Eleanor 3 is here!

The never-ending struggle between being
a dirty whore who won’t flinch away at anything,
and the perfect wife everyone dreams about.

Yes! She is back!

Last time we met Eleanor, she’d moved with her husband Drake to a new city in order to start a new job – her husband had founded an accounting company and she would be…

his assistant, jumping on every dick she could see around her.

One of those dicks belonged to Don Mario, a local crime boss who fed Eleanor’s immense appetite by letting her dance at his club and have all the sex she wanted. The only catch was, he wanted Eleanor to convince her husband to do more dealings with each other. In other words, Don Mario had dirty money and he intended to launder it through Drake’s company.

When the situation blew up, he framed Drake and it was Eleanor’s husband who was arrested for the crime boss’ sins. Eleanor wasn’t even able to testify to protect him – Don Mario blackmailed her, saying he would reveal all the dirty stuff she had done in his club.

Ashamed, afraid of what might happen if Drake found out, and desperate protect their marriage, Eleanor didn’t take the stand and kept her mouth shut. With no character witnesses to speak on Drake’s behalf, the judge sentenced him to six months with no parole.

You’d think that, without her husband around, Eleanor would have held a massive orgy till he got out. But for the first time in her life, Eleanor thought that the apartment without Drake felt much like herself: empty. She soon decided to pack her things and move back to Passion City to try and rebuild her life while she waited for Drake to get out of jail and join her.

So, in four days Drake will be coming back from jail and she just can’t wait till that moment. Will he ever forgive her? Is she going to make him love and trust her again? Or maybe Drake is a closed chapter of her life and it’s time to look for new… inspirations? As always, you have thirty days to find out.

That’s interesting!
Now you have a unique chance to create your own Eleanor. Try to imagine your perfect wife and assign those perks that would suit that character best. Bear in mind that said perks might be crucial in-game, giving you access to unique options available only when a specific one is assigned to Eleanor.

Eleanor 3 is a dating sim where you need to make various choices and perform actions based on a daily schedule in order to put her life on the right track. In this story, you’ll meet characters from the previous parts as well as new ones. You’re in command here, so, according to your actions, Eleanor will become their best friend or… take off her panties in front of them, exposing her wet cunt while awaiting their rough touch. But hey – she is married, so don’t forget to balance life between her wifely duties and her more adventurous lifestyle. Though maybe balance is overrated?

But that’s not everything: there is a huge shadow circling around her life. Can you identify it? Can you stand against it? And, most importantly, not end up with her soul and body consumed by its lust for revenge?

This is not our final word! We plan to release updates for Eleanor 3, expanding her universe with new events, characters, and plot twists. Stay tuned for more info about incoming expansions on our blog.

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170 thoughts on “Eleanor 3 is here!”

  1. I don’t know what that guy was talking about I am only on day 17 and so far I think it’s fucking great. People just need to get used to how it works that’s all.
    To me it seems like it is a cross between Eleanor 1 and Eleanor 2 and that suits me just fine. I stopped on day 17 hope it saves my progress. Anyway thanks guys another great game.

  2. Brilliant stuff, I was wondering if you could add a cheat to your games where you can switch the day time limits off so you can just play the game until you get an ending, and where it comes back to the game when you finish so you can play all the naughty scenes again, so you basically get a completion save where all stats and relationship points are maxed

  3. Just got ending #9. I have decided that I am going to take my time with this game. The last time I played Eleanor 2 so much I got bored quickly. I think I might even go back and play Eleanor 1 again. (It’s been awhile)
    Again thank you guys for all your hard work. Can’t wait to discover the other endings. By the way how many of them are there? Also can’t wait for the expansions and of course the new LWT.

    1. @richman3

      Please do take your time, but don’t take too long as we have A LOT of cool secrets and add-ons we have in store over time! Hate for you to be drowned in content! 😉

      1. I am hoping that at least two of the new scenes will be another encounter with Ben (he does tell her that Drake has his number). And also there has got to be a reason she acts flirty in the lounge. (Maybe one night she takes a couple of guys home or to their place or even the back alley.).

