CVR expansion

We’re very happy that you love Club Velvet Rose and that we’ve started 2017 with such well received game.

I would like to let you know that we’ve decided to release an expansion with new characters, new events and new endings.

Today meet the first new female character that will enter the club in an expanded version – Lady Miranda.

Miranda was a regular at the Club Velvet Rose but was banned after being too aggressive, breaking the house rules (forcing others to do things, touching without permission and having them remove their masks). During her ban, the Velvet Rose closed her signature Dungeon Room to make sure no further instances would happen. But once she returned, she petitioned for it to be reopened, which they reluctantly did.

BTW: Next week I’ll tell more about Lily and reveal another LOP GOLD game that will suprise you this year.

104 thoughts on “CVR expansion”

  1. She is stunning.
    And she looks like the same girl we get to see with Veronica and Nicole in the garage.
    Daman please forgive her and get her back in the club.
    Anyway I guess she will be the perfect Che’s female counterpart.

      1. Look at her!
        It looks like she’s saying “Pretty please LoP let me get back to the club”.
        I have a felling that no she doesn’t regrat what she has done.

  2. That’s great news. And good to see the weekly updates on the blog from Leo and Daman. I think we subscribers appreciate that. If LOP does regular expansions and new games, I believe the subscriber base will increase = More funds to LOP for games. Win Win for all of us. :-)) Just food for thought.

  3. guys can u add or involve other older characters they were very hot and i think they can be added because they were escort and they can be seen on places like this, characters like Jordan 500 and Tori 500 or Eleanor also can be added in CVR but i really liked Jordan and tTori will be nice if we can see them again sry if bad english

  4. I would love to see more of Che, in this game they say that if fuck like womans were just some toys, but the only time that we see him is in the end when he fuck Veronica after that we refuse, that he fuck her. So I would love to see another scene just with him and Veronica.

  5. Congratulations daman πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to the new content! I’m not a big fan of bdsm but a strong female character with a fondness for breaking the rules sounds like a good addition to the cast.

    1. I would love to see more of Che, in this game they say that he fuck womans like they were just some toys, but the only time that we see him is in the end when he fuck Veronica with Felix after that we refuse, that he fuck Veronica.
      If we accept him to fuck her, and go before to fuck with Alex and Natasha they don’t do anything, if we go after they have already finished.
      So I would love to see that scene, like we can interrupt and get the same end as when we go there before they fucked, or we can watch without going to the room or another scene just with him and Veronica.

      1. About that gangbang of veronica by Che, James and the older guy, I wished to see that scene James joining the gangbang more as James taking advantage of his own drunk wife to fullfill his own temptations

  6. Since you are making an expansion and adding a character, how about you make the character of the black basketball player whom alex and Che mentioned in their conversation. He can be the perfect combination of wild, aggressive and as mentioned in the game could have been serving a ban. He should be the only character to be added and not anymore. More female characters may spoil the fun.

    Maybe you guys should just make only new male charecters as more men competing for lesser number of females in the game can be thrilling. For me the four female characters that you have made in your game is enough and the success of the game shows it, only they needed to be explored more.

        1. damn maybe in another game i hope i loved those two ones if not im sure you will use cool creativity and you will be inovative in the next games like this one really cool and sexy characters in CVR good luck and keep the good work greetings guys

          1. Leo wrote and reveal Another LOP GOLD That game will surprise you this year. So it will be another game. I want some clues. Please. πŸ˜€

      1. see on instagram above theres pictures from games they are planing to create above in the left corner near walkthrough section if you have account or from your cell phone add LOP some mystical game adventure or something like stt was mentioned beofre on the blog

  7. howmany other characters will be in the expansion only miranda? I would love to see other also some older characters
    will be nice if we can see the legendary Jordan 500 & Tori 500
    they are escort girls after all they can be see in places like this escorting some rich bussinesman also Eleanor can be part of this game she appearing in Didi maybe even Tracy with her husband theres a lot of options that can be considered or used in this game

    1. In expansion we plan to add 3 new characters – Miranda and another couple. More info about them in a couple of weeks.

      J500 and T500 are very old characters, developed in ancient technology and there is no way we can mix them with our modern games.

      1. No. I’d much rather you keep focus on balanced stat-builders that doesn’t feel like grinds (like LwT and LwS) and story-driven games with strategic elements and challenging gameplay (like CVR).

        Don’t get me wrong J500 and T500 were fine games. But the gameplay gets kind of bland and the sex scenes are boring.

