Snake Valley awaits you!

“Welcome to the place where whiskey tastes like honey and the frisky girls on stage fuck for money.”

The West is only as wild as the people who live in it. Blistering heat, itchy trigger fingers and sand crawling into every crevice of your body… paradise much? But in every paradise, there are vultures called outlaws who try to get their hands on anything shiny. Jack Shepard was an outlaw… or so he claimed.

Play as Jack and experience living in the saddle, gunfights and constant struggle for survival with our first western game ever.

We’ve combined RPG game with combat and stat building together with arousing dating sim elements – spiced with the hottest sex scenes even performed on this side of Missisipi.

But a few failed heists and knocking over small time general stores where clerks don’t pack heat, is not what other outlaws call being ‘notorious’ as much as being clumsy, braindead and cowardly. Despite Jack’s notoriety, it all paled in comparison to one man: Hot Foot Luke.

Hot Foot Luke, The Outlaw King who was wanted in every state in the country. He had robbed every bank, Wells Fargo and gold depository this side of the Dixie. But on the day the law finally caught up with him, them marshals didn’t find a single coin on him.

Hot Foot never spilled the beans on where he kept the goods and he swung for his crimes and the secret died with him… or so they thought. The marshals questioned one of Luke’s running mates who said that Luke had a map to where he kept his stash.

A map that just so happened to fall into Jack’s hands. Though it was only a piece of the map, it proved to be a fateful one as it had the town Snake Canyon written on it. And so begins Jack’s hunt to finally be labeled as one of the richest outlaws in the West!

NOTE: Despite the fact that we’ve very intensively tested this game, this is our first title developed in Unity so it’s possible that some issues might happen. Please use this form to let us know about any problems you’ve encountered with our game: SUPPORT CONTACT FORM

Girls from Snake Valley are waiting for you here: Snake Valley –

116 thoughts on “Snake Valley awaits you!”

    1. @OrangeBug

      Hey sir,

      Every-time you log in it will allow you to enter an account name (completely different from your LoP gold account) you will be able to log your progress and achievements throughout all web played games.

      Sounds like you might need to enable cookies to help keep track of your progress. Please scroll up to the Support Contact under the images above on this posting and in as much detail as you can, tell our wizards in the IT what is going on.

      We hope we can answer your question and get you playing ASAP. Thanks again for your support!


  1. “We’ve combined RPG game with combat and stat building together ”

    Sorry, guys, but you combined the two aspects I can’t stand in a sex game. I’ll have to pass on this one.

    I’m looking forward to Daman’s next concept game, though. I really enjoyed his work on Lily in Hawaii.

    1. @ vkalvkal

      Sorry to hear you won’t be playing Snake Valley. So RPG and Stat games are not your style, so then is Choose Your Adventure more your cup of tea?

      I ask this because I want to make more games and wanted feedback from players you play and don’t play certain games and why. Your opinion helps like everyone else’s.

      1. Yes, Choose Your Adventure is my kind of game. Up to this date, Trip to Paradise still is my favorite game on LOPGold, followed closely by Living with Temptation 2.

        My main gripe against stats and RPG games is that I feel like they’re more of a pain in the ass than entertatining. I’ll try to explain.

        When I play a sex game, I play for the sex. People might ask: if you only play for the sex, why don’t you just watch porn or read a comic? That’s because I want to be able to seduce the woman to only then see the sex scene, which I can’t do in a comic. And I enjoy doing that through the dialogue, the way I treat the woman, not through building my stats. I find the grinding aspect terribly boring.

        Oh, and porn movies have terrible acting and just moans. I enjoy sex games because I like to see an exchange of dialogues between the characters (specially on cheating scenes without the husband knowledge when the wife admits that she enjoys sex with someone other than the husband).

        The stats and RPG elements can be interesting in the first playthrough. But what about the next playthroughs to try to find all endings and scenes available? They stand in the way because every time I’ll play the game, I’ll have to go through them all over again. Yes, the dialogues in CYOA kind of games are still there, but it’s easier to go through them.

        There are some scenes that I find extremelly arousing on Eleanor, Living with Serena and the first Living with Tempation that I would really like to replay the game to reach those scenes for fap purposes. But I don’t, because the status grinding stands in the way and I have to go all over them again to reach the specific scene that I want to replay.

