LOP GOLD update

After LWT2 release we need a short break to regenerate our strengths and experiment with technology.

In a not defined future we want to take a huge leap and move from Flash technology to HTML5 to make our new lopgold.com games accessible not only from desktops but also from mobile devices. It won’t be a quick process but I just want to let you now that we’re working on it.

In terms of incoming games – we’ll surprise you with a new dating sim with Jacob “Crocodile” Moore – ex professional basketball player, now trying to escape from his alcohol addict.

This will be a shorter game equipped with dating sim game mechanics, options to manage your own gym and of course packed with 4 super sexy girls.





In terms of Club Velvet Rose. So far we’re absolutely not ready with this project yet so we’re postponing it.

And yes, we’re planning LWT2 expansion.

Over and out!

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      1. I think he is asking whether this game will be shorter than LWT 2, I also think he is asking why you try to do new mechanics for each new premium game you release…

      2. I think a lot of us can agree that LWT2 wasn’t as interesting as LWT itself. There’s no way to fuck up in LWT2, no teasing, if you play it enough all scenes are pretty easy to get and stuff like that.

        Also, did I mention that once you can eat fruits in the kitchen, you can do it forever, so the ending with Tracy and Lisa is rather easy to get.

        tl;dr the statbuilding etc all add up to a perfect game and that’s why I think the new “short” game you’re planning to release, will be more interesting, but I can’t wait for LWT2 expansion.

    1. i forgot to mention lwt expansion,hell yeah that is great news,you won’t be lacking material since there was some great ideas posted here and i hope you’ll atleast take some of them in consideration

      also i hope that you will successfully fix the main criticisms that the game got and that it will be even better
      keep up with great work

  1. We are planning Lwt2 Exp.

    That’s what everybody wanted to hear! Great, it’s gonna be awesome.

    I’ve missed some posts here on the blog. Does anybody know the title of this new LopGold Game?

    Looks like visuals are made by new artist, am I right?

    1. Visuals are made by ItMakesMeBlush but it was her first projects she rendered for me. It was taking in a line for a while and right now it’s time to reveal it at last.

      I’m still thinking about a tittle so you haven’t missed that information.

      1. It’s always nice to see a new artist’s first attempt.

        ItMakesMeBlush has been a great new entry in Lop Team so it will be great to see one of her firsts projects.

        Yeah, let’s pull a rabbit out of a hat. Do the magic. Surprise us.

        Thanks Leonizer

      2. Hi Leo,
        Have you had any thoughts about making a new game with Spy Agent069in it.
        I know I for one have mentioned this before, as well as others. Was just wondering if a game with her in it has crossed your mind for a new project?

  2. Not had chance to comment till now, fantastic job done, the stable scene with Tracey was mind blowing.
    It gets better the more you play it, the moaning idiots want to show a bit more respect.
    On the last blog, some great new ideas for the extension, the one where Richard and Justin gamble there wives was a great idea.
    On a more general point, I have no idea how much time/mechanics go into making a game, if there is anything we can do to help, ie story ideas etc, what can we do to help.
    I for one would not mind paying more in subscription if it meant speeding things up a bit.
    Anyway, keep up the great work, 95%+ of us think you all do great job.

    1. Lol the reason why they take so long to make games is the fact that they feel the need to completely change the mechanics for each game… Doesn’t really make much sense if i’m being honest… If it aint broke don’t fix you know what i’m saying, they are just create more problems for themselves…

  3. You can play from mobile already, just need the right app. I play all LoP games on my phone and tablets already. The pics from new game do look amazing though. Keep up the great work!

  4. Lwt2 was according to me a good game, it was fast more like following a good story. Also the hard work of the team was also visible. The best part was it was a completely new type of game.

    Whatever new is exciting and whatever is exciting is good!

  5. I follow LoP from many years, in my opinion the new “style” of drawing girls has become to much similar to plastic surgeon. The older version girls were more natural. Hope you take this in consideration.

