Girls are getting ready!

With every passing day we’re closer and closer to the date of release. I believe that right now we got 90% of all renders ready, most of the scenes implemented into the game and hundreds of hours spent on beta testing and implementing tweaks and changes.

Everything is going rather well and we should expect the game to be ready in May / June.

16 thoughts on “Girls are getting ready!”

  1. I know a lot people dog on all the lesbian content but I love it. The more the better and i’m sure there are fans out there that feel like I do. Keep it up LOP team

  2. I have to be honest, but… the more I see of this game, the more I lose interest.

    Visually, the only girls that I find appealing are Rebecca and (to a lesser extent) Annet. The others are straight up turn-offs. The notes on the characters personalities sound stereotypical and cliché (bitchy and popular it-girl, shy nerd, etc. etc.). It makes the characters flat that their personality can all be summed up in two words. In addition, the story seems like a retread as you’ve already explored this setting in Outcast Academy.

    I hope that the people interested in the game will enjoy it.

    1. @Lebig

      How long and what style are we talking? Like black girl cornrows braided or blonde ponytails with a weave? I might need some clarification on which style you are thinking about before I can answer it! 🙂

  3. Classic 3 strand or 4 strand, french, milkmaid, dutch, rope, dual texture, chain link, voluminous… Pretty much one big long thing, what reminds Lara Croft or Aerith Gainsborough. Its very practical for you guys. In graphics put on front over the shoulder can be used as decoration. Also because not supposed to fly all over piece by piece a bit easier to model physics. If you decide to do anything with it, because if its not moving can and statue like hair can look awkward. Like a ponytail on the blonde in the locker room gangbang above. // I hope you know I am just teasing. Nobody would notice that hair if I not mention and even I wouldn’t care. I just realized last time you don’t realy have any braided girl in your games, so i decided i will pester you guys with a comment about them under every single game until you promise me one. 🙂 //

  4. I’ve checked. Went trough every single profile of the wiki. It looks like none of your visual artists likes braided hair. I couldn’t find a single model with it and only two had some kind of braids. Alyssa and the Oceanid. That’s not much.

    1. @Lebig

      Here ya loud and clear. I’ll try to keep an idea in mind when making more characters. But one question for you; What’s your position on dreads locks or do they not count as “braids”?

  5. I seen IRL some absolute stunning skinny cornrow, but most specific are realy depends on the wearer’s head shape. They can look nice, I wont mind them if you wanna increase on variety of hairtypes. But when I am aching for braided girls I use the common; meaning one or two locks. Even the waterfall, halo, crown and spiral and things wouldn’t count.

    1. @Lebig

      Damn, sounds like somone wants to jerk off to some hair! 🙂 LOL

      I can’t say much, but I do have a character in the works with some dreads that you might like (time will tell)

      On a side note, I’m a bit sad and surprised no one commented on the newest calendar image. Thought people would go nuts for it.

  6. Hair and hair style has the probably the biggest impact on face. It realy changes the looks of a person.

    I didn’t see calendar. I don’t have ongoing subscription and nympho wasn’t my cup of tea. So I won’t pay to see the expansion.

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