Club Velvet Rose expansion

Our next LOP GOLD game will be an expansion to Club Velvet Rose.
With this update we’ll introduce 3 new characters: Miranda, Teri and Bryan.

Also prepare yourself for the new scenes with the already meet club members. Were you dreaming about fucking Zara? Or maybe watching your wife’s first lesbian act? This time we’ll let you fulfill that fantasy.

53 thoughts on “Club Velvet Rose expansion”

  1. Wow…considering the refreshing, oh-so-titilating scenes you guys posted, I just cant wait to get my hands on CVR_exp. Hope it’ll certainly live upto my expectations. Countdown begins…3…2…1…

  2. These renders look very promising. I am glad that you follow the tradition of not just adding new scenarios and characters, but also updating old storylines. I am mostly looking forward to see what Teri has to offer… regarding looks she’s a very atypical LOP girl, and in my book, that’s a good thing.

    Seems like Miranda will play rough though… I’m intrigued by that as well. LOP’s attempts at BDSM have been fairly tame and/or inaccurate up to this point… so hope to see some surprises this time.

    1. @Nemo
      I won’t go into too much detail (spoilers = frying pan) but compared to previous entries on BDSM, I focused on a slightly different approach. Hope you like it! πŸ™‚

      1. Sounds interesting. Like I’ve said before, I consider CVR your best effort in LOP writing so far and I am sure the expansion won’t disappoint.

        BTW, I was very surprised to see that you wrote Olivia, Ellie and Paul. It was very different from your previous works and showed a new side of your abilities as a writer. You should be commended for that πŸ™‚

  3. Nice Renders cant wait to see them but guys cant you say at least the month of the release game like all other websites that’s kinda irritates but whatever. Daman Mate can you write walkthrough for CVR or you will a while after the update?
    After this one will be next LWS? I thought Serena will be next. Either way both games are and look amazing and promising but pls consider about more accurate Info about release dates.
    So much from me see ya around fellas i and hope you can give some answers about my Q’s! till the next time Greetings!

    1. Serena is not going be release that quick, they just asked if we would like to have a sequel that means there is no renders yet. I agreed with you how much is it going to take?weeks, months?.

    2. @slayer
      “Daman Mate can you write walkthrough for CVR or you will a while after the update?”

      A walkthrough for CVR? Hmmm….never really planned on it. We shall see after the expansion is released.

      “After this one will be next LWS? ”

      Nope, not yet. We got more thing coming up before that. What they are is TOP SECRET! Shhhhh! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the message as always good sir!


      1. Leme guess, leme guess. Snake Valley? 3D date update? Im hoping too much. But this expansion made me a bit excited. Already seems more interesting than the teacher or the elie-oli game, even that I wasn’t great fan of the original.

      2. Guesses: Bounty Hunter? or maybe new Playforce One girl Aurora? Snake valley is also there, but we have not seen much renders… or the free games you were talking about?
        God, so many thoughts!!

  4. Daman dude tnx for answers, altough will be nice if you guys tease us with a little more info about LWS, like if there is new characters or at least one of the locations. Beach will be nice love to see her in bikini actually all will love that πŸ™‚ or in hotel in a pool or something, however more often infos and teasers pictures or so will be nice. But i also know you are kinda pain guys and you are known by secreacy not mad though. Another question wtf this dude above says about Serena-Eleanor not that i complain, but is this info confirmed or speculation? I hope someone will answer because its confusing! Tnx! See Ya around guys wish you good weekend!

    1. @slayer
      “wtf this dude above says about Serena-Eleanor not that i complain, but is this info confirmed or speculation?”

      I’m not disclosed to bespeak any such information to you, nor would I, even if I had said information you want, at this juncture be able (Proprietor of Dry Cleaners, “Fight Club”)

  5. Oh, Awesome News, Man! This post just made my day. The renders look fantastic and the characters very sexy!
    Hope we will get this next month. Patience is Virtue.

  6. Daman mate Tnx for the info, but why some idiots speculating like that or at least he can tell where that info come from, why saying Eleanor will be involved in Serena. Whoever i hope we will see CVR in August at least Leonizer can tell the month hopefully no more then September will be lame if we have to wait for the next year they said this year will be great for releasing long serious games mostly Gold Games.

  7. Daman 1Q i know sometimes i can be to curious or maybe even boring but like i asked before on the other page which games will be made on “Unity Engine”? CVR & LWS i hope they will stay the same, because increasing quality to much maybe i wont be able to play since i have integrated intel graphic card i am using my brother laptop its kinda cheaper tech, and my desktop PC kinda have some malfunction asks for some serious money to be fixed or will ask new one. Many people have some lower performances, hope you not gonna decide to increase quality games to much immediately for example when i played LWT2 was with great renders and chicks especially Lisa was like a dream so i think no need for increasing graphics to much. I will appreciated if you answer when you can tnx in advance!

    1. @slayer
      “which games will be made on β€œUnity Engine”?”

      As of this point it’s all “hush-hush, wink-wink, nudge nudge, say no more” right now. Everything from the specs of the engine, the quality output, and even which games are going to be released and tested (save for Rob the Unfaithful) are on a need to know bases here at the office. But if I know Leo, when he does a secret project, we can expect something magical to come out! So give it time, my friend. Only good things will come.

