QUICK UPDATE: Free games

This year we plan to release more FREE GAMES than the last one. Our first game this year will be NIGHT WITH ANGELICA (we’ll probably release it next week).

Then we plan to present previously mentioned small sci fi dating sim BENEATH A STEEL CLOUDS and couple of other titles including SUE from SNAKE’S VALLEY (who attends the game casting), another KIM’s sexy adventure and more.

16 thoughts on “QUICK UPDATE: Free games”

  1. Nice. I enjoy seeing previous characters being reused. More Kim and Sue is good stuff. One of the reasons I’m interested in Living with a Nympho is the returns, like Jazz.

  2. Guys not paying attention much, we all want to see Eleanor, LWT, CVR, or at least Nympho soon, but you creating some projects which look very strange so to speak. You need months sometimes to give some infos, creating strange some of them not even attracting characters without history or backround story and you need 2-3 years for LWT or Eleanor update????? LWT 2 update was to short 7 days and waiting for 2 and something years? For 7 days? Maybe you have desire to create some stories of yours but that’s not what market requires and fans desire. Leave the lame projects and start working on LWT, Eleanor, CVR or STT and release Living With Nympho already omg! If you are creating free games let’s be like “Eleanor Sex Date” for example “Lisa Sex Date” or Tracy Sex Date, part of their life before primary story begins, something like Jordan 500 the short project but that was while story was happening she was already escort. The story can be connected with the primary no need to be before or after that’s irrelevant, just make free games with characters we love, not some god know from where characters that have no sense nor the story, like coming from another planet or something. Just promises and some pictures from time to time but results not even close. Don’t take me wrong but starting to sound like politicians.

    1. I can see the points you’re making in your rant but it’s not like they are doing nothing and sipping beer.
      It’s good to have diversity and multiple characters and games in offer,in that area only VDate games can come close to LOP,but they are far far away from the quality LOP has.
      It’s obvious that everyone wants LWT,Tracy,Lisa and Eleanor and i do think it should be addressed but i’m more than pleased with the games like Snake Valley,Seducing the throne or Club Velvet Rose,and i’m interested in new projects they’ve coming up with.I think it was said before,free games do not have impact on work and progress of gold titles,if they were then it wouldn’t make any sense creating them.

      You say end results are not even close and that is true,but it’s because every game they release has beginning and end,and it takes some time to create game that is completed upon it’s release,that’s it.Just look at Patreon games,they release monthly updates but it will take forever to finish them,and in most of the cases they get abandoned after some time.
      That being said,I would actually like to see LOP game with montly updates,or atleast some updates and new scenarios for older titles like LWT1,Eleanor1,Story of Didi etc.

  3. Leo: Daman? Do you want to talk to the nice people on the forum?
    Daman: *sniff* Ah huh….
    Leo: What will we not do…?
    Daman: S-spoil development or tell…*sniff*…or tell them about our s-secret projects…*sniff*…
    Leo: Promise?
    Daman: Yes….*sniff*…
    Leo: Then you can come out of the corner and you can talk to them.


    Hello everyone. Daman here, back from the naughty corner and being buried alive with fun, new and *looks over at Leo* top secret projects which I will not say anything about at this time. *Leo nods*. Phew! Anyway, it’s good to see the community is back and in full-rampage mode with people fighting over ideas and concepts and what not. It’s always fun to see and read what is on your minds.

    Allow me to address the rumor of LoP taking on “too many projects at the same time”. Most of the projects we showed are almost done, but we did not sacrifice any man/woman power away from other projects we are currently undertaking to make them. So games like LWT2, Eleanor 3, LWS2 and all the other games players like to abbreviate so much on our page, are still considered priority one in both our hearts as well as our to-do lists.

    Many commenters here seem that making a game from scratch fairly simple. But I think that it’s like making chocolate: it’s nice, sweet, amazing, everyone likes it and some have their own preference as to which one is the best one, but few know how it’s truly made and the truth may shock them. Snake Valley from concept to reality took over a year and a half of pitching, making storyboards, model and character making, location modeling, writing, animating, rendering, and testing before it was released. It’s not that simple of a task, folks. So believe in me when I say we are hard at work and making magic happen here and we all know you guys and dolls will be satisfied with the outcome!

    That’s it for now. I am in good spirits and healthy and this year will soon be the year of the dog which means faith and strong loyalty among friend and family, so please share it here and within your lives. Also, so expect to see many doggie-style scenes to celebrate the Chinese new year!

    Peace, love and good wishes everyone! Till we meet again!

    Daman: Leo, did Daman do good?
    Leo: Yes, Daman did good.
    Daman: Yeaaaaah! 🙂

  4. @Daman I read and I’ve stated a few months back you guys ever thought about doing monthly updates to our favorite games as the world’s are already created. Like adding a scene here a scene there as opposed to full games every couple of months? Think there is so many scenes that could be added to our favorites like why no 4 some in the first LWT during pool scene that would have been cool. Or a scene with the secretary at the office and the pig in the first Eleanor. Or a bar scene in LWS just some thoughts when thinking about a monthly update.

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