Serbian Casino coming next

Our next LOPGOLD.COM is called Serbian Casino. All visuals are ready (except endings which should be rendered next week), Daman is already finishing writing all texts and the development should start next week.

To remind you the game idea – you’ve been held hostage in a Serbian mobster villa until your husband pay the debt he took in a casino. It’s up to you if you gonna co-operate with the villan and do nasty things to please him or stay faithful for your husband and be a good girl.

13 thoughts on “Serbian Casino coming next”

  1. Hi LoP,

    Great intro, looking forward to it. Hope it will be as good as CgD, as for better I don’t even dare to ask.

    I did kinda hope Much Ado would have been next though, since you have been working on it for very long now 🙂

    Keep up the great work! And Daman, CgD… Just… WOW!

  2. Looks really good can’t wait to play. So is it going to be in this order.

    Serbian Casino
    Much Ado
    When will you guys start weekly updates. CGD seems to be fit for more adventures.

    1. @erragon

      Well, it is a bit more fun that way. I know some players prefer the whole “male conqueror” like Justin from “Living with Temptation”, Mike from “College Romance” or even Rick from “City of Love”. But it’s also fun to play it from the woman’s point of view, like Jordan from “Jordan 500”, Eleanor from “Eleanor 1 & 2” and Lina form “Roommates”. This doesn’t mean we are moving away from male leads, but in a world where there are plenty of male leads in video games, we like to give our girls their fair share of being the stars and not just staring opposite (or sometimes underneath) their male counterparts. 😉

  3. Yeah I think that’s what made LWT so good is it was a male after playing with a great female protagonist in Eleanor. I think both these franchises go hand and hand and in my opinion, they are still the best two. Though I am enjoying Call Girl Denise. @Leo when will you guys start weekly/monthly add on to games. Are you waiting for the release of Eleanor and LWT to start this.

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