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  1. Great little free game, although I believe there may be a bug on the last option.
    If you choose the single night it carries on to the additional date ending and if you choose to carry on then it goes to the spurned woman ending.
    Should they not be the other way round?

  2. Kim is beautiful! Bravo for bringing back one of the sexiest women in Lop. I had one quick question for you guys. I was going through some old games, and I came across Alice:erection race. Would you guys ever consider making her story into a gold game? It doesn’t have to be her specifically, but I think a gold game about a young/naive married woman who has to seduce her way through politics would be great! You could explore so many sexual scenarios and fantasies. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work!

  3. That dialogue regarding Tracy though.. seems to be foreshadowing a date game featuring her and Mitch about that particular moment. I can only hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. not sure if this is a bug but when your at the apartment and you say your going to enjoy teasing her next gym class as well as you’ll be begging for my touch, she tells you to get the hell out but the date continues

  5. Daman DudeTnx for the new โ€œWalkthroughsโ€ especially for โ€œTori 500โ€ my favorite girl, well one of my favorites i doubt but i really hope that maybe we will see her again in some new feature adventure(s) at least in some small free game, by the way the picture above for the walkthrough look better then the old ones, with new engine was made or? Looks like the one you used for LWT 2 with good clear pictures, colors and contrast except Alice hair in the threesome scene if you noticed when she moves up and down look like smashed paper or something watch the โ€œhairโ€ you will seeits a little funny
    till the next time greetings ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Margaret & Walter was good. Hot wife story was good. Hot wife Tara too.This is in the same vein but such low par. There are some nice renders but there is no tension. Too many images of ‘chat’ and not enough of sex. 2/10. Very disappointed even if it’s free. Feels like made in 2010.

  7. ฤฐ don’t know what you guys think but i don’t like that dialogue regarding Tracy. Everybody like Tracy because she’s unique character among LOP girls. She’s wild, kinky bu also loving wife of Jason. Transforming her a common slut like Eleanor is kinda disappointing. I think blowing some stranger in hotel room and drink his cum seems out of character act for Tracy. (Sorry about my English, it’s not my native language)

    1. well if i’m not mistaken in the dialogue tracy was described as mother and housewife while lwt tracy is lawyer,might be another tracy?i do like the connections between different lop games but i agree with you if it’s meant to be lwt tracy,that doesn’t suits her at all

    2. Well… to be fair, after LWT2, it’s perfect in-character behaviour for Tracy to act like that.

      I thought the dialogue was a little weird too… It was obviously meant as fan-service, but it felt forced and out of place.

      Otherwise, the game is fairly decent.

      Renders: Well-done, though it’s obvious it’s a free game. It’s good to see Kim again. Even if she’s pretty much indistinguishable from Eleanor (minus the snarky comments), I like her looks (that tattoo, man). Animations are pretty good for a free game.

      Writing: Well… it’s not Shakespeare… The story has been done before and the short timeframe does the storytelling no favours. A lot of the dialogue is kind of ham-fisted, but the dirty talk during the sex scenes is good.

      Music: Not a fan of the music in this one… as far as I recall, the music was also used in Eleanor 2. The moans during sex were good though, a lot more subdued than in a lot of your recent games.

      Gameplay: Oldschool gameplay. I am not a fan of the “disembodied hand touching various hotspots” segments… But it was nice to see multiple positions during sex and choosing where to cum.

      So far, I am still missing two endings. I’ve discovered the ones where Kim leaves the date, she’s scorned and where she and Mitch carry on the affair. I’ll keep playing till I find the other two, but it seems like I am missing something…

  8. I’d like to keep Tracy’s characterization different from things I’d expect of Eleanor.

    Tracy deciding to cheat on Justin with the rich guy in LW2 makes some sense. Justin gets out alpha’d over a week and has his cheating exposed.

    Tracy sneaking off to passion one for a one night stand doesn’t add up. She’d have to be pretty depressed for something like that.

    1. Well, Tracy cheating in LWT2 only makes sense if Justin cheats as well… Her cheating works as a revenge fuck.

      But if you decide to go the non-cheating and non-swinger route, then the cheating definitely doesn’t make sense… the whole prologue of LWT2 tells us how Justin and Tracy have an amazing marriage (hot for each other, doing good financially, etc.).

