Eleanor 3 and LWT2 expansion

Wow, Eleanor 3 is going to be super epic.
We’ve just completed rendering the base version of the game and soon we’ll start writing texts.

Below some new renders to tease you.

In terms of LWT2 rendering we don’t progress as fast as we would like to but this is going to change soon and rendering will start with full speed. We plan to complete all renders by the end of this year.

27 thoughts on “Eleanor 3 and LWT2 expansion”

  1. Looks amazing guys,thanks for new info. Eleanor looks fantastic,especially with different hair. I’d love to see other girls too with various hairstyles.
    Can’t wait for LWT expansion,I just hope there is ton of new content with Tracy and Lisa,preferably for Justin only 😀

  2. I think one of my bigger problems with LwT2 was that it was billed as a battle between Justin and Richard but, besides one bad end, one minor scene and a single throw-away line here and there, the game lacked any kind of threat. Now obviously the primary content int his update will be between Justin and the various girls, but will there be much in the way of growing the relationships between Richard and the girls too?
    AFAIK, the only interactions that Tracy and Richard had before the bad end was when Lisa sees them off in the distance after the mountain climbing scene. Beyond that, Tracy just gets annoyed at you if you’re overly rude. The Tracy x Richard ending therefore seems to come out of nowhere with no build.

    It would be cool if we got to see more “Temptation” in the game centered around the conflict/competition of Richard and Justin

    1. I always found it kind of hot that Tracy just decides to be a total slut and fuck Richard in the bad ending. I have always been fascinated by cheating women. Also cannot wait for Eleanor 3 thanks Leo keep up the great work as always.

  3. By the way I am so positive and hyped for this game because Daman is the writer. At this point I have full confidence in his story writing abilities that he can make the best out of Eleanor 3, heck, ANY GAME.

    If you’re reading this @Daman, do you also have your fingers inside Living With Temptation series? 😉

    1. @Flash92

      “do you also have your fingers inside Living With Temptation series”

      “Little Daman Horner sat in a corner eating his Christmas pie. He stuck in a thumb and pulled out a plum and said, “What a naughty boy am I.”‘

      In other words…no comment at this present time! 😉

        1. @iksanabot

          I’m in charge of working on the Wikia page which includes the Living with Temptation Series! Hehehe! The look on your face! Hahaha! PRICELESS!

  4. As some people mentioned before, the ending with Tracy and Richard was fucking hot. Maybe because Tracy finally decided to release her inner slut, but really hoping to see more Richard/Tracy interactions!

  5. Eleanor looks amazing can’t wait. LWT2 expansion looks great as well more scenes in barn with different guys would be great. Like in first LWT being able to play scenes over and over again. Maybe constant bar visits to play?????

    1. It would be great to have repeatable scenes in expansion,there’s lots of possibilities for such scenes. For example sneaking out of the room to visit girls in their rooms late at night,go to sauna with them,relax in hot tub,have a midnight “snacks” in kitchen…original release lacked that,i hope expansion will add that too

  6. These two are the most awesome game of its kind. Eleanor and Tracy (also alexandra) are the best, hope to find them in more thrilling scenes…
    Best of luck guys

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