Eleanor 3 – work in progress

I’m making significant progress with ELE3 development. So far everything goes very smooth and all texts (both for daily actions, actions with characters and all event + endings) are already put into a game. What’s more, we got created all connections between scenes so we’re just ahead of beta testing. Right now I’m starting to finalize the game interface and next week beginning mundane betatesting process.

Still to do:

– complete game interface
– verify all texts (around 15% done so far)
– betatest and balance everything
– add sounds and music
– add animations and endings gallery

So far the game looks amazing – interesting story, well written scripts and one of the best visuals we’ve ever had in our games.

What’s more, today we’ve just released BENEATH STEEL CLOUDS on playforceone.com.

Ohh, and we’ve just started to update our INSTAGRAM account again so it might be worth to take a look: LOP – Instagram

16 thoughts on “Eleanor 3 – work in progress”

  1. quick question leonizer will there be another game with lily ? The game called Lily in Hawaii if i remember right. besides Eleanor she is my absolute favourite in your games. Keep up the good work. Cheers! 😉

  2. Holy fist!

    Funny story. Speaking of music in your games. I heard a commercial earlier this year for a fur coat store that had the lewd scene music from LWT1. I gotta say, the visuals for that game were way better than the commercial 🙂

  3. These look amazing! Looks like Eleanor will be getting a lot of BBC, which is great! Hope we have multiple daily actions with guys other than Drake, that was a great addition in ELe2.

  4. Will we be seeing more of Kevin? I love Ele but I also love Kevin and all his sleeze ball antics. Perfect baddie in the series. Maybe special customer at the strip club with adverse consequences of refusal? Or recovered businessman looking to exert his power to bring Ele to heel once more? Whatever happens, Ele will come through it 😀

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