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    1. yup she’s Serena . Also one of my favorite character from lop . Really hoping for LWS sequel . Tracy’s awesome too . Elenor was gorgeous too but after ele 2 , i lost the interest .

  1. Awesome.

    I´ve thee impression those ladies are made by SnG artist.

    first and fourth girl look like they´re from Roommates and third girl (witch on broom) looks familiar too.

  2. Let’s see

    1st picture: Lina (Roommates)
    2nd picture: ???
    3rd picture: Serena (Living with Serena)
    4th picture: Vivian (Roommates)
    5th picture: Nicole (Living with Serena)
    6th picture: ??? (I think she’s from Club Velvet Rose)

    If my memory serves me right, all these girls are rendered by ItMakesMeBlush.

    I think it’s nice that the LOP team publishes holiday images like these. I remember the Tracy pics from last Christmas. Those were great too.

    Leo, have you ever thought about making a holiday-themed game? Like, a game with fx Christmas as a backdrop setting. It could be a short game that would then be available only in december. The year after you could put it up again with some extra scenes added… I don’t know if it’s even worth it, considering the development time… Just a thought 🙂

    1. the character in the 6th Image looks like the other black hair woman from the main characters office or something like that in the ” Hot wife Story 2 ” game .

  3. I love lina from roommates, by far my favorite game this year, hopefully the expansion will come soon!, I would like to know what are u guys planning for next year!, maybe some agent 069 :(. Keep it up guys!

  4. I think you guys could play some more with your famous game models, instead of creating more random models. I would prefer to see some extra pictures starring Tracy or Eleanor, for example.

    1. Only two of these models are new (no. 2 and 6)… the rest are their “famous game models”. You know the LOPteam has other games than those featuring Tracy and Eleanor, yes?

  5. this looks fantastic,nice work from artist,it’s great to see serena again,i hope she will appear again in future games
    i’d also love to see tracy,lisa and eleanor dressed up for halloween 😀

  6. Judging on the previous pics released both number 2 and number 6 are girls from Club Velvet Rose.

    And since the game was announced for the first time, I had the feeling it was going to be a huge hit!

  7. Nice pics. Generaly I would disagree with “the bigger the better” put ridicoulously ginormus tits and penises everywhere. They look stupid. Also if in every scene, every woman has megatits they wont look big. They look much bigger if next to her standing a decent sized girl so you can compare. It’s more outstanding from the background. 😉 However on your Instagramm page the “cowboy new girl” with her water melon sized jugs in her corset its just stunning, unlike Smantha or here girl 6 her boobs looks so round and full and juicy… I am in love with her head sized bumpers. 🙂 Good job.

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