Denise is ready!

Yes! Today we’ve released long anticipated game called Call girl Denise. As we mentioned couple of weeks ago, this production is inspired by JORDAN and TORI 500 projects. It’s 2018 so we’ve implemented awesome visuals and improved gameplay features to make the concept much more appealing and playable.

Now, where to begin my story? With my mother’s death, when I was 6? My abusive father, who drank too much? Or how every guy I ever dated was a complete and utter zero? No, I think the best place to start would be when I moved in with my bestie, Karen.

See, Karen and I had known each other since kindergarten and grew up just a few blocks from one another. As we got older and moved out of our houses, we thought “why not move in together?” Now, I would like to say that was our high point, but we soon realized that we were way in over our heads. The bills were crazy big, the utilities were a challenge to pay and just getting frozen dinners was steadily chipping away at our savings.

I tried to get better jobs and soon I felt like there was little to no hope. I was not trained to do anything, never went to college and God knows the second I turned eighteen and got a hold of my money I blew it within the first year. So I wasn’t able to find the light at the end of the tunnel… until I met a woman in the boy’s restroom who told me how to use my talents to bring happiness to others and earn good money at the same time.

First I discovered the secret hidden in our favorite bar’s restrooms – there was a hole in the wall where guys put their dicks in and whispered to the girls hidden on the other side what they expected. It wasn’t the kind of job I would like to put into my CV, but the money was okay and it gave me a chance to get a lot of experience – experience I would need in my next position.

When I met Barbara she gave me an offer: she had a lot of customers willing to pay for sex with a young and open-minded girl like me. So I started to fuck them. How was it? In most cases, it was great – the guys were handsome and polite, and the money was very good. There were just some times, when their dick was too big or the guy had had a couple of drinks, when it got dirty… but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t able to handle.

After I got enough experience and bought some really sexy clothes I was able to get the most prestigious customers in town – it was like a dream come true for me.

Is the cop dirty enough?
Be a good girl and use your charm and
nimble tongue to make him fall in love.

How will you handle blackmail?
Maybe pay the money, report it to the authorities or solve it with a gun in your hand?

My knight in shining armor?
Get closer to Yuri and find out if he is really able to keep his virginity until his wedding day.

Best friends, really?
Show yourself that you got rules and try to keep yourself from fucking Karen’s handsome fiancée.

Are you naughty and like to watch?
Will you give Kyle and Denise some privacy or do you want to see him cumming on her face?

Do you love anal penetration?
Prove it and let Barbara, your boss, shove a huge, black strap-on inside your tiny ass.

Can you spread your legs wide?
Get ready for the good doctor’s examination and let him put his fingers inside your pussy.

Start earning money with your ass here: Call girl Denise –

102 thoughts on “Denise is ready!”

  1. I really hope you all like this one! I worked effortlessly to bring you one of my favorite stories that I ever written. To let you all know how much I loved it, I did something that I wouldn’t normally do in a game and that is add more content to the narrative than required. Meaning, if Denise does a certain action in the game, it will reflect how she and the other characters around her act. For Example:


    If Denise becomes a call girl and tells Karen about it, the dialogue will change when they talk to one another. The same if Karen becomes a call girl herself as well. Plus many MANY other things that I will not disclose now but will at a later date. So enjoy and please let me know what you think and if you all would like to see more of Denise and her friends!


    1. Yes, I would like to see more of Denise and her friends. In two days of playing I have all but one animation, all achievements, and all but two endings, 3 and 6. This is one of your better games.

      1. @max

        Karen will become a callgirl and have her own adventures without Denise. There is a scene when she will come home at night, filled with cum from a client. I believe it triggers around 23:00 or so (don’t quote me on it, I’m not 100% sure). Let me know if this helps.

  2. Game is amazing- only thing that interrupted me was an “out of memory” error, and I can’t reopen the game or anything- it loads about 3/4 of the way through the progress bar and then freezes

    1. You can hit the refresh button then load the game and be at the start of the same day. I’ve gotten 4 endings and had 5 memory errors during that time. Also if you notice question marks appearing instead of backgrounds just sit there a minute doing nothing and it’ll help.

