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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but the second screenshot looks like it was ripped right out of “Lily in Hawaii”! Even if it is, I really don’t care either way. I loved “Lily in Hawaii”. It was “short and sweet”, if you know what I mean!

    Lily and Layla are two of the hottest LOP girls when it comes to visual design even though they lacked character development in a really short game. Looking forward to this one. I just hope we get some games that were promised earlier, like Holiday with Bradleys’ or something along those lines.

    I also have suggestion as a well wisher. Remember how you posted every update and asked suggestions for “Living with Serana”? Me neither! “LwS” turned out to be a Dark Horse. An Artist is someone who expresses themselves. You need to care less about public opinion and more about the Artistry of the LOP team. Remember, you can’t make everyone happy. Have a nice one guys.

    1. @Taihen_addict

      “you can’t make everyone happy. ”

      How true those words, good sir. But there is no such thing as “bad feedback” for us. We like to see where our players minds (and other body parts) are in terms of fetishes and characters they like to see more of.

      1. Like I said earlier, less public opinion and more artistry. 35% Feedback and 65% Artist work sounds good to me. But then again this is also my opinion! So you may overlook it too! :p

  2. This is the first time you guys post an update a day ahead since where I live today the 12th, you guys posted on the 13th that is the first time I saw that and I love the screenshot. I cant wait for the game to come out keep up the awesome work.

  3. In the past I’ve been very critical of the most recent batch of LOP games, mainly the length of them as they always artistically look great . You guys could be the kings of these games without a shadow of a doubt. However, I’m hoping that with the new Unity Engine testing you guys are doing that the future games will be much longer in length and actually focus on the actual “gaming” mechanics of the games to make them feel like games other than like visual novels with a fixed path and multiple engines, don’t get me wrong this formula has worked in the past but imo the genre of adult games is evolving somewhat into a more mainstream gaming genre, I would personally much prefer a longer, non linear game type that takes hours to complete other than a 10-15 minute point and click graphic novel type game. Having longer games also allows important things like character development, enhanced story and plot twists, an interesting concept I’ve been tinkering with in unity myself is what I’ve called a “consequences engine”, where if you make a wrong decision the game doesn’t go to an ending but actually carries on and constantly changes depending on the players’ choices, which results in a much more open gameplay experience and gives the players more choices and paths to travel along during the game.

    1. agree with you,i also hope that new engine will allow the team to create longer,bigger games with more content,scenes and renders since pretty much every game lop creates usually can offer much much more than just one expansion
      bounty hunter looks very promising,looking forward to it

  4. New game sounds interesting, its kind of odd that when thinking about a new porn game I’m most interested in how the combat will be. From the description it sounds like it will be a fairly bog standard dating sim with stats and such, which is mildly disappointing but if the combat mechanics are interesting the grind might not be unbearable.

    Is there any chance of something like a cheat mode? For example, being able to start your second play through with the same stats as last time? It would make the game much nicer to replay, as long stat grinds are what put me off playing lots of the dating sims again and again.

    And I know you stopped posting ETA’s on releases because it was all people would ask about, so I won’t, but what I will ask is, is it worth me rebuying my SaG sub now or should I wait?

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

    P.S (hello Daman)

    1. @Fabulous

      “For example, being able to start your second play through with the same stats as last time?”

      There was a mechanic in two of the games that after playing it you will get a small advantage in the game. The first was “Sensual Haunting’s Day 10” mechanic where you start on day 10 with your stats higher than usual (less grinding if you think about it). The other was “Life of A Teacher New Game Plus” where you will get bonus stats at the start of a new playthrough.

      But we know what you are saying and we hear you and trust me when I say that the mechanics we are thinking/planning/installing with the Unity engine will meet many people’s expectations…and more! I will say no more till then.


      PS (hello back) πŸ˜‰

      1. Good to hear, seems like the Unity engine means a new evolution for LoP games, which is cool by me.

        Thanks for the redhead in CVR, there just aren’t enough redheads around in lop games.

  5. They’re really doing a good job, I loved roommates so far sex and glory has not released any expansion, you should focus on that maybe a roommates expansion?. I know Leo doesn’t like to give dates, but are we close to have club velvet rose expansion? Looking so bad to play it.

    1. @Heylop

      I think we are going to revisit the Club before anything else. Just a hunch. πŸ˜‰

      As for Roommates, well as of now we–*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  6. The premise of 80’s pulp doesn’t really appeal to me… But the last two games from S&G have been really good and I enjoyed Arkham far more than I thought I would… So I’ll give this one a chance. The renders look good, so I am optimistic about this release.

    I am mostly looking forward to the CVR expansion (and of course the LWS sequel) though. Hope we see it soon.

    And once more (not that I think it’ll have any effect at this point): Can we please get an update on your instagram and maybe a word about future free games?

  7. Damn. Great renders, an 80s theme and getting to do a wifey up the backdoor? This should be some sleazy fun. Expecting a nice synthwave soundtrack too πŸ˜›

  8. Hey Community!

    Decided to play a little game with you all:

    If you had a chance to take two or more characters from different games and put them together in one scene, who would they be and what would they be doing? (Ex. Roxy and Nicole (Nicole Meets Roxy) in a BDSM scene with Layla (Lily in Hawaii) where Layla and Nicole are the subs and Roxy is the dom.)