        I always replay games like Lily in Hawaii, Trip to Paradise, Club Velvet Rose, LwT 2 and a lot of the old free games because I find them more entertaining and since they’re heavily more focused on the interaction between the characters through dialogues, they end up being more engaging storywise, which, for me, is the most important factor here.

        To pay a full month of membership to only make one playthrough isn’t something I find worth of my money. I like to replay the games. If I find something that stops me from doing that, I don’t think it’s a good signal.

        1. @vkalvkal

          Thanks for your input and in-depth diagnostics of what games you enjoy and why. For a while now, many players have been growing tired of our CYOA formats and games and have been asking for longer games and bigger output from our long development times.

          I too enjoy the CYOA games and that’s the reason why I made Lily in Hawaii, my first game, that genre. But be not afeard my friend, it is not a lost genre in the least. WE have several games (none that I can mention at this time) in the works and nearing completion that are of the CYOA variety. Also, I am currently working on a fun side project that I have yet to submit that can change the way we have been making and presenting CYOA. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe we shall see it in the future!

          Again, thank you for your helpful input!


          1. I find it funny that people think that CYOA games are smaller than stats and RPG kind of games. What makes the latter games supposedly bigger is the mechanism, but if you focus on the story, it probably has the same size. Hell, I’m sure that LwT 2 is pretty much bigger than the first one (even iksanabot admited it), but people complained about it being shorter.

            I can’t really understand how people grew tired of CYOA kind of games, when there was a time in which basically only stats builder kind of games were being produced. Chronologically speaking there were LwT 1, Eleanor 1, Johnny Bullet, Eleanor Asking for More, LwT Wife Gone Wilder, City of Love, Story of Didi, Dignity One, LwS, City of Love Ghosts of the Past, Seducing the Throne, LwS Forbidden Fruit, Eleanor 2 and Jacob’s Rebound.

            LwT 1 was released on November 20, 2013, while Jacob’s Rebound was released on November 10, 2016. That’s pratically 3 years of only status builders kind of games.

            I understand that this kind of games are probably the most popular among people here and that there are people who doesn’t enjoy CYOA games (just like I don’t like stats games). But I hope you guys can mix all this kind of games among the releases and never focus again on only one kind as you did for about 3 years.

            Your latest realeases have different gameplay on each game. I hope you guys continue on this line of work.

            PS: I realized Snake Valley still hasn’t been pirated on the internet. Amazing job, guys! It really pisses me off when something ends up being easily pirated, as were the case with your previous games. Cheers for this.

  2. Well you really need make sure there’s no bugs before release game but i guess sometimes miscalculation happens. I was skeptic about Snake Valley but chicks look sexy, location are not bad look promising, but their boobs which i have nothing about it, hmmm… they are little more then natural an i doubt there was silicons back there 🙂 . You should try making girls with normal average boobs, they can also be nice good looking with good shape. I know guys prefer bigger, and its first thing we see in women its cleavage, usually 🙂 but try it 🙂 . Good luck with your new game and i hope you will start working on Eleanor, and soon we will see LWT 2 expansion or LWT 3.

    1. @slayer

      Yeah, even if we spend hours playing the game, we can miss a few little bugs here and there. Sometimes it just comes down to specs on other people’s computers (mine versus Leo’s versus ItMakesMeBlush versus yours, you get the idea). If a bug does come up and it’s something to do with that, we can try to tweak it for better fun for all.

      Now, about dem boobies 🙂 So C and D cups are a bit too much for your liking? Soooo, what then? A and B cups be bit better? I do like them, but some players are about the tits and asses sometimes so…there’s that. But I would like to get some smaller girls, petite ones at that you are small. Not like washboard flat but a bit. To get a reference to what is a good size, tell me if we made a character with the right bosom size. Maybe two? One for the smallest and the biggest?

      Until then, greetings good sir!

  3. Played through the whole game and love it, but I think I’m missing a girl. There’s an empty space in the gallery right above Mary’s name. Have gone through everything I can think of and can’t find her. Assume she’s the farm girl from the images. Anyone know how to get her?