  3. Between the out of memory errors and screens with a big red question mark, I’m finding this game unplayable.
    Is there something I need to do to correct this?

    1. That’s very weird – I’ve been playing it right now on several different PC’s and nothing wrong happens with the game. Could you please use our contact form and:

      a) specify your system spec, for instance CPU, RAM and operating system version
      b) verify if our other UNITY based games are working fine (PLEDGE, LIVING WITH A NYMPHO)

      That would help us find a solution for this case a lot.
      Contact form is located here:


  4. Absolutely fantastic game. The script, art and story is very well written. The characters memorable and got enough in-depth insight, so develop a personality.
    Loved the biker scene, it is so well and thrilling written. It shows exactly how dangerous and bizarr this kind of profession brings along.

    Question: do you have to get different endings, so it count as „game finished“? Asking for a 2nd, 3rd playthrough with the in-game cheats

  5. Slight spoiler alert ahead….

    I have all of the achievements except “I got the money.” I’ve tried many options including bribing at the first option, the second option, calling Barbara help, not calling Barbara for help, etc. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any subtle hints? Thanks in advance

  6. Hello LoP Community!

    I’m happy to see everyone is enjoying “Call Girl Denise” and all it’s wonders! There is one thing missing though; a full game review. Now before everyone goes all crazy and starts typing out stuff of what they liked and didn’t like, I think we should make it fair to everyone on who should be the FIRST to write the review.

    But how to decide such an honor? I propose this; to the first player who fully completes the game, they will be allowed to write “The First Official Game Review for Call Girl Denise”. This is what you must have in order for you to write the review:

    -Must find all 30 Gallery animations
    -Unlock all 20 in-game achievements
    -Discover at least 4 LoP Universe Easter Eggs I hid in the game
    -Discover all 9 game endings

    It’s that simple. To the victor goes the spoils! So hit those replay buttons and start strategizing everyone and let’s see who the lucky one is!


  7. Sorry if I have missed something obvious, but is there a screen somewhere that shows which endings I have acheived? I have at least five endings, because I can use all of the cheats, but I think I may have one or more beyond that.

      1. I didn’t start playing this game until after you put the endings gallery in. It was great of you to respond that way. I can’t imagine the game without both galleries, and I love the cheats earned by getting new endings. I have only a couple of minor critiques of this game but by and large it’s very well executed. It’s as good as if not better than Living with a Nympho which I also love and would also love to see more content added. I would like to see a way for Denise to end up with Barbara. While exploring the possible endings before I got all 9 I got a 700+ with Barbara and 300+ with Karen in hopes she would end up with her, but that isn’t an option at present. Hey if you do add more content maybe you could have Jacob of Jacob’s Rebound and Barbara’s old client make an appearance. That might be fun. I think I have the fourth Easter egg because that bar looks very familiar but I can’t yet place what game in which I saw it.

  8. Ok, I’m enjoying the storyline of the game and its amazing graphics, but not the game itself.

    I’m finding it very hard with so many status. Despite the stamina, now we have health and hygiene. Stamina and health also play a role in some scenes. By the way, there are some scenes that are very difficult. If I pick only one wrong choice, it means that I’m not able to progress it further.

    I didn’t find a way to increase the ass stats outside of working as a whore. Increasing 1 point at a time is too slow. I don’t remember Jordan or Tori 500 being this hard.

    The only thing that I have to complain about the story itself is the fact that Karen cheating on her fiancé isn’t explored on her sex scenes. Cheating is a fetish and it could’ve been better explored. Despite that, I only have complains about the gameplay.

    I have reached only two endings so far and each of them took me around 2 hours to get. I don’t have the “stamina” to play it again in the near future.

  9. Just miss one ending. What I got are: kicking out and continue being call girl; Denise and Karen continue being call girls; Frank’s harem; Frank’s lover; help Kyle to convince Karen to quit; live with Yuri( low relationships ); live with Yuri( high relationships ); live with Karen in countryside.

