Pledge – new event and mobile bonus gallery

As promised today we’re adding new event with Molly.

But that’s not all – we’re also adding secret bonus gallery that could be displayed on your mobile phone when you scan special QR code that reveals itself after reaching at least 4 different endings

We haven’t been using QR codes for a while so please let us know if you like that addition.

What’s more thanks to your feedback we’ve planned more new events to this game including the characters you mentioned the most.

Just revisit university here: PLEDGE –

15 thoughts on “Pledge – new event and mobile bonus gallery”

  1. I like this direction you took in the development of your games,small expansions and additions is something i always wanted for lot of your games. Would be great if some older flash games could get something aswell but i presume it’s not quite possible due to technical issues. Would love to see more scenes for LWN though,i hope you’ll find time to add something more.

  2. The initiation was good. I was teased in the wrong direction, however, by the photo introducing this post of who I thought might have been Molly getting fucked by James. Are you holding out on us still? It wouldn’t surprise me. I also thought that perhaps there would be a new ending with her ending up with Molly, but I see that hasn’t happened. I’m looking forward to the additional scenes with I am assuming Annet, Rebecca, and Aisha because I think they were mentioned the most. Thanks for these continuing updates.

  3. I installed a QR reader on my iphone ad I saw the photo I mentioned having been teased by. It’s Aisha and James. That’s interesting. Annet and Melissa was pretty cool too. Nice perk. Thanks.

  4. A very good event, but I hoped that with him we would also get the ending with Molly.
    Bonus gallery is also very nice !! 🙂
    Looking at the last photo I thought so … Would it be possible event / expansion, where we would play as James and have to experience these 30 days as he …? :>

    1. @xinsaqu

      I appreciate your desire to be able to play the game from the POV of a different character, but that would require a completely new rewrite of the code of the whole game. I doubt they can be quite that accommodating. If they can, cool, but I wouldn’t get my hopes too high for that one.

  5. Note for anyone else who like me would want the bonus gallery on your laptop: After scanning it onto your phone you will be able to see the web location. Type that into your browser address bar and you will have it on your laptop, tablet, or PC. Then you can simply bookmark it and view it whenever you like.

    1. @The138

      I like the game too. On the release of this game blog post with over 140 comments Daman said he will do a walkthrough when time allows. I personally don’t think it’s necessary and told him that, but he still intends to do one. I managed to get all endings and achievements with only a hint from leonizer on how to get endings 6 and 8.

  6. As it apparent by my many posts I like this game, but it really bugs me when I play the game for looks (210), sexperience (210), and money ($3134) and end up with her becoming a stripper. I can understand it if she fails and hasn’t created a successful webcam business. But in this case she did, and there should rightfully be an alternative ending with her expanding the webcam business.

  7. Hi, I am a new member here. I just want to ask, all lopgold game include this take very long time to load, especially after each new sex scene. (And I have to re-download the game again every time I restart PC or close browser). Anyone know how to save the game file to the browser so I don’t have to redownload the game again and again. The waiting is killing me.

    1. Our games contains a lot of visuals (more than 1.000 per game) and that’s why all images are around 350 MB heavy (in the latest games). We’re using smart caching technology so the whole game isn’t loaded at once into browser memory but we read only images that are and will be required in this and couple following scenes and we later cache it locally on your HD in your TEMP folder. So if you get this scenes again those files won’t be downloaded once more from our servers cause they already are on your HD.

      I guess that in your case there are two main issues:

      1. You got slow internet connection.

      2. You’re probably playing in incognito mode so files aren’t caching correctly and are deleted after the moment you close the browser window. So every time you play the game those files need to be downloaded again.

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