    To make it more of a challenge; no pairings of Tracy and Lisa from LwT with Eleanor. Use your imaginations and let’s see what you can come up with!


    1. Aight nice one, mine will be with eleanor and didi again, (fking love these 2 characters haha) so eleanor and didi are going back to the club there is a special event which they will have a threesome with all the guys invited.

    2. cool question daman,lets see…tracy,lisa and elean..oh no wait πŸ˜€
      it’s hard to decide,there’s so much great models and characters,i kinda always loved blue santana from ryan blender,alyssa from my girl is model and paula from sex date,add serena too and them four in one scene would be pretty much amazing

    3. I feel like there is a lot of love for recent games, but girls from past games, despite being hot, are pretty much ignored.

      I’d be interesting to see Charlotte (Girl with Tattoos), Kayla (Driving with London), Wendy (Farm Stories) and Riley (Real Estate Agent) together in a scene. But not a lesbian scene, since I don’t enjoy those, but with male characters involved.

      I actually would like to see Kayla again, since she appeared so little in that free game and I think her netorare scene had so much potential… Such a waste.

    4. Fun game to play to keep us distracted while we wait impatiently for the expansion πŸ˜‰ I don’t want to just pick random characters and kinks and positions, though – it’s too much like Clue πŸ˜‰ (Wouldn’t that be something, LoP Clue?)
      Here’s my idle wish.

      : The Wisteria book club

      LoP gold has given us a host of superb wives, at all stages of their relationships, from almost newlywed to divorced in all but name. It would be highly amusing to see a book club meeting in which they all share their thoughts, and memories, and… skills. I think if you put, say, Lily, Veronica, Tracy, and Eleanor in a room together, they’d have some interesting discoveries to make about one another, and themselves.
      Bonus points: the books are picked every week by Dr Elizabeth Armitage, from Arkham: dark legacy.

    5. Damn, great question! I think that it would be amazing to see Veronica and Tracy together. We know both have experience in swinger clubs. In the scene Veronica and her husband would meet Tracy and Derek in a club. While conversing they notice that a world-famous basketball player is in the club. With the permission of their husbands, the scene would be a competition between Tracy and Veronica to see who can seduce him. A competition between Tracy’s experience and beauty vs Veronica’s body. The scene could play out as either women winning, or as a threesome!

    6. Hello!
      I want to see how in swinger club Velvet Rose Justin from LwT will fuck Eleanor first, then Kim and then Dr. Lotta. And next will have sex Derek, Tracy and Lisa.

    7. So,if we talking about crossovers, here is some my thoughts:

      1. Story of Didi was a great game. Some grinding plus many small sex scenes
      is a good mixture. It would be great if we see expansion with Didi that became
      a top pornstar, main male character and girls from other game? ehich starting a porn career.
      As for me the right choice is Lina from “Rommates”, because she looks very
      innocent and cute And Melissa From “Living with Serena” she is more naughty and fretful
      type and working with her will be more hard.

      2.There is a Club velvet Rose In Lop Universe and a couple that
      loves swinging (Justin and Tracy). I think they must visit this club
      (or revisit if it was club velvet rose in first game) and meet Veronica, James
      and others. It would be awesome if we see CVR 2, CVR3, CVR4, etc…
      With evolution of characters, expanding storylines, and another members of lop

      3. Lisa can appear not only in LWT games. For example, main hero can have
      free relationship with her and know that she also fucks Justin or maybe not only

      4. Serena can figure out that her boyfriend cheated on her, break with Julian
      and strat dating with Jacob(Jacob rebound). As we know Serena have visitid his gym.
      Julian will try to return her, of course fucking another girls too (maybe Kim).

      5. Sequel of 13 rooms with many already known lop characters(mostly negative, it will be more interesting).
      This game can be very cool, because we don’t need to learn about their background and it will be pure action.
      But it is very important not to build all story accros one main person. In my opinion the only weakness of
      13 rooms was that Simon was involved in all events and nothing happened without him.
      As for charactes it could be Jordan(from Jordan 500),
      DonMario (from Eleanor 2), couple from HotWifeStory, Asenath(From Arkham),
      Alex and Che (from CVR), teacher from Roomates. This company will fuck and betray each other

      6. Ryan Blender. Kim’s husband can ask Ryan to figure out if Kim is cheating on him.
      And of cource Kim will try to fuck Ryan in exchange of his silence

      7. Vivian and Marcie on Hawai vacation. They meet Ufe and Layla

      8. Ghost from sensual haunting now lives in Richard and Antoinette house. And in this house usually
      happens many sexual things

  9. I would love to see Olivia and Ellie (OEP) meet with James and Felix (CVR) at Club Velvet Rose. At first Olivia and Ellie would deliver great blowjobs at gloryhole but later they will go to a private room with Felix and James where they will have a passionate and romantic sex. Both of them will be blindfolded in order to make things more interesting. There will be a lot of kissing and definitely tons of orgasms.

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