Living with Lana is ready!

Today we’ve released a new free game: Living with Lana.

Lana and Douglas meet for the first time at the university. Lana was a student and Doug was just passing by handing out leaflets on campus. They started talking and… kept talking for three hours straight. He was mesmerized by her smile and her flirty attitude. Lana, for her part, had butterflies in her stomach for the first time in her life.

Lana’s parents are a wealthy bunch. They run several prestigious law firms and she’s their only daughter. Even though that’s a nice bonus, she’s also the most adorable girl Douglas has ever met in his life. She is sweet and yet so innocently seductive at the same time. Lana told him that she had dated a few guys before him but nothing serious ever came of it. She got the feeling that they only wanted to have sex with her and then dump her.

Their relationship started to blossom. They were spending all of their free time together, kissing and talking about their futures. After 6 months of dating, Douglas asked Lana if she wanted to rent an apartment with him and live together. She surprised him the hell out of him and said yes. But although they were going to be living together, as far as sex went, Lana told him not to push it.

After looking at apartments, Doug insisted on something cheaper but Lana made her conditions clear. Doug wouldn’t have to pay his whole half of the rent, just 20% till he can afford the full amount. But he had to promise that he would be responsible for keeping the place clean and take care of Lana’s needs as best he could.

Live with Lana here: LWL on

45 thoughts on “Living with Lana is ready!”

  1. Sweet, sweet Lana. Sasha had more options, with this one felt more alive, less mechanical. Making Lana ask you out and not the other way around may be the key difference.

  2. I’ve only done a couple of quick playthroughs and still have much to discover (if the achievements are any indication), but I can already say now that this is best free game released in a long while.

    -Renders/Animation: Very, very nice. Although Lanas appearance doesn’t fit my taste as much as fx Serena, Nicole or Tracy, there’s a realness to her that is very enticing. Her design is very elegant and very natural. Though I prefer smoking hot, fitness-model type women that are slightly porn-ified (like the aforementioned girls), Lanas natural look is something we don’t see that often in an LOP game and I would welcome some more girls like this. The locations look good too and the sex scenes are awesome for a free game.

    Music/Sound: Simple and subdued, it fits the games tone and style. Does its job well enough.

    Story/Characters/Dialogue: The premise is straightforward and something we’ve seen many times before. But it functions very well for what it is and makes the most of what it has to work with. It emphasizes quality over quantity by utilizing the only two characters in the game to their fullest and doesn’t throw in random characters in an attempt to look bigger (I’m looking at you LwT2 and Eleanor 2). While 3 endings seem too little, it’s not really a problem, considering that it’s a free game. The characters are well defined and believable, showing development and progress over a relatively short amount of time. The dialogue is good and engaging.

    Gameplay: I am a fan of this model of gameplay. Especially because the stats aren’t overdone and therefore doesn’t take focus away from the progression of the story. It’s neither too hard nor too easy to find the right combinations to raise stats and progress with Lana. The length of the game is very good, especially considering that it’s a free game.

    I can definitely see myself returning to this game quite a lot. A solid release and it makes me look forward even more to future free games.

  3. Hey! I’ve been a fan and suscriptor for a while and this is my first comment in the blog.

    I agree with Nemo, this is the best free game I’ve seen in a long time. The game feels very natural. The progression of the game and its storyline goes smoothly. The chemistry between the characters feels natural and the few sex scenes that we have (normal for a free game) are simply amazing. The graphics are very different of what we are used to, for the very best.

    I’ve found all the endings and still want to play it more! I would love to see it in premium with more time and scenes with the sweet sweet Lana.


      1. I never said that the “Living with” series is old and dead (although I wouldn’t complain if that was to happen), but I’m not a fan of those kinds of games anymore.

        Got pretty tired of them and I really can’t stand the stats thing. But I’m well aware that I’m the minority here and things won’t change.

        The only thing I can do is not play them or not spend my money with them.

        Looking forward games with different systems (LwT 2 was a nice surprise).

  4. awesome game im glad you decided to go back to the days version instead of just story,if you do want to go story tho do it like the sex and glory games like medusa,mysterious jungle(i think lol),13 rooms they are awesome story games with out the grind of days but you still had to put in some work to get items and the stories were fucking sweet.that was my problem with lwt2 you didnt feel like you were partcipating in the game it just happened and you watched it.great game tho thank you lop team

  5. Hi, I’m writing here for the firs time but I am reading this blog for a year now. I am reading all the updates and I’m trying to read all the comments. The comments I like to read the most is fans’ suggestions and I hope I’m not alone, however, it’s hard to find these comments in bunch of other comments.
    What I want to suggest is a separate category for fans’ suggestions. It will help people who like to read these suggestions and people who write it and maybe the creator of such awesome games will be inspired by some suggestions.
    Please, fans of LOP write what you think about this idea.

  6. It’s a really nice free game, honestly. But I have to say it’s not so good like the free games you made 2-3 years ago. Nice graphics, no doubt but why does the guy looks like 14?

    But ironically this game is much longer than LWT 2. I still can’t believe it. Sorry! But I have realized that the year 2016 is not “our common year”. So I hope in 2017 something will change….

