if is not just a 3 valued scale with Richard > Justin, Richard = Justin or Richard < Justin it can offer many possibility.

    Activating events/scenes if one of the values is above/below a fixed number or if the difference is more or less than another number could be nice and increase the variability.

    What really this game lacks is the feeling of leaving a real adventure. Many locations (and are not so much in the game) are useless most of the time: the characters are not really living there. It will be nice to have more possibility to interact, to rise/lower your score.

    The interaction with the locations (just like in the kitchen) are few and rare. I really would like to have the possibility to knock at Lisa/Gabrielle door or just to have a sauna in the night or to skip a dinner or to do something during the dinner.

    Finally the game itself is just too short: much more close to the bonus games that the usual standard games.

    The arts, the animations are nice and top level, but I think we are talking about a game and not a movie so the work on the core mechanics can't be put in second place.

    Quick review: nice the idea of the two scores but not really developed at top. Too few opportunity of interaction with characters and locations. Too short the time you need to complete the game.

  88. Hey guys

    I love this game series lwt1 + lwt2

    I like the idea for lwt3 from Antoshka and vipyo

    Justin Tracy and Lisa, all live together happy Lisa tells them, she’s pregnant Tracy laughs Justin pass out Tracy tells Lisa she is pregnant too. So now (both pregnant together) Justin has two kids from both. However the problem is Lisa’s parents don’t know that she lives a swinger life with Tracy and Justin. Lisa told her parents that she’s living with her boyfriend and his sister(she will introduce Tracy as Justine’s divorced sister that is living with them. Tracy and Justin go along with the plan
    So, Lisa’s parents visit and they’re surprised to find she’s pregnant and so, is Tracy they meet Justine, the situation will be like this, Lisa’s brother Tyler (sly sneaky guy) will also come to see Justine but knowing that Tracy is Justine’s sister, he will have a crush on her.
    The point of the game will be to hide the fact that you’re living with 2-hot hormonal chicks and you have a 2 children on the way Justin has to work harder to keep Lisa’s brother Tyler away from Tracy because he is up to something all while secretly please his women. Working being a family man and be nice to her family members

    just some ideas

    cant wait for more

  89. Well done to the team, I think the game is a success. It may feel short because its just 1 week, but theres a ton of content and alternate scenes based on all the choices which makes it one of the best games in terms of replay value. I truly understand how difficult it mustv been to code and the hard work shows. My idea for an expansion is to add at least one more week to the game and include some repeatable sex scenes like the first game. Maybe on the last day Ann suggests at dinner that the guests stay for another week or even better Richard gets called away on urgent business leaving you alone with all the hot woman for a week. Now thats living with temptation! Also I really hope Lisa purchases some items from the sex shop like that bondage outfit on the manikan and surprises Justin with it when he visits her room at bedtime and she has to use the gag to keep quiet otherwise Tracey will hear. The possibilities are endless. On a lighter note, does anyone else think the kid looks nothing like his parents? lol i think Tracey has some explaining to do. He looks kinda creepy as well, like the spawn of satan. And the butler dude looks evil like hes going to deliver the kid to his master muhuhahahaha. Ok I went overboard I’m sorry. Anyway its a dumb thought i know, nobody gives a damn about the screwy kid, I just thought it was funny.

  90. Ending 1: Evening at the Hot Tub at Day 4 if you keep watching the video.

    Ending 2: Afternoon at Richard’s Office at Day 6 watch what happens and then divorce that cheating bitch. (Note: Justin must have low respect than Richards to get this to work, also you must keep visiting the office on Day 2-5 to unlock this scene).

    Ending 3: Like ending 1 at the Hot Tub press Deny to Lisa.

    Ending 4: Right at the very end of the game press Keep Quiet.

    Ending 5: Like ending 4 but you press Suggest Threesome.

    Ending 6: Frequently visit the Richard’s Office until you get a scene where Gabriele’s in Lisa’s room tampering her pills. Go to Lisa’s room you’ll be given a choice Crush the pills or Do nothing, press Do Nothing. Suggest a Threesome and cum in Lisa’s pussy.

    Ending 7: Like in ending 2 Press Stop it from happening and Confess or Give in or Pretending Nothing Happened.

    Ending 8: Like in ending 2 and 7 Press Stop it from happening and Punch Richard with all your might!

    Ending 9: At Day 6 Stay and Watch Antoinette and Peek inside (Justin respect must be higher than Richard) Take advantage of her and at the Dinner Table expose her.

    I don’t know how much respect you can gather to get these endings.

  91. All right. It’s been a week since this game was released and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. This post is going to be very, very long and for that I apologize…

    First of all: Congratulations to the LOPteam on the release. It’s been a long time coming and you’ve had to put up with a lot during this journey. LwT1 is probably the most beloved game you’ve ever put out and my personal favourite. With that being said, I feel like there’s a lot to talk about when looking at the sequel. These are my thoughts and feelings on LwT2.

    -Graphics/Animation: LOP continues their track record of improving in this field. The renders are some of the best you’ve ever put out. The characters, both old and new, really come to life on the screen and the new textures on the old character models look great. Tracy and Lisa have never looked better and, if nothing else, this game cements their status as the poster-girls for the LOP business. I can’t get over how good Tracy looks in this. Richard looks sufficiently like a douchebag and Gabrieles model is intriguing and feels fresh in this setting. Antoinettes model, however, is boring and one-note. There is a lot of emotion in the character models, their poses and interaction. The images are also perfectly cut, with characters being in the center of the frame rather than completely to the left, leaving a lot of “dead space”. Each frame is used to its best potential. The background renders look amazing as well, something I feel is often overlooked in this game and they set the stage for the story very well. The animations are fluid and near flawless.
    Score: 10/10.

