Night with Veronica is getting closer

Real Love 3d team is working really hard to deliver our second 3d game called Night with Veronica as soon as possible.

It will be a short project during which you’ll get exclusive access to special evening during which Veronica told James about a place called CLUB VELVET ROSE and tried to convince him to visit club together in order to have sex with other partners.

And she was very convincing – sexy outfit, flirting, striptease and then amazing sex. Everything to make James say yes.

We plan to release BASIC version of the game for FREE and then PREMIUM version with some extras.

Meanwhile I want to remind you about our first 3d project, recently upgarded with new visuals: BLIND DATE 3D BIG BANG –

9 thoughts on “Night with Veronica is getting closer”

  1. Looks great and it will be amazing to play a game with Veronica again. I’d love to play more games like Club Velvet Rose it really was one of the best games I’ve played 🙂

  2. MAY 17, 2017
    Cause we aren’t able to work with Kelly character any more (strong technical reasons) we’ve decided to introduce her friend – Aurora, who will become new avatar. You can expect to meet her later this year.

    Guys, it’s November 2018 already and we dont see anything

    AUGUST 16, 2018
    To be honest, we haven’t been releasing free games to often recently:
    February 5, 2018 – Night with Angelica
    December 22, 2017 – Weekend with Bradleys
    April 12, 2017 – Kim the cheating wife
    November 2, 2016 – Living with Lana

    Yeah, thats right
    I don’t mean to be rude, but you guys have really given up developing free games, and only for years render various additions to LWT and Eleanor. Apparently the creation of protections for unity games takes too much of your time

    1. Yes, that’s right that we didn’t introduce Aurora this year – we decided that developing PREMIUM games for our paying customers got bigger priority.

      We plan to introduce Aurora together with a new design and site engine but unfortunately this year was to busy for doing that (it’s rather complex and time consuming effort).

      Even right now I’m pushing my copywriters to finally complete texts for our free games – BENEATH A STEEL CLOUDS and WILD WET WEST (just received info it’s done). Right now we’re busy with SERBIAN CASINO development so I won’t expect them to be completed this year but it’s high on my priority list (maybe today I’ll prepare dedicated post about our free games).

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