      1. @Daman

        Yeah sure,it’s nice feature to determine characteristics and personality,and as other guys pointed out,game has higher replay value because of it. It’s really nice addition

  4. So far I’m really enjoying this.

    Back to its roots. I love Paige.

    Anyways, I got the ‘run out of memory bug’ on day 17 I think when having sex with Drake in the shower.

    1. @SeanCages

      Glad you think it’s on par with the original (you have no idea how hard it was to!) I’m glad you enjoy Paige, but don’t think she will be the only throwback character we have in store! 😉

      1. Yeah I can’t say it’s on par with the original, but that is probably just nostalgia speaking and this game is probably much better. I remember playing ELE1 when it just came out like almost a decade ago. It must’ve been when I just started college. And I loved it. It was new.

        This game, it is such a throwback. Really brings back memories, of insane grinding mostly. I loved the stripperscene but playing to that point always took a while 😛 and it’s obvious it has so much more content than the original. I’m still hoping to find a scene that like the striptease gangbang scene, but so far so good.

        The only thing I noticed after playing it (just played it to 1 ending so far though) is that it seems pretty easy to focus on multiple paths at the same time. I might still miss a bunch of scene but did manage to have sex with every character in that one sitting. So I’m looking forward to a bunch more content so you just can’t do it all.

        But still, props. Great work. It might not string the nostalgia chords as much, but man, does it resemble the first one for me

        1. @SeanCages

          Thanks for the feedback. I never want to make a sequel to any game that dwarfs or devalues the original in anyway. What Leonizer and I wished to do is go back to her origins from the first game and make a suitable continuation based upon her mentality and how she would handle or think in a certain situation. What we got was what you see before you and I must say it was a challenge and a half to make sure I wrote it in the style that is certainly beloved by all.

          Again, thanks for the feedback and playing. Be sure to let me and others know how you feel once you finish it completely! 🙂


          1. Well, I finished it again, got the VIP lounge this time (that was awesome, great nod to one of my favorite LOP scenes ever. I do miss the cat ears and random strangers though 😉 the lounge looks somewhat empty, could do with random strangers) and looking at the gallery I think I got almost every scene now. And yeah, the game is great. It has great scenes, great characters, filled with flavour, everything seems more motivated and it isn’t just Eleanor being a slut, and it is very easy to get to the scenes you want and most can be replayed. Which I like in this type of games.

            But it suffers from the same problem as STT or LWT1. (Which isn’t a bad thing, those are 2 of my top 5 games, STT might be my favorite after the expansion) So I got most scenes but not all endings yet, and that is partly because the game is pretty easy and the last 7 or 8 days you can choose between repeating sex scenes or just sleep until you finally get to the ending. With STT that was a whopping 10 full days of just sleeping. So this has the advantage that once you understand the game, the grinding isn’t too bad, and very satisfactory. LWT threw your character straight into a good relationship with bunch of sex while you grind. It also has the advantage that there is a ton of room to add stuff on. The core game is great, it just needs some more scenes and maybe some new routes so you just can’t do it all in 1 playthrough.

            But hey, those are just wishes. If the game didn’t have more than enough days already, it would be hard to add stuff on. So yeah, please expand and blow my mind even more. It’s easily one of your better works.

            Hopes and wishes (apart from an amazing expansion to STT with tons of Kionovar action)

            – Didi. Bring Didi into the game please, make her a main character 😛
            – Expand on the singing club
            – Expand on the strippole scene
            – Add strippoker 😛
            – Add wet t-shirt House Party-style group sex (or safe that for Lisa)

            Nah, just work your magic. Congrats. I think it is great.

  5. I am through two of the real estate sales encounters now, but there was no money at all, despite of getting the optimal results.
    Ist this correct?

    1. What do you expect they put a lot of time and money into making these games, do you honestly expect them to just give it away. I have no problem paying for something if I think it’s worth it. You are probably a fat 28 year old living in your parents basement complaining that you can’t find a job.

      1. @richman3, @shmerlin33

        Now now children. There is no need for name calling here. Remember we are all here with a common interest, so there is no need for this bickering between fans.

