Something different

This week we would like to ask you a question:
Do you want to see more “exotic” body shapes and themes in our games?

Usually (with small exceptions) with our games we try to re-create reality – both in terms of female character models, her personality and the game plot. Action is placed in present times and all characters are like regular people with their ordinary problems. Type of persons you can meet next door (of course if you’re living in a neighborhood where every girl looks like model and always got huge desire for being fucked).

I’m huge scifi and fantasy fan and  I would like to try something different – not copy the reality but create a small chunk of it on our own terms.

– develop characters with more fantasy based body shapes (like on the example images) – still human but as typical LOP bodies as before

experiment with different themes: post apocalypse,  Greek myths, dystopian future

try some new game mechanics, focus more on a story and choices rather on stat building

First we would like to test those elements in our shorter games and we get your acceptation we want to try it with bigger projects.

Please let us know in the comments what do you think about that.

52 thoughts on “Something different”

  1. Hello everyone, to me I prefer the kind of body you usually draw. I don’t mind having a game which take place in different time or galaxy as long as there will be game that belong to our present. The focus on story instead of stats grinding us a good thing I really like CVR and LWT2. Thanks for your work and excuse me for my poor english

  2. Hi, yes we would like to see more and as fan of LOP, we expect more. One view not suggestion, that any game on LOP must be more story driven, something fill with thrill, suspense & puzzle. So that a player must not think its a adult game he should get involved into game plot. Further LOP should try some Aisan stuff, a story of Kamasutra and its positions, women in Indian attire. It will add more spice.

  3. No thanks, I prefer the body types of your usual models. Those presented above are not appealing at all. Fit and believable bodies instead of unrealistically large tits and asses (Eleanor is really pushing the boundaries in the boobs-department… and in my book that’s not a good thing). Also, I am not into chubby and overweight characters…

    As for sci-fi and fantasy: I am a huge fan of both genres… but for erotic games I will always prefer a contemporary setting and any game that strays from that is already, right from the beginning, knocked down a couple of steps on my ladder of interest.

    As for gameplay… I don’t really care much. Story and characters are far more important than gameplay. I would like to keep a minimum of gameplay-interactivity though, so the game doesn’t turn into a visual novel… VN’s are usually boring, unless the writing is extraordinarily strong. The reason for this is that in a VN I usually don’t feel like I am “in” the story… It’s far too passive for me.

    As long as the gameplay doesn’t take center stage, but rather serves the story. Fx, a stat-builder was perfect for LWT1, while CVR was served much better with gameplay that didn’t have stats and instead focused on branching paths…

    1. +1

      Exactly nemo’s answer but I like a mix of gameplay and story. In addition, I am a huge fan of different ways/endings – so story alternatives is what I would like you to focus on. I think that is what makes the Eleanor games so great – you can develop the character in different ways (slut, loving wife) and this comes with new characters, possibilities and endings.

      I always skip Fantasy/SciFi erotic games.

  4. I think its a really great idea. Tbh most of the bodies you guys have i your games are pretty unrealistic (not every girl ever is a model who benches 5 times a day), so I dont mind more bust if it doesn’t stray too far away from realism

  5. I prefer the more realistic, but still idealized models you all use. But the fantastical body shapes would be fine in the occasional game that has the right theme for it.

    I also prefer the more modern day settings in your games.

    I’m all for you trying new game mechanics! Stat building is fine but I like and prefer the more story driven mechanics. Like in LWT2.

  6. “– try some new game mechanics, focus more on a story and choices rather on stat building” – you know I’m all for this.

    I’m not a fan of any the girls you shared. I prefer the current models.

    As for the theme, I don’t really have a problem with any kind of setting, as long as the story and the writing is good, the characters are interesting and the scenes are hot (which I think current games have been failing at this, specially the latter part).

  7. Hi,

    For as far as story, I don’t mind the occasional changes, but for example the Shakespeare one, I was very disappointed, it just couldn’t catch me at all.

    There again, LWN, SC and CGD and even the latest sci fi game did really catch my attention and joy. And of course the biggest hits you guys (and girls) had with LWT/Ele. Also

    I do prefer the models you generally use. They catch the attention, look better than just about all the crappy ones on Patr3on (sorry for mentioning). Also most of the genres, though a bit of NTR, corruption and cuck-ing would be fun (yah, I know the response to that lol).

  8. It seems that the general consensus is the current scheme of drawing is the dominant one and I have to agree on that. However, occasionally mixing different body types and attaching that to the story would be very interesting thought. It could mean that particular character would be mentioned because of her “big booty”. Hopefully you get what I mean.

    In regards for sci-fi or fantasy, I am not interested one bit, and whenever that is going to come up I will skip that thing straight away. Therefore, preferably realistic scenes.