  4. concept is nice, althoug I feel as in much of your later games the faces of the girls are really becoming unatractive, nose, jaws, its all to unnatural. Also agree with slayer in a part about boobs. I played the game once, quit about halfway trough I guess, lvl 6 with most unlocked because I lacked intrest in simply going out, shooting some more guys and grind… Story feels lacking and uncaptivating toward that part, sorry to say. Also, why no fullscreen?

    1. @Spawny

      Welcome back, good to hear form you again, sir! Glad you enjoyed it up to a certain point (sad to hear you lost interest 🙁 )

      But I do enjoy your feedback and would ask for more details as to what was lacking and what could make this game a bit better for you?

      1. Hey Daman, thanks for replying, I’d suspected with JR remake you’de have some hard feelings about my comments but u seem beyond that, big applause.

        I can’t give a full detail yet, I’ve not played it since my last post. I just feel the rpg systems isn’t correctly placed. eg u get the shotgun u mostly roll over most fights. I’m not sure how OP the weapons beyond shotgun make u.

        Right now what is missing for me is immersion, I can’t feel myself in the place of the protgonist, is there to much going on at once, to little (very doubtfull), I’d say most relationships feel to superficial

        1. @Spawny

          As a writer, the first thing you must have besides good imagination and grammar is to accept the truth that people may never like your work. So for you to say that you may not like it is okay. But I know I may come up with something later that may be right up your alley! 🙂

          As for the weapons system, the shotgun does give you a spread shot ability, but does give you a penalty when using it on the damage you inflict.

          To be honest about the superficial relationships, that is actually what I was trying to make. The girls in the saloon are not there for love but for profit (it was their money that helped settle the west by opening everything from schools to libraries and even railway stations) so there was no need for romance with them. and as for our main protagonist, he is a roamer and needs a woman’s embrace but not her love. It’s not like “Lily in Hawaii” that focuses entirely on different kinds of relationships where Snake Valley is about adventuring and glory more than anything else.

          1. Aight, I can see your point and it does make sense. I’m not denying u and the team have made a great game, especially if u look at it from that angle, it’s just as u say not for my tastes. Preferences differ after all 😉

            I did also think of something last night that could break the grind up a little bit, so thought I’d let you guys know and maybe it can be considered for future rpg type games.

            U have different types of enemies u can say, the indians, the cowboys, bandits, … How about making some weapons more effective, or less effective against certain types. This would require the player to be like, ow I’m up against a bandit, i’m better off using this type of weapon… Instead of being a basic spam this button. For the shotgun, spread is only option at stage I’m at that gives 100% hit, so that’s why I use nothing else and just spam it., I feel no need to do another move.
            To give a ludicrous example to explain further, say I came across a knight in full plate, a spread shot wouldn’t do any damage cause it’s loose hail and can’t penetrate the armor, so I’d have to go for a pistol so the bullet can penetrate the armor. Like I said a ludicrous example but explains it well.

  5. Hello Daman & LopTeam!

    I usually don’t participate a lot in the comment section, but I felt that I needed to give my thoughts about Snake Valley:

    For me the game is AMAZING!! I found it so refreshing in terms of story, gameplay and sex scenes.
    Pros (+++):
    – The sex scenes are great, many girls, lesbian scenes, threesomes, a little bit of BSMD and more
    – The story is intriguing, the characters believable, the dialogue is great and hilarious at times
    – The great option to save/load game is back and FINALLY! Gallery option!
    – I don’t know if it’s me, but I feel that some doggy-style scenes could have had different positions to add even more variety to the game.
    – As you already mentioned, it has minor bugs but doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

    This game is, above of all, FUN. I went around progressing in the story, try to get more skill to make harder missions, etc.

    Congratulations! Is hard and risky to evolve towards new technologies but you totally nailed it with this release. If the next games will continue this trend I will still be your fan. ✌

    1. @d0lphin

      First, thank you for your comment. We welcome and listen to everyone with their feedback and passion for our games, whether good, bad or both!

      Next, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had a blast researching and planning the game and writing it was a hoot!

