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  1. Damn! Can’t wait for it, best game this year so far. Hopefully we’ll see more guys fucking veronica she’s just so hot. PlS include at least 1 more gangbang!!

  2. CVR is perhaps the best game created by the lop gold squid. The bondage is a great addition. I hope to see a lot of sex with bondage. I also hope to see some non-consensual bondage sex scene.

        1. @Diinora
          She’s not drugged though. There is a cocktail mixed with an aphrodisiac that once drunk will seep into your body quickly. I forget the name of it, but she’s actually drunk and not drugged.

  3. Please include a messy gloryhole with one of these Miranda ,Terri ,Alex or Zara , and more content with Veronica too .Also any new hints about seducing the throne expansion ?

  4. I hope its long(er) expansion not like Eleanor 2 was total miss fullfiling the holes and the updates not satisfied the story instead sending the game in wrong direction, the pictures however look very cool and promising i hope you will invest more effort in this game because its one of the best definitely top 5 games you ever created. Guys one more thing still the same question i asked before i didn’t saw answer its this same club from LWT? πŸ™‚ or could be? till the next time Greetings!

    1. @slayer
      Right now the game is on the top of our “To-Do List” (at least I hope it is, who knows?). As for whether or not this game takes place in the same place as LWT…that’s classified. πŸ˜‰

  5. Can’t wait.
    Look at Veronica on the bed. OMG.
    I knew Miranda had some spicy surpises for us.
    And little Zara is getting some action too.
    Just can’t wait.

  6. Graphicks look awesome and looks 50 shades, more spanking, rough sex, options others rooms, fetish, looks promising i hope we can play it this summer june-july also will be nice to see characters like Tracy going wild and doing crazy horny slutty moves or something maybe in other sequals you said only +1 character will be added or can we expect more? Only the red head?

  7. So I couldn’t help but notice someone raised the question as to whether Club Velvet is in the same area as Tracy and Justin’s story line. I can’t help but hope that in the future we can expect a possible gang-bang scene from the viewpoint of James as one of the guys who double penetrates Tracy, replaying one of the best LOP scenes from a different perspective.

    I consider LWT and LWT 2 classics in regards to LOP’s top tier games, and any possibility to revisit the escapades of characters who are widely considered to be fan favorites is certainly never frowned upon.

    But again, one can only hope haha

    1. Tracy 100% visited the swing club Velvet Rose. It is enough to compare the bonus pictures to the game LwT1 (# 7) and the main hall in the game CVR.

  8. It looks like you can choose whether to be dom or sub in the BDSM part of the expansion. That’s pretty cool. While CVR is a near-perfect game in it’s current state, the thing that kept it from shooting to the top of my list, was that every single branch of the story had some sort of cuckold element or the main character being dominated by other guys. So it would be a nice change to be the dominant one for once.

    It’s also nice to see that you’re not just making the expansion all about the 3 new characters, but also showing the old characters some love. Zara seems to get a bigger role and I hope for another scene with Natascha and/or Veronica.

    As for CVR being the same swingerclub as the one in LWT1… I really hope it isn’t. I don’t mind the idea of all the LOP characters existing in a shared universe (Avengers style!). But pushing characters from older games, made by other writers and animators into new games, comes with a lot of problems. For one, it often feels forced (the conversation about Eleanor in the beginning of LWT2 felt hamfisted and out of place). A different writer means that the character will inevitably be written differently. And maybe the writer wants to create and focus on his/her own characters rather than be obliged to write someone else’s character into the story. And the animators have different styles and looks to their characters… having Tracy (a character made by Yamyoda) standing next to Veronica (made by ItMakesMeBlush) is just going to look odd. Just let LWT and CVR be their own separate things… they don’t need each other.

        1. @lohhik
          Yeah me too. Closest thing is on the main page where you can change the size resolution to one of three. So far, that’s been good for us all.

  9. I agree with Nemo. I don’t think this should be the same club from Living With Temptation. I also agree that the cuckolding scenes should come as a surprise. If every scene has an element of cuckolding in it then you will pretty much know what to expect all the time.

    I really hope that the focus isn’t just on the new characters but that the old characters get expanded upon significantly as well. There seems to be a plot thread that stops abruptly after Zara and Veronica go off to the back room and you choose to speak with Alex and not Che. Alex asks you questions during that conversation and the responses seem like they would be significant later on but never are. I think that could be expanded upon. I’d also like to actually play the game of “never have I ever” with Alex instead of just being told about it. There could also be an ending with Felix an Natasha whee all four leave the club together and Felix takes you to a store to buy the girls some sexy clothes before they go to a sex scene at Felix’s house. There could be a quick dress up section where James could put his input on what to buy and different options could result in different variations of the sex scene.

