Serbian Casino – final stage of development

Right now we’re during testing phase – that means that all scripts are actually implemented into the game and we’re balancing the stats and making the gameplay as enjoyable as possible.

Please take a look at the early version of the game interface.

We plan to launch this game soon – we’re still waiting for verfiied texts and a lot of testing and balancing is still required.

In terms of ELE3 – Daman did around 75% of texts so far so just after releasing Serbian Casino we’re ready to start ELE3 development.

UPDATE 2019.01.12
If we receive verified texts on time we’ll release the game next week. Everything is working fine, just minor tweaking is required. Still we need to change texts, add SEX SCENES and ENDINGS gallery, SOUNDS and MUSIC plus some other smaller tasks.

UPDATE 2019.01.18
Planned release date is 22th January 2019 – we still don’t have all verified texts and this prevents us from launching game this week. We should receive all fixes just after the weekend so we will deliver game this Tuesday.

33 thoughts on “Serbian Casino – final stage of development”

    1. @Phlebas

      I take full responsibility for the writing errors! I work fast so I have little to no time to double check and sometimes triple check my grammar and spelling. Thank god for text verification from the team!

      Working hard on Eleanor 3 and hope to complete it to delever it all to you!


      PS I purposely spelled deliver wrong in the last sentence for you. Hope you got a raging hard-on from it!

    1. There isn’t specific release date to avoid potential pushbacks,from what Leo said Casino will come first,then Eleanor3 and then LWT expansion. In my guess it will be 1-2 months between releases

  1. Looks awesome! I was reading through trying to find release date too. Based off the frequency of updates to the blog, hopefully we’ll find out in the next few days. The posts come out about every week.

    1. That would make the most sense. I haven’t subscribed to them since CGD came out. There’s no point in subscribing the past two months if theres not a new full game. Shame because I still think LOP makes the best content. And I’d be willing to pay a higher monthly fee if there was more content released each month.

    1. We’re doing everything to make it happen as soon as possible. Right now we’re facing some not expected issues with WEB GL build and still waiting for verified texts… but we’re almost there.

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