        Now kiss and make up! 🙂

    2. @leo

      Thank you sir and take care yourself as well. But please if you do ever come across some small currency and wish to play our games, please don’t be afraid to come back. We will be here for you when you do! 🙂

      1. Thanks leonizer brother hope you earn lot of money from this game but I am not in situation to pay you bro but I am happy because of your positive reply love you man.

    1. @grizzledwolf

      Already in the works! As you can tell, I’ve been one busy boy! Once a few small projects are done, I’m getting some well deserved R&R and I’ll be going back to finishing some long awaited walkthroughs!

  6. Haven’t replicated this since my game ended on day 30 right after I got this bug, but during Eleanor’s encounter with Flake and Darnell at the VIP lounge, one of the sex encounter choices sent me back to the first time Eleanor is giving a double blowjob at the studio.

    1. @Icezera

      Interesting, but if you have a bug to report please go to our main website and to our CONTACT page at the bottom where our IT team can take a look at the problem and remedy this situation quickly!

      But besides that, is the game enjoyable from your standing?

    1. @Timur

      It can be, yes. But also note that Eleanor likes to get the reward without doing the work (Like when she was a stay at home wife running up a credit card bill in the first game). But fear not, as Eleanor will-*Whacked int he head with a frying pan* SILENCE YOU FOOL!

  7. Another bug. Already reported in contact us link but reposting here just in case.

    After beating the game 5 times, I try to start with the cheat “All Perks” but the game keeps forcing me to choose perks one by one just as if I hadn’t chosen that cheat. Thus, the chosen perks overwrite the “All Perks”

      1. Is there a trick to get access to VIP club? Cant seem to activate “be friends with Darrell” literally the last thing I need to achieve in this game lol

        1. If you are referring to the VIP with Darnell and Flake: let Flake fuck Eleanor in the ass twice in the studio and in the end Darnell will appear.

          How many endings there is with Flake and/or Darnell? That VIP part was super hot and Eleanor claiming her stripper pole back was nice trip to the memory lane.

    1. According to CCBILL – as long as the card has a Visa or Mastercard logo and is approved for online transactions, you should have no issues with using a prepaid card for your purchase. I believe similar situation we got with EPOCH.

      1. Okay thanks, well the thing is unlike back then I now share an account with someone so this kind of make things difficult for me now that’s why I asked. Think of it like Justin in Living with Temptation when he spends too much “Tracy” will find out.

  8. Has anyone else encountered a problem that your browser cannot hold up your progress? If I delete cache memory it deletes all of my endings and everything. How frustrating is it to play everything all over again?

      1. However, it seems that the game does not initiate the download process, if I don’t delete cache memory. By download process I mean the first downloading screen (probably the software). I am using chrome.

  9. You know what I miss? The feature in every Eleanor iteration where Drake and Eleanor has a threesome with another. With Drake’s wild side unlocked more in Eleanor 3, that is something I would like to see more of. Perhaps in future expansion packs?

      1. Awesome, in your original post about Eleanor 3 you guys said that maybe you would release updates about every month or so is that still the plan? Also just for my own two cents I would like to see Eleanor pick up some random guys in the bar she is always flirting in.

  10. Usually you would think a sequel will be boring compare to previous ones. But as a LOP fan for 5 years, I can say this game nailed it. It’s my favorite among three Eleanor series. Congratulations guys! Great job! And I want to say you definitely are improving steadily and average game quality (not just this one) is getting better.

    I like the perk choice system and the perk related choice setting. It adds to the variety of the game. But what impresses me most is the story. The story is deeper now. Instead of in earlier versions where Eleanor just behaves like a bimbo, this time she has her struggles and she needs to take responsibility. All these settings just make the inner world of this character richer. Again good job! And I do think you guys can tell a better story nowadays based on my experience with last a few LOP games not like in old time story quality fluctuates more.

    Now, if anyone has the patience to finish reading all my writings above. I have another question. How can EIeanor stand up against Kevin and fuck up his life again? I just hate Kevin this son of a bitch. Now in all my endings Kevin gets his way. Is there a way to make him suffer again? Please drop a hint if anyone knows. Thanks!