    Anyone knows which one Im missing? Thanks.

      1. Refuse Frank 3 times in the bar. A few days after that Karen will talk what Frank did. At day 19 afternoon, in the apartment, Kyle will talk to you that Karen was arrested. Choose to go to police station and agaree. FYI, this will lead end of the game, and there will be different dialogue between Karen and Kyle depending on whether Karen is call girl or not.

        1. Thanks a lot! For the last ending did you tried not to pay the share of the rent?
          By the way I didn’t find just one gallery it’s in fourth column from the right third line from the top any idea please?

          1. If Im correct, it’s about Denise gives Frank a blowjob. raise lips stat and when you meet Frank 3rd time in the bar, give him blowjob, I think you will find it.

          2. Thanks but I already have this animation
            in the gallery it is just above the motor scene and under the test of Karen with Barbara

          3. I dont really remember the time, but it’s when you play your pussy in the shower, you get caught by Karen.

  10. I think this might be my new favourite game of yours. The writing is really, really good. Denise is a great character. Beautiful, nuanced and interesting. I love her relationship with Karen.

    The sex scenes are great and I love that the choices really fit with the characters.

    I couldn’t be happier with it. Really great job guys.

      1. First of all. Thank you for the amazing games. Lots of scene and sexy moments. I have yet to uncover some scenes but I gotta ask. Is there any sex between Denise and Kyle apart from that bed scene? I thought it was one of the hottest teases in the game.

  11. I’ve only had time to get 3 endings so far, but wanted to congratulate the team on a job well done. Visuals are great, gameplay is reasonably challenging, storylines excellent. Denise is in the best tradition of your bad girls!

  12. Got all achevements, endings and animations. Just found one easter egg that the place where Denise and Karen go on a trip is in Eleanor.

    I was attracted by visuals at first, it gave me a good first impression. After I played lots of time. I gotta say, it’s a good game. Great visuals, well written story, and easy gameplay. It’s pity that there are not many sexual scenes for main characters in other places, no random sexual scenes, and no Kyle and Denise sex scenes. But still it’s one of my favorite Lop game. I do hope there will be like expantion or sequel in the future, however, since stoper is doing his own game, I think it’s imposible. But never say never, who knows.

  13. Playing the game is great!

    I do have 3 issues:

    1. The load times, both initially and between scenes, are wildly excessive. I want you to find a proper answer to this and to fix it: it wrecks the flow and eroticism of the game.

    2. The underlying coding is screwed up, somewhere. After a random period of time, the game fails with Out Of Memory Errors.

    3. The underlying coding also throws up random Exception Handling Errors.

    Both (2) and (3) exacerbate issue (1). I want to be able to download the game, ONCE, and to play it reliably.

  14. @LOP_Daman – Hi, I really appreciate that u listen & interact ur fans also try ur best to fulfil their demands , that’s really awesome. In same hope I m urging u to pls pay heed if u can create something like “Eleanor featuring in Kamasutra”

    1. I’m missing Endings 3 and 6.

      Ending 9 seems to need only a high Karen score (where Karen doesn’t join you in the call girl business).

      Ending 8 needs a high Frank score. He gives you the option of leaving the city with him.

      I’m baffled as to what 3 or 6 might be. Has anyone tried going to the Doctor a lot?

      1. I haven’t tried that yet, but I too am missing those two ending so far. I think that one is likely tied to ending up with Barbara. I may be wrong because I had a game with over 500 points with Barbara and she didn’t end up with her, but I also never let Karen get in the Call Girl business either.

    2. @samsunggg I still don’t have 3 or 6 so please tell me about 3. Ending 8 she ends up with the cop, Frank, so focus on her relationship with him. Ending 9 if I recall I focused on Barbara with a score of over 500 and over 200 with Karen, but never gave Karen a chance to become a call girl. It’s not a fun ending, but you can say you’ve achieved it.

      1. For ending 3 you need to reject Frank everytime in the club,he will then arrest Karen after some time,when he does accept his proposal and I think it will trigger that ending. It worked for me that way.
        Also looking for ending 6,missing only that.