      Justin is built up to be “the ultimate fantasy and desirable man”, some sort of sex god… but all it takes for your wife to jump on someone else’s dick, is less than a week of you being a little cranky (if you choose non-cheating/non-swinger route)… There’s no way to justify that turn of events other than Tracy being a superficial slut… you never cheated so it’s not a revenge fuck…. you never did the swinger club so it’s not part of some extra-marital agreement… it would have made sense if their marriage was on the rocks, but that’s not what the prologue tells us.

      But if Tracy is the kind of woman who cheats on her husband just because he isn’t “alpha enough” then she would probably also cheat on him if she suspects he is cheating on her. After all, “hell hath no fury….” I imagine the Tracy story in this game takes place during LWT1, with Tracy suspecting Justin is being unfaithful with Lisa… So her acting like this isn’t really out of character… at least not in the way she’s established in LWT2…

      1. Pretty astute Nemo. Guys, I did not write anything like that about Tracy, and I would have to say that the Tracy I write about would not cheat on Justin unless she had really good reason. In LWT2, the only way she was supposed to cheat was if she knew you were cheating with Lisa, or with Antoinette. I think in the final coding it may also have been possible if you were losing face badly with Richard, AND were using the cameras to spy instead of calling out Richard for it (she gives the camera the finger because she knows Justin is watching). If it isn’t working like that, it will work like that with the fixes that come with the expansion (not finished the script yet, so that one is still a long way off). Anyway, I think the idea of the dialogue in this Kim game is that if you want to believe it’s Tracy, go ahead, if you don’t want to believe it, it can be some other Tracy. I didn’t write it, so if you want your Tracy to be my Tracy… well. I suppose I could imagine something like that happening in between LWT1 and LWT2 if it turns out Justin had some other cheating event that she got wind of, and was already having fantasies about some hot, charismatic guy who always tried to flirt with her at the gym… I don’t know – I’d have to try writing it to know.

        1. @iksanabot Wait… so who wrote this free game about Kim? Did the writer consult with you before adding in the Tracy dialogue? And if so, did you agree to allow that writer to describe Tracy in this way? Because it felt like you approved this dialogue about Tracy for it to be published in the game with Kim.

          I understand that you wrote LWT/LWT2 for LOP, so they pretty much have the rights to put the character(s) you wrote in whichever game they want, but still it’s just so out of place. Just like the dialogue in LWT2 regarding Tracy talking about Eleanor, it may be hot to some people but it just doesn’t work with what you have established with your characters, and story of LWT/LWT2.

          Also, the dialogue about Tracy in the Kim date game was way too detailed to make us think it was ‘another’ Tracy, it was clearly regarding the only Tracy we all know.

          1. Guys, have you ever think that Mitch wasn’t telling the truth? What if he just want to impress Kim with such a story about a slutty wife to make her horny? Maybe it’s just talking and something like this never took place.

            At least I don’t believe him ๐Ÿ™‚
            Tracy from LWT would never do something like this and I would suspect Eleanor first.

          2. ๐Ÿ™‚ i like Leo’s explanation below.
            I did not have anything to do with the Kim game, so know, I didn’t know there was going to be any dialogue about Tracy in it, but it is fine that there is. It’s the LOP universe, and Leonizer is the ruler. I think I would feel upset if Leo made a game about Tracy without me, but I don’t think he would ever do that without talking to me first, and even then, only if I had completely dropped off the map in terms of contributing scripts for them.

            Regarding the dialogue about Eleanor in LWT2 – that was actually Rhavin’s idea, and I liked it. We wrote that dialogue together, and it was in anticipation of us writing a combined Eleanor-LWT game together, which we eventually realized we couldn’t do for a variety of reasons. All that is left of that plan is the dialogue in LWT2. I admit that dialogue feels out of place, and overly long, but one reason I liked it was it gave me the chance to highlight the difference between Eleanor and Tracy (the Tracy that develops on slut-wife path for Tracy).

            So again, you can take whatever you want from that dialogue in the Kim game. I personally feel that anyone can find themselves in a cheating situation, if the situation is strong enough. I wrote it in my story on Literotica.com “A Glorious Tease”: Everyone has a level of temptation that they just would not be able to resist. If you want to imagine that Tracy could not resist Mitch, for a variety of circumstances taht are not described, you can. If you want to believe Mitch is lying (my favorite interpretation because I like that he fantasizes about Tracy) or that it’s a different Tracy, that is fine too. Your interpretation is entirely up to you.

