Merry XMAS everyone!

May this Christmas bring joy and love to your heart and soul and may you start the New Year on a beautiful note.

Wishing you the best Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!







PS. Who of this girls would you like to see naked the most in a moment of delivering your christmas presents?

36 thoughts on “Merry XMAS everyone!”

  1. Yeeeey im so glad to see tiffany from agent 069, hopefully we can see her in a new game, love eleanor aswell!. Happy Xmas can’t wait to next year to see what projects you guys have 🙂

  2. Naked the most. Tiffany, tiffany, tiffany, tiffany, tiffany……. oh and did i mention tiffany :). I really really really hope we’ll get a new game from her next year. Fingers crossed and toes and everything it’s possible to cross

  3. merry christmas! all the girls look amazing! congratulations on another great year, you guys do some of the best work out there. just a small request: consider bringing back Eleanor for another game! her story-line and character are so unique and promising.

  4. Delighted Tiffany has come back. Gives me lots of hope there will be a game with her in it next year. And to the answer of your question, 100% Tiffany. Merry Christmas to the entire LOP team and the players!

  5. i didnt know tiffanny had so many fans, By far one of the best characters hopefully she will get a game with a good history. Maybe she stops being a agent and she goes to college xD.

    1. @LOP_Daman How many projects does LOP have going atm? It seems you guys are working on Club Velvet, as well as Blind Date 3D and a couple expansions (hopefully for LWT2 and Seducing the Throne) 😉 . I just hope you guys devote enough time to each, and I for one am looking forward to anything you guys put out. Great job guys!

  6. I am surprised that there wasn’t a Serena or any of the Girls from City of Love. Also who are the second and last girl? To answer the posed question I would choose Elenor.

  7. you guys could add a xmas girl to Strip Texas Hold’em game in Sex & Glory site, maybe one of the famous girls from other S&G or LOP games with some nice hardcore positions.

  8. Going to be hard since, Tiffany, Eleanor and Flickerine look sexy and beautiful hmmm ill have to say all three of them, but if it only one then Flickerine. Also Merry Christmas sorry if it a little late.

  9. Tiffany!

    I agree with the dude above, a premium spy game featuring Tiffany as the main character of course would be awesome as heck.

    Something completely different + Tiffany = All my money.

    Agent 069 is definitely a hidden gem.

  10. A Happy New Year and a propitious Merry Christ mas to everyone and exclusively to LOP team.

    @LOP team including and not restricted to leonizer, iksanabot, daman…thanks for all the wonderful presentations from your games that have entertained us all throughout the year an I’m sure that we’ll get to see some even more exciting, tantalizing and teasing games this year.

    Enjoy everyone and LOPteam you rock guys..!!

    Warm Regards

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