  10. Actually now that I take a closer look at the pictures it seems previous scenes are being expanded upon. I’m pretty sure I see a sink in the background in the picture with Zara and Alex so I think that would be a continuation of the scene where Zara gives you a blowjob. Perhaps if you wait until after the scene when Che returns to the table with Veronica and Zara and then choose to get the blowjob from Zara it could trigger a scene where after you cum with Zara and you make a mess that Alex helps you out more than just hiding the wet spot on your pants. It makes sense because both Zara and Alex would be in the mood to knock Che down a couple of pegs at that point. This path may be unlocked by picking the right dialogue responses when you are sitting with Alex alone and talking with her. You could also add some dialogue where Alex is capable of getting you hard again even though you just came with Zara because she’s just that good. It could be a “Revenge on Che” story path where you conspire with Zara and Alex (and perhaps the bartender). You could also add another branching path off that path. If you answer the questions with Alex another way you could unlock the “Alex’s Plaything” path where you get some one on one scenes with Alex where she is a little more dominant (she seems to be hinting at her dominant side in the game).

    The second scene with Veronica and Zara seems to be a scene where you can watch Zara and Veronica when they go to the back room. Again, this could be unlocked by timing when you chose to get the blowjob from Zara. If you have already gotten the blowjob from her and then get Veronica to kiss her to trigger going to the back room with her, Zara could have your back and convince Veronica to let you watch.

  11. Lol, one more evil thought. In the above post where I talk about an “Alex’s Plaything” path, what could happen is that when Zara leads Veronica to the back rooms, she picks the “Voyeur Room” which is a room with a two way mirror which can be watched from another room. It makes sense because Zara gets off on being watched and she could be hoping there could be others watching in the other room. Veronica would have no idea. So if you go off with Alex, she could lead you into the room on the other side of the mirror. She could perhaps borrow some gear from Miranda and when you are all nice and tightly bound she opens the curtains blocking the mirror on their side and James is forced to actually watch Che fuck Natasha while Alex has bondage sex with James (and perhaps she comments on the activity in the next room during sex). Perhaps sound doesn’t carry through the walls so James has to watch Alex talk his way in and seduce Veronica without knowing what he’s saying. Alex could narrate the whole thing though and tell James what is going on, perhaps also tell a story about another couple he did it to, how when he is talking to her he will convince her because he’s good at that, how Che bragged that he would have Veronica when she first walked in, all while James is bound and helpless.

  12. How could I have forgotten?
    Zara getting more action is awesome, but don’t forget Natasha.
    Natasha is super awesome.

    1. I agree with more Natasha, especially since the aspect of Felix using his wealth as a form of domination was barely explored in the game and only in the ending. I think you’d have to take that outside of the club, where James and Veronica could go with Felix and Natasha shopping and Felix’s puts pressure on the two of you to engage in certain activities so he will buy stuff. This could also increase your time with Natasha, as perhaps some of Felix’s demands are to spend some alone time with Veronica giving you one on one time with Natasha.

      The gloryhole scene in the bathroom could be used as a branching point, where deciding to make one decision in that situation would cause the story to follow it’s original path while another decision could branch the story into the new direction.

  13. Only problem with this game for me was all those different choices and endless trial and error part. u know i am kinda lazy, and missing Daman`s old walkthroughs so much πŸ™

    1. Different choices its what a great game is about.
      What do you mena by”trial and error”?
      Every game is a trial and error.
      Looks like you wish LOP realeased a walkthrough even before the game.
      My2 cents

      1. it would be great! jokes aside many other adult games(especially ones supported by patreon) does exactly what you said and release walkthrough with their game updates. at the end many of us here for only a good story and scenes not gameplay.

    2. @kingoking
      “Daman’s old walkthroughs”? There still here on the page and it’s not like I’m dead or something. Unless of course I take another concussion to the head vie frying pan, but other than that, I’m good.

      You mean, you miss when I spoil the endings and tell you how to get all the achievements and sex scenes and such? *Sarcastically*Why…no body wants to see those any more! Right? πŸ˜‰

      1. Don’t worry. At least at the Arkham game i handled that issue. More or less.
        If they want complette walktrough Im pretty sure I can set up a guide. Not as complete and detailed as your waltrough, but will be easy to reach any ending, achivment, sex scene in the game with it.
        We know you busy with now writing games as well not just dealing with all pansy-ass moaners (aka me) on this blog 24/7.
        PS: Have you seen my anthoer question? If you prefer not to make available private messeges for forum readers, becuse you already get too much whining and nagging, thats completly understandable, but it would be polite if wont leave question like that unanswered.