    -Story: The premise of the story is very intriguing and offers a lot of potential. But, honestly, I feel like that potential is wasted entirely. It starts of nice from LwT1 with a good intro and the sequence on the flight. But it quickly becomes devoid of direction and stumbles all over the place. The ability to shape your story by the choices possible in LwT1 is a very interesting idea, but it seems that little thought was put into the various paths and thus, some things just don’t make sense. For example, why does Justin need to hide his affair with Lisa if he and Tracy became swingers? Shouldn’t he, per their agreement, be able to fuck her or Gabriele if he wants to? Or how easily Lisa is seduced even if you choose to not having cheated with her during the first game… the difference between the choice of having cheated with Lisa vs. having not cheated with Lisa is so small that it is barely noticable and, after day 3, completely irrelevant… seems like a loss of opportunity and waste of energy and time. There is very little story to Gabriele and Antoinette, making their appearance pretty pointless and it seems as though the time spent on them could have been better spent on Tracy or Lisa, from a story and character developing standpoint. A lot of these shortcomings seems to be due to the time constraint of the game. 6 days is very, very short. 14 days or even 21 days would have made more sense and give time for the story to develop slowly rather than feel rushed and extremely dense. It would make sense from the characters standpoint too. Yes, France is expensive, but Tracy and Justin are, at least upper middle class (as told in the intro) and, living with Justins billionaire cousin, they have rooms and meals paid for during the entire vacation… it’s not a stretch to say their vacation could have lasted 3 weeks.

    As I said, a week makes the story seem very rushed and dense. Everything happens so fast and events are left and right, with Justin desperately chasing his next fuck. LwT1 was a story of seduction, infidelity and morality, set to the backdrop of the cheat vs. not cheat choice. It expertly built tension, gave a sense of longing and guessing/hiding feelings and actions. LwT2 does away with all that for an all-out, in-your-face, lightning fast fuck-fest…. not saying such a thing can’t be enjoyable.. but it seems as though everything about the story that made LwT1 great (the tension, the choices, the challenges the freedom) is lost… I know this was done in an attempt to develop the story, but there’s no satisfaction in it for me. There’s also a lot of missed opportunities (no drunk sex with Tracy on night 4? WTF, man?) I am also sad there’s no “only Lisa”-ending… Oh, also the fact that this story intentionally left out things for an expansion and basically taunts the player with that fact… Not cool, guys. LwT1 felt complete, even pre-expansion. This feels like half a story.
    Score: 2/10

    -Characters: Justin is pretty much the same-old, same-old… so nothing wrong there. But Tracy seems horribly out of character throughout most of the game. In LwT1 she’s presented as an adventurous, but morally strong woman with a great sense of commitment. Given that LwT2 assumes you’ve successfully built a strong relationship with her in the previous game, it seems so left-field that she’d cheat on you with Richard after just 6 days(!). It would be understandable if Justin has cheated on her. But if you chose to remain faithful, all it takes for Tracy is less than a week of you being a little cranky and she just fucks whatever is in front of her. During the gangbang in the stables Tracy also seemingly doesn’t care who fucks her. In the first game she showed concern over the blowbang during the Vegas trip and took every precaution before the trip to the swinger club. In this game, she basically turns into Eleanor.
    Lisa also seem to be slut-ified in this. In the first game, I got the sense that she acted the way she did because she felt a strong connection with, and desire for, Justin. Here, she’s ready to jump on any cock she can get near. It can be excused with her being young, single and adventurous I guess. But it takes away a lot of the sense of victory I felt over having seduced her in the first game, if she’s ready to do those things with just anyone.
    More days during the game would have given time to properly explain these changes and give these two characters more focus. For me, Tracy and Lisa were always enough for a game. I don’t need more women and prefer quality over quantity. And I feel like LwT2 should just have revolved around those two girls, especially considering the time constraint.
    Gabriele is basically the Sandy of LwT2. Not really important, but I do feel that she has some intriguing aspects. She’s quite a good-looking lady and could act as a new temptation for Justin. Alas, there are no single scenes with her and she’s basically just an attachement to Lisas scenes rather than an actual character. The fact that she spoke solely french was also interesting and could have been a great potential to explore in interaction scenes. But alas (spoilers, I guess) she speaks and understands english perfectly.
    Antoinette is probably the most boring, clichéd and one-note character I’ve seen in a good while. She’s basically an Eleanor-clone and I feel the game would have been a lot better if she had been left out completely, making Richard a bachelor (thus making him more interesting to Tracy and, especially, Lisa).
    Richard is a great character. He’s written as a proper asshole and his inclusion was really interesting. The interaction between him and Justin was really, really well done. He’s basically the Joffrey of LOP. Love that dude, more of him.
    Score: 2/10

    -Dialogue: Characterization and Story notwithstanding, the dialogue was really, really good. The dialogue for the sex scenes is really hot and the characters have a lot of witty banter when not fucking. Really well written and definitely one of the games great strengths.
    Score: 9/10

    -Music: The music was great! The super cheesy love song at the menu screen was awesome and really fitting. The music during the sex scenes gives a sense of excitement without being obnoxious and out-of-place (like in CoL). The sex sounds were pretty good as well.
    Score: 9/10.