      1. Will there also be any updates on your instagram page?
        I really liked those preview pics there.

        (btw, I cannot log on to the lopgold page for several hours now. When I log-in, the page freezes and i cannot select any games…)

  6. The visuals of ItMAkesMeBlush are great and I curious how the final prodouct of her work will shine. I like the selection of the warm colors. Gives me the impression those pics are painted and could be a high-quality comic.

    As a “consumer” I dont know the difference or advantages going for HTML5, I googled a quick search and it looks like MAC/OS user will benefit from it and you can target the mobile market. Great step! As I tested your free game “Make me pregnant” (Was it the title, too lazy to look for it?!), I welcomed this format and quality for a mobile App/game.

    I applause for the step to advance and expand your IP. LOP is a unique IP and, even with the harsh critiques in the recent past, you will get better!

    Damn, now I´ve a flashback back to 2008 or 2009 where I first played one of your games – now I feel old.

  7. good, in advance I apologize for the English, because I’m not very good hehe, I would say that his works are very good, and leave a suggestion, if I may say that in the games I miss some scenes, and I wondered but would be no way that members, were left to decide some scenes even if you charged for it, I’m a fan of tracy LWT and made fewer scenes swingers, my proposal is that, put a section for a price of 5 to 10 euros each game scene, members could choose a scene they wanted, but the end result was decision of you, and the final game will put all of that users would see the scenes you most like to see in any game of otherwise would be impossible, I’d pay in addition to subscription by scenes just to see a swingers tracy eleanor for example, you would win and we’d see scenes we so desire, so the game the more work give them more reward would have, after saying if members they were given a reward or photos of your favorite series or something that was unique, it is a way for them it was more profitable, since the subscription if a month does not leave the game, it is difficult to expect the other, this way the game would have something you’d want, because everyone wants his favorite scenes in the game that can not otherwise see, or if they do custom games or something

  8. I frankly don’t think this acceptable LOP. I’m sorry but we give you 2 whole years to make a game that you know has been wanted for ages. OK fair enough we were annoyed and expressed it unfairly, but 2 years and what do you give us with LWT2?
    Lets put this into perspective.
    The game has tons of bugs, it is only 6 days – not even half an hour of playing. I’ve been subscribed for a long time, and I don’t think it is fair that you give us this game. I pay monthly so I expect in return good games, and so far this year, the 2 LOP Gold games you’ve given us hasn’t even reached half the standard I was expecting from what was my favourite game engineers. Seriously LOP, if you don’t turn this around, and I’m speaking for many here, you will lose a lot of subscribers. Please extend LWT2 to at least 15 days, and I think everyone will be happy. The problem with LWT2 is (for me) that there is no objectives or anything, just mindless need for sex. LWT1 had great aspects; goals, money, buying gifts, and this new idea of absolutely no goal except to have sex with all girls just doesn’t work for me… Very disappointed LOP, I hope you mend this, or I’ll definitely be a lost customer by the end of this year.

  9. I don’t know what you guys thank but I think LwT2 is too short for me, I mean the developers got rid of Sim dating system and I kinda disappointed in that one, still am. Develop team could’ve make the game a bit longer, give more story to each characters, should’ve kept the dating sim system and that would make the game MUCH more exciting, give more of a uh… you know effort of raising stats, that’s while it’s called “Living with Temptation” you gotta have that tempting opportunity to have sex with other female character each day, not only 6 days, after 1 day passed and like “oh I forgot to do this event, great I have to play it all over again”. That’ a no for with “tempting” it’s kinda a “cock block”, don’t get wrong I love the second game but I just kinda wish the game could’ve been a lot longer, now i’m playing the game with a bit less enthusiast :/. Now i’m back at playing the first game of LwT, it’s kinda better. I just want the developers can put the dating sim system back to future games, it’s more exciting and attract more players.