    Also, any roadmap for upcoming ELE3 update?

  9. Hey everyone,
    nice that you ask the People about their opinion.
    Count me in on different themes, deffinetly like that. Greek myth or even myth in general, possibly a naughty version of a fairytale? Sounds like fun.

    Different body shapes? Not for me if they look like the examples. I’m not a fan of big asses or even the big boobs in your games. I would love to see some more normal or small boobs, redheads, taller and smaller girls an women. I think there is still room you could develope, before going to extrems.
    Perhaps include a Option to switch between normal and extreme body shapes? Don’t know how much work this would be.

    Different game mechanis, perhaps a could idea, perhaps a bad one. Snake valley – in my opinion – was not a good one. What i do like, is the system with rewards for doing the same task over and over again. Things like in Pledge – when you get different scenes when you do the workout three times with James or Aisha.
    The thing with LwT 2 for me is, it is kinda short. You don’t have time to explore and find new and different things, events or people. In LwT 2 when you choose a “wrong” place, it’s a wasted oppertunity for the woman you’re looking for. This system doesn’t reward exploring in one playthrough.

    Just my thoughts so far.

  10. I wouldn’t mind more curvier models in future games at all,just as long they are not chubby or straight out fat. Models you presented here look good to me. I still prefer current type of models though.

  11. I would love to see more games that include different body types. I think having girls with both bigger and smaller tits and asses adds a little bit to the games as it seem entirely different. When I play LOP games, there are common trends I see with similar style characters that make the game more like a chore until you get to the later stages of the game where sex scenes come into play. I think having more “exotic” body types would be something that adds to the experience.

  12. As for the different bodies I’m not a fan. The advantage that LOP has had over other games is that most of the bodies you guys use are realistic. I wouldn’t like unrealistic bodies like the ones presented here.

    As for the different themes that could be very interesting.

  13. Yes!

    I’ve mentioned before I think the bodies have gotten somewhat stale and repetitive. While the specifics shown above aren’t necessarily what I’d ask for any “mixing it up” is a good idea.

    Personally I think a good mix of more ethnicities and girls with less pronounced breasts/butts would be ideal, so I say go crazy and get some more variety in there!

  14. I’m not a fan of exaggerated boobs and butts. Curves, yes, but not so much as to be unbelievable. For what it’s worth I also find bodies that seem to have spent too much time at the gym aren’t really very sexy.

    Different themes I’m all for, so long as it makes for an interesting story and we don’t end up having sex with aliens and tentacle beasts! Like with the bodies, let’s keep it reasonably realistic.

    The question of story driven vs stats driven is an interesting one. I think Nemo is right that most visual novels are actually not all that interesting . They leave me feeling like a spectator, not a participant, and that’s not what I’m here for. Stats driven games can become repetitive, but I think that is preferable to a “game” that isn’t really a game at all.

  15. Like most people absolutely no fan of the body shapes in the pictures. Spice it up, sure, but not like that, that is just disproportionate.

    Different scenarios, yes please. STT is amazing. And even the weirder stuff like the game with Tarzan was alright, or the crazy game with magic and portals was also fine. Fantasy has so many options, I wouldn’t mind a monster here or there. But don’t make the human females shaped like monsters please

  16. well i like the mature moms ,with a naughty mind like tracy or kim or eleanor,with some younger guys,thats what i like to see kim is my favorite make a short game with here thats all for me keep up the good work

  17. I would love to see curvy woman as opposed to the typical model’s shown in the past games, even though i still like all of the girls. I would prefer a more realistic body type over the example’s. Big butt’s need big thigh’s and a curvy waist otherwise it look’s fake.

    As for the theme , yes simply because it add’s variety and most of the game’s you guy’s have done with different theme’s have been solid and i like to see something other than the same relationship saving/ruining theme.

    And the stat building definitely make’s you feel more into the game, especially if it’s a longer game with 40 / unlimited day’s. The novel’s are great ,but short lived. A game like Lily in Hawaii was pretty much a morning, afternoon, and a night….shit the ending’s even talked about staying in Hawaii for a whole week, but you only played a day. So i would definitely love to see some good ol stat building, especially with the new cheat/save system you guy’s are adding to the newer game’s.

  18. Like new bodies but I would also like u adding a bbw
    Example “ashley Graham” in one of the games. I enjoy the stat building when it’s part of the sexual experience. Like Eleanor, Lwt and even Didi. Keep the good games coming but don’t forget about old ones comong back and adding. Story lines I think for Eleanor, Lwt LWN, CVR, LWS, and even seducing throne can go on and on and on.

  19. tl;dr= no to big ass models, yes to big breast models, yes to stat builder, mixed feelings about sifi, fantasy

    Thanks for asking your fans. I´m not a fan of big ass like on the pictures. But I would love if you build in 1 or 2 women with big breasts like Elenore or Kionavaar in every new game.