    1. @DonDon

      Thanks for your patronage as well as your review good sir! It was a nervous time to write this game as I wished not to anger fans of our beloved Eleanor, but I’m glad to see that I worried for nothing and that it all turned out great!

      As for your question about Eleanor getting revenge on Kevin…my lips are sealed at this current moment in time.

    1. Once you have unlocked him usually around day 15 you wake up noting its his Bday. Go to store and buy Cleopatra outfit then head to studio the same day.

  11. I said it previously and I’ll do it once again: I am nore than able and willing to pay for an account, but I refuse to do so because of the online/rental system. Is it possible that you make games downloadable/offline? Not the new ones, of course. But you can make Serbian Casino downloadable after a while. Or any game for that matter, after a couple of months past their release.

    1. @holdingyou

      As long as it’s a major credit card that is accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB are ones I know for sure). You can try it, if it doesn’t work let us know.

      1. Thank you for caring Daman. Last time I subscribed via Epoch by boleto bancario option (Brazil common payment method). But this option is not avaliable anymore. Since I didn’t have a credit card, boleto bancario and bitcoin are the only options I can pay.

        1. @holdingyou

          Sorry to hear that. But if I’m not mistaken (do not take my word for this, I’m not 100% sure) you can buy an prepaid VISA or MASTERCARD card and use that. It acts like a real credit/debit card just that you can refill it with external money orders. Hope this helps!

          1. Yeah, I gone after those prepaid cards but the taxes are too high for an only one buy use. Guess I will wait until you have more payment methods. Thank you, Daman.

      1. @richman3, @Icezera

        I thoughts exactly as I wrote the scene, giving players the idea of, what I like to call, “cheating in the vicinity” where a sex act takes place within viewing or earshot of one or both partners significant other while cheating. I’ve been trying to find a good place to put this in, but Leonizer found one for this game and it fits perfectly in!

        As for more content…you’ll have to wait and see! 😉

    1. On Day 11-13 or somewhere in there as long as you have progressed a bit in the Wine store and before Drake gets a job if you go to work a scene will play where you get free wine from her. As long as you have not been telling drake everything will be ok with perks, you will start drinking the wine and it will lead to a scene. Otherwise he says he is trying to stop drinking.

          1. Did you tried to trigger it later in the game,once Drake gets his job? I think I got the scene that way

    1. Make sure you have done all major content with her and each time she asks you about your relationship mention you want or feel something more. On Day 28-29 She will give you the option of being together.

  12. Awesome production, too bad I have stuff that don’t open up (gallery + cheatmenu). I’ve achieved 5 different endings, funny enough, all perks don’t open for 5 game finishes. I think I’ve finished game 8 times so far, but doesn’t go beyond 4 🙁

    1. @Dparadise are you sure it has registered 5-6 different endings? In the main screen under Endings there should be 6 endings that you can replay before you have all cheats unlocked I believe.

      1. Hi Nexx.Tech,

        Yes, so far I achieved endings 2A, 4, 5, 8, 10.

        To get the ‘all perks’ I would need 5 finishes, but it doesn’t open. I’ll give a shot to get the Paige ending opened, see if it makes a difference though.

  13. can you tell me how to save my game progress? I got 2 endings but when I leave the game these are cleared and when I reconnect I have to start all over again from the beginning.

  14. So I just figured out that if you clear your history or cache you lose your endings and galleries. So if you are having trouble getting the cheats to work make sure that you are not clearing your browser history because this resets everything I think.

    Can’t wait for the updates. I still have to get a few more endings but love the game so far.

