Eleanor is going to come back!

This Friday is very important to all ELEANOR fans (and not only her).

YamYoda was able to find a way to recreate old DAZ Victoria 4 models (ELEANOR, TRACY, LISA and much more) using Victoria 6 model.  So this mean that we’re able to use all your beloved characters in new games. So no problem with fitting clothes, setting right body parts positions for animations and dozens of other small issues that made working with V4 models so difficult.

And now the bomb – I’ve been talking with Rahvin today and he agreed to write another ELEANOR game! So yes – we gonna have ELEANOR 3.

48 thoughts on “Eleanor is going to come back!”

  1. Hello !
    What a great news and I hope that she didn’t change her pleaser to make everybody creasy !!!
    And now the great question : ” When ?” …. Oh sorry I shouldn’t … 😉 … a stupid joke
    It’s really a great great news
    Nice day

    1. @lifeball224

      Not so much as a “problem” per say. Just we wanted to make the game more compatible with our new game engine. Plus, and don’t take this the wrong way, we think she deserves a bit of a face lift.

  2. this made my day!!yamyoda,hats off sir!
    leo i want to buy you drinks for this,tell yamyoda he can have whatever he wants 😀
    does this also mean more plans for LWT?
    thanks again!
    p.s. todays calendar page is stunning

      1. Thank you thank you thank you for making this, I love all your models specially Tracy, Lisa and Antoinette.
        Continue with your excellent job because you’re amazing 🙂

  3. Calendar featuring Lisa, Tracy, Serena, Eleanor classic always hit the spot cause we miss them and crave more of them. That’s why doing continual updates on those games would be amazing… I would pay extra if it was biweekly updates definitely….

  4. What good news !!!
    What a pleasure to find Eleanor again. I look forward to following the rest of his life so hot and exciting.
    Is she still with her husband? Did you prefer a pornstar career or topless dancer?
    Strongly the new opus.

    Good luck to the graphic designers and the teams for this future reference of LOP GOLD.

  5. Seeing as many of you are happy with the news of Eleanor, let me introduce two Elanor quizzes for you all! The first is from the first game and the second is from Eleanor 2.

    Quiz 1 (from Eleanor 1)
    1) During the game, you can make Elanor sell her expensive clothes to make some extra money. How many articles of clothes can she sell?
    2) When Eleanor becomes a pornstar, what is her porn actress name?
    3) What is the nickname Eleanor gave Johnny Heigh-Tucker when she bullied him in high school?

    Quiz 2 (Eleanor 2)
    1) When Eleanor takes a nap in her bedroom she can have several erotic dreams of her in other LoP games. Which game is the first dream she dreams about?
    2) Eleanor can stay with Drake and can become pregnant with a child and can be a boy or girl (depending on which ending you get. What are the names the give the babies (both)?
    3) What is the name of Don Mario’s black bodyguard?

    Answers to last post’s questions:
    1) Black/African American
    2) First female protagonist (Jordan from Jordan 500)
    3) H. P. Lovecraft.

    1. I became a member again because of this report. As evidence of my enthusiasm. A Quiz: Eleanor 1: 1. 5, 2. Something Gold. 3. I do not know at all, but something small ….

  6. It is super. Thank you very much yamyoda. I have a super snap. You will be magnificent. At Eleanor 2 was any, I enjoyed it. But I’d come close to the expansion of Eleanor 1. I liked the most when Eleanor got involved with figures that Drake was close to. His friend, for example, if he could have been his brother’s or uncle’s or son’s character. That would be excitement. But Eleanor 2 was a thought too great. Maybe the husband of her friend Samanath Thomas. That’s also a great excitement. But Rahvin probably knows best what is best. Thank you very much again. Best news.

  7. Yeah those are the best characters you ever created and most fancy: Eleanor, Lisa, Tracy, and Jordan & Tori 500 whatever software u used you created nice characters, the new games characters i don’t like them except JB Elena and CVR they are all improvement and nice i look forward for Eleanor 3 and hope good remake or new story or good extension or re-written from the old ones, and when can we expect Eleanor 3? Second half from 2018?