          1. Jordan 500 was most played game and first place voted on PF1 for a very long time i hate to bother but i preciate if you consider, sex scene were maybe bad because was old tech old flahs player animation today theres a lot of cool programs i think will be really cool to see them at least in small free game no need to be in LOP Gold section if not we understand but still you can consider that will be nice greetings mates

        1. Agreed on the gameplay being bland. But the boring sex scenes might’ve just been because of how old the games are.

          There’s also a shit ton of sex scenes in those games. If they trim down the sheer amount and up the quality, there might be something in there.

          I always found it a bummer that the model/porn star stuff didn’t get explored more.

          For me it all depends on the resources they have and are able to spend on a totally different game. But the more good games the merrier.

        2. gameplay can be changed i am saying they can be involved in some games like eleanor in didi or like another char CVR or other games no need story to be focused about them if not its ok but i think many would love them i started to play LOP Games with them i remember when i saw picture of jordan 500 on another web site she was so hot i was curios what kind games you guys creating thats how i found about LOP

      2. Definetely. Both of them are great and beautiful characters, that were featured in two of your best games ever.

        Although by “new gameplay”, I’d like to see them in story-driven games. No more stats-grindy games.

        1. vkalvkal. The original LwT is story-driven (far more so than the sequel) as well as being a game with stats. Story-driven and stats are not mutually exclusive concepts.

          Fx: the original LwT was very focused on story, a man whose marriage is in danger of crumbling attempts to win back the affection of his wife through working, raising their child, maintaining their household, bettering himself… while also being tempted by (and maybe giving in to) the young nanny living in their house. Expertly handing themes of temptation, cheating, loyalty and betrayal.

          LwT2 is a story about a married couple that fuck a lot… occasionally with other people…

          I get that some people like stat-grinders and some don’t. Certainly unbalanced stat-grinders can be a hassle and remove focus from the game (like it did in Johnny Bullet). But for those tired of stat-grinders, there’s a very simple solution: flash editor. Easy to handle and you can breeze through the game if you don’t care about story or gameplay and then just find the scene you want to fap to. Pretty easy πŸ™‚

          1. That’s just your hate for LwT 2 getting the best out of you.

            And this last paragraph is really hypocrite on your part. Okay, for people that don’t like visual novel style games, just don’t play. Pretty easy.

          2. “That’s just your hate for LwT 2 getting the best out of you.”

            Not really. The game fell short of my expectations, true. But I don’t hate it. Besides, in return, I could say that your love of games like LwT2 or Trip to Paradise blinds you to the potential of stat-builders. That door swings both ways…

            “And this last paragraph is really hypocrite on your part. Okay, for people that don’t like visual novel style games, just don’t play. Pretty easy.”

            How is it hypocritical? The definition of hypocrisy is: “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.” In what way have I displayed this? I offer people who don’t like the grind an easy way to overcome the hassle. I don’t use flash editor because I enjoy the strategic element of the grind. At least my suggestion offers inclusion, allowing people a chance to play the games they don’t like. Your suggestion excludes people.

          3. i really love the temptation if you chose the right answer or not focusing on story thats why the old games i think vere better and longer need times and patience until you laid almost like real life not just bang on first sight its about work your way around also theres other events normal life special events hidden scenes or events most new games are short and fast but i really liked CVR its a lot of options characters and still open for more options and possibilties only i was dissapointed about zara only blow job πŸ™

          4. Well, you guys are putting me on the corner in regards to stats-builder games. I’m not into it and I don’t like when people like Nemo just can’t stop them from coming up against me for not liking the same kind of game they like.

            You can totally stand up for the kind of game you enjoy, but when you reply directly to my comment when I voice my opinion of how I don’t like them, I’m getting it personal and it is hypocritical on your part. I’m not going up against people who like those kinds of games and I try to be really harsh like Nemo was at his first response. And the precise difinition of hypocritical he gave sounds precisely what I was thinking about. But I digress.

            I’m done. I’ll never talk about or play any stats-builder anymore. I’m just done with it. Too much headache for something that I just want to fap.

          5. Vkalkal:

            It’s true that I bring up my love for stat-builders, on occasion as a response to how you don’t like them. But vice versa and similarly, you’ve often made comments about how you dislike them, several times in direct response to me stating that I am a fan of them. To berate me for a behavior you yourself engage in is, ironically, the textbook example of hypocrisy.

            I made a statement about how I thought LwT1 was more storydriven than LwT2 and you decided to take it as a personal affront to your tastes and preferences. Which would explain why, instead of trying to explain why you thought the opposite was true, you tip-toed behind my inital statement and went straight for ad-hominem attacks, effectively calling me a hater and a hypocrite (you’re also using that word wrong, there was nothing hypocritical about my statement). Try to attack the argument instead of the person behind it.