    I don´t know where is the fun of playing erotic games if they all have small breasts like in “Pledge”. This feels like wasting my money with new sub.

    Also I would love if you add an option in every game to turn off tattoos!

    I´m a huge fan of sifi and fantasy but there is a lot of games you made which I don´t like (Snake Valley, Diginty One, Much Ado). The best games are “Medusas Curse” and “Seducing the Trone” what you made so far. In my oppionion you drive safer by staying in real life scenarious. Instead of failing with boring cowboy or ugly hair styled sifi settings.

    I do prefer stat building games, best example is LWT1. You guys got a huge shitstorm with the the change with LWT2. The problem with story driven games is that you went through way too fast, worst example is “Lily in Hawai”. Even with reading all text I finished the whole game with all endings in 3-4 hours. (You don´t read the same text twice). This feels like a punch in the face by paying for one month and just play 3 hours. LWT2 was hard to program because of many options and ways it can be played. But it feels very unsatisfying because you can rush through the 6 days in 5 minutes.

    A better way was “Club Velvet Rose”. There is a small stat builder with your favour points and there are much more ways to fail. It´s not possible to reach a perfect ending in first try so you are forced to play it multiple times. I like to have work like building stats or playing games like in Camgirl.
    I´m sorry for poor grammar.

  20. I love your current art style, and prefer it for main characters

    Having more variety for extra characters would be interesting, though- adding a thick girl here, a tall girl there, a petite girl there is just the spice of life.

    Add me to the list of people who don’t like giant boobs and butts, though, I think it looks dumb

  21. Love the brunette in the pics above but the blonde not so much. Stat builders make game enjoyable LWT was perfect and so was Eleanor. I enjoyed Camgirl stat builder didn’t like game for sexual outcomes. Hate fantasy games. Seducing everyone was good though and building stats in that wasn’t bad.

  22. Hi,

    thank you very much for asking your customers.
    From my taste:

    1. I do not prefer the sample exotic bodys with super big tits, super small waist and big ass. I prefer netxt door / model: normal tits, small waist and normal ass. Image 4 is good, the rest for my taste too much.

    2. Myths / fantasy: Shure, I would like to play. Akahm / Dignity One / StT are good games.

    3. Yes, more choices / dialoges and only some stats would be fun.


    Intrigued for ELE3 with hope for (BBC) pregnancy endings. And STT, LWT 2 extensions, too. I wonder why serbian casino has no such ending…

    Sorry but I got a (BBC) pregnancy & wife sharing / cuckolding fetisch.

  23. Body types, I’m pretty happy with what you’ve been working with. There’s still plenty of variety you can play with in terms of hair color, hair styles, height, skin tones etc. I don’t mind if you experiment a little, but crazy cartoony body types do nothing for me.

    In terms of gameplay, I like the variety of sometimes having stat building, but not always. The most important things to me are strong writing and freedom within the game. The more options the better. I really like when you can hook up with a character more than once and in different settings. When it’s limited to one time in one setting and then you’re done with that character it can be a bit of a let down.

  24. My take—with body types, what you might do is make that an available option. For example, in many of your games, getting implants is an option but does nothing to alter the model’s actual appearance. This could apply to any kind of body modification you’d like to tinker around with. You might even work it into the story–getting mods opens up certain story threads and closes the door on others. Other things I’m perfectly willing to accept–you want to play with myths. It makes perfect sense if they have exaggerated features with beings, or sci-fy? Absolutely, I can see how people or replicants or cylons or West World hosts or what have you might have different body types based on the tasks they’re appointed to? Would girls in mining colonies look different than girls in pleasure palaces or space ship pilots or in pleasure palaces or in food production—say dairy farms if you want to get really twisted? Sure I can see how that could change appearances.

    As far as the story goes, the higher the jeopardy the more interesting the story line becomes. Arkham is a great example of an excellent story line, where our protagonist is fighting for his sanity. It’s both deeply personal and the consequences of failure are dire. It also had a nice healthy balance between stats and game play. Snake Valley takes an inordinately long time to max out your character. Even camgirl confessions had an interesting little mystery–does our heroine discover she’s been set up by her boyfriend and best friend?

    A good example of where I feel like the story misses. Call Girl Denise–when you said it was inspired by Tori 500, I was really hopeful, but where as Tori was fighting for her soul, Denise is only fighting to keep her place in the apartment.

    Mostly, however, I say explore all the angles you want to explore. If you keep things fresh for yourselves, it’ll keep it fresh for us too.

    That’s my take. Very best and cheers!

    1. I agree that it doesn’t really make sense if a girl gets implants and we see no difference. But I expect the reason why body shape options aren’t already provided for is the huge number of extra renders this would demand. Personally, I’d prefer to see the artists’ time and effort put into new scenes and characters.