  8. yay these news are great! So we will see Eleanor more.. Maybe in Eleanor 3 , we can see Tracy or Veronica.. I have a idea , maybe you can add couples in Eleanor 3. example:Veronica. (Sorry I love Veronica much)

  9. I wonder what this game is going to be about and whether or not Eleanor is going to still be married to Drake. Last game didn’t exactly portray Drake very good. He was playing hard to get, was always at work and was cheating with the secretary… That alone made the Good Wife path not even worth playing. And even as the Dirty Whore Eleanor has multiple opportunities to help him with work or share him with hot girls without getting anything in return, not even money. In fact, I don’t think the game had any good endings with Drake. Other than becoming pregnant (but I wouldn’t call it a good thing).

    To whoever in charge of making the third game: Please, make Drake worth having by making him a better character. He really needs to step up his game in the third installment or Eleanor better just become single (which I doubt is going to happen since the duality of the marriage is kind of a staple for the Eleanor games).

  10. Hello everyone! I’m new here though I played some LOP games used to and really enjoyed it. Eleanor is my favorite character as well as Serena, Tracy and Veronica. They are very hot girls and fact that you are going to mix them in one game is pretty exciting me. You’re much better than other studios which creating adult games, you do great and useful things to fulfill men’s fantasies. Go ahead and even don’t think about stopping your development.

  11. I can’t even imagine how hard your work is to create all of these girls, locations, textes and make them work together. I know everyone here wants you to work faster and I want too, but I understand you can’t. Though I hope we’ll see Eleanor and other sexy girls that I described above as soon as possible.
    Thanks for what you do!

  12. omgg by far the best news in this year. All of your works are already so seductive and awesome not only because of game engine but also because of your story telling. you guys are the most unique team in this field so totally deserved to be paid for it. Elenaor is one of your the most succesfull story. So many options and ideas for such a wonderfully created character. I have two. Since Elenoar life style makes her husband cuck and the story develops around it, it is better to put more emphanize on it
    1- İnterracial gangbang of Elenor like she goes to hood and gangbanged or/and
    2-Couple rich arab investors who negotiate with the company Elenor works for, in their traditional clothes gangbang Elenor. Elenor accepts it to rise in the career. Those are at least my opinions and we all will be paying for it and playing whatever you create with Elenor anyway. Thanks for this wonderful news

  13. When I first played living with temptation my impression was holy crap so many stats to take care of until I got the hang of it but when I played ELEANOR it was amazing the story, the game play, the individual characters – Kevin mostly.

    The stats were doable it was very fun and engaging but when Eleanor 2 came out it was sort of like a let down, don’t get me wrong I love the Eleanor 2 but it became like Living with Temptation and the story wasn’t exciting as the first one. I do like one mechanic that should be on Eleanor and its time. Yes, time I remember when I played LWT is when Tracy leaves, you have a set amount of time before she comes back and catches you on the act and you get a bad ending, that should be the same as Eleanor and Drake.

    (Like that one time when Eleanor caught Amelia and Drake having sex but I think it was only at that moment time with consequences was used) Yeah I know Justin is a writer so he gets to stay home a lot so the setting is quite different from Eleanor.

    That’s about my conclusion.

    Personal comments
    I think the city from the first game was very ICONIC for me.
    Including Eleanor’s yellow top and black latex skirt.
    Eleanor’s home too, I feel so much attachment for some reason. Probably because Eat something and Drink Coffee was a life saver.

    Please don’t put a kid in Eleanor 3 like you did in Living with Temptation 2 (LOL) I’ve seen the endings please don’t.

    The 7 stats were so awesome in the first game Style, Fitness, Experience, Marketing, Botany, Fashion, Morale in contrast
    with Living with Temptation – Desire, Fitness, Style, Esteem, Grooming, Money, Chores, Gifts etc….

    I hope I didn’t sound rude or anything I get that trying new things is good and creative.


    I logged in after months just to post for this news! Please give her the most hottest and dirtiest scenes possible (especially with kevin)!

    Also bring back that dude from Eleanor 1 who used to own a nightclub and made her into a pornstar, connections like that you can make a lot of scenarios for Eleanor.

  15. I think you should cr8 new blackmailing guy like Don Mario, When she thought she get rid of Mario or Kevin someone new can came up. Mario was fine, fancy arrogant piece of shit, kevin however its this disgusting, blackmailing i like its fun but kevin its so disgusting haired not even half-evolved ape pls make sure he dies or something 🙂 i mean really Eleanor its slut who deserves her ass ruined, i guess, probably fine, but kevin even she not deserves kevin i hate that bastard pls kill him hahaha!
    Cr8 some arrogant nasty blackmailer its ok but kevin i think its time to go to hell don’t you think guys! 🙂

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