30 thoughts on “Happy New Year Eve!”

  1. Happy new year everyone and i hope you will start updating the games faster! Good luck everyone and best wishes, let new year be successful and more fun then the one before, lets hope more fucking in reality instead on our screens, although that means less business for you but i think you are not mad so Greetings everyone and see ya later in the new 2018!

    1. @slayer

      “lets hope more fucking in reality instead on our screens”

      Well not to say too much, but let’s just say the wanking room in the office is a also a “meet and greet room” from time to time! 🙂

      But happy new year to you too good sir!

  2. Happy New Year to the whole Lop Gold team!
      This year we had an excellent title as Club Velvet Rose: it had everything we could wish for. I hope the title has a following in the future: CVR 2 or it could be another expansion. I think there are still points and combinations to explore.

    We also had Lily in Hawaii and here I hope for a development: the storyline is interesting and I would like to see some gangbang and bondage.

    Very good news that Eleanor 3 is scheduled for the future.

    I look forward to news about Seducing the Throne. I hope for a sequel or a prequel. This title is your masterpiece and should not be abandoned.

    Another masterpiece is LWT.

    I still have to try snake valley but I’ll do it soon (even if it’s not really my thing).

    Good job!

  3. Dear LOP team,

    First of all, a big healthy, safe and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, both the developers and the supporters. May we continue this year with a bang and tang of freshness, adventures and more exciting experiences.

    Last year was a good rollercoaster. We’ve witnessed a couple of novel changes in the gaming concept an methodology of LOP production house. Transitioning to Unity environment with new character remodeling, enhanced visual gameplay, interesting and engaging intertwining story sequences in the game…alogether we’ve seen the potential of LOP team delivering their content as per their promise to us. And we appreciate it.

    We’d like to see the same trend this year as we embark on a new journey with a bag of goodies as promised by the LOP team (P.S. Leonizer, Daman we put our trust in your words). We’d like to be more surprised than before, by the upcoming projects that you’re likely to produce. Just don’t disappoint us.

    Moreover, you certainly have raised my childish hopes by posting those titillating pictures of Lily, Veronica, Lorena in the snap. I’d really like to see more exciting and surprising actions from especially Lily and Serena and the rest of the wonderful femme fatales.

    Looking forward to what you bring on the table next…

    Best Wishes,

    Your loyal supporter

  4. Hmmm… I think they said last year CVR walkthrough will be over, but fine new years holidays and all that was acceptable, but since all that is over maybe guys you can finish it!?

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