      “Time is a very precious thing…never waste it.” (Willy Wanka, “Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory”)

  8. Fantastic! I too think CVR is one of the best on LoP and really look forward to playing the expansion. Teri looks stunning, I can’t wait to find out what she’s like πŸ™‚

  9. @slayer No one is speculating, it was stated months ago on one of post that Eleanor 3 “maybe” coming down the road. Don’t have time to go through all comments from months past and find it but was stated. And since Daman nor Leo are denying or confirming one can infer at some point we will see the lovely Eleanor back in some capacity. Just has CD to wait and see…

    1. Holy shit if thats true i would be so damn glad and will renew every month hahaha, Being honest it makes sense what your saying, Eleanor is still my favority character, game 1 just the best, eleanor 2 it was not that good talking about gameplay and dificultity but she looked hot as always.

  10. Well only Eleanor was guest in other games, like in Didi at least officially guest not from distance or just mentioned, and since kinda they screwed up a little with Eleanor 2 story maybe will be implemented in other games instead doing 3rd part like LWT3 since those 2 were most played and most wanted games, so i am guessing instead trying to safe the story they will involved her into other game(s) or until figure out how to bring on track, while LWT2 was short, was just different location and short vacation they can always continue the story or change a little, while Eleanor 2 was kinda miss if you ask me. Will be nice to see Eleanor in any games can be seen also in CVR if they decide to do that or any other characters can be involved without screwing story in CVR. I want to see other Characters in other games maybe one or two max not all like Avengers or Justice league, some characters and story match some not. Some characters can be guest in other games like Flash in Arrow for example. That’s just recommendation of course and i think many will agree. You can give your opinion what you think guys about this. That’s my opinion till the next time fellas Greetings!

  11. Yeah CVR maybe its the same “Night Club” from LWT
    expansion i asked Daman once he not denied or confirmed, maybe its not but definitely they can be adapted especially Tracy since she is lawyer and works with powerful clients who goes on places like that. Like i said above some characters can be involved in other story’s some not but, Justin & Tracy yeah if you ask me, but will see what Leo planing for future i hope they’ve been working and will play soon CVR september max but they never releasing Release dates so time will tell.

  12. Such speculations, such recounting of details, such detective work being played around here. I love to see the community all fired up and speculating what’s going to happen when they revisit Club Velvet Rose with James and Veronica. It makes my suffering when writing this expansion worth while! And by ‘suffering’, I mean that I wrote, rewritten, scrapped and edited nearly ten different drafts, approaches and ideas to get what I think is the best way to continue, quiet possibly, one of the best games to be released in 2017.

    Now, I’m not one for spoilers, especially when the game is, technically, still in production. But I’ll leave you all with this little chestnut: Leo has spoken above about a few of the things that will be featured in the future release…the key word there is “few”. I’ll leave it at that!

    Best wishes to you all!

    PS. No writers were harmed in the making of this game under the guise of-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  13. @LOP_Daman your team has so many games in projects but they release others at least give info that game is dead, this one is in the frying pan so it’s still cooking, you had a wild west theme game i would like to see at least one or two new screens of it, and i saw the post with new games to come back at the start of this year do not take this as a demand post more like a request wich can be ignored. (-_-)””

    1. @Xex_Boot
      I share one bit of info about one of the games in movie talk: Snake Valley is in the can. If I say any more that frying pan you talk about will stop cooking and scramble my head! ;P

      We are not ignoring, just hard at work bring you and the rest of the LoP community the best games possible! And we have some coming, don’t you worry about that! ^^

    1. @cutecucumber

      Soon…simply put, soon.

      β€œPatience you must have my young padawan”
      – Yoda, “Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith”

  14. I waiting for this Exp. I think CVR is the best game in LOP. I’m really into games like that some decisions no working, money making etc. Waiting for more games like this.

    1. Only game with working progress, money getting is Eleanor and Living With Temptation. I would like to see Eleanor 3 like other parts and LWT 3 in LWT 2 style

      1. @Kondzio25

        Funny you should mention progress making and making money mechanics based games because we are currently-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  15. I don’t mind having to make money and build relationship if you have time to do it. The 30 day games I don’t like there to short. Enjoy the 60 day games. Or 45. That’s what made the first Eleanor game and LWT so good because you have more time to do things. Going in the bedroom in Lwt multiple times to see Lisa’s outfits and hooking up with her or eating breakfast with Lisa every morning and maybe getting to have extras multiple times all made game fun, it allowed you to try different things. Same for Eleanor and being able to do multiple things due to fact game wasn’t so short. Really hope to see Eleanor, Lisa, Tracy, and even Serena soon lol.

  16. @leo and daman:

    Why not try to make some game with 30-60 days mechanics? Maybe two or three games, then let’s see how people will react.

    I don’t mind with your design, visual, animation or writing, because it was amazing, looks good.
    What we worried is gameplay.

    When Eleanor1, LWT1 and Living with Serena releashed, everyone was scream louder and louder, BOOM!!
    It means that mechanical style was accepted by community. Great success.


        1. @cutecucumber

          Just having some fun, that’s all! πŸ˜‰

          As for the game, I am happy to report that the game is nearing it’s completion and needs to be thoroughly tested. As to your earlier statement “just show us some picture pls ” I would if I could, but Leo and Blush locked them up. So be patient and all will be revealed.

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