      As for the part where you said “I don’t know if it’s me, but I feel that some doggy-style scenes could have had different positions to add even more variety to the game.” Could you please elaborate just a bit more on this? We can make things better in the future but we need more details to look it over.

      Again thank you for your support and feedback!


  6. Your games get better and better.
    Just finished my first playthrough.
    – good length and difficulty level
    – lots of girls and sex scenes
    – a fresh story
    – amzing graphics and animations
    (I didn’t encounter any bugs by the way)

    Overall an excellent game. Thumbs up 🙂

      1. 1. – no 15 or 30 days limitation which gave you more
        freedom and also extended the play time.
        – I liked the theme/world of the game because it was
        fresh and new compared to Eleanor, LWT or LWS for
        example, which all feel very similar if you play them.
        – I really like the rpg/combat aspect of the game although
        I thought near the end the game got too easy because I
        had very high stats and so much money that it was
        nearly impossible to fail. (I only died once during my
        2. I would like to see more of Fawn (best girl) or the
        indians in general and maybe the possibility to go on
        missions with one or two girls together

        For now that’s all I can think of.

        1. @Buzz007

          Thanks for the feedback, Buzz! I did want to make the game without a time limit for players to enjoy at their leisure. Literally my pitch for the games was “A wild West version of Almost Noble Hero” and it seems to have stuck and worked with you and many others.

          As for Fawn, she is my favorite character to research and write for. Even the language the elder chieftains are talking is in fact a Native American language (points to the one who can figure out what they are saying and in which language!)

          But also, when I write a game I like to see if I can change things up a bit and make the cast more…colorful. Up till now we had a very western crowd and very few exotic beauties that I simply like to see if we can change the nationality or ethnicity of a character to make it more interesting and so far it works wonders.

          Again thanks for the support and playing the game!


    1. @Buzz007

      Alas, it is not, I’m afraid. We were testing some scenes out and some fun positions with the girls for that one. It was more of a fan picture for the LoP Gold members and to create a bit of buzz for the game.

      Would you like to see them together in the game?

      1. Yes i am a huge fan of it, and swinging. Lol i enjoyed the game. thank you guys for your hard work and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

    1. @MisterMan

      That’s why I introduced the silver flask and the spread shot. The silver flask increases your shooting skill for a fight (cuz everyone knows you perform better when drunk :)) and the spread shot gives you the chance to hit, but with a small penalty to the amount of damage you can inflict.

  7. For some reason the save feature isn’t working for me. Can’t load the game when I go back later. Anyone else having this problem? Is there something I need to change in my settings?

    1. @powkat

      Hmmm, seems to be working fine so far on my end. Contact the support forum and leave more details. Leo left a link up above (below the sample pictures for the game).

    1. I got all the girls but I cannot exactly remember how to get Sara because I didn’t have the time to play the game more than once yet. Just try doing more missions and then talk to her or one of the other girls. At some point the dialogue should change.

      1. @lachis17, @Buzz007

        Ahhh, Sara. The girl from the big east who came to the west for a new start. When Sue gives you the mission to find Sara, her newest girl who was suppose to arrive by stagecoach, you can either fight for her or accept money from the outlaw and let him take her away. Rescuing her helps a great deal and earns you a bit of a bonus point for helping her. Talk to her constantly and if you have enough money, save the game and then talk to her again.

      1. I know there’s one with her alone and it’s pretty easy to get it. There’s another one that I had one time and I don’t find back how to get it. And there’s one with Diana, but that one I gat it also.

        1. @DHeavy

          For Mary, there are a good amount of them. But I will stay quiet about it for a bit until everyone gets a chance to play and discover Snake Valley.

          Seeing as you are collecting the animations and images, which is your favorite so far?

  8. Sue animations are good, it’s sad that one of them can’t be view again in the gallery.

    Saras’ animations are awesome too.

    Terra we can catch only one animation, while there’s two animations…

    Diana and Sam are far the best.

    Rachel’s ones are good too

          1. I think if you make more exotic positions and if you allow to the players to follow more pleasures with every girls, it would be a real strong way to allow them to make what they want. I understand that some girls may prefer that thing and have a way to reach climax, but since the players have their own path to enjoy it, make them do what they want should be awesome. In my opinion

  9. @Spawny

    The idea for specific enemy and specific weapon was an early concept actually. When facing off against multiple enemies, the shotgun did more damage and against enemies with shotguns we had a Winchester rifle for distance away from them. But as development went in we scrapped it thinking it be too much RPG in the game.

