Eleanor 3 and LWT2 EXP

Serbian Casino: work in progress – soon I’ll start betatesting. It’s hard to say if I’ll be able to release it this year cause it’s still a lot of work and I don’t want to release not fully tested game as an XMAS present.

So, ELEANOR 3 BASE VERSION renders are already complete and we’re just overwhelmed by the numbers – 687 static images and 62 30 frames animations. So in total around 2547 images. The game with the most number of images we’ve done so far.

But that’s not over yet. While Daman works with texts, Chestnut continues rendering the game – we’ve got already a lot of new scenes prepared for expansion and more are coming – just take a look.

So be advised – ELE3 gonna rock 2019 !

But hey! Let’s not forget about LWT2 EXP which YamYoda is consequently rendering. We got more and more image and animations.

Our ambitious plan is to release LWT2EXP just after ELE3.

BTW – our girls are preparing something extra for XMAS – come back next week.

33 thoughts on “Eleanor 3 and LWT2 EXP”

      1. Awesome.Will there be repeating scenes?
        I presume which existing scenes will be expanded but I wish some “finished” scenes could be expanded too with more options or extra renders like hiking with Lisa,end threesome,sauna with Antoinette,bath with Tracy and so on.

  1. Thank you for constantly updating us on the progress of the games Leo. Amazing work as always, I can’t wait for 2019 to roll by.

    The LWT2 render of Richard touching Lisa is hot! My only Christmas request is that perhaps in the next blog update we get a render of Richard & Tracy alone?

  2. LWT2 has been #1 on my wishlist for a while and this update is keeping my excitement level high!

    Also looking forward to Serbian Casino

    …And Eleanor

    All 3 games in this update are worth waiting for I think!

  3. Looks awesome guys,can’t decide which game looks better!2019 is going to be fantastic.
    I like the news about Eleanor,game it’s huge!I hope that with extra content already prepared we won’t have to wait too long to see it out and that there is space for updating the game more often this way.

  4. It’s looking as good always. But I’d like the count of the pictures to be switched.

    1860 static images and 23 animations.

    Sure, you can’t make every picture of an animation into a normal static image but maybe think of it as a focus in rendering. Static images provide so much more to the game than animations.

  5. I go back and play lwt2 just for the gangbang in the barn one of the hottest scenes of all time with i think. Though bathroom scene in Club velvet is hot. New year cant come quick enough. Can’t wait for all these games. Eleanor still does it for me. She is perfection can’t wait for story line and updates.

    1. Agreed, the barn gangbang scene was indeed the best part of lwt2 for which the game can be played again and again. I think it was equally as good as Eleanor 2 bikini conspiracy and, Club Velvet Rose’s blackmail by Che Veronica’s dp by Che and Felix in Red Room

  6. hmm i will wait for elenor so good luck and i will not pay anymore
    see you again whem it,s ready i think it wil in end of the year because there are about two games a year for example pledge and denise ,pff and thats for 120 euro,s a year no i pass,good luck with your site and story,s

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