ELEANOR 3: more new renders

Chestnut shuffles, like a tireless titan, is rendering more and more images.Β  I’m rather confident that we’ll be able to release Eleanor 3 this year and then provide you with new scenes for months, as long as you would be interested in that.

Please let us know in the comments what do you think about that visuals.

PS. We slowed down a little with LWT2 expansion renders because of the tasks that Yamyoda has concerning BLIND DATE 3D update. The release of BD3D BIG BANG is going to take place soon.

44 thoughts on “ELEANOR 3: more new renders”

  1. These renders look really impressive,Eleanor is stunning,fantastic work.
    Lots of interesting stuff from the looks of it,I really can’t wait for this game. My only remark would be that animations could be a little bit smoother. It’s really a minor thing for me as I know how complex is to create them,but still I believe you can improve in that area.
    Good to hear that Blind date is near,excited to see the changes and improvements you made to it.
    Is there a possibility for some teaser of LWT expansion?Since it’s slowed down to take away our pain πŸ˜€
    Keep it up guys

      1. @Santorx

        “don’t be afraid to make really really bad sex scene”

        *Daman leans out of his office and yells at the rest of the staff*
        Hey guys, is there such thing as “bad sex”?
        *Everyone looks at Daman with a confused and angry look. It’s super effective!*
        Okay…sorry I asked…


  2. Let me be the first to point out that the blonde in the foreground of the fourth rendering from the top looks just like Aisha from Pledge except for the blonde hair. I like that.

    I really like the idea of continuing updates with new scenes of Eleanor 3, but truth is I would like that as an ongoing process of all new games.

    Thanks for the sneak previews. I must add I disagree that you are using too many African Americans. That doesn’t bother me at all. Keep writing them and drawing them as you see them.

  3. Omgg it was my suggestion to use rich arab guy/guys fucking eleanor and there it is, thanks for listening your fans you are awesome, looking forward to seeing the game

    1. @gevezepapagan54

      Of course not. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

      LOL! πŸ˜‰

      1. I love that Eleanor is taking more black dick in this game. Feels like the natural progression for the game. Perfect stuff… But please keep some of the other older characters coming back.. Samantha and her son?? Would love them

  4. That’s really amazing. I’m looking forward. images look great. Arab billionaire = the best. Monthly Update = Is It Christmas? Seriously, I’m absolutely excited about myself. I’m a proud member of LopGold.

  5. As a African American(Black man) that comment was highly offense. I have been asking for more people of color for some time was hoping you brought back Flake from first game… I have been a loyal member 3 to 4 years and the fact you guys will be making updates is what I’ve been asking for and that is amazing. I actually joined website particularly for the Eleanor game shes amazing so great to see you starting this update process with her I think there is so much you can do with her character. Like finish the exploration with the nieghbor. Or maybe making hubby enjoy being watched by others since they had sex in front of him and then maybe them doing a swingers thing together. Or continuing with the relationship with boy from office. Or even the business partner from the store. Hell even exploring her ice cream business lol. It’s so much to her character. The pics are amazing. Keep the different relationships coming. @ Daman @ Leo Must say though maybe you should add Didi her and Eleanor looked amazing together.

    1. How is that offensive?
      It’s just a matter of taste. I’m not high on interacial sex either. It’s exactly the same as saying: ‘It has too many lesbians in it’. It’s not a race thing, just a preference, so please don’t make this a race thing, just don’t.

      Anyways, I’m looking forward to it as well, hopefully the story is fresh. But I’m most eager for Lisa getting sucking the promised 10 dicks in a row.

  6. How it was stated was actually extremely offensive. It’s the color of one’s skin. Not the same as asking for more women or males in a scene. People who aren’t offended always trying to tell the ones who are offended by comments they shouldn’t be its or something is not offensive is laughable. If it offends one person shouldn’t have been said. O yeah and considering Interracial porn is highest rated porn right now think Leo and Daman writing stories and adding this element has something to do with that. If was stated there is to much interracial porn would not have been offensive though but stating a specific race was offensive.

  7. ELEANOR should be a teacher in a school. screwing the nerds and the jocks plus other teachers . i really hope ELEANOR’s a complete slut this time.
    She will do anything to get her way.