    Also, seeing as no one found it yet, there is a special ammo you can get in the game that can help against certain enemies. IF someone found it, they can sound off and let others know, cuz I ain’t saying nuttin’! 🙂

    1. @magicboy

      There are two ways to find out. The first requires you to play the game over and over and let the joy of adventure guide you! Or…you could head over to the wikia page and see which character you missed that way, but that could be less fun! 🙂

  10. I definitely enjoyed the stat building and combat of this game. Compared to Lily in Hawaii and Living with temptation 2 there was just more to do as a player.

    I liked the wide variety of girls to enjoy. The writing was also very nice.

    My one gripe is that sometimes the sound effects during the sex scenes didn’t match very well. Also an audio bug during combat.

    Despite that, this is one of the best lop games and shows you guys are improving even further.

    I want all future LOP games have this level of quality!

  11. One weird bug with Mary. Acquire the hard liquor to knock out her father, then go visit mary before seeing the mayor.

    You get an odd screen with mary standing in an empty space with a grey background and a giant red question mark filling the screen.

    1. @Vortex

      Hello sir. First, thank you for playing and I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure and pleasure of Snake Valley!

      As for the bugs you mentioned (sound, image failures, etc) please if you have the time, please use the contact support located below the images of the game above. Our tech person will look over them and try to replicate the situation you were in and be able to fix the game with a patch to make the game more enjoyable!


  12. Like i said i have nothing against bigger boobs but, Snake Valley its a lot before good science and medicine 🙂 . Try different girls with different sizes if you ask me, try all if some game have more girls like this one or CVR more girls more sizes no need all to be with big or above average size, and let see what people think. For example for next game make renders from same girl and on every picture she can have different size boobs and let people vote what size they want most for certain characters at least. Eleanor have for example have nice big boobs and she says they are all natural which have no sense she to say that, cause they are little more then natural, but if you ask me my favorite and perfect girl from body to boobs till the bottom and legs its Lisa from LWT, Eleanor its also here on top ofc, but i also really liked close on top was tenis girl from Divided Heart not remember her name hope to see her in future games, when i saw in Jacob Rebound having date on tenis ground really hoped maybe i will see her but maybe you will reconsider for same of you next games she was like Rocket Lexi i think was her name. Also in Divided Heart was that dude from Prima Balerina, who turned the chick into a star but also in to a escort. Tell me what you think and think about it good job. Greetings and till the next times fellas!

    1. @slayer

      Medicine, good sir. why yes they do! They received the best, all natural tonics from no other than the one and only Doctor James U. Fate. Yes sir, Doctor James U. Fate has scoured the world and studied the ancient medicines of the far east and even the big sciences back from the east of the country to give and bestow upon these great people of Snake Valley.

      Don’t believe me? Why, one man and his wife were hoping to have children and were failing. But after Doctor James U. Fate came to them and just one sip from his magic tonic, the man saw an increase in his stamina and the woman sported a more ample bosom and they both saw a spike in their libido! Before they could not have the energy nor the ability to bare a child, Now, they are expecting their ninth child! All in part to the miracle tonic that is Doctor James U. Fate’s miracle tonic!

      Men, grow your hair back and restore your years! Women, entrance men with your beauty! Don’t trust those other so called snake oil sails men who pose as miracle men and trust in the great Doctor James U. Fate when you see him traveling to your town! And remember; when in doubt, struggling or have proportions in your most private areas , you will remember the day that Fate came to your side!


  13. @DHeavy

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try my best to see about making some changes to making different scenes/angles/styles for the future.

    Also, for why not many positions with the girls is true that we didn’t want to overload the game with too many animations with each girl. But also, as you stated earlier, they all have their own specialty (BJ, HJ, Titfucking, etc).

    Still, I hope this game is still liked by you and everyone else who had an opportunity to play it!