    -Gameplay: This ties into the story-part of my review. The change in gameplay was ballsy, especially because it was a big part of what made LwT1 so good. I understand the desire for a change of pace in the way you play the sequel. But it falls kind of flat, in my opinion. First of all: 6 days is. too. damn. short! It doesn’t make sense from story standpoint and from a gameplay standpoint. The whole game is packed to the brim with events and because of the time span, you don’t really have time to let digest those events and let them sink in… it’s just onward to the next fuck. There’s no sense of pause between events, leaving me pretty fatigued and getting a sense of pointlesness to the whole ordeal. There’s no sense of tension or anticipation… everything is just thrown in your face with zero effort on your part and that devoids the game of any sense of challenge or accomplishment. It’s just too damn easy (the Tracy/Lisa threesome is ridiculously easy to get and there’s no sense of accomplishment or victory when you get there). You give us a pretty big playground, but severely limit the time we have to explore it… which isn’t fair. 4 actions every day. Morning is always taken and there’s no free time to roam around the mansion, exploring, during the earlier hours. On afternoons, you just chase those sex scenes and scenes were you watch TV or such, just feels pointless and like a waste of time. Because ultimately they don’t matter (I know they give points, but only 1-2 and you can get far more during morning trips and evenings) and add nothing to characterization or story since the game is so short. Dinner event is always fixed and there’s no choice here, making it a chore to get through. Giving a choice of who to sit by or who to talk to pre- or post-dinner, at the table, would give a lot of great opportunities for character development and hooks for future events. The evening events are by far the best, but even here there’s lots of missed opportunities (no quick night visits to Lisa, no drunk sex in the sauna with Tracy, no peeking on Richard and Antoinette).
    The lack of repeatable sex scenes also hurts the game, in my eyes. Repeatable sex scenes with Tracy in the shower during the mornings, repeatable late night sneaking around with Lisa, etc.) would have gone a long way to make the game more interesting.
    However, it’s great to see the “old” sex mechanics return. Choosing positions and where to cum is awesome. So thank you for featuring that in (some of) the sex scenes.
    I understand the need for removing the stat system and I certainly wouldn’t want stats in a game this short. But in a game lasting 14 or 21 days, stats would give a sense of challenge and a strong strategic element in the game… as long as they don’t become the main focus, but flow nice with the story and aren’t too much of a hassle to obtain. Imagine 3 stats going from 1 to 3 (ignorant, beginner, average) for culture, cooking and french. Culture could be used to impress Tracy and Lisa (and annoy Richard) by showing how much you know about the french culture when going on trips. Cooking works in much the same way. French could lead to some interesting interaction with Gabriele and unlock conversations or sex scenes depending on how advanced your french is. Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

    Make the game 21 days long (keeping the same events, but spreading them out more), add repeatable sex scenes, add a late-night option, add more conversation options to the girls to develop them, and maybe a few easy stats.

    I’d like to talk a bit about the endings as well.

    Ending 1: Makes sense and is quite funny, even if it is a little bit WTF (the whole cancer and banging the doctor thing).
    Ending 2: Don’t really understand what causes Tracy to become a washed up porn-star (seems very out-of-character) and it would be nice to have Lisa move in instead (if you cheated with her).
    Ending 3: This was, by far, the best ending for me. Very interesting and, in a weird way, made a lot of sense. I’d like to see this opportunity explored more.
    Ending 4: Standard ending. Not really liking the alternate one where Tracy gets preggo, but I’ve always hated pregnancy endings.
    Ending 5: Standard ending number 2. OK, I guess… but far too easy to achieve.
    Ending 6: Another preggo ending, which I fucking loathe… And it ends insanely aprubt too… as if it was cut halfway through and the real ending just left out.
    Ending 7: Pretty similar to one of the Swinger Endings from the first game… not really to my liking, but it makes sense, I guess.
    Ending 8: Weird, but entertaining (even if the Tracy and Antoinette romance is competely nonsensical and WTF)
    Ending 9: Weird and doesn’t make sense. It adds nothing to the story or characters.. definitely the worst writing effort of LOP this year.

    All in all: Not the worst game you’ve put out. But it is painfully average and definitely the biggest disappointment I’ve ever witnessed in your Premium Games. It feels like a rushed, half-done demo. Considering the development time of almost 2 years, I expected a lot more.

    Score: 4/10.

    1. Finally, someone who understands me… or who shares my opinion.
      It isn’t a bad game. Maybe it is a perfect game… for FREE SITES like PLAYFORCEONE.COM etc. but for LOPGOLD.COM… ??? NO!!! To be honest it isn’t worhty to pay for it.
      I’m also a little bit disappointed.

      1. I’m aware that everyone is judging a game from his own perspective and could write about our latest endevour anything he want, but guys – get real.

        What would solve most “problems” you see in LWT2 – more more and more – more of everything. More content, more days, more interactions. And you know what? You’re right. Sort of.

        It doesn’t work that way – we can’t load this game with scenes indefinitely. Right now this game is almost 300 MB big. The biggest file size we’ve ever delivered so as you see this game isn’t short on content. I’d dare to say that it has the biggest number of various scenes, locations and texts we’ve ever created.

        When you develop a game you need to say STOP in one moment – we’ve got enough content. Yes, we can create more of it but it would jeopardize the whole project cause we won’t be able to put everything together – it will overwhelm us, we’ll be limited by Flash technical possibilities or it will just extend development time 2x as we originally plan.

        From perspective of some of you LWT2 could look short (one wise man wrote that short – congratulations) cause it only takes around 20-30 minutes to complete one play through when in LWT1 you required 1 hour or more to do that. That’s right but please take into your consideration, that in LWT2 you’re not grinding at all repeating actions over and over again. In LWT2 you’re making choices all the time and those choices are unique. What’s more, those choices are meaningful – allowing you to discover new events later in the game or alter the events depending on your relationship advantage.

        What’s important – you can repeat this game as many times you want without the need of rising the stats again for 30-40 minutes and focus only on the game core – taking decisions which shape your story.