  8. I’m a white guy and I was (long ago) one of those people who asked for more racial diversity in LOP games. So I think it’s really good to see more blacks, asians, etc. in your games… even those ethnicities that aren’t really a turn-on for me (such as indian girls).

    But when it comes to LOP’s inclusion of black men, I am not really impressed. Because so far, LOP has exclusively used black men in the stereotypical role of black bull cucking around with a white married woman… or the tired trope of every black man being a gangsta rapper, sports star or drug dealer. I get that there’s a market for this, but personally I find it eye-rollingly cringe-inducing that there seems to be no room for black dudes outside this tired stereotype.

    (DISCLAIMER:The following pieces of text is MY PERSONAL OPINION… It will probably be different from yours… that does NOT mean I think you or your personal preferences are wrong, dumb or don’t have the right to exist. You are more than welcome to disagree, but no amount of name-calling, ad hominem attacks or typing in all caps is going to make me change my opinion. If you want to discuss these matters through constructive dialogue, then I welcome that… yeah, putting this little disclaimer here because many people seem to take dissenting opinions as a very personal affront to their character)

    I also have to add that the immediate future LOP releases are looking rather “meh” in my eyes. I haven’t played Pledge, but everything I’ve seen so far has confirmed that I’ve made the right decision in avoiding this game.

    Call-Girl Denise: While I think it’s good to see female protagonists in these games, I don’t enjoy playing as a woman and any game that features a female protagonist is, already before I play it, a step down on my ladder. I need a self-insert to enjoy these games. Sometimes, the game is well-written enough that I can overlook this (this was the case with both Eleanor 1 and RoomMates. I continue to enjoy these games even to this day). In addition I was never really a fan of Jordan 500 or Tori 500.

    Eleanor 3: oh boy, here goes. I know this series has a lot of fans. But I am tired of this character. The first game was one of your best, but the second one was downright awful and number 3 looks to be more of the same. Eleanor is a one-note character and while that is suitable for one game, trying to milk her character for a series is just boring. I’ve already seen all there is to see for this character. If you love this series and look forward to the 3rd game, then godspeed and enjoy. I hope it is everything you want it to be.

    LWT2 expansion: LWT2 was my single biggest disappointment with LOP ever and no expansion is going to fix that. It soured me on the series and I pretend that it doesn’t exist. If you love this series and look forward to the expansion, then godspeed and enjoy. I hope it is everything you want it to be.

    LWS2: I am mildly interested in this one. But with the hints already given about this release and me not knowing who’s doing the writing for the game, I am honestly quite ready to write it off.

    Please don’t take this as a “Booh! you suck, LOP!” post… it really isn’t intended as such. But I just don’t really see any reason to be pumped for these releases. A few of the promised free games have me a bit intrigued, but I remain rather unexcited by your plans for LOPGold.

    Sorry, rant over.

    1. What’s the point of this post other than piss and shit on the developer and their work?If you have such a strong dislike for LOP and the projects in the works,you could simply stay away from the site and keep the thoughts for yourself or throw the tantrum on other forums…

      1. Nazeem. If you cared to take a passing glance at previous threads on this forum, you’d see that I have praised LOP time and again for great visuals, amazing writing, good dialogue, tasteful selection of audio, etc. etc. While it is true that I have no interest in any releases in the near future, next year may see games that fall well within my interest. If I find those games good I will give them their due praise. The point of the post was to point out what I perceive as flaws in the current line of future releases.

        If you took the time to read my post, you’d see that it wasn’t intended as a “piss and shit” post (I explained this quite thoroughly in the post itself, but apparently that was not enough for your reading comprehension). I did not resort to any insults or ad hominem attacks and used no explicit language in my post. I worded it as eloquently as my, admittedly, poor writing skills could muster. I guess you missed the disclaimer?