  14. Sorry Lop Daman
    But it’s not my game 🙁
    I don’t like the control system that we need to use during the sex scene.
    Too much gun shoot and not enough sex adventure. Pictures are great.
    That my mind, i prefer 1000x serena or lwt1 and 2 and eleonor games

    1. @Santorx

      Well at least you tried, but thanks for your honesty. It’s kinda more for he RPG players than the statistician players, but in my opinion it’s been too long since we had an RPG game, so I dabbed a bit in it.

      I’m glad you liked the look of the game. That’s a plus for me at least! 🙂


  15. When I first saw the pictures it look really good, but i wasn’t too crazy about RPG games though. But since it was uploaded I gave it a shot anyway. The game play is really good, The graphics of the game was great. Plus the women look really beautiful and sexy. The stat building and combat skills on this game was great. This was better than using the dice which I didn’t like it that much to be honest in the other game you guys uploaded. I was surprise that snake valley had no achievements then the rest of the games you guys had it was only galley which was cool and nice. The only thing that threw me off was the endings they didn’t have any numbers on them like ending number 1 or ending number 4 on this game.

    1. @vincentkm3

      Thanks for playing and giving Snake Valley a shot!

      I’ll let you in on a small secret; we originally planned for players to have dice events when finding a chest in the desert or the sign post. The roll of the die determined good, bad or indifferent outcomes (similar to that of City of Love). Luckily we chose a different random events player and so far it has been working well.

      As to the no achievements, well I wrote them in but we opted for a gallery instead. And to answer the question on endings, there are 5 in total to find and some are slightly different than others.

  16. I have played this a few times through now. This is right up there with LwT, Eleanor, and Living with Lana. Very fun and engaging to play. I hope more content gets added to this via expansions.
    Id love to see more sex scenes and more control on when they end via some sort of sex skill . Like Living with Temptation and Living with Lana.

    1. @c-collins

      Thanks for playing! I’m glad you think very highly of this one. This is my second concept game I made and I’m glad it was a hit among many people so far.

      And for the future of Snake Valley, well I can’t say much except-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  17. Enjoyed it first time through. Was a good game to put out specially for those like me clamouring for Lwt and Lws and Eleanor. Will def keep occupied for a few weeks . Don’t know yet if it’s a game like Eleanor and LWT you can keep playing and never get bored though but those are classics. Even Cvr has grown to be a classic but the expansion definitely helped with that. Keep up good work though as first time through was def fun…

    1. @lifeball224

      Thanks for playing! I hope that the game is a real crowd pleasure and we hope to maybe revisit the good people of Snake Valley down the road some time soon.

    1. Well Leo finally you decided to ask so you can know which characters to add maybe in some future games:

      1.Lisa & Eleanor
      2.Lexi i think was called from Divided Heart
      3.Jordan & Tori 500
      I know they are more then 3 but i can’t decide sometimes between some girls, you created some very hot chicks but this will be mine decision and what i want to see in future, altough i can cr8 a lot bigger list from chicks i remember from older version very hot and that i want to see them, but you said probably older ones will go “Recycle Bin” and you will not focus on them, a lot older at least not one from the beginning so this will be my short list!

    2. @leo
      depends on what girls you mean
      if it’s snake valley then my favourites are:

      If you mean in general then:
      1.Lisa is my favourite by far
      2.Natasha and Veronica from CVR

    3. I was thinking about his some more. You should really break this up int o 3 or 4 surveys. One for lopgold, one for sexandglory, and one for There are just too many gorgeous and intriguing women to choose from. Picking just 3 feels so limiting. Then maybe an overall surveywith the winners from the individual sites.

    4. Hey, there!

      If you’re asking about Snake Valley only, my top 3 would be:
      1. Fawn
      2. Sara
      3. a tie between “Angry Betty” and the “farm girl”, even though you only face them in certain journeys =P

      If it’s a general question, uff, that would be difficult to reply, but:

      1. Tracy and Lisa (LWT 1 & 2)
      2. The hawaiian girl from “Lily in Hawaii” (sorry, I don’t remember her name)
      3. Fawn from Snake Valley =D

    5. Sorry this is late! I have to say my favorite is Mary, for a specific reason… her fetish is the same as mine lol! I find I don’t like bdsm so much as I like damsel-in-distress fantasies, so the B and a dash of the D but that’s really it. Anyway, she’s my favorite of all your chars so far because of that! Hopefully Eleanor 3 can include a bit of that – seems like she would be up for that kind of thing. OK, enough about individual fetishes. I also liked Fawn and and Sue. Really there wasn’t a bad one this time around but those 3 I kept coming back to hoping for an extra scene or something.