  25. I would love to play heroic fantasy, steampunk and scifi games!

    About body type I like realistic bodies better but I don’t mind fantasy bodies if it’s justified, I mean keep human bodies for humans but feel free to do something else with elves, dryads or humans with highly modified bodies like in cyberpunk universe.

  26. I prefer the realistic body types you usually use. Not a fan of any of the ones you showed as a demo here. Would love to see you continue using different genres for you games. My favorites are the LWT 1 and My sex date style games.

  27. I’ve always been a fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy themes. It would be absolutely amazing if you were to work on more of this! One of my favorite games is Sex and Glory’s “Medusa’s Curse.” Also, as far as body shape goes, I like the fantasy body shapes a lot!

    When I play these games, I like to fantasize, and my fantasies typically include women with heavenly figures.

  28. I like the idea of sprinkling in some fantasy body types as long as the core female still exists. Also, as long as they don’t have ears or tails, I am game.

  29. The uncanny valley is hitting me hard in these pictures.

    They look human, but their proportions are way off. I don’t mind weird shapes, but maybe make them demons/ aliens or something fantastical so they don’t come off so odd.

    I like the big booty variants, those look a bit more normal.

    The thick legs and thin thighs throws me off though

  30. Picture 1 is ok

    Picture 2 is a bit unsettling

    Picture 3 is weird – 12 year old face with body of adult is disturbing

    picture 4 and 5 are ok

    picture 6 is also alright, but something is turning me off from that as well

  31. I think maybe different regions of the world see different builds more commonly – these new bodies aren’t unrealistic, people *do* really look like this. Often. And I’m among the group that’d like to see them represented. Not much else to say, really.

  32. Hey, thanks for asking your members. Personally, I think variety is the spice of life, right? So I think you should experiment with as many different variations, body types, and ideas as you can. If people don’t like it, they’re not exactly going to be short of other options across your game range! So go with what you think makes for a solid artistic decision because you think it works in the context of the game.

    Personally, I love the games with a quirkier concept to them. The contemporary ones are fine, but I find the more fantastical ones fire my imagination a bit more. So I’d love to see more sci-fi, fantasy, historical, dystopian, alternative reality etc. Obviously your contemporary games are great, but I personally prefer the ones you can immerse yourself in that take you out of reality.

    Also I’ve very much enjoyed the puzzle elements you’ve been putting into some of the more recent S&G games. It’s a nice dynamic to mix things up.

    My only criticism (uninvited I appreciate!) would be re dialogue (which wasn’t the question you asked I realise, so apologies). When you’re able to bring out individual personalities in the dialogue it can really add to the gameplay. But the dialogue doesn’t always flow as well as it could. Also, some scenes can be very text heavy, which is OK on a first run through, but can be a lot to click through on a second run through. I feel there could sometimes be a more ‘show don’t tell’ approach to the storytelling.

    But this is a very minor criticism to a generally great job you all do. So thnaks!

  33. I don’t like distended physiques. If you’re going down that alley, you’ve likely lost me — unless you make it an option to select your preferred body type in a game. Your characters are already weird enough.

    >>Action is placed in present times and all characters are like regular people with their ordinary problems.

    I’m not sure how that can be asserted.

    >>I’m huge scifi and fantasy fan and I would like to try something different – not copy the reality but create a small chunk of it on our own terms.

    Fair enough. Could I ask you not to fetishize over weird costumes, though? I particularly dislike costumes with pointless piping. Of course, if you want to do an Arrakis sex game (WHICH IS A FANTASTIC IDEA) then that’s okay.

  34. I am ok with new bodyshapes. Mix it up as much as you want. Also drop in a few more non white girls.

    Fatasy, SF or post apocalyptic settings? YAY go for it. Mix in some elves, dwarfes and sexy aliens.

    Feel free to mix and experiment with new game mechanics. I do like story driven games more. Or do a story based game with stats but less stat grinding.

  35. im really keen. would love to see some variety in the girls, maybe some chubby, fat girls, different ethnicities, just go wild! love all your work. not a fan of stat grinding and im in it forthe story so choices works great!

  36. Body types – I would say no, it’s definitely better with hot, realistic chicks. However, greater variety of themes would be fantastic! You have diverse fan base and I think it would work for best if for few present day games (always fun to play) there would be one or two more “exotic” – c’mon, so many fetishes to explore! Maybe a Victorian London one? Post-apo sounds great. Also, great variety of character ethnicities is appreaciated! I’ve got really excited when You announced that Sheakspeare-inspired game, Wild West one and Seducing the Throne really stand out for me as well. But at the end of the day – whaterver works for You guys and keep You inspired so You can create quality content as usual without getting bored 😉

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