  14. Please make it harsh and cruel so I can control Veronica to my hearts content. Put a whip in ,stock and pillory, cross bondage Table, Wooden Horse, Nipple Clamps, Spanking Paddle….

    Just kidding I’ll play whatever content you’re making.

  15. So are 2 new characters at least? The redhead we saw before and i don’t remember seeing the one with the shortest hair. About adding Tracy i agree with the dude before different renders different writers but many comics books are written from different authors direct from different directors but some of them mixed perfectly i think right author can join them nicely but i want also recommend others to express their opinion about this then can be decided i guess whats most important its the majority i’ve read some small number of opinions but i wish to read more renders renders by the way i really like it but expect more action from Zara not just lesbian or blowjob will be nice some real action with her or threesome
    well fellas till the next time Greetings!

    1. @slayer
      There are two characters already who been unveiled: Miranda was the first and the second was Teri. Both had their own blog publishing in the past. I will say this without spoiling too much: there is one more new character yet to make an appearance. More details to come on a later date.

      As for your comic book analogy, I agree with that statement. Thought the artwork and story-lines differ and get tweaked over the years, the soul of the character stays the same. Batman may have started out as a smiling, fun going-guy who dressed in a rubber suit and then evolved into a dark, sinister vigilante with trust issues towards everyone, the soul of the character of him being the world’s greatest detective has been intact since his debut. So we may write character cameos and new games with already established characters of whom we never created, but we try our best not to touch the very soul of the character and change what they stand for and what their goals and views are.

      As always good sir, thank you for your time and feedback!


  16. Can’t wait for this to come out. Hope sooner than later you guys do a great job i giving us something new just at the right time. Question will you ever go back and make a Eleanor 3? Or LWT3?

    1. I dont understand questions like this. If you played their games follow this blog for a while, the answer should be obvious. They not give you spoilers about storyline, and scenes because it would reduce the game experience. You might get info about basic concepts and preview pictures. (Which is in my point like any nowday movier trailer gives out too much information and a bit ruins the fun…)
      But no offence. I understand your point. You like that, and you want to see it in the game. I also make suggestion comments like this, even if completly aware that is moste likely the game is in that phase where they only can make minor changes oterwise releas date gets postponed. But once our voice is heard, it might get conidered for future games.
      The bit i dont understand why you formed as a question?
      Sorry if my style is too sharpish i realy doesnt mean to be challanging, just curious.

  17. I love where this Expansion is going, but I have a few questions: Any new on other expansions which have been out longer than CVR (LWT2) and any news on Blind Date?
    These appear to be neglected, this is worrying me a little.

  18. Hey Daman tnx for update and yeah man i never said character history to change characters history personality soul its perfect i just like, like many others want to see them mixed or participate in other games but certain characters in certain games good mix not like justice league total mess something like Eleanor in Didi. About the dude above i think about LWT 3 or expansion of the 2 or 1 they said end of the year or the next one i think they say busy with next new projects however i had same question before for “Blind Date” you gave teaser and update earlier then other games this year? that will be all for today till the next time fellas Greetings!

  19. Cool update. In my opinion all the games (except the fantasy ones) are in the same universe but not every one is connected with each other (like in Pulp Fiction where every story is intertwined)
    Daman: can we expect some info for Snake Valley and STT expansion soon?

  20. Really Alluring snapshots rendered for CVR EXP, love those.
    Just hope you guys will do justice to CVR EXP that will blow our minds.

    Food for Thought…would really love to see a cuckold scene of Veronica with a stranger whom she’s physically attracted to while her husband spies in the background. That would be the motherlode of fantasy where Veronica would be engaging in a sexual romp with the guy (and a girl for a super threesome scene), unbeknownst that her hubby is watching and getting aroused sexually. That would really spice up Veronica and her hubby’s life.

    Or, you could just throw in an orgy scene between Veronica and a guy and her hubby with Miranda in the same room while Veronica & her hubby looking at each other in the eye in some POV shots. That would be great.

    Tell me how you guys like the idea?

    @ Daman

    I’d really like to see Lily in future. That’s my personal request to you (take it as a dying wish) πŸ™‚


    1. @LOPfan001
      I will not disclose any details of storylines or spoil anything. But I shall leave you with this: never say never.

      As for Lily, I do have a few thoughts as to her future, but I will not spill the beans here.