            Thanks for your thoughts and interest, and thanks for playing.

          3. I’m actually surprised a bit by the community. Normally, people would ask questions on endings, or certain game mechanics and blah blah blah. But, nope! The small mentioning of a girl named Tracy and boom, everyone is so fixated on that and not the game itself! Hmmm….

        2. Yes, in the current version of the game Tracy will cheat even on a faithfull and non-swinger Justin if he’s losing face with Richard (and there is an animation in wich she doesn’t give the camera the finger -wich I think is more related to Justin cheating- and just keep sucking Richard). And personally I like it that way and think it mades kind of sense.

          We only see the events in the game from the point of view of Justin (btw, a game fron the pow of Tracy would be awesome!), but it’s obvious that a lot more things are happening at the same time. We just don’t know what other interactions between Tracy and Richard there are when Justin is not present. Maybe Richard is not such an asshole with her (or hides it better when Justin is not around), or maybe she is turned on by his arrogance and wealth/power and that wakes up a submissive or more prone to cheating side in her.

          One example: in the game if Tracy refuse to go in the confessional booth with Justin she says she wants to see what’s downstairs… What happens then? We just don’t know. What if she finds Richard and is teased by him? Or sneaks upon Richard and Antoinette having sex and has a voyeur moment?

          The first sauna scene (if Justin is not there), the card game at the stables (setting up the eventual gangbang later if swinger), the water games at the lake if Justin goes climbing… the possibilities are almost endless and there are a lots of things that could be interpreted as hints if looked “right”.

          Btw, I’m aware that you’re the author of LWT so I don’t presume to know the characters better than you, just saying that many events are left to our imagination (which is not a bad thing per se, on the contrary, altough of course I would like to have more content!) and that the fact that even a faithfull wife as Tracy could cheat, under the right circumstances, on a “crazy” hollidays (or with a gym stud as Mitch) could make sense.

          Keep up the good work!

  9. In terms of the gameplay I felt the pacing was a bit slow.

    Maybe a bit too much talking and the passion meter could have raised a bit faster.

    The visuals were pretty good. The game really made me want to fire up city of love, which was interesting.

    Using free games to expand on characters from LOP gold exclusives has a real potential for furthering the lore and will probably inspire some re-subs to play the classics. Win-Win

    For me LOP isn’t just about the incredibly sexy girls. I really enjoy the fantasy of playing out interesting situations in diverse settings.

    Looking forwards to a great 2017

  10. Yeah i know fifth means amandmen? Tnx. Anyway about Tracy however i guess will be explained later in other game(s)
    i had no time to play Kim so first opened the blog and read, got me on surprise, so maybe its before she was married or maybe temporarily they decide to separate “Give each other space” or “Time” to think to try new “Things” or maybe new “Adventures”
    or even to discover new “Fantasies” without the other to participate, with new partners or maybe its after LWT2 after she cheated with well the other french dude Justin’s cousin or in the barn and she totally reallised being naughty its not enough and she can’t be satisfied be one Dick ๐Ÿ™‚ now i will go play Kim and see how this shovelheads screwed or just giving us hint for the future till the next time Greetings ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. What’s the other girl name the blonde one i think was Alice the weather girl can you create small game with her from COL she was in VIP circles you can implement her in “Club Velvet Rose” with some friend or client she is character that can be seen in a place like that will be nice to see some of the old characters from the first games at least small free games like the girl with the black hair from passion one or passionate one but i doubt LOP will concentrate on older characters KIM its hot but i still prefer more Alice from COL greetings

  12. Taking a better look on the full game, her tits actually looks nice in many of the pictures, different of the samples posted around here before. Those nipples are also the best of LOP series so far, so sexy. And she looks way more beautiful in this game.

  13. I played the game and about Tracy he looked surprised when she mentions that and also the narrator saying that i think that’s why most of the dudes in the blog are confused!

  14. She’s gorgeous. I’ve played the game but I have to say its too short. And nothing to more. You guys should make long version. And Extra scenes and extra girls with it. Maybe you can mix it with Tracy , Veronica.. Like Wifes with infideltiy ?

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