        Your “if you have nothing nice to say, then fuck off” argument and patronizingly describing my critique as a “tantrum” is childish and unecessary. If you think you can play back-seat moderator and dictate what I do on this forum, then you are sadly mistaken. Rather than “keep the thoughts to [myself]”, I will give negative (and positive) critique as I see fit or until a moderator stops me. Take your own advice; if you have such strong dislike for my comment, you could simply stay away…

    2. @Nemo

      Thanks for your feedback and opinions, Nemo. But I wish you would give our games a chance, plus some of the new ones we are working on (currently finishing up a small CYOA that you might like). I know we can’t show EVERYTHING to people and we have to be somewhat selective to tease enough for players/fans to want to play. But I just hope that you and others don’t judge a book by it’s cover until you go hands on and see first hand what we prepared for you.

      1. @Daman

        I thought a valid point by Nemo was that he doesn’t like to play games as a woman. I can understand that even though I don’t see it the same way. I see these games as fantasy, so I don’t care whether I play as a guy or a girl. I understood him to be lobbying for more games with a male protagonist.

        I play each game that comes out at least 5 to 10 times before I decide whether I like them or not. Most I do. Some I don’t. I would suggest, Nemo, that you give these new games a few plays if you are already a member just to be sure, but it’s entirely up to you.

      2. Hey Daman. Thanks for responding to my post with an open mind. That is much appreciated.

        I do give your games a chance. Sometimes that chance is a thoroughly look at preview pictures, reading of a plot summary and details about the gameplay. Not necessarily playing the game. I do not like carrot cake. If a carrot cake is put in front of me and the scent of it makes my throat tighten while the look of it makes my eyes irritated, there’s no point in me attempting to take a bite. I know I will not like it. And that’s okay… plenty of other people LOVE carrot cake (and no, I have no problem with that… eat away!).

        To use your book cover analogy. For the games I listed, I am not really judging a book, by its cover… I am judging it by the previous books in the series which I have read thoroughly and given that its the same publisher publishing these new books, I have enough information based on previous experiences to have an idea what this new book is about.

        I will still keep an eye on any new releases and other news you put out though. I am here because I generally enjoy what LOP puts out and I wish I could enjoy every single release… But life isn’t perfect πŸ™‚

        Oh, and just so there’s no confusion… In regards to your post further down the thread: I have absolutely zero problems with black males on white females when it comes to sex. My issue is that these black guys are always portrayed in a stereotypical and cliche manner (typically in cuckold scenes)… This was the case in CVR, Lily in Hawaii and, to some extent, Jacob’s rebound… they’re props rather than people… and I have no doubt that your attempt to diversify does not steam from malice or racism or any such nonsense and that you only have the best of intentions with these characters and games. Just to be clear πŸ™‚

        Once again; thank you.

        1. @Nemo

          “I will still keep an eye on any new releases and other news you put out though”

          That’s all I ask my friend. And thank you again for your understanding! πŸ™‚

  9. Interesting post Nemo. Would love to see some black business men put into a game. Though gotta start somewhere right. I’m just glad they are included. That the Lop team does a great job of including different races and ethnicities it’s great I think. Hell I’m still waiting to see more Didi loved her character. Playing as Julian in LWS was alot of fun looking forward to that. The second Eleanor I think was just dont to quick it wasnt bad it was just so much more that could have been added same with LWT. The first games it seems there was just more to do and second games were just done because fans were clamoring for the characters. That’s why I hope they are some 60 day games are at least 45 days. 30 is just to short.
    Being able to go back and sleep with husband in eleanor or being able to have sex in kitchen or having sex every night with Serena all those things made games highly enjoyable. And then when days got added when you got to go to swingers club were great. @ Daman & @ Leo Still waiting to see club velvet more in LWT and Eleanor. Really hope that’s a weekend thing that can be added in both Eleanor and LWT.

    1. @lifeball224

      What’s your opinion on Jacob form “Jacob’s Rebound”? Trying to see if I was in the right ballpark when writing that character to get away from the whole “thug” stereotype.

  10. Hey everyone,

    I thought it be best if I jump in here before a riot takes place. The last thing I want is for players to argue over anything. It just breaks our hearts. πŸ™

    We here at LoP are founded and routed by many talented men and women of many ethnic, culture and even sexual differences. It’s a beautiful woven tapestry we pride ourselves on and enjoy reminding ourselves of that as we create wonderful content for you, the fans.