  15. What an other incredible game !! Thank you to the team for this great graphic work, history, game play.
    I can already imagine what Eleanor could be 3.
    The textures of the bodies and the proportion are perfect.
    I love this little icy side of the skin. I admire the quality of your work (especially graphic) but do not forget those who manage the back office.
    In short, another masterpiece in the collection.
    Good luck to all for the next games.

  16. Enjoying the game so far and have managed 3 endings. I am wondering how you get the achievement with Karen in the gym? She pops up once seemingly randomly and all she does is work out with denise.

  17. When I first tried this game I guess I wasn’t in the mood or something because I couldn’t get anywhere and I thought it was stupid. The last couple of days I have really gotten into it. I have played it enough to get the first 4 cheats. I could have had a fifth ending, but I elected to turn down Frank’s offer to move away with him. It’s a good game with a lot of options and good graphics. I will have to try the Frank ending. I am sure there is an ending based on her not becoming a call girl and one based on her not allowing her friend to join her as one. I will shoot for the good girl version next and the Frank ending after that. Good job guys or gals or guys and gals for all I know.

  18. I now have all the endings and all the achievements, so why am I still missing the second animation from the top on the far right column? Any clues from anyone on that one?

  19. Hey Community,

    Glad to see you all are enjoying Denise. As promised, I will disclose a few more secrets about the game that no one found yet.

    If you talk to Karen, Denise’s roommate, they will have a nice little banter about life, work and even sex. But if you tell her that you work as an escort (lying about being a call girl) you will get different conversations with her. Also, if you tell her you work as a call girl, again it will change. Also also, if she becomes a call girl herself and works with Denise, you guessed it, the dialogue will change again! The same with other characters as well, so explore some dialogue within the game and you’ll be surprised with what secrets I scattered within this world!

    Also, it seems some people notice that some of the locations are in other games. But there are so many more easter eggs to dicover and I’m not planning on updating the Wikia page just yet until some players discover them!

    Finally, it seems some players have yet to perfect the game and get the right to write “The First Official Game Review for Call Girl Denise”. So far what they need to do is:

    -Find all 30 Gallery animations
    -Unlock all 20 in-game achievements
    -Discover at least 4 LoP Universe Easter Eggs I hid in the game
    -Discover all 9 game endings

    So to the ones who say they are one image away or one endings away, keep it up! I believe in you!

    Take care everyone and happy gaming!


  20. I now have all endings, all achievements and all animations, but to be completely honest I haven’t even begun to look for the “Easter eggs”. I don’t know whether I even will try for that.

  21. I have played enough to get 5 endings and am wondering if a few scenes exist- is there a threesome with the boyfriend? Is there sex with the bar tender? And are there any scenes with the madam and anyone else besides denise?

  22. Couple of final thoughts.
    I loved the game,it definitely matched my expectations and in my opinion it is one of your best developed games in general. It was nice throwback to Jordan and Tori but also proper successor to them,story is very well written and characters are memorable and nicely developed,props to Daman there,best bit of his work so far in my opinon.
    Stats are not problematic and they are balanced nicely,it was not difficult to raise them for me,found it much easier than Pledge for example.
    Visually it is bit different style than other games but looks absolutely amazing,Stoper did great job,Denise looks amazing and it’s one of hottest LOP girls. Great work from Szuga too.
    Even though the game feels properly completed I think there is possibility for more events,mainly with Kyle and VIP jobs with Karen.
    I think i don’t have any real remarks here.

    @Daman,you mentioned lots of easter eggs in this game but I’m pretty sure I missed them all…apart from couple locations and yellow dress that kinda resembles to Jordan’s,I think I didn’t noticed the rest… I did however catched conversation between Denise and Karen when reading book together,don’t know was it intentional or not but “it’s all about build up in todays novels” made me laugh.
    You also mentioned extra narrative and i liked that,it’s good to see dialogues change and reflect the choices you make in the game. I think you should keep on doing that in future games.