            If you feel like my comment was too harsh: tell me, take it up with a moderator or ignore it… but don’t try to passive-aggressively play the victim because of some imagined slight. All I did was comment on a gameplay element in relation to two specific games.

      3. I think that cameo appearences is a great idea, you have a large portofolio of gorgeous women and everyone loves to see them in new kinky situations. So please use them from time to time in expansions or new games (ok, to be true – the more the better ;-)).

        1. yes i like older char ofc also new i will never be bored frmo Lisa Eleanor many love tracy so much its ok if you ask me but not so special i mean shes hot but i dont know i also really want to see the old legendary girls when i learn about PF1 and LOP Jordan 500 Tori 500 i really liked the chicks from Ryan Blender the detective guy inves. stolen picture and the trophy wife

  8. It is nice to play the different types of games, the ones with great graphics that takes a lot of time and effort, but it is also nice playiny t500/j500 type games.
    A sim brothel would be a good game, like the one on Newgrounds but with a LOP upgradeon it
    Took me a while to get into CVR, but as always, delivered a great game.
    Well done team, keep up the good work.

    1. @John Smith
      As much as I would LOVE nothing more than to add it, I decided against using Justin and Tracy. I know people love those characters, but I would love the opportunity to create new ones for you to love. And from my earl drafts and from the feedback I’ve been getting at the meetings, you’ll love it!

      1. And you’ve taken the right decision.
        I love Tracy too but I’d say go on with your own characters.
        By the way Tracy and Veronica are my fav characters.
        My 2 cents

      2. I would like to have the Scarlett Johannason or Jeniifer Lawrence or Kate Upton type of character. I don’t care about the guys you bring in. I just need more lesbian action.

      3. It is unfortunate that the club will not be Justin and Tracy. The couple would have graced history.
        Please make sure that the heroes of the LwT1,2 to appear as often as possible. Even if it is in small episodes.

  9. But what about Kim and Rick Pierce ? Also it will be really awesome if you will use Kim or Sharon (from farm stories) in other games, and if it’s not hard some girls in nylon tights.

      1. i don’t mind the masks at all, char are good, well described most importantly very hot, but will be nice also to see them without masks but not bothering me at all i was also sceptic on the begining but you did great job on this game guys you can be proud of CVR really πŸ™‚

      2. First off, I’m just not into masks. No pun intended, but I may even be willing to see through them if it wasn’t for the timing. My point is, it kinda goes beyond the masks for me and maybe that’s just what it is… really bad timing.

        I’ve been a member of the premium sites for a few years now and up until recently there has been a major problem with many pictures during the sex scenes being cropped out so badly that the expressions on the female’s faces we’re simply not there. Instead, said scenes were zoomed in to the point where it was just a torso and legs having sex. That had gone on for so many games that I simply can’t count and just when they seem to correct that problem; in comes a game where every single one of the females are wearing masks.

        I’m a huge fan of seeing the expressions on a female’s face when having sex, especially when she approaches climax. I’ve missed out on some great expressions by fantastic artists due to the cropping issue and it’s a total bummer that these masks kinda put it back to square one for me. You can LOL at my comment all you want, but it’s a bit of a sticking point for me at the moment. Who knows, if this game was released a few months from now, I would most likely not even be mentioning it.

        I saw the comment by LOP_Daman earlier that ONE scene in ‘Jacob’s Rebound’ had Isabelle had a mask on to justify putting a full games worth in since nobody said anything about it. I don’t remember seeing an uproar about a Futa being in ONE scene during Sexual Haunting, but we all saw the shit-storm on this blog when they fielded the possibility on including chicks with dicks in any future games, so that point is moot.

        So yeah, I’d rather miss out on a game where I know I’d be frustrated at one of the major aspects of it… the visuals.

        1. Shmerlin

          I can see why the mask thing would be a turn-off.

          But if it’s any comfort, I didn’t think the masks are very obstructive. On most girls (like Veronica and Natascha) they are fairly slim and you are able to see facial expressions very well. The masks on the guys are a different story though (but I am guessing you’re not too concerned with that?).

        2. @shmerlin33
          You are not the only one who complained about the masks.

          I asked because I was just being curious. I get why some aren’t going to play it because they don’t like the story told. But I’m curious bout those who aren’t going to play it because the mask seems to be such a huge critical matter to them. I was wondering why. That’s it.

