Pledge – Molly’s initiation

Next week we’re going to add new event to our latest game Pledge. Daman called this event Molly’s initiaion.

Let us know in the comments which character from this game do you find the most attractive? With which girl do you want to see some extra events? How about the teachers? Do you want to see more Annet or maybe take a close look at Margaret’s kinky side?

39 thoughts on “Pledge – Molly’s initiation”

  1. I’m looking forward to the new content. Aisha and Annet are the most attractive women in that game in my estimation. I have always wondered why Melissa didn’t invite Aisha to try cock with James on James booty call night. After all they are all in the same room together all night. I wouldn’t mind more possible sex scenes with Rebecca. Seeing sex scenes with Annet would be cool. Whatever else you decide I’m just happy you are going forward with it.

  2. Since you’ve got Molly covered, I’d like to see more scenes with Emma. It would make sense if she was trying to sleep with James or something

    Would like to see more mmf scenes

    Annet is by far the more interesting teacher

  3. I would like more Annet because I feel like her story insteresting. For Margaret I dont think she is hot but I feel like her kinky side bdsm which I think I saw it on the wiki and I’m like okay but not to interested in it though.

  4. I also want more scenes with Emma and Rebecca. Maybe some scenes this characters with James? I think that Margaret may have hidden potential, so I would prefer some extra events with her. Or possibly a scene between Mellisa and one male teacher who would see some of her online shows?

  5. Have to agree with above… Emma, Annet… But she has male teachers too, perhaps some ‘corruption’ or chances to get a good grade for doing a male teacher?

  6. I think that Annet definetly the hottest woman in Pledge and she is criminally underused in the game as it is now. It would be great if more scenes with her were added. There could be a BDSM scene her as the sub and Margaret as the dom, or she could seduce James as part of some deal to raise Melissa’s grade.

  7. i would love to see more of margaret but at the same time annet was way too good looking to not have any sex scenes outside of an ending. kinda torn between the two

  8. truth is i really wanna see margaret and not annet , but i feel this may be one of those choose one or the other situations so asking for both felt hopefully at best

  9. Hi, I would definitely like to see more of Annet. Margaret also would be interesting.

    Now something to add/upgrade could be the webcam shows, both solo and with Aisha. Maybe a solo for Aisha…

    Whatever you come up with, I am looking forward to see, anyway 🙂

  10. Wow so many people asking for more (kinda was worried when Leo asked everyone on the previous post and it got almost no results). Keep it coming everyone, sound off and let’s hear from you all! 😀

  11. After Melissa does it with Aisha in the shower and James in the shower and the library she has the option of doing it again with them in those locations. It seems it would be relatively simple to add that option for Rebecca at the club. That having been said I still would like to see them in a different setting maybe even in a 3 way with Aisha or James.

  12. I find Rebecca to be the most attractive girl in the game so I would love to see more events with her, especially ones where she is fully naked. I loved her sex scenes in the game but it was a shame we didn’t get to see more of her incredible body.

    For the teachers I think Annett is super hot and I think she deserves a few events in the main game.

    Overall this game was amazing. Definitely my favourite LOP game to date and I can’t wait to see what expansions will follow!

  13. I was really disappointed that there in nothing with Annet in the game beside the ending. Why can you even flirt with her?

    You post some nice fotos as a preview from Annet but there in so action in the game.
    Melissa + Aisha + Molly are all black hair and slim body. Which I find personally boring. I also was disappointed how few scenes you can have with Rebecca.

    So please more from Rebecca and Annet.

  14. Hi,
    I never got to see some of Margaret’s kinky side because I never discovered a hot scene with her – so please add some.
    – A threesome James, Melissa Rebecca or four some with Rebeccas lover … .-
    – Rebecca, Aisha and Melissa (? and Molly) in the shower…
    – Real punishment of Emma
    – Observing Emma leads to …
    – Also maybe a fuck from a male teacher (or with his friends) to graduate the half semester test.
    – Different endings on webcam because someone blackmail
    – It might be fun to add BC to the game…

  15. For you guys who may not have discovered it there is an extra added to the web cam show, play with dildo if you get sexperience to 90.

    1. I was in error. There must be a different trigger for that. Today I didn’t get it until sexperience was over 150. Perhaps it has to do with the calendar day or number of times she does that web show, like the Aisha dominatrix scene the fourth show with Aisha.

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