        So in general yes, LWT2 is “shorter” than LWT1. You can discover all scenes and endings in probably 3-4 hours while you needed 10-12 hours for LWT1. And now please be honest with yourself – was it fun to grind 9 hours out of those 12 while discovering all options LWT1 has to offer?

        And why we changed that gameplay model?
        Cause we got balls to do that. We wanted to deliver fresh gameplay experience and this week that Justing, Tracy and Lisa spend with Richard’s family was perfect for that model. There was a lot of voices before that you’re tired with dating sim mechanics and we’ve decided to get rid of it this time and present you just the essence of the story – meaningful choices that are the most important.

        1. Hey Leo.

          Sorry for what must have sounded like pretty harsh criticism on my part. But that’s how I feel about the game and the chances you took with it, no matter the reason behind them. It’s my opinion and I won’t shy away from it. I found the game to be a huge disappointment. I have to be honest about that.

          Yes. I came up with a lot of suggestions to how the game could have been or what could be improved on the current model. But I could do that to LwT1 too (post expansion). I could always come up with more and that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is lacking.

          And yes, LwT2 is big… really big! In terms of locations, renders and texts… but it still feels smaller, because repetitive actions aren’t an option and you can breeze through it easily without any challenge at all.

          “In LWT2 you’re making choices all the time and those choices are unique. What’s more, those choices are meaningful – allowing you to discover new events later in the game or alter the events depending on your relationship advantage.”

          Not really… I mean, yeah, the choices are unique. But they aren’t really that meaningful or filled with impact. What’s the difference between swinging with Tracy and not swinging with Tracy in the beginning. An different scene in the cathedral and on the “hang-over” day. Sure, it’s a difference, but hardly a groundshaking one… the rest of the game, her actions and character is exactly the same in both the swing- and not swing versions.

          “And now please be honest with yourself – was it fun to grind 9 hours out of those 12 while discovering all options LWT1 has to offer?”

          I can only speak for myself. But yes, yes it was. I loved the strategic element of it and it made the days feel more real. Rather than jumping from sex scene to sex scene, you had to make your day, your job and your relationship all come together. I enjoyed every aspect of it, because when you then got a sex scene (because you’d cleaned, given Tracy attention or taken care of your job) it felt like a victory or an accomplishment after some hard work, making the scene even sweeter. It provided a real sense of challenge, to make sure that you had a high score in fitness to take care of the guys in the park, or have enough good looks to impress the owner of the swinger-club. That was very accomplished.

          ” There was a lot of voices before that you’re tired with dating sim mechanics and we’ve decided to get rid of it this time and present you just the essence of the story – meaningful choices that are the most important.”

          And I fully respect that. But in turn, one must also come to terms with the fact that there is a group of people who now voice their displeasure with this gameplay model. That door swings both ways. And there were plenty of meaningful choices in LwT1 (i.e. choosing to cheat or not cheat, choosing to involve Sandy or not, choosing to share your wife or not).

          I am not saying you shouldn’t be proud of LwT2, because obviously it was a tremendous effort and a huge amount of work. You should be commended for sticking to your guns, even when customers gave you hell for it. But you must also accept that there will be criticism. Obviously you shouldn’t tolerate abusive language and you could choose to disregard even valid criticism… but you’ve got to accept that it’s there and that’s how people feel.

          I’m not quitting my membership or anything over this. I still like your products and I am excited about the future. But I HAD hoped for more with this release and the writing, characters, story, longevity and gameplay was a disappointment to me… there’s just no way around that.


        2. “So in general yes, LWT2 is “shorter” than LWT1. You can discover all scenes and endings in probably 3-4 hours while you needed 10-12 hours for LWT1. And now please be honest with yourself – was it fun to grind 9 hours out of those 12 while discovering all options LWT1 has to offer?”

          It was a pain in my ass. That game mechanism was the reason why, despite enjoying LwT 1, Eleanor 1 and City of Love, I almost didn’t play them again after my first playthrough.

          I’ve lost count over how many times I’ve replayed LwT 2 by now. Amazing thing you did here, guys.

          Having said that, nice review, Nemo. I’ve a totally different view over this game as I showed in my review, but I can see where you’re coming from. It was LOP’s first try in a new game mechanism. I hope they’ll be able to improve even more in future games so that we can both enjoy them.

          1. Thanks vkalvkal.

            The lack of stats and grinding is actually the least of my issues with LwT2 and I am okay with it not being present. Especially because Leo is right: there was a pretty big group of people voicing that they wanted something other than the usual stats and grind. But I would like something to make obtaining (at least some of the) sex scenes more challenging.

            My main problems are the story, characters and length of the game. I will take Leos word on the fact that LwT2 contains far more images and locations than LwT1… but the sequel seems to lack the multitude of opportunities present in the first game.

            But I am honestly glad that the game was everything you hoped for and judging by many of the positive words for LwT2 on here, you are not alone.

            I’ll simply have to settle for the fact that this game is not for me. To be fair, sequels are challenging. With original games such as the first LwT, LwS or Hank Moody, these are original stories with characters we haven’t been introduced to before and as such, our expectations are tempered. But a sequel will constantly be compared to the original and thus not judged only by its own merits and flaws, but by those of its predecessor as well.

            Oh well. I’ll be looking forward to future games such as Club Velvet Rose and… whatever else LOP has planned.

  92. Hi Leo,

    Massive fan.

    I literally have 1 complaint only. I love LOP because you have the most variance and choices in your games. And I’ve played a LOT of others. Recently I’ve seen you scale back your stories in favor of “animation”. Almost 200MB of animations of about 6 scenes.