      PS if you meant across all your games… hmmm… I will have to think and come back to you with another post

  18. Great Game guys!

    Loving it

    Just one problem, can anybody tell me how to find out what Mary’s secret fetish is?
    How do I get any scene with her other than watching her reading the book?

    Someone please help

    1. @Blade

      The game has been out for a while, so I can help a little bit with that: Raise your relationship with Mary and she will ask to help you get the map from her father, if it is high enough she will tell you.

      1. Thanks

        Got it now!
        Love the Sean’s with Mary and with Diana and Mary worth to wait and replays to get them.

        Good job!

        Any updates on when we might be getting the Web cam game on S&G?

        1. I still cant get any other scenes with mary other than the one with Diana and i cant find out her fetish. my relatioship level with her is over 200 when i go get her dad drunk and nothing happend after i get the map

        1. @Peter

          Hmmm, strange. Cuz to get the scene you need to get her the book, raise her relationship high enough BEFORE helping her with the mission with her father and after the mission she will talk to you saying she likes the idea of being an outlaw. Try getting her relationship above about 70 before giving her the book and helping her with the mission and see what happens.

          1. ok before i read your sugestion i tried something and i think i discovered a bug. relationship with her is over a 100 and i decided to just do the mission before giving her the book and i was able to get the scene

  19. i’m really impressed with this game,fantastic work on this one,it kinda reminded me on Almost noble hero

    if this is what new engine can offer then the future is bright,i think no game before had such a large number of characters,and not just main ones,many different side characters like all the bandits,that blonde and bald dude by the river,undeads from fawn quests,hats off

    regarding the game itself i enjoyed it,i like that it’s relatively easy to build up stats since it mostly depends on your weapon
    earning money is also nicely done since the rewards are pretty generous
    combat style -liked it also,even though it is click after click the variety of options like dust in eyes and special shots were nice touch,i also like that it’s not too hard to beat opponents and that they were not too powerful,whiskey,silver flask and dynamite are life savers
    renders -great as usual,fantastic work by artists
    animations -nicely done,could be more positions but i really won’t argue this time since there is 8 different characters to choose
    girls -liked them all,still haven’t found farmer girl so my favourite ones are Fawn,Sara and Rebecca
    gallery -surprised me,animations and ingame scenes are great addition,even though if i’m honest i enjoyed renders from bonus galleries of previous games that were mix of renders from the game and wallpaper like pics
    story -it turned out to be really interesting,i love small bits of humor like despacito,jack showering for the first time after last rain or ambush that reminded him of former adventurer 😀

    the game seems pretty huge,as i said i still havent found everything so i’m gonna play it more next couple of days surely

    in the end i can say that i love snake valley,i can see that huge amount of work has been put in creating it,in my opinon it’s one of the best games you produced so far,it definitely enters my top5
    looking forward to next projects


    1. @st1

      I’m glad you liked the story, game and everything it had to offer. I always add a bit of culture references, jokes and fun to the script I make so that the players can have fun (The “Skyrim” joke was good, but I still love Sam and Jack’s conversations with each other the best!)

      You said that Snake Valley is now your top 5. If I may, what are the others and where is Snake Valley ranked amongst them?

      1. 1) Arkham–It’s dark. The jeopardy is both very high and very intimate. Losing one’s sanity…how could you go wrong? 2) Snake Valley. This has lots of potential, though it bogs down as your character advances in level. 3) Eleanor asking for more–having a female protagonist to navigate with is interesting, seeing how far you can push her. 4) LWT, is sort of the flip side of Eleanor, where the man is trying to save the marriage. It’s high stakes on a personal level. 5) Seducing the Throne–again very high stakes where our protag’s life and birth right is on the line, coupled with lots of palace intrigue. Tori and outcast academy are also worth mentioning, because even though both are pretty old games, again the stakes are really high as both girls are fighting for their souls–one against demonic vodoo forces, and the other an honest woman forced into prostitution. The more that’s at stake, the more we care. Shrugs