  15. wel i liked paige so much she,s hot,love the strap on scenes and of course flake and darnell in the vip room,it,s a very good game and i reply earlier that i say it,s not my game well,i take that back,great game great storyline,it,s in mine top 3 of games also like serbian casino and of course lwt 2
    graet work and a big compliment for the team

      1. well you did a very good job with this game,question will ben comeback in the first update,in the vip room while drake is drinking to much,will there be a threesome with paige and here boyfriend ,thats what i like to see,or a foursome with flake paige and ben ,well i love this game 5 out of 5 for me
        i love the vipscene and the scenes with paige she,s hotter then hot great game got 6 endings now so i will play it a lot keep up the good work,and cant waith for lwt 2 update and also some games in the future

        1. @paling1234

          I’m happy you approve of the game so far. as far as The new scenes and content we plan to release, I can’t say much about it yet. But I think you may be happy with what comes your way! 🙂

    1. Your should accept Amber’s job proposal and buy a hot office dress – 120$.
      Make a call to Amber from your bedroom. Her offer is valid till day 10.

  16. What an amazing game guys! Production wise it’s best one so far,hats off.
    Visually game looks stunning,there’s nothing that can come close to it. I can see big improvement in how characters blend with environment which results in fantastic looking scenes. I previously had remarks with character placements,angles or point of views during the scenes but here I have none,scenes such as Eleanor with Drake in living room,Flake and Linus were great,especially that one shot of Eleanor with Linus behind her was really hot,I hope to see more of that in other games too. Great job by Szuga and Chestnut

    Daman,great job writing this game,sequels are usually rather tricky but this one is definitely up there with original for me. Love the old characters,Flake path is my favourite. I’m usually not a fan of strap-on action but I enjoyed it when it’s Eleanor who’s involved.

    Looking forward to those updates,game can only get better and it’s already 5/5 for me.

    1. I agree completely with everything st1 said. For me I think the Ben scene was one of the hottest in the game. The element of danger with Drake in the next room makes very hot. (Like when Justin is messing around with Lisa when Tracy is in the next room) those things add that extra something. So I would like to see more scenes like that in future updates. Either way still an awesome game.

    2. @st1

      Glad you had fun and enjoyed our wonderful tale with our beloved Eleanor. We hope to continue to ride this wave with the add-ons and expansions we have in store for you too! Stay tuned for more, details coming soon!

      PS What did you think of the soundtrack? I’m still rocking out to the main menu theme when answering messages here.

      1. I loved the soundtrack. I like how it plays sort of foreboding music when Drake get’s drunk and passes out building the anticipation of what is to come. Then if you decide to grab Ben’s crotch the music kicks up to set up the sex scene. The rest of the music is great but that initial major plot point is set up nicely by the music. Well done. Again let me reiterate that I love the scenes where she is almost caught doing something naughty.

  17. Who got ending 2b? What should I do to achieve it?

    SPOILER ALERT: the ENDINGS I have already found:

    1 – Eleanor and Drake are a happy couple with a baby = time heals everything. Be faithful to your husband, meet Amber, accept her proposal and do nothing.

    2A – Drake leaves Eleanor. Finish the game with fidelity of 30 or lower, your relationship with Drake lower than 300.

    3 – Eleanor and Paige fly away to Europe and start a new life together. Pay attention to Paige and tell her about your feelings when she asks you about your relationship.

    4 – Eleanor and Amber run away from the Master. Build your relationship with Amber and agree to her idea of escaping from Passion City.

    5 – Eleanor, Flake and Sasha are becoming happy and famous. Aware Flake that Linus is trying to reach his gun.
    * Your should sing at the Diva Amore.

    6 – Eleanor is sad and pregnant from an unknown man given by the Master.
    Refuse to be a slave at the Master’s house.

    7 – Drake kicks Eleanor out for being unfaithful. To get this ending you accept your defeat when you meet the Master, have sex with him and run away when you get a chance.

    8 – Eleanor and Drake enjoy their simple life and feel happy with no money.
    The easiest ending – refuse to work for Amber or say ‘no’ two times in a row when Amber gives you some special tasks.

    9 – Eleanor, Amber and Kevin (the Master). Say yes to be a slave again, obey your Master.

    10 – Eleanor, Sasha and Linus. To achieve this ending, you should work as a singer at the Diva Amore and let Linus kill Flake.
    * walk away when Flake, Darrel and Linus are quarreling over Sasha, do not tell Flake that Linus might have a gun.