    Imagine how many pictures you could render if you ignored all that “animation”. Your story line could be expanded SO MUCH. Frankly ask everyone here, everyone has their own fetish, but I doubt you’ll find a majority who want Tracy to move during a sex scene in place of a larger number of options as to what the story can offer (i.e. Slave to Richard or Justin, Foursome with both etc). If I wanted animation I’ll watch porn. What I want is a compelling story with all my actions having a different consequence. That’s what turns your games from good to great.

    This story is set up perfectly for almost all fetishes. There can be cuckold, swinging, BDSM + pretty much anything else beyond the extreme stuff that’s best left to the Japanese. Justin being the ultimate champion and winning all the girls, Richard being the ultimate champion and winning all the girls. I love stories that allow a range of results based on not just whether you’re successful or not, but also how successful.

    I personally loved the scene with Richard and Tracy, but it was disappointing that Richard didn’t go after Lisa, and also disappointing that Justin couldn’t humiliate Richard the same way after fucking his wife. Most of all I wanted a way to get back at Richard, but was found lacking.

    Ultimately I’ll always remain a fan, and I’ll always check in. But if you want to know what was a truly great game and what made me a true fan? The game “House Party” from S&G. That didn’t waste time with animation. It just had a LOT of strategy, and a possibility to win all or win none.

    In fact, I’m going to go play that again! Hope you return to your roots of what made you a truly great game company. And to put money where my mouth is, you should consider taking donations for ideas. We pitch an idea, you decide which are possible, set financial targets for each. If we as fans meet it financially, make it! (But this isn’t my point. My point remains if time is an issue, ignore the animation, remember the game)

  93. first of all:leonizer,iksanabot,yamyoda,szuga and everyone else who worked on this game,thank you for all the work you’ve put into making this game,you’ve done fantastic job in bringing new page in life of our favourite characters and you should be proud with the end result,game really is great and it looks beyond beautiful

    this will be a long post so i will shortly say what i love about this game without explaining too much:great story and dialogues,stunning visuals,hot scenes and animations,game mechanic (no grinding stats),replay value and amount of content
    for those things you have my greatest praise

    now about the only part i didn’t liked about this game,i could even say hate…you guessed it,it’s short,even though it is the game with largest amount of content,it still feels short
    i am sorry to bring this up again,i’m sure you already pissed with this argument,but when i say short i don’t mean small,i hope you understand what i mean,my intention is not to rub it in your face or criticize just for fun,i hope i can give some constructive feedback

    the main reason is obviously only six days to go through and decision to implement morning/afternoon/night system with only one action for each part of the day,and that makes the game painfully limited in terms of interactions and gives me the feeling like i’m being hold by a hand that leads me towards the end,it also makes the story feel like it’s rushed

    i’m fully aware of the benefits this system gives to us players (no grinding,faster gameplay,direct focus on story)because this is the game with the best replay value you produced and i’m grateful for it
    i carefully read everything you were saying about it prior and after the realease and my conclusion is that this system just can’t cope with the title that is lwt and writing master iksanabot,simply because the premise and the story are too good for it

    that’s why i feel the game needs to be streched atleast to another week and reverted to classic 24h day cycle with classic interactions with the characters
    that way the game would offer story to unveil much more naturally and the build up to the events that are currently in game would be better as a result,and i say this for the sake of the story

    so for example,first week would be for competing richard for respect and building relationship with other girls with options for interactions from first game like chatting,flirting,hanging out and having one on one sex around the mansion etc.,those actions would would be the trigger for the events on second week that are currently in game now
    i’m sure iksanabot could easily fill one more week of the game for this type of gameplay

    now leonizer,i want you to know that i completely understand how difficult it is for you to produce this kind of games and that all of this that i wrote is easier said than done,please don’t think of me like some smartass,i just wanted to give my thoughts on the main problem of this great game

    sorry for this wall of text,once again thank you guys for creating this sequel,i love it and i can’t wait to see more of tracy and lisa
    i wish you all the best for future projects

        1. leonizer
          Yes, I’m sorry, but I can not pay money for the game and why I play pirated version. Anyway, I wondered if there was solution to the problem. Sorry if this has upset you ):

          1. st1
            I just wanted to help me with that scene. Do not think I said anything wrong, it’s not like I’m the only one who uses pirated version

  94. To be honest I’m kinda disappointed with how this one turned out.

    I like the idea of branching away from the sim aspect and just giving a replayable movie in a sense. The huge amount of work that obviously went into animation is neat but with that said I’m disappointed in a sense in that that massive 300mb seemed to have been misallocated. You guys put amazing work into things like making sure the animations for sex scenes are stellar, but put less effort into the story telling and the length of the game

    Pretty much this rant is just going to be about the length of the game and the story telling. Like take for example tracy cucking you with richard ultimately giving the ending of ruining your marriage. It just sorta happens out of the blue just because the respect number richard had was higher. there was no story buildup for it like richard did x and you did y. It just happens.

    There was no buildup with the game, its just a couple of really nice looking sex scenes that you have to discover after multiple times of playing.

    on a smaller note, i think the tracy richard scene was neat in a sense of the camera view, but it would have been cooler to have seen more of the action rather then just seeing richard standing over tracy.

  95. Have to give credit to the team building a nice game, although to some of us it is not as much as we have expected as a sequel to LWT1.

    For sure the graphics are great in the game, while the team is putting so much work into the game. I personally think there is still a lot to dig into for the expansion but I am sure it will be quite a long wait.

    The story line is simple, a nice vacation in France bringing in some new characters and some new adventures. However I find some of the characteristics in our characters from LWT1 seemed different. LWT1 there is only 1 ultimate goal: Having an affair with Liza while not being sensed by Tracy, also to save the marriage between Justin and Tracy. In a way LWT2 is not as mysterious as before and betraying Tracy seemed not as critical as before, where you are in France and it is very natural to betray her in all ways.