    Thanks for your work on this one guys,it surely is enjoyable game. Hope to see more of Denise in the future.

  23. So far I am one Easter egg short of the 4, but I am still not actively looking for them the three I found relate to Living with a Nympho, City of Love, and Jacob’s Rebound. I just played a game through concentrating on money rather than relationships and ended up with $44, 911 and 5014 popularity. I also have all endings, animations, and achievements. If I find another Easter egg I’ll let you know. I do have one small detail I dislike, Denise’s hairstyle. I think she would look better with a short cut maybe similar to Melissa of Living with Serena. With her present hairstyle both Karen and Barbara are hotter than she is.

  24. @Daman I have all endings, achievements, and animations. If these Easter eggs are correct I have them too.
    1.) The bedroom where Denise does her first regular customer for Barbara is the same as Stella’s bedroom in Living with a Nymph.
    2.) The jungle trip puts them in the same setting as Rick takes Taylor in City of Love.
    3.) Barbara’s old favorite client must have been Jacob of Jacob’s Rebound.
    4.) The Clothing Store in this game resembles the one that Sven builds for Eleanor in the first Eleanor Game

    1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      Very good, but so far you have just one, well one in a half. Number three is correct, Jacob from “Jacob’s Rebound” was one of Barbara’s customers before he sobered up. As for Sven from “Eleanor” the store is similar, but it’s not the same one. However, Denise does mention him by name in one of the scenes (hence for the half point for finding it). I suggest not just looking for the images and backgrounds but the dialogue when players talk is where most of my easter eggs are hidden. But good job so far!

      1. @Daman Okay, but my item 2.) is an identical scene to City of Love, but you are saying it doesn’t count as an Easter Egg by your definition, correct?

        1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

          No so much, plus they were not the ones I picked so I can’t say they are “mine” by definition. My contribution is story based elements. But I will say this; there is ONE location in the VIP customers section that does have one easter egg attached to it. I will say no more! 🙂

    1. Looks like those are scenes with Frank, if I am reading it right.

      Anyone help with lick customer’s sperm from Karen? I can’t get that one, is it in the scene with the biker, because I feel like I’ve tried everything? thank you, max

  25. really good game but ,is there any chance, to get barbara and her bodyguard join denise in a threesome ????when denise seduce barabara at here place if not,why that something i wanna see in the future ,for the rest i liked this game a lot its great

  26. Good game. Good story line. Good graphics. But the images, like many recent games leave a lot to be desired. You have the guys’ junk on full display in all its glory for the world to see. But as soon as it comes time to show some ass or tang on a girl, you take these rated r side shots and coy cover ups. Sorry, but not what I want to see in these games. There’s a reason LWT is one of your best ever. Keep doing what you are doing with storylines and character development, but quit being so coy with the artwork.

  27. Can anyone please help me please with the achievement of Lick Customer’s Sperm from Karen? I thought I had achieved it, but it did not register, so am I doing something wrong? Thank you!

    1. @rand181

      It’s on my long list of games to make walkthroughs for, but because the site is new (*whispers under his breath* and we are not finished telling her story yet) it may be a while before an official one is made.

  28. Ok, I’m back at this game and I’m still missing endings 2, 4, 7 and 8. I already know the latter is related to Frank, but I don’t care about him so I’ll skip it. But what about endings 2, 4 and 7? Can anyone help me with them?

    I thought one of them was related to getting Karen into the call girl business without letting Kyle finding out about it. So when I got her on the business, I just skipped the days until the last day but still got ending 9.

    1. Spoiler Alert!
      Ending 2: You get Karen in the call girl business with you. You refuse to pay Kyle when he tries to blackmail you. He exposes you both to friends and family and run away together living in lesbian bliss.
      Ending 4: You get Karen in the call girl business with you. You get the gun from Barbara. You draw the gun on Kyle and force him out of town. You end up call girls/ security guards for the other girls.
      Ending 7: You end up with Yuri. There are a few ways. The easiest is to pay Kyle when he blackmails you and Karen. She ends up with Kyle and you end up with Yuri.

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