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Next IL team will present a story of a web cam girl mixed with MATCH3 game mechanic.

Claire has big problems. She used to work as an accountant in a big company, but something went wrong and a large sum of money disappeared. Accused of being responsible for it, she was fired and given an ultimatum from the company to pay back every cent or go to jail. She didn’t expect her boyfriend, Thomas, to really help her all that much. He was an unemployed hacker, spending his days watching porn and nights asking her to bang.

Surprisingly, Thomas came up with an idea – have Claire work as a webcam model. With her looks and natural talent, he was sure that she’d make enough to pay off the missing money in time. With no other choice, she agreed and started her career as a webcam model.


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    1. @MisterMan

      Believe it or not, women’s nipples can become darker from sexual excitement (teasing or playing with them frequently), or even brought on by breast feeding or even from pregnancy (not saying she is, but who knows).

  1. @LOP_Daman –pls find my reply on our previous conversation- Dear Daman, tks for yr prompt reply & balanced explanation. I don’t know about yr business but liked ur explanation on famous characters stardom and how business run. Well !! I think Eleanor is master piece in history of flash games. You created a miracle . And being Eleanor fan, for me nothing matters than herself. It is like a beautiful art which speak it’s own. Words not required. Further I am also aware on fact that u don’t make episodes on the request of just one fan. But I will wait, don’t know how long it will take to see back my Eleanor comeback, but I will keep my fingers cross. Thanks for making my favorite “Eleanor”.
    Cheers !!

  2. Some niples by the way, can be more dark then other no need to be breast feeding or excitement naturally they are rare but exist.
    About character its cute but like less attractive version of Jordan 500, and like they guy above i want to know which character we will play, The boy or her, i guess with her right?

    1. @shmerlin33

      There are many ways and I know some are natural and living in Japan I know for a fact that it is very common to have (I will not indulge you with the details of how I know this, but trust me 😉 ).

      I was stating that they are very common for women to get when they are not naturally that shade and suggested some ideas of how they can be that way, but it is common for light skinned girls to have darker nipples than their skin tone. It is all about melanin levels after puberty and sometimes basic genetics.
      (*Swooshing star* The more you know.)

      1. Believe it, or not, I’m well aware of melanin. I also stand by my comment saying that you’re reaching on the reasoning due to fact that it becomes more evident in later stage pregnancy as well as post-labor. Even if that really was the case, she would clearly be pregnant, or by the time her C-section was healed (not visible in the pictures) or her lady bits were healed from the massive trauma of a tiny human making their way out, the melanin production would have been loooong over.
        And I think you missed my point if you’re referring to Asian women’s nipples/areolas because I said it looked off on a white chick… which she clearly is depicted in the pictures.

        Bottom line, I think they look weird on her. You can try to justify it until you’re blue in the face, but it’s simply my opinion on the matter.

        1. @shmerlin33

          Awww, but I enjoyed out little debate. We also informed some people along the way as well.

          But you are right, I was reaching but only due to the fact that I am unaware to the reasoning behind the character’s design or backstory and, like anyone else, I just apply my own method of thinking to arrive at my own possible conclusion.

          Maybe when the game comes out you might like her, maybe not. Time will tell, I guess. But you are right: it is your opinion! Thank you though for your feedback though!

          1. To much drama about nipples, you got the people’s attention if that’s what you wanted, or you can just simply change them, the nipples i mean because getting little boring about this debates, well for someone at least, i prefer communication and ideas and debates so personally i don’t mind at all, i love and respect all titties:
            Small, Medium, Large, i don’t like enormous like the first silicons that were released on the market “Pamela Anderson” like. Her original boobs were pretty big and amazing. Silicons however can give good size and shape for girls with really small ones and the ones who desire to make change, although my advise is natural its what makes us beautiful, but i respect and love any type and size and shape, any man or women and breasts have unique and special design given from mother nature, so to much drama about nipples i think, but feel free to express your opinion i like to hear others i don’t mind. Till the next debate comrades Greetings!

    2. Honestly?

      How is this girl even white?
      She is clearly insanely tan to be ‘a white chick’, more like a black father and white mother.
      So yeah, her nipples should be fine.

  3. Game is looking very promising. S&G is doing a great job nowadays with their games. It is like a whole new level. Expectations are going bigger and bigger with every update and you didn’t disappoint so far. Great Job.

    1. @jayb13

      “Is it gonna happen or not?”

      To answer your question in order: it’s in the works and yes.

      For more info, read up on the journal entry “Our journey to the Snake Valley” for an update from Leo. Also, Iksanabot has been quoted saying “Do not expect the complete game to be released in 2017”.

      Stay vigilant, we do drop small hints on updates and even some clues as to some games in development that have not even announced yet!

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