    Like other players, I also want more solo scenes with Gabrielle and the story can drive more with Antoinette, also Richard can deliver a whole new realm with another plot in the series.

    As in the flight cabin mentioned, there can also be scenes with Tracy and Eleanor having fun together.

    I do very much like the graphics, but I think the plot needs to be thickened. I am sure LOP team will improve this in expansion.

    Anyway, appreciate a lot for your hard effort!

      1. I played that scene yesterday. And at that time it was still bugged if you had had the masturbation scene in the sauna with Antoinette on day two. If you don’t do the sauna scene, then the threesome with Antoinette and her skating partner is working fine.

        1. Thanks for the reply, Nemo. I’m a bit disappointed that Leo would jump to conclusions like that. I’m smart enough to know that pirated versions will be outdated and will not have bug fixes. I play from the website, as I always have.

          P.S. Nemo do you mean the masturbation scene on day 3/4 ( can’t remember off the top of my head) that unlocks one of the achievements, or the sauna scene with Richard and Antoinette on day 2?

          1. It’s the solo scene with Antoinette in the sauna that unlocks the achievement. If you don’t do that scene, then when you peek on Antoinette and Guilleme, you’ll have the option of fucking her, black-mailing her, etc.

            But if you do the sauna scene, she’ll invite you to join in the threesome and you do so automatically, leading to the glitch that you described: A frozen frame with the options to fuck her in different positions. But nothing happens when you try any of the options (except for the orgasm option, which takes you on to the next scene).

            Yeah, I get that there are pirated versions out there and that some people go that route. But jumping to the conclusion that you must be pirating the game just by stating an actual bug (that, as I said, was still in the game as of yesterday… an entire week after release) or asking a simple question is really demeaning and rude.

        2. I too have a subscription and play from the website and have encountered this bug. Tried using three different browsers, IE, Fire fox, and Chrome and this particular bug is still there.

          Leo, I know there are some who posts on here that there are bugs and play the pirated versions. I know you and your team are tired from the release of LWT2 and are on a break but in this case, you were wrong and should look into this matter and ask beta testers to test if they also encounter this problem and possibly find a fix.

          1. Exactly right, and I notice that the bug is still there, although all others seem to have been fixed. Otherwise I’m enjoying the game.

        1. Thanks for clearing that up guys. I always did the sauna scene on my Antoinette targeted playthroughs as I assumed you need to get all of the scenes with her for progression. Probably why I always got that bug. By the way, no hard feelings whatsoever Leo. I understand the stress and fatigue, just count yourself lucky it was me and not some of the, shall we say, more volatile commenters on this blog xD

  96. Good game especially because you are covering a lot of sexual categories and pushing them far (but for me it should be more).

    BUT the game is too short and I would like to see more interactive Dialogues.

    I strongly suggest A NEW DIMENSION to the game-playing. I suggest for the user in some scenes / situations at some moments to choose for Justin if he get aroused by the action /
    likes it or not and this might change his reactions / options / next actions in the scene.
    – On cheating Tracy with Robert Justin might finally get aroused by this (why else he continues to watch) and join them instead or even suggest a threesome with Robert and Tracy or foursome with …
    – Stable gang bang (my favorite)
    – this should not deserve Ending 4, this is no boring vacation!
    At least Tracy and Justin should be able to choose to start
    the gang bang / wife-sharing / cuckold lifestyle in the ending
    (by telling her he likes to do this regularly or Tracy
    says she will do this in the future because she liked it
    so much)
    – They also should be able to gang bang again on vacation
    (or with some girls to join)
    – Tracy might go alone (when competition is bad) and you
    might watch her by the camera or even join
    – Justin might get aroused when Tracy is fucked bareback
    – Justin might try to lick the cum out of Tracy because he likes
    it or to reduce chances of pregnancy (hehe). He might enjoy
    this and they might start to be a cuckold couple
    (and Tracy will be pregnant anyway) 🙂

    I also suggest some kind of user voting for further scenes.

    Other suggestions / comments
    – Viewing hidden camera should let time to do something after
    before dinner / bedtime
    – Example: When viewing in the cam Lisa and Antoinette
    in the stable, why there is no time to join the group sex???
    – There has to be an ending where Tracy AND Lisa are
    pregnant. I think this should be the gang bang + sabotage
    Lisa birth control + cum in Lisa !!! Or there should be a
    way to cum in Tracy before and getting both pregnant!
    – Tracy may become pregnant by cheating with Richard and
    without gang bang
    – Instead having Sex in the Hot Tube which is very risky to be
    caught it should be possible to go to a saver location with
    the girls (Sauna or girls room) and lock the door.
    – Stories in the endings are very short. Please more text.
    For example:
    – Ending 4: When Tracy is pregnant, leading to gang bang /
    cuckold live style
    – Ending 2: If you both like it, it may become an open marriage
    where both have sex affairs

  97. Enjoyed the game but like many have already said, it lacked the build-up to events like LWT1 had. Although this game contains a ton of hard work in animations and dialogue, so far it falls short in the longevity section. What it needs is an increased play-time, (say 14 days) and a slow build-up to the climax. For example, by day 5 with a low reputation, Justin watches as Tracy completely strips down and fucks Richard, even offering him her ass. There should have been days of foreplay with richard & Tracy caught on camera, and plenty of opportunities for Justin to “peak in” at them. Start slow, build up. Create that lustful anxiety we’re all looking for and had with LWT1. Perhaps Tracy begins by grabbing richard’s dick after dinner on the night they all get drunk. Then later that night she asks you to follow her to the sauna, – but if you refuse her and use Richard’s office instead, you get to watch as she invites Richard there instead out of spite for a fuck. Maybe days later the sex gets more intense in different locations and Tracy asks Richard to ‘invite the guys in the stables’ for a crazy DP bang. All the while Justin can choose to keep watching, interrupt,or divorce Tracy. Maybe he’s pissed and decides to go visit Antoinette in Richard’s room to watch the camera together. Maybe they have a revenge fuck..the options are endless.