    1. hey how did you get ending 4 im having some trouble with that do you meet the master than try to run away? is it okay if I could get some hint or any ideas

  18. I have to admit that this is the best game so far in LOP, usually sequels are lame and dull, but this is far from it. You guys really hit a homerun with this one, congratulations. Everything the story and the visuals are on par and what Eleanor deserves. Also, it always feels fun to get the flashbacks from earlier iterations.

    Lastly, it seems that there is a lot of room for updates since some of the actions or items did not serve any purpose for the story whatsoever. Therefore, assumption can be made that you guys actually have done everything beforehand to shoot a new update?

    I also recall that there was couple of pictures in earlier blog posts which were not in the game. Looking more than forward for those as well and distilling from the folder names of those pictures there will be some fun times for us Eleanor fans.

    1. @Dries12

      We have talked about a few updates and as we had time to polish the game decided to get started on the first batch of updates. Plus we have a few ideas for more, we just want to see how people react to the characters, story and over gameplay and make scenes and events accordingly as well. So yes, we have a few events, but that is the tip of the iceberg. And if I recall my natural geography course; only ten percent of an iceberg is ever seen above water. Just some food for thought…heh heh heh! 🙂

      Thanks for playing and sounding off too!

  19. Excellent game! Always nice to see some more of Eleanor. The new perk system was a success as well, I think.

    But I must confess I look forward to the next expansion of LWT even more. Tracy is by far my favourite LOP character. I hope we’ll see a lot of her and Richard.

    1. @MisterEmotion

      Thanks for the honesty, but also thanks for playing Eleanor 3 too. I think you will be presently surprised when Tracy and Lisa take center stage again! 🙂

    1. I take it back, 2b has to deal with the master route. When you get the phone call to drop your panties decline and call his bluff. I just slept for a few days afterwards went to the living room them it should cause a scene with Drake.

  20. Does anything happen with Drake’s drinking? She says that she needs to watch him so it doesn’t get worse, but pretty much stops after the scene where he passes out with his prison buddy visiting.
    Also, does Drake end up cheating on Eleanor? I feel like if he’s neglected, in a terrible relationship and his wife is a total whore, it opens the door for him to be unfaithful. (Maybe even after catching his wife cheating on him )

    1. @shmerlin33

      Drake has had his demons as on late and if you recall before he rarely drank in the other games. Sadly, Drake came from a long line or alcoholics in his family and try as he might, it kinda caught up to him. Eleanor can intervene and help when she can, but Drake has to make the effort to go the rest fo the way if he wishes to be truly sober.

      As for his faithfulness to Eleanor…no comment at this time. 😛

  21. So far really loving the game. Got several endings. I love the Ben scene because it so naughty with Drake in the other room. More stuff like that would be cool. It reminds me of LWT when Justin and Lisa are getting it on under Tracy’s nose. The element of danger makes it exciting.

    My only critique on the game is you guys sort of have a domination fetish with Eleanor. You seem to like having her tied up and be abused. Those scenes can be hot but I like it when she is in control.

    So more with Ben or somebody else near Drake would be cool. Also do you plan on doing anything with Eleanor at the club (she is flirty but never picks up any guys.)

    I also wonder if she does anything with clients at the winery. Maybe a VIP wants to buy a bunch of wine and Eleanor has to make him or her happy. And one other thing does anybody know what the bikini is for? Other than her trying it on and looking fantastic I am not sure what it is for.

    Anyway thanks guys and great game looking forward to updates (any idea on when the updates will be coming, hope it’s not too long)

    1. @oceanelvr43

      Thank you for your feedback and patronage! So far you and many others seem to be enjoying Eleanor and her latest adventure.

      As for Eleanor’s control-like nature, it’s true that she prefers to dominant, or top, position but that does not mean she wants the person she is with to be a total wimp (like her husband Drake when all she wants is for him to take initiative and demand for anal sex. Come on Drake! :P). However there are some scenes currently in the game that show off her dominant side (plus a couple of more in the works that I’m sure you will enjoy once we release them!

      Thanks again for playing! 🙂

  22. Astonishing game ! Especially the visuals. Will you focus on adding more content to Eleanor before working on other games. I would love to see Eleanor 3 being expanded, before you put your time into other games, cause I personally think that it is your best work so far.