      P.S. Your dying wish was sent to the Make a Wish Foundation and you will soon be billed for having your wish come true. Thank you!

  21. Awesome game. I have a suggestion for next game.

    We play as rich man’s daughter, she is the CEO of wellknown company. What a pity that the richman have no son, only two sluty daughter.
    I never see a game that rich bussinesswomen spread her leg for some mans that have lower class than her. It will be nice to see her bow down to their dicks.
    1. Security chief (big and athletic)
    2. Office boy (black one)
    3. Elder
    4. It is up to you guys as admin

    Another suggestion, i hope this game will be the first android or apple store game. You know that mobile game have easier payment method worldwide.


  22. I always thought a good idea for a game would be a reversion of the cuckold thing. As LWT style but you’re the bull for a couple. Gotta keep them both happy, lol, as well as other things.

    Would make a nice change of pace, and could have a lot of interesting scenarios. E.g. get the wife to do more depraved stuff with you.

  23. For the guy above there’s rich CEO chick banging, “Jacob’s Rebound” just from different perspective you play the guy not the woman, but will be interesting hes idea she is screwing someone he taped her and she must do favors or being blackmailed or forced to do things to take it back or asking for favor like Johnny Bullet kind of favors will be nice to see crime scenarios you did it only with Johnny and Agent 69 will be nice to see agents, police, investigations etc crime scenarios. However have you considered to cr8 character journalist how infiltrate on orgy with politicians powerful bussinesmans diplomats etc. So for example you have fun bang hot chicks tape everything and reveal biggest scandal ever or get caught or castrated πŸ™ god forbid πŸ™‚ there was this book i’ve read from the 80’s was awesome story think about i’d like to see other ideas for future games like the dude above. Nice chating guys till the next time Greetings!

  24. Does the LOP team have a specific time of day that they release updates? Not asking for a date, just a general time, like does every update come out at 03:00 GMT or something?

  25. Congratulations to the lopgold team. This CVR is one of the most successful games. I think bondage is great for other endings and achivments!

    Have you ever considered creating a game with a sexy woman teacher setting in a high school or college?

        1. I said it before lop needs a college game, playing as a college teachear will be funny, I would to play as female, so you can Create sex scenes with students the nerds ones, the sports guys etc, as well with their student”s parents, of curse with the principal. I feel like Eleanor as a teacher will fit haha. Btw do you guy plan something for Eleanor? I miss her

          1. There would be endless possibilities with such a game and it would be very passionate. We all dreamed about sex with a sexy teacher. There could be infinite possibilities: blackmail, gangbang, lesbian, bondage and much more ….

  26. Teacher In high school yeah i think that can be cool good thought fella i liked “Sylvia & Nick” just expected to be longer at least couple of days she was really sexy.By the way i was wrong above though “Tori 500” was with crime also not only agent 069 and “Johnny Bullet”. Johnny can be added in a game or two maybe even sometimes fixing people problems i don’t know like “Eleanor” getting rid of kevin or Don Mario after or other dudes problems in other games i don’t know. If i remember correctly is not him selling her joint while on weekation with her hubby and what to expect next CVR expansion or other game? By the way what happened with Denise and Karen from instagram i though that’s one of the next games??? Opppps! i forgot Ryan Blender other old ones not counting.

  27. Yeah Teacher in High School or College will be fine expansion on “Sylvia & Nick” or new characters will be nice i agree many possibilites a lot of fun they should considered that lets hope something in future and would love to know what happened with
    Karen & Denise i think i asked above also but you guys announced them long long time ago they delayed, canceled?
    i liked the renders they look very nice can we expect them in near future?

  28. is there a possibility to update your instagram with artwork that hasn’t been used in games,it could be from older games also,just a thought?
    also it would be also cool if there were some wallpapers for download,i know there is bonus pics but it would be great if it’s possible to offer more,i’m really big fan of this kind of artwork

  29. I am so curious about it. I love wife games. They are always fun. Specially Living with Temptation and Club Velvet . You guys should make more games about it. I love Tracy and Veronica. Can you guys reply my comment and tell when is the next game ? Pls!
    Note: In game we can share wifes and somethin about it pls!

  30. Well will be nice if Justin & Tracy will Join the 3rd part i think LOP dudes need to reconsider this since all other guys tells them they want to see that, but ofc with good idea not just mix characters to have sense with good scenario. Also will be nuts to see when they enter to find Lisa already been member to see it inside or Eleanor with her husband to participate. One question the doctor that makes vasectomy in LWT1 its not the same from Hot wife story the game was called same face same dress i think. Guys think about it

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