  98. Good Job with LWT2. Nice Graphics and story. The only problem all has been facing is time. I expected game to be as long as LWT1 but since its a vacation so atleast 15-20 days would have been sufficient. Girls are good. Only 1 sex scene with Gabriele and Antoinette each. Overall Beautiful work. Congrats. Hope the expansion is coming soon.

  99. I Played the game last week for the first time. I really like the fact that the game has so many different scenario’s that you can explore.

    There is one point which i think could be better to my taste and that is that the quick/hasty sex scenes should be done with more clothes on, kinda like the one in the plain. e.g. the whirlpool sex scene has Justin climbing on top of lisa and suddenly he is riding her nude, it would have been sexier if she would have kept her bikini on, considering the “quick” nature of the scene.

    The same could be said in the plain, allthough there she actualy does not remove her clothes, but why bother removing her panties at all. Then again this could also be seen as personal taste.

    All in all the game mechanics worked very well for my taste.

  100. On day 6 evening, can we have threesome with Antoinette & Gabreil @ sauna?
    On day 6 eve, i had visited the sauna..but…instead of having a threesome, they said tracy is looking for you,but you are also welcome here.(my respect ratio was much higher than ricahrd’s)

  101. İm so sorry but lwt 2 totally disappoinment for me i think yours team has changed ? Because i cant believe lwt 2 come from same hand who made lwt 1. Please if i right let him make it lwt 3

  102. Maybe this could help you. Made by me:)
    Probably you will find some mistakes cause i didn’t checked it after i wrote

    if something is wrong tell me and i fix it as soon as i can.


    Antoniette/ Lisa/ Tracy/ Gabrielle/ Richard

    Day 1


    Stable: N
    Hot Tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Gablriele (bad rep)
    Living room: Antoniette
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard (bad rep)
    Lisa’s Room: Lisa
    Richard and An’ Room: N
    Your room: Tracy


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: N
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: Gabrielle and Lisa
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard (bad rep)
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: Antoinnete (bad rep)
    Your room: Tracy

    (If take Tracy at cathedral she blows you at hot tub)
    (If you select Not shared wife / Cheated with Lisa NOTHING happens at church)

    Day 2


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: Tracy
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Gabrielle and Lisa
    Living room: Antoinette (can leave)
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard (bad rep)
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: N


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Nothing but…
    Living room: Lisa and Gabrielle
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: Richard and Ann
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: Tracy

    Day 3
    (Morning event)


    Stable: Antoinette
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: Tracy and Lisa (Can Leave)
    Pool: N
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: Gabrielle
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: N


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Tracy
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: Antoinette
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: Gabrielle and Lisa (can leave)
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: N (Bug dinner time) loop bug


    Day 4
    (At dinner time u can listen music at living room All time as you want, so u can win easy)

    (Morning event)


    Stable: Lisa and Gabrielle
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: N
    Living room: Dance
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: Antoinette (busy)
    Your room: Tracy


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: Lisa and Gabrielle
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Tracy and Antoinnete
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: N


    Day 5


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: Leave or…
    Pool: Tracy and Lisa
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: Gabrielle (can leave)
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: N
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: Antoinette
    Your room: N


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: Leave or… eat something healthy
    Pool: N
    Living room: Antoinette, Lisa and Gabrielle
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room:
    Your room: Tracy


    Day 6

    Last Day
    (Morming Event)


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: Antoinette, Garbrielle and Lisa
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: N
    Richard’s Office: N
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N
    Your room: N


    Stable: N
    Hot tub: N
    Kitchen: N
    Pool: N
    Living room: N
    Gabriele’s Room: N
    Sauna: Antoinette and Garbrielle (Bug)
    Richard’s Office: Richard
    Lisa’s Room: N
    Richard and Ann’ Room: N ( bug bed time)
    Your room: Tracy and Lisa (End)

  103. 1st Playthrough

    Shared tracy with other men in the first game
    You did cheat with lisa on the first game

    Ending 2 – Divorce cheating wife

    Ending 7 – watched tracy and your couz blow and fuck each other


    RUNNING WILD! = Antoinette touches your dick while going for a swim, dy 3, mor
    MORE THAN A STEAM = Cum in antoinette’s mouth (day 3 evening)
    CREAMY ABSOLUTION = Day 2 morning, confession with lisa
    THAT HURTS SO MUCH! = Use cameras for yourself, Watched your cous and tracy fuck and blow each other
    EVIL EXPOSED = you exposed richard
    DOUBLE CUMSHOT = Cum on Antoinette’s face with Guillamue
    3SOME WORTH WAITING FOR = on the final day, 2some with lisa

    i Understand I have a policy tonot listen to assholes
    Richard, I don’t think
    I don’t want to hear anymore

    Day 1 afternoon – LIsas bedroom – help her on the laptop

    Day 2 afternoon – tracy in hot tub,
    gabrielle and lisa in pool,
    antoinette in living room

    Day 2 evening – antoinette and richard in sauna,
    your bedroom (cuddle up and read with tracy)

    Day 3 afternoon – lisa and tracy in kitchem,
    stable (ANtoinette with the guys), arm wrestle, if you climb arms are weak,
    gabrielle in her room

    Day 3 eve – lisa’s room (dance with gabrielle and lisa),
    richards office (you find out he doesnt look his room when goig to bathroom)

    dAY 4 AFTERNOON – Richard’s office (hiding),
    Stable (LISA AND gabrielle walking charlie),
    Richard and annie’s room (annie cant jog),
    your bedroom (tracy hairdo)

    day 4 evening – Lisa & Gabrielle in the hot tub
    Tracy & Antoinette drunk in pool

    Day 5, afternoon – tracy share with other men in stable
    Richard and ANnie’s room – Antoinette, go for a run +1
    gabrielle’s room- she is sleeping off the hangover
    make drinks for girls in kitchen. +2
    Pool – Tracy & Lisa dozing lazily in the sun.

