Pledge is almost ready

Good news – I believe that we need no more than 2-3 weeks to complete our game so it means that if we won’t encounter any critical issues we’ll release it in May.

I’m betatesting it right now and I gotta admit – it’s really enjoyable to play. A lot of sex scenes, interesting events together with some adorable and bitchy characters. Daman did really good job with this one.

What’s more, he is also writing texts to our next short game that will be published on BONUS SECTION (Olivia, Ellie and Paul, Erotic date: Margaret and Walter scale). In terms of gameplay this will be close to Trip to paradise.

29 thoughts on “Pledge is almost ready”

  1. That very first pic above the title is quite interesting,wonder what happened there πŸ˜€
    Hats off Daman for the work you’re putting into writing these games!

    And holy shit,todays calendar pic is absolutely stunning!More of that please!

  2. I obviously haven’t played Pledge yet but it reminds me a bit of the old Outcast Academy, I’m interested in playing it and the new calendar pic is fantastic! Make more like that, please. I do enjoy the BJ ones but we don’t get full on sex ones often (I think). Good job guys!

  3. Great news! Can’t wait to see more of Annet! I hope she’s filthy.

    Loved the bonus picture too. Would love to see Lisa and Gabriel get fucked by the stable hands!

  4. Really interesting first image. I can read Japanese and I’m a big fan of their fetishes. Scenarios like the first image is very common on Japanese eroge.

    Ok, this game got my attention. I won’t become a member as soon as it’s released because I’ll wait to see other people talking about the straight content of the game.

    About the other game: similar to Trip to Paradise? Now we’re talking the same language! Trip to Paradise still is my favorite LOPGold game.

    1. Hey Guys and Gals,

      This is going to be a short one because, as you can see, Leo has been keeping me busy. But to be honest, he only just scratched the surface of what I am working on. Projects BLACK, WHITE, and ANTIDOTE (all my own creations) are all going along well and once things die down a bit, I will indulge telling you all more details about it and maybe even Leo will share them with you too.

      As for what else I am working on, sad to say I can’t say too much. Leo has found out that my tolerance to getting nailed with a frying pan has increased over the years so he has upgraded to a more painful punishment; yodeling music. Guy will blast that through the office until we learn our lesson (I kinda miss the frying pan now).

      And finally, I wanted to talk about Pledge. This game has been one of a small handful of games I wrote during my early days within the company (along with Snake Valley and Lilly in Hawaii) and after several years of toning, tweaking and finalizing it almost brings a tear to my eye to see it reach it’s final stages! I just hope that people enjoy what I have thunk up!

      That’s all for now, till we meet again everyone. Stay happy, stay healthy and stay fresh!


      *Roy Rodger’s “The Cowboy Night Herd” starts to play over the loud speakers* Oh great, here we go again…

    2. I have to agree.
      It’s pretty damn hot fetish that first picture. You can see it in alot of games as well. Princess Trainer or Pervert Action has similar scenes.

  5. Truly excited about the upcoming games @Daman for us hard nose members these last few months have been great with new games and the prospect of new ones with the pictures and Calendar. Sooner the better. Cant wait. @Daman last week calendar with Seducing the throne made me wonder if that will get updates as well when you start doing updates.

  6. Another question. Will threre be any expansion of “Snake Valley”? I just played it again and i have to say i really like it a lot … Will there be any new content?

    1. We would love to but right now all our visual artists are busy with other projects. Also Daman is burried with work.

      But if you guys really want it we may prepare some new scenes later this year.

      1. @leonizer

        “Also Daman is burried with work.”

        *Leo walks into Daman’s office and sees a sea of paper and a lone hand waving in the waves of paper. He watches as the hand waving frantically until it slows down and slips down under the sea of paper* πŸ™‚

      2. Thanks for info
        I don’t know about others but i’d sure like to see something new added to LWN from time to time ,really love that game.
        And it doesn’t even need to be new or long scenes only,i think simple extentions of existing scenes,adding more or different choices to them or few more renders here and there would improve replayability of your games. Not just for LWN but for others aswell.

  7. I am really looking forward to this one. Looks like several different girls in several situations. It should be fun based on your beta-testing comments.

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