This is Faith

Today I would like to introduce a new character – Faith. Why is she so special? Cause she will need your help later this year. Let me tell you what happened.

Together with her newly married husband, Christian, they decided to spend their honeymoon in Serbia where they had really great time until they…

…went to a local casino where Christian lost all their money. He even lost their return tickets to States. Luckily Senka – sexy right hand of the casino owner (and a passionate lover as we’ll find out later) suggested to give Christian a second chance. So her boss, Bogdan, gave him a credit and a chance to win his money back. But… Christian lost again and the situation get much more tensed from that moment.

So right now Faith is kept in Christian’s villa as a hostage till Christian arrange the money he owe to Bogdan (plus interest of course).

19 thoughts on “This is Faith”

  1. Looks absolutely amazing.
    The story sounds great as well.
    Have you guys ever thought about a game where you can choose between diffrent charachters ?
    That way you could play the game for example first from her perspective and afterwards as Christian or the Casino guy.

    1. Yes, I was thinking about a game where you switch between character on a daily basis. For instance one day you play as a husband and the second one as his wife.

  2. There is a lot of female protagonist games, personally don’t like games like that but ofcourse to each own his taste. The idea would look nice also from the “male” point of view ^^

  3. Sounds like a possibly good one. She looks good. Is it based on that LOP free game where the newlywed groom loses their money and then bets his wife on another round and loses her for the night?

  4. Looks very interesting. Seems like my kind of game based on the premise. Faith is beautiful.

    Is Daman the writer? And what about the gameplay – will it be a CYOA or status builder?

  5. Think that is what made LWT so good as well as LWS. Playing with the guys. Never really played it any mind if characters are good though. Strong and empowering women like Eleanor. Like women in control as opposed to them not being in control if we controlling them and their actions being dictated by males in story.

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