    Anyway, good work with LWL. Keep going, maybe with a little bit more profundity…

  7. Achievement/Ending 3

    1- Dessert: Take her on the table/cum on her pussy.
    2- The Girl That Swallow: On the couch ask 4 Bj and pop in her mouth.
    3- Blind and Wet: On the couch blindfold and lick her, force to spread. (Requires 30 SexExp).
    4- Sexy show: Strip her on the bed and order to masturbate
    5- I Love hot cum:Strip her on the bed. Have sex. cum inside
    6- Touching myself: Laundry: Spread her legs/ask her to play with her boobs.
    7- Too drunk: offer her 3 tequila shots.
    8- Lets go to the bathroom: Touch and finger her ath the bar
    9- Lick this honey: After u pick her up at school you finger her and ask her to lick.
    10- Slut I am. Day 19. Ask her to kneel in bath then ask her to spreak her legs. Fuck her. When u are about to pop she asks u to take it in her mouth. You get ending 3.

    In order to get Ending 3 you have talked with her and asked about her fantasies (requires 50 Rel point) and giver her 2 tequila shots at the bar. That’s when I got it.

  8. Nice little short game. New visual style. They look really young. I find the male character much more well designed than Lana.

    She is not a Lop character that I will remember of. Anyway keep new artists coming.

    Storyline is nothing special but dialogues are well written.

    “You are a best. You are a machine. You can’t be stopped.” That’s what we keep telling ourselves when we workout. Lol.

  9. Man, this girl though.
    She looks absolutely gorgious.

    The graphics are so on point, and her character is really nice as well.

    Don’t make this into a premium game, I think this game is just fine as it stands. It would hurt her character to have more sex scenes and more disturbing sex scenes in the game. (threesomes and what not), it’s just a really fine game as it is.

    But please have this art style in a different game, it’s amazing. Also a camio of Lana or a spinoff or what not would be sweet.

  10. I have to compliment to Leo and the other guys. Weekly posts, active reply on bug report. The community management improved a lot and thats clearly visible. I hope it pays off.

    1. From what I’ve played, I didn’t see any. Also, there is very little focus on penetration, you really don’t see much action because all of it blocked by the body of the man.

  11. I have no problem with the style of this new artist, I can say it looks pretty good even. But it would be pretty cool if you can make the girl smaller and shorter than the guy from now on, this wasn’t a problem in prior games and here it looks a little bit unrealistic.


  12. Leo is there any chance you could add more anal scenes with lisa in the living with temptation 2 expansions please, and an anal threesome with lisa and gabrielle would be immensely hot times a trillion. Thanks

  13. My compliments to the team that worked on living with lana. The game was a real success. The game was not to long for the stats grinding to become boring and the story was very believable. It felt real.

    What also really appealed to me (but i guess thats personal) is the whole setting where you deal with a semi innocent girl which is trying to prove herself. No cheating, no threesomes no weird shit, just you trying to awaken the inner naughtiness in her. Also the graphics were outstanding, there is no need to show a fully detailed genital, more often then not implication of something sexy is actually more sexy then the result.

    The only remark i have is one that i also mentioned in previous reviews i would still love to see some more interaction in the sense that you actually see her remove her panties. e.g. when she’s at home she seems to be commando on the table and on the couch, while she is typically not the girl to do such a thing.
    Or even better in the shot where you blindfold her and lick her, it would be a nice tease to slowly remove her panties in 2 or 3 steps where she feels you are doing something naughty but yet her inner slut tells her to let you continue (if your relationship points are high enough ofcourse)

    1. In addition to my previous comment she also seems to be wearing thong or atleast sexy panties when going to the laundry scene. Which she obviously has never worn before. I believe it should grow with her confidence. e.g. When she gains more trust in douglas she should show him by wearing sexier lingerie.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you had not wanted to make a game that would stick “a little” with current events?

    Like, we play a young woman who is the assistant “personal” a rich businessman. She has a boyfriend who is very jealous and monopolizing, but do not hesitate to cheat our character with the wife of the businessman.

    Businessman who did everything to win the heart of his beautiful assistant presents full offering and weekends together in the landscapes of dreams, far from civilization, and especially away from her boyfriend.

    And of course, a businessman who hopes to win the White House to enrich his own company at the expense of the little people …. ah but then I digress … :p

  15. I found a serious bug in the gameplay – 50 relationship points waypoint can be crossed only if your strength is above 25. If your strength is already above 25 when you reach 50 relationship points, Lana immediately recognizes that, UNLESS you are at the bar with her. In that case you are stuck at 50 RP through the whole bar night.

  16. I played this.

    This is prolly an odd reason but I didn’t like the game because it was too “vanilla”. Soft natured and the girl is too sweet. I suppose playing a lot of LOP games does that to ya but…this girl just didn’t do anything for me.

    I like games to have a sense of disbelief but this game was just bland, no spark.

    1. Nothing do the with the graphics or the gameplay which was all fantastic but the tone of the game was just meh.

      When you have majority of the games with cheating wives, frisky girls, a ghost fucking various girls in a haunted house etc etc…

      this was out of left field lol

  17. Awkward moment, when you find out Lana is cheating on you. Sunday morning, you play with her, she orders you to stop, because she has to go to school… and she disappears. But the school is closed.

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