    Now to address the elephant in the room (which is a figure of speech, please allow me to use it), this whole quarrel about African Americans in our games. The day I was offered a job here at LoP, I made it my soul duty to implement one thing; a bigger and more diverse cast. Whether it’s Pacific Islanders (Lily in Hawaii), Native Americans (Snake Valley) or even Indians (Pledge) I wanted to try to implement as many different and unique ethnicities or cultured people into our games that either have not gotten enough spot lot or none at all. A great example would be Brian from “CVR”, he was originally a white guy but I suggested him being Asian and so far the idea stuck with the group and with you the community.

    But to get back on topic, I know there are a few players who do not like the idea of black male on white female style sex (or as some would simply call it “interacial” despite the fact it’s not only limited to black and white) we chose this path because it is the best way for us to tell the story. And don’t worry there is plenty of other kinds of sex that our slutty leading lady Eleanor will get into. So much in fact, that I think there will be, at least, one scene for every fan to enjoy! πŸ™‚

    So please, everyone. I know life is like a salad bar and we pick what we like to put on our plates. But just because someone picks something different or maybe even has an opinion on what they see, shouldn’t cause a fight. Just finish putting your salad together and enjoy! Life’s too short for fights where no one can win!


    1. There’s nothing wrong with black male and white female sex.
      It seems silly to even have to say it to be honest

      You guys are doing good work Daman. Thanks for your efforts!

  11. @ Daman I actually liked Jacob alot I think showed a business man slash ex athlete in a great light. Would look e to see Eleanor or Tracy or Serena or even one of the husbands have to work with or for a Black business owner that would be interesting. I think you guys do a great job of having many ethnicities in your work, one of my favorites were Didi ( Asain)as well as Jacob(Black). I even think having the black guy in Pledge was cool. Didnt think Flake was bad either hell he owned the club. Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing many more adventures in the near future.

    1. @lifeball224

      Glad to see you liked it. I try to do my best by trying different ethnicities and see how players like it (my favorite was Aisha form “Pledge”, or first Indian character). I hope to continue this trend with each game I’m assigned or with every new concept I come up with. So needless to say, it’s only the beginning. πŸ˜‰

  12. As a male, i do like playing as female protagonist..

    so pledge, call girl denise and eleanor 3 is very fantastic for me..

    10 stars out of 10, great job guys.. thanks

  13. Hi,

    pictures look awesome.

    I have to admit that in Eleanor 2 there were places where I thought there might be some or more scenes aside from the main action (e.g. the beach or the bar with a stranger). I hope this will change in Eleanor 3.

    With extensions on a game I got 3 suggestions because for me it is boring to play the game multiple times for the extension scenes.
    1. Ask your subscribers for additional content, maybe do some polls. Otherwise it make no sense to me to extend – just release the complete game.
    2. If you make extensions with playing the old game from scratch, please do more than just ONE short extension. Added extensions should be like 50% more of the old version. A ‘Save game’ button would also be nice.
    3. Maybe it is an approach to start with a part of the game and progress with the story with feedback from polls of subscribers. This approach seems to be like most patreon games, but I think you can deliver content much better. Such an approach should be made with a game besides other games.

    As you might know, my favorites are BBC, (corrupting), cuckolding and impregnation. So it looks like I will see some of this.


  14. It is awesome that there will be constant additions throughout the year. It will be awesome if you use more rich arab β€œoil shieks” like gangbanging eleanor in their yatches. Honestly they look like kevin in real life, brown fat hairy. Content is promising, definetly worth of spending money

  15. Eleanor looks like shes a full time whore now…. Hope you guys can write a part that actually shows she enjoys being this slutty and fucking random new people all the time… And loving the black guys and the arab

  16. @knight21 that to was my real only complaint with Eleanor 2. There just could have been so much more. The beach, the bar., the park, the fact there was just so much that could have been done. Why have scenes with guy in store and then boy at work and then nothing. That’s what truly sucked about game. It was so much left that could have been.

  17. i kinda find a lot of lesson of passion games boring they all kinda follow the same story plots and everyone seem to be rich or well off with money young thin with 6 packs drive fast cars.
    i love to see a twist in the games for example a janitor in a school would be a amazing plot. Where by a guys around loads of younger women, teachers and students. .

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