          As far as I’m concerned it totally makes sense wearing masks in a swingers club and btw they don’t heavily compromise any characters’ facial expression.

          With Miranda coming next maybe we get the chance to see them without the masks.

          1. I think the problem is another. Why they need to put a mask when they say their names and talk about their lifes? This is pretty no sense so i don’t understand the use of masks

        3. @EL
          They are wearing masks because is one of the rule of Club or because they might be having a mask party.

          Zara is wearing a cat outfit, did you notice?

          So if you want to get to Club Velvet Rose you have to wear one. Otherwise, no mask no Club for you.

          And who assure you they are telling you their real names and really are who they claim to be? Lol

          I guess it didn’t bother you since you’ve played it

          1. @Passion4LessonOfPassion
            Your actually the first one to get it. When writing the game, each character had two names and different backgrounds. So the real question: is are they telling the truth or a story?

            And to go back to the mask questions, if anyone has ever been to a swingers club/party they have their rules and some higher class ones prefer masks to keep clienteles and some wealthy peoples identities confidential. That way, in public, they would be uncertain if they were there or not (This is all from experience by the way). And if you go back to LWT: Wife Gone Wilder, the owner Madam Ariana, and the female doctor, D. Lotta were the only ones wearing masks as they are “high profile” persons who need their privacy and secrecy in the club. It’s a standard thing .

          2. Daman – I’ve never been. it’s great to see you bring your experience of something to the game and translating it so successfully into something that feels very real. Thanks!

      3. As far as pics being cropped out or heavily zoomed – ELE2 first game that comes to my mind – I cant see any of them. Just one close up – which im not a fan of – in the full fantasy finale but it makes sense.

        From my point of view you are missing the best LOP visuals and scenes ever made.

  10. J500/T500. Good to see I’m not the only one who would enjoy some remake/gold edition of nice old games.
    If I would considerhow much experience you gained since those games with the stat builder/dating style games (fast start from SH, secondary stats Elanor2,…), you certainly will have better balanced game, not so much early gamplay grinde focused. Then it’s more than promissing. Considering you already have the documentation for gamplay-balance-story line. Development could be much faster.

    When I’m playing I always spot little things how I would change, improve a game, so with little work could be better. I know with constant engine-tehc change upgardes are not realy possible; it would require more of complete rebuild. But I still dreaming that you would monthly do some small patches for an old game. πŸ™‚ Every month one game a little patch. No animation, or new ending, no new story line. Just what can be done fairly easily or quickly, something to tease the ppl with continious subscribe. Examples: A) When you buy new bed in Sed Throne the picure of your house will change and shows a different bed. B) Eleanor 2 the map in bottom left corner got replaced with a mobiles with google map on screen (nobody uses paper map in 2017 :P)….. //Ok probably need a few pic with boobs on it because thats why ppl are here..// Rgds

  11. Hey guys… It would be great to see some news posts on your Instagram page. It’s been weeks since we saw new images there and would love to see some about the upcoming ones.

  12. @shmerlin33
    Thanks for your feedback and we hear you loud and clear. I do know for a fact that some characters are zoomed in too much in some of the older games (trying to find the best pictures for their profile photos on Wikia has been a chore and a half!).

    And to let you know, “Club Velvet Rose” has been in production LONG before Isabella and “Jacob’s Rebound” so the masks were not the result of Isabella. It was just a complete serendipitous moment, I assure you.

  13. So are you considering any remakes this year it’s good to see new games but i dont like this game . Dingnity One is better in my Humble! opinion! Sensual Haunting is better not to remind about City Of Love Ghosts Of The Past , Seducing The Throne + LWT WGW Those are The Best Lop Gold ! oh and making games harder to get sex scenes makes me go back to download …… Seducing The Throne would be nice to get a big addon im sure anyone would not mind it

  14. i’ve read about old char discussions ideas etc. if you ask me no need for remakes add small games not LOP Gold make them small free or part of the story like Eleanor Date, or The small one from Jordan 500, if not add them in some of the games like Eleanor in Didi camera story or whatever the game was called will be nice to see the old char with new i think old characters no need to be forgotten at least refresh them or add them in some future games in small scenes at least everyone likes to see Jordan 500 Tori 500 Lisa Tracy Eleanor Agent 69 Rebeca from passion one I really want to see Lexi from divided heart, weather girl from City of love Blue Santana from Ryan blender old char from high school grown up they can work on the bar for example or be waitress in the club or other games many of this girls can be mixed in some games or be seen in places like this something like avengers or justice league its idea i wanted to share think about it guys

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