    1. @constantine

      Right now, we have all the timetables set and have a few projects here and a few to announce as well (STT, LwT2, etc). But do not fret, as we do plan to release more Eleanor content as it becomes available! 🙂

  23. Hi, as mentioned above, the gallery striptease is broken. It does not show up, no matter how often you get it!

    Furthermore, I can’t use the “All Stats” Cheat. I’ve unlocked it, but after I select it, I get into the Character Creation Page which overwrites the “All” status!

    Great game team, hoping you guys fix up the bugs soon!

    1. In fact it is not broken you just have to repeat the scene 2 or 3 times.
      The all inclusive perks works even if you have to create your character specializations.

      1. “Strip tease” in gallery isn’t broken. In order to unlock certain scenes in gallery you need to MAX it. Probably you haven’t done that yet for that scene (there are paths you didn’t discovered yet, probably cause of to LOW or to HIGH stats, usually FIDELITY).

        In terms of PERKS CUSTOMIZATION – I’m uploading modifed version of the game which solves that issue.

  24. Eleanor is my favourite character. I love her lust for life, being devilish but ultimately being a good person who does naughty things.

    I also love her resilience and ability to get on her knees, drop her knickers to get on in life or get out of trouble.

    The first game is still my favourite, although I do like ELE 2 as well and they are two of the old titles I play the most.

    With the multiple expansions in the pipeline I am hopeful that these will include a sex work option which hopefully won’t be confined to 6pm – Midnight.

    Afterall, Eleanor was born to be one of two things: A kept well to do trophy wife or a high class sex worker. The storyline prevents her from being the first so Ele would naturally turn to the second.

    An escorting option would be fab with the obvious hazard of being hired/caught by someone who knows her. Maybe even a situation where a neglected Drake turns to escorts/strippers and accidentally hires Eleanor or one of her work mates.

  25. With this game and Serbian Casino when I get towards the end I am getting an error message saying the developer ran out of memory ‘or space’ and the game stops working. Does anyone know whats going on?

    1. I know that they said one was in the works, just don’t know when. They should also do one for LWT2 and many of the other newer games.
      I know they take time and work but we really appreciate it when you guys do them. : )

  26. Bravo guys! This is one of your best! Love the perks system and character customization options. The story and artwork are top notch. LWT1 is my favorite still but this is top 5 maybe top 3.
    This gets me pumped for the LWT2 expansion.

  27. Hey guys! For some reason, Darnell doesn’t seem to appear even when I let Flake fuck her ass (I’ve done the complete path probably like 4 times). Any suggestions on what to do?

  28. Well as usual I’ve left commenting until after everyone else has had their say. I found it hard to find time to play the game enough to get to know it properly and didn’t want to comment after just one play through – especially as I got ending 6 on the first time through and DID NOT LIKE THAT!

    Having now got a few more endings I think I can take a more balanced view 🙂

    First of all, as a game, I think you have got the balance between story and stats absolutely right. There is still a little bit of work to do to get the stats you need for whichever path you choose, but not too much. And on later plays the cheat menu is there if you want to avoid the hard work.

    I also like the way you can give Eleanor different perks at the start.

    Secondly, the visuals are great. Everyone is looking good, except those who aren’t meant to look good (you know who you are), and the backgrounds are really superb. It’s this sort of thing that really makes LOP stand out from the competition.

    Animations are also great and my only reservation (as always) is that I would prefer less emphasis on blowjobs and facials (can’t understand why anyone likes these) and more on action at the other end. But that’s just my personal taste.

    In terms of the female characters, Eleanor is looking particularly good, and so are her new friends. The only female character I don’t find very attractive is Paige, but that was the case in Ele1 as well, so at least it’s consistent!

    Thirdly, the story and script are excellent. You’ve done a great job Daman. I knew you had it in you! The way you’ve drawn Eleanor’s character is totally faithful to the original and although I might not say she was my ideal woman, I’d really like to meet her 😉

    Male characters? Well I’m glad to see Flake back (no, I am not a black man with a big dick – I just wish I was). Drake is Drake and I have to say you’ve done a good job on his character, sad as he is.