    Day 5 evening = your bedroom (bath with tracy)
    Living Room, Antoinette, Gabrielle, Lisa watching a movie +0
    Kitche, Eat something healthy, Antoinette appreciates eating habit +2

    Day 6 afternoon – pool or richardss office
    Pool – Lisa, Gabrielle, Antoinette topless,

    Day 6 Evening – Sauna, Antoinette & Gabrielle

    End 5 – Lisa & Tracy


    Helping lisa on her laptop
    Use the cameras for yourself
    extra scenes in shopping with girls
    Fucking tracy in pink clothing
    blowjob from tracy in pool
    Lisa and gabrielle gloryhole
    Get blowed from lisa and gabrille in hottub – get caught by tracy
    WIth lisa and gabrielle in pool
    Tracy gets fucked by the guys in stable
    Tracy has cum on her chest when you come to hottub
    Antoinnet and gabrielle touching at the dinner table

  104. As a suggestion for the expansion or future games, I realize you are attempting to divert away from the typical stat grinding in this game, but I feel that, considering the respect mechanic and high fluidity of the 7 day sequence, more stats would be integral to a truly intricate and cohesive experience to LWT fans.

    I believe that fleshing the game out to 21 days on vacation at your cousin’s house due to some unpredictable mishap would greatly benefit the overall experience and add more time to play with the true shining gem in this masterpiece: the RESPECT mechanic.

    I think the RESPECT mechanic is brilliant in the sense that it can change so quickly and change the tide of the story, opening up the endings to be wilder than anyone could have predicted. In the base game, their are many opportunities to increase the respect mechanic based on the trivial actions in the six day span, but with STR and PER , I think these actions can be improved upon tremendously.

    Placing static objects that increase these without consuming too much time would work, but I think incorporating increases into invested time with selected characters would be pretty cool as well (STR: Jogging with Antoinette, Swimming with Gabriel, Exercising with Tracy, Mountain Climbs/ Hikes with Lisa, Tennis with Richard) (PER: Watching old Olympic Tapes with Antoinette, Reading with Tracy, Studying with Lisa, Helping Gabriel clean the various rooms of the house, Helping Richard in his study)

    The amazing thing about this is that adding the respect meter to these simple concepts eliminates the need for a separate meter for desire and love as they are all encompassed in this respect meter, and it allows for multiple scene variation.

    For example, on the night where Tracy wears the pink suit to the washroom and states she’s going to shower, with high RESPECT she comes back regardless and has sex if you sleep before the day ends, with low RESPECT and high PERCEPTION, if you take a nap or go to the bathroom, you’ll see she hasn’t changed out of the bathing suit, but left a note from Richard. With an even higher PERCEPTION you can peek through Richard’s keyhole, OR find his key in his office (even though with this option Tracy comes back to the room and passes out with stains on her bathing suit), OR with high enough STRENGTH you can bust down the door (but she escapes), or with high enough STRENGTH and PERCEPTION, you can break in through the window, and based on your level of respect choose your role in it (very low respect: cuck path, low respect: voyeur/cuck path, same respect: threesome/divorce path, high respect: epic threesome, very high respect: make Richard watch, stemming to extra scenes with Antoinette)

    That is just one idea expanding off a small scene around day 3-5. The possibilities for Day 4 are just jaw-dropping, let alone the rest of the game. The possibilities with LWT 2 are simply astounding. I’m aware that the developers and writers have their own lives and jobs, but this is like the goldmine of erotic gaming and interactive adult narratives; the perfect cross between intellectual and raunchy.

    As a longtime avid fan of the LOP team’s work and supporter of all their latest installations, I would feel wrong if I didn’t suggest ideas I felt could positively impact these games. As previously stated, I realize adding more scenes and readjusting code is a tedious and intricate process, but I truly believe a game that brings intricacy, depth, and a feeling of connection to the characters at a caliber higher than that of LWT1 (which is OP already) would be VERY well worth the wait.

    Either way, whatever you all decide to do in the future, I’m excited and in full support!

    Thank you for the quality content!

    1. I’m also a computer science undergrad, and would love to look at the code used in these games if possible, or get an idea of the process behind your artwork. If not I appreciate you opening up these forums to feedback and suggestions. I tried to post this on the New Lagoon, but it wouldn’t allow me to.
      Thanks Again!

  105. Absolutely great game and by far my favorite so far. I love all the characters and the twists and turns in the story! And great work with the game mechanics! It works perfectly in combination with the story.

    My only criticism is that some of the endings feel like half measures. And this may just be my own personal predilections coming through but I would have really liked to have seen an ending where Tracy leaves you for Richard entirely – maybe to be his mistress – given the premise that he is trying to steal Tracy and Lisa from you out of competition.

    Also I hope the expansion includes some endings involving Antoinette as that does feel like a big missing part from this game and she’s a great character. Personally I would like to see an ending where you steal Antoinette from Richard, and also a wife swap ending.

    Thank you again for the fantastic game.

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