    Anyways, that’s what I think, you guys can correct me all you want if i’m wrong, i’m open for other people’s opinion. 🙂

    1. i both like and dislike the new system in lwt2
      i understand the shifting away from dating sim stat grinding,afterall this is sequel and starting from 0 and grinding stats is unnecessary so i’m with the team with this decision

      however,dating sim offers lots of possibilities in terms of interactions and freedom of choices and that is where lwt2 falls short for me
      there is no classic interaction with characters and environment and i miss that aspect of the gameplay very much in the game that is called living with temptation
      also the game feels short because of 3 or 4 actions per day,which is dissapointing i must say,classic 24h days from lwt1 would be way better choice,that would maybe could add few more days?

      and the setting for this game is perfect for that system,i mean vacation in france with tracy and lisa,no worries about your stats and money,competing with rich cousin,ability to seduce his wife,ability to seduce lisa agian (i loved that in lwt1),get wilder with tracy,all that in beautiful mansion to explore and interact with (like visit the girls in their rooms or inviting them to hot tub,pool and sauna for some action)

      since blind date 3d is getting major rework and not just update,i wish that here is possibility for the team to do something similair for the flagship title that is lwt

  10. Yes, a LWT2 expansion is neeed.

    But this time take your time, I feel LWT2 didn’t meet all expectations because of the pressure you guy had. I would rather wait a little while longer and get the amazing game than the short LWT2. Don´t get me wrong, I thouht it was nice, but it could’ve been so much better.

    Get some rest and then amaze us with that expansion.

  11. LWT2 expansion will take a long long time as Iksanabot has posted on shark lagoon. I believe him. With Eleanor 2, all the graphics were already in the game at release but the updates had not yet been coded to appear as scenes/options. With LWT2 there are no other graphics in the existing game so they will have to be done from now. considering that we expect LWT2 exp to be twice as long as the original, estimated release time will be september 2017 earliest IMO.

  12. Judging by renders and premise alone, this game definitely has my interest. As others have mentioned, it’s nice to see protagonists and a supporting cast of different ethnicities. While I am caucasian myself, I’ve always felt as though there’s been an overabundance of white characters and this game seems to revel in some much needed diversity.

    It’s also interesting to see some of ItMakesMeBlush’s earlier work. It looks very different from Living with Serena and Club Velvet Rose.

    While I am sad to hear that Club Velvet Rose is being pushed back, it’s not unexpected considering the effort it took to put LwT2 out and the, much deserved, break the team needed after that release. I am still eagerly awaiting this release though, as the renders we’ve seen so far look very interesting.

    On another topic:

    Any news on free games? I know I’ve asked before, but it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about it. So far, there’s only been two free games this year: Make Me Pregnant and Real Estate Agent. Some of the free games you’ve advertised was revealed more than a year ago (Do What I Say, Weekend at Bradley’s, Living with Lana, etc.) Are those projects scrapped or are they still in the making?

    1. Oh, and I’ve also heard whispers about a possible game revolving around Kim from City of Love. Assuming it’s more than a rumour, I’d be VERY interested in hearing some details about this game. Kim was definitely the best part of CoL and a stand-alone game with her would be great.

      1. I second this. I’d also like hear about the free games. The two free games released this year were great, specially Real Estate Agent.

        And I agree with Nemo. Kim was the best part of City of Love. I’d love to see a game focused on her. A cameo appearance from Eleanor would be nice. It would make more sense for her and Kim to know each other than Tracy and Eleanor.

  13. I’m afraid with this “technology” experiments you guys are doing. the graphics are becoming better and better but I’m afraid you’re not improving your technique. The new girls you guys are releasing doesn’t look women at all. They lacks in naturalness, in delicate female curves and general appearance. They’re becoming girls full of botox and square faced. Even the men penises are looking bad, I mean, they look like weird thin sticks which are making handjob scenes to look awful.

  14. So just as an idea, there seems a growing trend where in the games either there’s a character who cuckolds you or very rarely you cuckold a guy (like in Blind date which was surprisingly rare), but why not focus a game maybe around the dynamic of a struggling couple where possibly you’re the ‘new neighbor’ in who has to ‘help’ them through their marital problems? Could make for a interesting scenarios. Obviously throw in a few other girls in the mix etc, maybe have the main character have a girlfriend himself? Just a idea

  15. Look in to puffin web browser for your phone. It uses adobe flash through the cloud from my understanding, but either way I’m able to play the games on my mobile device

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