June update

Recent months have been very busy for us. Despite the fact that I’m developing Olivia, Ellie and Paul I’m also working on concepts and co-ordinate rendering process of a new games that we’re preparing for LOP GOLD. Some of them are already rendered, some of them are still under story development – so there is going to be a lot of awesome new games in a future.

To make the whole process of game development faster, smoother and to allow us to create things that we’ve never been able to do before with our old technology, we’ve decided to invest in a brand new game engine that a friend of mine is developing for us in UNITY.Β  Right now we’re testing it and it looks very promising – I’m very excited when I’ll be able to develop our games that way but still – it requires a lot of time and tests.

Also we’ve decided to update our websites to catch up the web design standards of 2017 and to upgrade our content management process to be able to publish games on our sites more frequent with better quality control (I’m talking about free games on PF1 – games from other developers). What’s more, we’re developing new AURORA character for PF1 and we plan to introduce her when the new version of the website will be ready.

What’s more, we got something more on our to-do list in terms of websites but still – it’s a secret.

So what’s next?
First we start with CALENDAR (30th of June), then we go with OEP (July) and after that we’re inviting you to the Club Velvet Rose again. After that we’re taking a long trip to visit the wild west and after that we’ll introduce you to… a lovely nympho called Jazz. But hey! I’ve already told to much.

In terms of free games, we got a lot of them already rendered, however cause of the amount of work I already have for the last months I’m unable to gather thoughts and prepare briefs for a copywriters. Luckily I was able to start a co-operation with a girl who will help me with that process soon.


Is iksanabot developing LWT2 expansion?
Of course he is!

When we’re going to come back to the development of BLIND DATE 3D expansion?
As soon as my friend will finish his job with UNITY tool.

45 thoughts on “June update”

    1. Check LWT1 latest post in New Lagoon. He gave some information about the game and what he’s planning to do.
      I think it’s going to be a masterpiece.

  1. And that’s why LOP is on top of his game.
    Learning from mistakes, moving on, making adjustments, giving feedback to the community here on the blog, constantly innovating and delivering great games and masterpieces.

    I never had the chance to say it before but this post made me feel like doing it.

    Keep it up.

  2. Some fun things coming down the pike. Can’t share anymore than what Leo already did. But from what I have been doing on my end, I can say, without a shred of a doubt, this is the year for LoP!

      1. @BigArgieCock
        Don’t remind him! I’ve been on his good graces thus far. Maybe he has been lenient on me since he needs me to finish the texts for the CVR expansion. But I finished them so now…

        *Door swings open*

        …Oh dear god what have I done?!

        *Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  3. woah you guys are sure very busy,lots of interesting stuff in this udpate
    i’m glad that you are taking step forward in terms of game engine,i hope it will allow you easier process in developing the games and also allow space for even more content
    really looking forward to new projects,the future of lop looks bright,keep em coming

    ps. already cannot wait for lwt expansion

  4. Good to know about this updates Daman and we expect them without patience i wish you successful and fast work. However i have two questions: how the calendar will look? With months days etc. which characters can we expect and will be free for all or only for Gold-Premium whatever are called dudes and how many pictures you will release every friday you guys i think you said? Thats about calendar what i want to know, and another question about that character you mentioned above Jazz, whats the subject-story of the game and in what kind of environment will be played and can you release at least only 1 picture to see how looks like or on instagram is it Boy or Girl. See ya around fellas till the next time Greetings!

  5. You guys really do have a lot on your plate. As long as using the new game engine the character models still look like they do in arkham or lwt or eleanor or look even better then you’ve got me really excited, can’t wait to see the calendar and OEP:)

  6. You’re update banner clickbaited the fuck outa me!

    Guess we ain’t getting the big stuff for a while, but with how much you guys are up to I really don’t mind. Updates to websites, 2D AND 3D engines and new games sounds really cool.

    That said the hint about the websites could be a good or bad surprise. If you guys are about to insert ANOTHER paid website I gotta worry if you’re splitting your content up too much. That said we have literally no info, I’m just shooting in the dark, might not even be a NEW website.

    Still gunna refresh the blog 3,000 times a day tho. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. hey just asking. In Living with temptation 1 There was Derek. And we were in pool. But There was no sex scene or somethin. You guys can you add it ? Maybe ?

  8. I really hope you guys will provide games in both unity and SWF version because I’m already thinking about cancelling my account within the next coming months. I can’t play UNITY games.

  9. Can’t wait! On a side note, have you guys ever considered making a game with a plot similar to Spartacus? The show itself had some of the most extravagant and erotic sex scenes, and I think it would be an interesting topic to explore. Maybe we could take the role of a young lanista, and the focus of the game is to make his house of gladiators among the greatest of all time! Along the way we could seduce slave-girls, wives and daughters of Roman politicians and generals, and many other women. What do you think?

    1. @lifeball224
      Unfortunately, I can’t dispense any info as of now. But stay vigilant, I’m sure your questions will be answered sooner than later! πŸ˜‰

  10. You said will be a lot late but still working on LWT, but will be Eleanor 3 or expansion of the 1 or 2? As for gladiator games like dude above said will be nice i think so to, but being long game and with options and details, also that kind of game requires action like attack defend dodge or block parry etc… random Damage increasing stats like STT or more likely like Medusa’s Curse but no need spells, curses magic or religion to be involved simply very fancy good skilled “Gladiator” and can you tell us about Eleanor 3 can we expected eventually? Till the next time fellas Greetings!

  11. Its interesting that Ele got topic. I just recenlty replayed Ele and Ele 2 to reconsider my initial opinions. I hold Ele 1 as one of my favourite game. Now I can see a bit more clearly that nostalgy affected my opinion greatly. Ele 2 have much more content and action. Ok I can see a few flaws with story line/characters/sex engine, but its still a good game. Especialy it could been realy great with a few minor changes, patches. πŸ™

    About the Spartacus game: I think it could be good theme. Also could be great a fallout/walking dead style post-apocaliptic theme where our female portagonist have to fight for survival with her wits and tits. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks @LOP_Daman Some of us just love Eleanor lol those games to me our ya’ll best love LWT as well nothing like the dark hair women lol. Question you think Tracy will make an appearance in CVR. That would take that game to another level. Maybe have a scene with Serena and Tracy o boy lol.

    1. @lifeball224
      β€œI’m not disclosed to bespeak any such information to you, nor would I, even if I had said information you want, at this juncture be able.”
      -Proprietor of Dry Cleaners, β€œFight Club”

        1. @Lebig
          Tested and failed. Leo’s pan is like Excalibur; strong, durable, legendary and when wielded in the right hands, utterly devastating. πŸ˜‰

  13. hey its coming .. but I can’t wait . I want to see Eleanor & Veronica & Tracy both of them in one game. Like trip with their husband and the girls. You guys can’t you give a little information ?

    1. @Heylop
      As of Leo’s words “…then we go with OEP (July) and after that we’re inviting you to the Club Velvet Rose again.”

      Whether that be July or not…well, in Leo we trust! πŸ˜‰

  14. Eleanor might be the all-time best @heylop @LOP_Daman. Though Tracy is close second. You know who was great to is Didi she doesn’t get enough mentions lol……

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