      2. 1.Living with temptation 1 – i doubt there will be game that will top that one for me,i could add sequel too so it can be lwt series as whole on nr.1
        2.Eleanor 1
        3.Club Velvet Rose
        4.Snake Valley
        5.Living with Serena
        this doesn’t mean i’m not fan of other games of course 😀

        yeah the conversation between Jack and Sam was good one too,as i said i like to see humor in this type of games,it’s nice change in dialogues from usual ones you can expect in this kind of games

          1. completely agree with you,i’ve been saying that for quite some time now,i’d love to see additional content to current lwt1 as that game is pure goldmine,so much things could be added that would easily fit the story and make the game even better

            also since the switch to unity engine i hope there is a possibility for a remaster version that would be three times bigger regarding content,love that game so much
            we can only dream right 🙂

  20. I really enjoy this game–amazing work overall. There are a few pieces of constructive criticism I’d like to offer. First, level advancement becomes exceptionally tedious and takes hours upon hours to get from one level to the next as you get into higher levels. One thought–would it be possible to award more experience for bringing the people you encounter on the trail to the sheriff’s office? So far, I’ve only gotten four endings: One with Fawn, another with Mary and Diana, one where you’re swindled by Diana, and another where you swindle Diana. I’m sure I’m missing others. If not–there’s room for a lot more.

  21. Maybe this is just me or idk but for me it seems like the forest road patrol adventure is bugged whenever i get to the end of the travel it just takes me back to the town :/

  22. hey guys! I really like what you did with the game. Story is fantastic, the girls are lovely, and the RPG aspect is a good addition. The one thing that I request is that you focus on the sex stuff more than the RPG? Idk if anyone else had this issue, but the shooting percentages were a bit frustrating at first, and the reason I’m playing is to relax lol. I def like the direction you are going in, just maybe a bit easier to progress so the story part so it isn’t frustrating?

    1. i agree that it is repetitive but i actually think this one was easier than some previous games,stat building depended on armor and weapon you used,they were expensive but cash rewards were alright and you don’t need to repeat quests milion times to earn enough to buy stronger weapon or armor
      also silver flask,dust in eyes and dynamite i found very helpful at the times to shorten the battles

      i see your point to focus more on sex stuff but since this is no ordinary date/relationship game i think it’s good as it is now

  23. Just possible ideas for expansions to this one–I’d love to see an option where our hero can become a Sheriff’s deputy and settle in the town, leaving open the possibility of making an “honest woman” of Mary, Sue, or Rebeca. Terra and Sara seem to be lost causes. Perhaps you might have an adventure where our hero has to gather a posse to hunt down a bandit gang or something. Just some fun ideas…

  24. There are some nice things about this game, and I can see scope for expansion. However, I am not a fan of combat games generally and in this one the shooting scenes quickly become boring. It really is very easy to figure out how to avoid ever losing and that means there is no extra challenge in beating the tougher opponents – they just take longer to kill and waste time that you could spend having fun.

    I would really prefer to avoid the trouble of having to shoot my enemies at all and would like an option to outwit them or (in the case of the females) seduce them. There are things I would much rather do with Angry Betty than shoot at her!

    Apart from the combat, I have enjoyed playing the game and meeting the girls. I might enjoy meeting them even more if there was a fullscreen option. Is there a technical reason why this is not there?

    Otherwise the game meets the expected standards visually and the storyline and scriptwriting are good.

    Finally, one small question. Sara mentions a dress that she has seen in the store, but there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to buy it for her. Am I missing something or is this something that was intended but left unfinished?

  25. Wow! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy a game with no time limits… those 20-day, 40-day quests can surely be entertaining and challenging, but this “go at your own pace” style is really working for me.

    Also, all the main missions, side missions, etc… it is all thumbs-up for “moi”. I am truly pleased with this game!! I know it must be a lot of work, but more like this, please! =D

  26. I can’t get this game to work. It loads up but the cursor disappears when I scroll over the screen. Is this not compatible with Edge? All the other games seem to run just fine.

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