    Among the others, If there is one character I am not happy to see return it is Kevin, but I also have to admit that trying to avoid him winning adds a challenge to the game.

    Linus seems to be a sort of older and slightly less awful version of Kevin, and I’m glad to see him get what he deserves (ending 5).

    Nasty old fat men seem to be a bit of a theme and the third of these is the senator. His character isn’t as well developed as the others though and I find him less convincing. If there is one thing politicians are good at, it’s seducing people and we don’t get to see this in his character.

    Ben looked promising. And I hope Eleanor is going to call him back in a future update (but why are the only sexy men black?).

    Other updates I’d like to see would involve more of both Sasha and the wonderfully depraved Jenna. I’m thinking there should be an ending involving her and the senator. He needs Eleanor on his staff to help him with key relationships.

    Overall, great work! Keep it up.

  29. Feel like I am doing something wrong. I have played three times to three different endings but when I come back to play it, I am not getting credit for the finishes when it comes to the cheats. Would be nice to start with a bit of a head start.

    1. You have to go to Amber’s office enough to be there and be asked to show the blonde an apartment. You agree to meet her later. Around 22 or 23 hours when you leave wherever you have been you are suddenly at the party where you get the gang bang.

  30. Hi Guys
    i really enjoyed playing the game, but i have the same Problem as other People mentioned : I didn´t get Darnell as a friend and so no Access to the VIP Lounge. Relation with Flake over 300, fucked in the ass 4 or more times with all stars, but he isn´t showing up.
    Are there other requirements needed such as Relation with Drake or Paige or do it at a specific time ?
    Thnaks for helping !

    1. She has to have 10 or more singing points so that after the third or fourth time Flake is fucking her in the ass Darnell comes in. She has to agree to help Flake keep Darnell on his label. After that she has to buy the slut dress to go to the VIP lounge with Darnell and Flake.

  31. I am aware of updates coming but has anyone found a use for bikini or white dress? I think i have explored a large portion of this gamebut have not found any use. Also i have not found Linus- where is he? To Leo this game is great and more E is always welcome

  32. Hello,
    I’m new to the game and have a question to ask.
    Is there a possible way to save your game. I played the game and reached 2 Endings but when I logged in all the saved data have gone.

  33. I took a hiatus from LOP Gold for a while, but I came back about a week ago because of Eleanor 3. I love her character. The first ending I got was 2B, but for some reason it isn’t showing up on my endings, and now I can’t remember what it was or how I got it. I have all endings except 2B and 7. Could someone point me in the right direction on either or both of those two? Thanks

    1. To anyone who might be considering answering me, I figured out how to get 2B thanks another blog member for the hint of calling the master’s bluff on the master path. I don’t know whether it’s necessary or not, but I maintained low fidelity but a high score with Drake. I would still appreciate any hints on which way to get ending 7. It’s the only one I have left to get.

  34. Today the game crashed, so I rebooted my browser. After my browser reopened I started lopgold only to discovered that on both Pledge and Eleanor 3 none of my achieved endings were credited to me. I had all endings on Pleadge and all but one on Eleanor 3. I hope this gets corrected by tomorrow. If it isn’t corrected by the last day of May I will be forced to cancel my recently renewed membership.

    1. JimMorrisonIsAlive1969, I’m sorry that you’ve lost your game progress. I’m afraid that in you case we aren’t able to do anything to bring back your save games.

      Today I’ve initiated a discussion with my programmer what could be done to avoid / prevent such events in the future – we’ll think about possible solutions.

  35. Ill say this. I love all the games you made so far.

    So for the third time i lost my endings in Ele3 and Casino and that is just not acceptable. Haven’t cleared my cache yet i keep losing all my progress. This will never get fixed/changed will it? It is to bad because I don’t have the time or patience to keep playing over and over to get the cheats/endings only to lose them next day.
    Registered on the site to keep track of my progress with the games yet this seems not to be working…it just says 0/210 all this time. Why is that not working?
    Hope you can work something out with this issues.

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